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Most of my recent working years were given to working in medicine.

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Now that I have free time, the internet is how I do everything- I shop, speak to friends, learn new things all of the time. I finally found a way to go to school and work from home as noted above. My expertise for SiteJabber is that I shop a lot online. I am very aware of how the site looks (professional vs wondering if this is a DIY site) How CS handles complaints, and I ALWAYS read the feedback first).


Shopping, researching medical subjects, RV "glamping" trips, yoga, shopping, calligraphy, crafts

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I will try to update product quality, assuming I ever get my order. The site owner is Max Estrada, clearly posted everywhere. I get auto emails every 2 days with the same message, "Open email for shipping update...". But said "update" is not inside, it says you will get ANOTHER email with specific shipping info. The emails say something like an order will be shipped in 4-8 business days, and he excludes holidays from that, despite seeming to be him and his mother only running the business (my point, a small business does not have the flexibility to use holidays as an excuse to not ship things more slowly! Do not sell things if you cannot deliver.

I urge you to go to the site, the big fake PLASTIC clear diamonds with the seams from the molding process very visible. He spells champagne (the color) correctly in the text, but ON A PICTURE, spells is "champaign"... Grammatical and spelling issues abound.

Items are overpriced in most cases (eBay has same products, much cheaper), plus they use marketing tricks, like refusing to call "polygel" by that name, instead calling it an "Acrylic/Gel hybrid" that they charge $19.99 for a 60G bottle! As they do not hire chemists to reformulate, most likely, that is the high-end insane cost for the same cheap products rebranded with pink packaging. There are good clearance sales (try using the word discontinued, clearance or sale in the search, one at a time). The prices seem to have a fake, way overpriced "normal" price, crossed out, and a much lower price actually charged, and for over 3 weeks, prices have not reverted to the insane ones no one would pay. Each product is named very differently than comparable products, so if new to polygel or acrylic nails and decorations, watch some YouTube, so you can compare prices and learn the actual product names. I pay $5 for my 60G bottle of polygel. Took 4 weeks to get here from China, but as I am at 2 weeks+ waiting for product to even be sent, I think I will stick with my orders from China. Know that you will pay shipping unless you buy $100-$150 of product, depending on any specials going on. The shipping makes any savings moot. There may be a couple of unusual items, but I thus far have been able to find everything on the site elsewhere, just named differently, as the site is careful to not call products by common industry terms. The nail jewelry/gems are overpriced, look elsewhere.

Product issue: stiletto 1-2-3GO nails, if you don't overlay these with polygel or as he calls it "Happy Gel" or another UV/LED cured hardener, or, after bathing, they will bend with no force at all on a permanent basis until you put new nails on. This is 100% necessary BEFORE bathing in hot water! Will update with more issues as I become aware of them.

The site lacks sophistication, the prices are okay for a few products, too high for many. If you do not care about an easy to use site, and misspellings in about 80% of the pages, than you might be okay. If you want to use a different discount code than the one the system inserts for you, too bad. I saved 73 cents instead of $5, because of the "new feature" that inserted a discount code for you. I sent an email, no surprise, never heard back. Not enough of the right pictures of products, either, and sparse details on products that truly need more info made buying a chore instead of exciting. If a product spills in the packaging, they make it clear on every page that they will not refund or exchange ANYTHING due to spilled product while shipped(!), so it is a HUGE gamble to you ordering anything that could possibly spill! Customer Service is NOT a priority, so if the box spills it's monomer, for example, it is your loss! That alone should keep you away if you are expecting to get your money's worth! Not surprised there are no customer ratings allowed on the site!

This is only my opinion and experience, I hope things go better for you!


I have been researching CBD vape x 6 months now, and have over 100 products and 75 companies in this time. One thing (among MANY) that put's Natures Love apart is that they are a Certified Organic farm by the US gov't, then they go above and beyond in the process they use for extracting the CBD, please go to the site to read about that. My CBD Oil Review (COR) was done before I found this company, and as of my most recent check, they do not sell Nature's Love. As for price, you do get twice as much vape for the only other full spectrum "pure" product (no additives) on the market, but as they are the only company that provides this caliber of product GROWN IN THE US at this amount for this cost, it is the best out there in every regard! If you buy their battery, use the blue voltage, it is the weakest, and all you need. Nature's Loves features NO: PG/PEG/VG/MCT=coconut oil, which can cause lipid/lipoid pneumonia when added to vape products(!), no chemical pesticides or herbicides even! Now another company has come out with a CLEAR version of their vape (you get less but pay more), but that is not better for you, it is only put through another chemical process to remove the color and the other residue from it. DO NOT GO FOR THE HYPE! Nature's Love is the only product this far that is 100% unadulterated and grown and extracted in the USA (In CO) on is certified organically grown (a BIG deal for this type of product). I have kept a spread sheet of every vape I have come across, and only this products is made with true cannabis, with less than the amount of THC that would make it cannabis in the gov't's eyes (still legally called hemp- note: with this product it is a legal term only, the full spectrum cannabinoids are from the same plant that THC WOULD come from if it matured further, in other words, they just harvest it early, so they are not using the same species of plant that rope comes from). Vape Bright is my #2 product, but since they have come out with the clear product that is further processed with harsh chemicals to make it clear, they charge more for a lessor product and LESS OF it) also made with "rope" type hemp grown in Scandanavia then shipped here, so do not get fooled by the "made in America label for Vape Bright, only "Processed in America"(and comes from the true hemp plant, the one that companies make rope from)! It may be processed in the US, but the BEST way to process CBD is via ethanol, and Nature's Way, to my knowledge is the only one in the US of this caliber to use it and it removes the resin from the product, unlike Vape Bright. They also sell 1/2 of the amount in a cartridge than comes in Nature's Love (has 650mg/cart), and there is more CBD/mg/cartridge than VB, the site has more info on that, and I remember right, the amount in a VB cart is. 5mg, and in N's Love it is 1mg. It is exactly double with a negligible price difference! The price is close, so you get a ton more bang for your buck here, and you are not inhaling rope, you are inhaling the actual cannabis CBD's, not a totally different strain of plant. Now what flavors do they have? Evergreen Forest (Um, yeah - it was like inhaling a pine tree, no one in the house liked it, so I cannot tell you the effects). Spring Meadow is the "wake me up" type, and taste reminds me of lemonade. BLUEBERRY is the best, helps us sleep at night after daily use x 2 weeks. I suggest ordering before you are out, because missing as little as 2 nights makes me have to use it for 2 weeks again. I take about 20 puffs per day, and hold each in my lungs until I exhale just air (no vape possible) for $60 per cart, I need to use every drop wisely. Note, if you have never smoked, like me, just draw in mouthful of vape, and pull the rest full of air. I did it wrong the first time, and it took me a week to get the nerve to try it again, I felt so sick pulling in a full lungful of pure vape! Now with the mouthful method, it works very well and I still sort of do it that way. A cart will last me over 2 months, but another person in this house needs a cart a week or more (6/mo) to keep him sleeping well, so that i why I find it expensive. It is also the best you will find on the market at this time. Do not, as of today, but this brand on the one other site I found it on, as you will pay more. Over $50 is free shipping on the home site. I find the shipping to be very slow. At first I got it within 2 days, not it comes in 4 business days, and that sucks, but you can email them if you want to pay for expedited shipping. When I first started with them, they shipped via next day or 2 day for free and it was awesome, so that is why, by comparison, it seems really slow. Just think ahead and order early. Another awesome product is their salve. We used it on an allergy spot, and it caused the spot to totally heal, something not even prescription creams have never fixed in 5 years!
One note, I did had one defective cartridge where all but 1/3 of the liquid spilled out, and they did not offer to replace it (I would have sent it to them to prove it), though they did give me a percentage off, but was nowhere near what we lost. On the positive side, it is the ONLY time I ever had a problem with anything from this company! Note: I am not affiliated with this company in any way, do not own stock

Tip for consumers:
Any questions about what might be the best product for you (salve/vape/tincture, etc.)? Call or email them. They are serious about truly helping customers!


Back 15+ years ago, Venus aimed their clothing at teens and twenty-somethings. In the last decade they have "grown up", and anyone fro 12-60 can find something on their site! The clothing's made with quality, each swimsuit I buy lasts me at least 6-7 seasons, and I always got great compliments and a ton of people still ask me where I got each piece. I asked their CS team to PLEASE let us all leave clothing reviews on their site, and by god, they did it! Now you can look at reviews and get sizing info (dos it run a little big or a little small since they do carry different brands, and though they AIM to have a sizing chart that is universal, it works for most tings, but not everything. Please, people, look at the chart and all f the reviews before ordering, and yo should have no issue at all. My one complaint is they will sell the same outfit/clothing for years in a row, and never lower the $$, but if it is selling well, I guess it works for them. I have never had any issues with their clothes wearing out! Kudos from a REALLY long term customer!

Tip for consumers:
Must pay for return shipping if you order wrong size. PLEASE, try the clothing on the second you get it so you don't buy clothing for a cruise, and run out of the return/exchange window, which is not unheard of in the industry, 30 days I believe, but check it ASAP. If you try it on late without listening to my tip, please do not blame the seller for your lack for forethought regarding checking the cost of returns/exchanges. Cost of doing business online! Not their fault!


We appreciate the amazing feedback, and so happy we were able to "grow" with our customers! We are not perfect, but customer satisfaction is our number one goal, and strive to be better! Thank you so much!


About me page is conspicuously empty. If you go to "contact me" page, it refers you to the "About Me" page. They say that you can contact them on FB, Twitter, etc, well, I cannot find them anywhere on social media. This site is a ghost, and no way to contact them. I tried variations on the name on FB, the FB link did nothing but bring me to my own FB page. No company address or phone. No hours of business. BEWARE. I will not buy if I cannot find any way to contact ANY company, or even feedback on any other site.


I became a member of this site after a couple of bad things done with my meds by my doc, and mistakes were made. I used to be in the medical field, but I was lost and alone. I had no clue thatbeing take off of meds or switching meds overnight could be so bad. I was bedridden for 4 months, and had symptoms of these changed for 18 months after the first change (there were 2,6 months apart, if memory serves). The mods were amazing, and those well enough to reach out did so. I am very thankful for the friends I made, and the people I helped, and those who helped me, as you are free to aid others when you wish. AMAZING! This was all in my first couple of months, as I have had to drift away for personal reasons, I am not there often now, but I drop in when I can, and it is always so positive of an experience that I look forward to saying hello!

• Updated review

You used to be able to buy a package, and it covered everything, and now they separate everything, and then charge you for each thing, so it no longer is cost effective unless you have multiple computers. Last straw, you used to get phone version for free when you paid for everything else, and now I have to pay $6 a year (yes, I know that is minor, but by next year, they wil charge $20 a year, for sure. I have been with this company since their early days on the net, when it was free for residential customers, but are now to big for their britches, and charge far to much, and are always finding new ways of nickel and diming you. I am sad to have to put forth this update. I wrote to them that it was getting out of control, but unlike the old AVAST, they had no time to write me back. So sad to see. No way to bundle packages to save money anymore, either. I will have to start looking at different companies after 20 years with this one company. You just know there is one fat cat making a buttload of money while I now go more broke every year.

Tip for consumers:
Once you buy this, it is hard to remove from your computer, so if you buy, expect to keep until you change to a new system. just my opinion, but I have seen other opinions here say they had issues removing it. Backup your system first, and be prepared to buy a new computer or hard drive, possibly.

Was a user of the FREE version for 5 years, then had...
• Previous review

Was a user of the FREE full version for 5 years (used to be free for all residential users for the full version!), then had to upgrade to reasonably priced full version. Have had the program stop me dead before a Trojan Horse tried to open. Not had a successful virus get through in the 6 years of paid use (or the 5 of unpaid). IMHO, MUCH better than all of the retail ones I have ever tried. I used this as a free backup when I had free McAfee the 1st 2 yrs that came with my computer, Avast caught so many things that McAfee missed. The free version was comprehensive, at one point, you only paid if you were a business. I had the and free version for years, until they notified that they would not cover everything they had in the past, and gave a date. The paid version was super inexpensive the first couple of years, but is still today cheaper than all of the other systems out there, and so much better as far as I am concerned, yet it STILL stays cheaper than others & STILL is the best system out there as far as I am concerned. I run the tests by the other sites every so often, and they all SAY they have found something (of course), but with research, find that these are errors on my computer (caused by me, or registry errors that are not "urgent". AVAST has added various services over the years, and I have tried them n and off (alo of them) over time, and they ARE good, but they do make the service expensive if you buy all of the extras. I do wish they had an all inclusive price and would stop trying to sell me stuff that is not included, that is my only bad comment, and that is minor. The free mobile phone version is well worth downloading! I will keep Avast for the foreseeable future! I remember all of the issues I have had with the mayor brands that either come free with my computer, or have a free 'trial'. Avast wins hands down! Is easy to use, too.

Tip for consumers:
Have been a user for over 10 years now. Kicks butt compared to McAfee, and all of the "free for one year" services that come with computers. If you have one of these free for a year (or 2) ones, I suggest that you download the free version of the Avast software as well to see what it catches that the preinstalled software does not, that was the proof I needed to never go back!

CBD Oil Review

I liked ordering from this company, because I got a 10% coupon code just by looking online, and a few weeks later, I got an email to ask which company I wanted my percentage to go to. By picking a company, i got a 20% coupon! Since they sell Vape Bright's only product, Thrive cartridge pack of 1,3 or 5, I got a package of 5 and saved some nice dough. Now this was near Christmas, and may be why it took them 2 weeks to get it to me (so long that I looked on my CC bill, saw it had not been charged, so I resubmitted my order, and got 20% off, of course, well, both boxes showed up the same day, and I just kept it, as 20% is pretty good savings.

If you like to vape from cartridges, Thrive/Vape Bright is the only company that offers 5 packs at a good discount on its own (but you can easily also find a 10% coupon), has no PG/PEG//MCT/ or FDA approved artificial flavoring (which has not been testes for safety for drawing into your lungs after being heated, only approved for ingestion). MCT is Coconut Oil, and can give you lipid or lipoid pneumonia, it is NOT meant to be heated and inhaled. PG andd PEG both give off formaldehyde when heated. VG has not been proven safe by the FDA to be heated and inhaled.

The only other cartridge with 510 threads (but the battery from vapebright.com or cbdoilreview, cim, as the battery and case is only $20, but from the only other company that I could find that was safe to inhale charges $25 for the battery and case, and I do not know it if is made in the USA, like Thrive's battery is. Natureslove.org has 500mg of CBD with natural terpenes in 1ml of liquid, and Thrive sells 250mg of CBD in. 5mg of liquid. Takes me a month to go through a cartridge of Thrive, have not tried Nature's Love yet. $60/cart of NL, with no discount from natureslove.org, but you get twice the amount of CBD in the cartridge. You can get Thrive down to $42 per cartridge if you buy 5. I know, sounds like it does not make, but go to the sites, and you will see what I mean.

Your CBD Source

This company sells products from different manufacturers, but if your CBD cartridge or bottle of tincture leaks in the package, you are Out Of Luck as they do not take returns or exchanges.

Then, Clearly noted on the bottom of the pahe are the major CC logo's. But when you go to pay, they tell you that you can pay only via your checking account.

The site looks cheaply put together, and proves it with their announcement that you will get ZERO customer service if you have a problem with your order. BEWARE!

If you see something you like, I suggest that you go to the company's website instead of buying from this wanna-be place. I will have to pay $10 more to buy it from the website, but since they have customer service, I think that is a MUCH safer bet!


Lee Hardy was a member at BenzoBuddies.org, registered herself under the name morechocolate, and was a pest for the mod team. She has faked other identities, here is a while thread about it:
Local police and the governing body for therapists in her country have been notified

Tip for consumers:
You will have to sign into Benzobuddies.org to read this. They do not contact you or anything else. It is a forum for people coming off of benzodiazepine's at their own speed.


First, READ THE TERMS if you buy from this company, there is a 20% restocking fee if you do not like what you get. Second, PAY WITH PAYPAL(actually, they ONLY take Paypal)- but this is good, it gives you ammo if they screw up the order and try to charge a restocking fee. Many of these wig companies will still charge you a restocking fee even it THEY screw up the color or the wig! I sent a note because they obviously cater to a mostly African American clientele. I asked if they do serve a Caucasian or lighter skin clientele, I was wondering if I would run into issues with the lace in the part being too dark. This is their response:

"We do apologize about the inconvenience. Unfortunately, as we are an online company, we do not see the faces of our customers. We assume that we sale to all nationalities. Our pictures are provided to us from the manufacturers themselves, we are sorry, we are not sure about how the wigs are styled on them. Once again, we do apologize about the inconvenience." NOTE: I NEVER ASKED HOW THE WIGS WERE STYLED!
On top of this I sent a previous message about a particular wig by Model (brand), in a specific color. Instead of calling the manufacturer for me and asking a simple question (It is called "GOING THE EXTRA MILE", PEOPLE!), they told me to call myself. I doubt I will buy from this place, but if I do, it will be sale or clearance items only, because of the hefty cost of returns (between the cost of shipping and the 20% "restocking fee" (this fee is a SCAM as they only take back unused items!). It seems almost too expensive to buy from here unless you buy clearance, which has a good cost and is not returnable anyway.

So, after I left this pretty harsh review (I WAS angry that they could not answer either of the 2 questions I asked), but later realized that they had probably contracted out their phone work as so many companies do these days. So it was like talking to a person who had never sold a wig before at least I HOPE that is the case, as they seemed clueless. If they actually worked there they could go to the warehouse, look at the model I was specifically asking about and gave me a REAL answer, so I am deducting a star for that. I had initially rated them 3 stars because of their AWFUL customer service, but now tha I bought, things are a bit better...

As I said above, I only bought clearance wigs that were not returnable anyway. They do use the gimmick of making you think every wig on the site is on sale, by putting a high price,, slashing that out, and putting a red tag next to a red colored price, which is their regular price. The items I bought to are for the wigs were actually reasonably priced, and I needed the wigs right away, so I paid an extra $15 for shipping, and it got here in 3 days. The one curly wig I purchased, I could tell had been taken out of the package before because of the frizziness (from the hair net having been removed before and placed back on, but that was easily fixed, but it did not look like it had been tried on, or finger combed as far as I can tell. The curl pattern was really tight still. It was just the very outer layer was disturbed.

I will purchase here again, but note, the variety of "extras" (products for caring for the wigs) is seriously lacking compared to other sites, so if you need a couple of basic items, you should be okay, but nothing special, that is for sure!

Tip for consumers:
Only buy wigs that you will not be returning. 20% "restocking fee" is a rip off, since they only take unworn, NIP wigs back, so do not buy anything you cannot afford to keep even if you HATE it, for sure! Online customer service SUCKS. Maybe calling by phone is better? Not much variety if you want to buy any extras to care for your wigs, FYI.


I own over 60 pcs(clip in pcs, combs, add in's, extensions, every single kind inc wigs) from Toni Brattin. She used to be on HSN, now evine.com, but you can save more money if you purchase straight from her site. Exact same pcs and wigs, except evine does have a few wigs and extensions that you can only buy there, but if you belog to her email list, every week one or 2 pcs go on sale. I have bought at least 15 pieces from her site, and I always get them within a week, and always love them. EXCEPT HER WIGS! They suck, they are NOT full! Al of hers are expensive, but they do stand the test of time, FOR WIGS even for Caucasian women, if you want an awesome wig or any other kind of hair for 1/3 the price, try glamourtress.com! Note: to get an accurate review of Toni's pcs, go to evine.com, type her name in on the search bar, find the piece you like, and look at the reviews- they also generally have better pictures, plus a video demonstration. I always get compliments on my hair, due to a disability, I cannot style my own hair, and her holds up for a very long time (over 8 years with most! Give her a try! Except for her wigs, if you can afford hers, get them. Once you get your color right (order a cheap pc from Evine first, because you can return it, get your color right for the pony tails, all of the extensions, all of the pcs except full wigs, because full wigs you can order any color. Returns suck, have to pay shipping both ways. Check both sites to confirm this. They DO take returns at Evine.com, but it is between $7-8 bucks if you use the sticker they send you, do not know about tonibrttin.com.

Tip for consumers:
I do not know if the site takes returns, however if you buy from evine.com, they do take returns.. All of her pieces except black have like 12 different colors in them, so you just have to get close in color, no perfect. I take a hairpiece with me to the salon (with a certified colorist, you want someone VERY good), and my hair always matches as I slowly get some grey!!


My Avast Spyware stopped me dead from entering this site. It would have crashed my computer. Infection: URL: Mal2
Beware, scan the website before entering.
They say they sell Outlet Coach or Louis Vuitton purses.


I need to rewrite this. You can start by going to the Wikipedia entry on Porter Stansbury

Then go to briandeer.com & read all of his entries on him. Make sire to read his AIDS scam & how much he made people pay & all of his others!


LMy FAVE by far! No CS issues what-so-ever. Shipping slightly slow, but what I wanted to tell you about were the prices and things I have purchased. Let me start out that I am not trying to get $10 by having you go thru "MY" link. I am sure it is against the rules anyway, but even my friends I tell, I TELL them about the $10 thing, but do not set it up, so there is NO WAY they can make money for me. There is another site that is part pyramid scheme (everyone's review on the site begins with, "best web site I ever bought from. Click through this link to sigh up" - there are pages and pages and pages of the same crap without anyone saying anything negative, EVER! CRAP ALERT! Now, do NOT sign up for this account if you are just trying to go to all of your friends to join so you can get $10, please! NOTE: they MUST make a purchase before you will ever get the coupon on the site. Your friends will think that you only told them about the site for the $10, because it is clearly posted. A couple of close friends of mine, I gave the OPTION of signing up that way, but I also tell them how to sign up regularly (ok, by a couple of friends, I mean one... lol.
What IS off-putting about the site to me at first is that you MUST join before you can see one single price, see how the site works, know if there is any fee to sign up, or anything else. You can read the TOS, but it is so long, you get to the end and wonder if you have to pay to be a member. You brain shut off 20 minutes into reading the TOS from beginning to end. Go ahead and sign up. DO NOT sign up thru anyone's Facebook page (the will write about the site like one usually does when you love a site, but they will either give you a link to sign up thru, OR, right after the blurb (attached to it, actually), there will be a blue square with a capital white 'H" in the square, and then the website link to click on. Below that, Hautelook will talk about themselves for a paragraph. When I put this on my FB page, it did this for me automatically (I deleted it, too dumb o f a reason to lose friends over, methinks. I gave my best friend my signin so she could look a couple od times without signing up, then changed my password. N0o clue if she joined. Here are some of the things I have bought ( and EVERYTIME, I search the web for a better price, PLUS I go the the vendor's home page to see if the retail they list is correct. Only found close prices on another similar site once or twice, but Hautelook was Cheapest. So, mu favorite things; $23 for REAL mink eyelashes. The eyelashes, are made from LIVE mink, just like real hair eyelashes. They ARE sterilized. BYW, I Live out in the country, and have a mink that has followed the mice into the house through a path we cannot find (we live in the country, field mice are a part of life. House built in 1941, nothing we can do, tried to have house sealed, but contractor says because of stucco house (IN MN), the mice can climb the outside walls, Impossible to close up every hole! 3 springs ago, the ermine (what a mink is called in the warmer seasons, when they have light hair again & look like a ferret) must have been too fat to go out the way he came in & scared the crap out of us. Was not vicious, just wanted out. First time we saw him in the living area, and we realized that the reason why we caught and saw NO mice that entire year ( we usually catch about 10, but hear more. Figured out when he left this year because the mice started eating the poison & we found a bunch of dead ones in the unfinished basement... lol. May gross you city dwellers out, but much better than the HUGE RAT & roach issues they have in some New York row houses, where the renters can plug the hole time after time, but they get through no matter what & are big enough to kill small pets (the rats, not the bugs). We ARE bug free. Lashes retail for over $50, I paid $23, most realistic lashes I have ever had, comments EVERYWHERE! Luminess Air sells, but the prices are more than on the site!. Good quality jewelry, my favorite brand Olivia Welles. Beauty products up the wazoo! RF (Radio Frequency) cosmetic devices, High end brands of cosmetics, baby/kids stuff as well as men's and home (from art to furniture to appliances to bedding!). You won't be sorry one bit for joining, however, I am addicted, each sale lasts several days, then new products come through. New popular brands sell out some items FAST, FYI, but the calendar tells what is starting and when.


KNOWN SCAM! Get a text from Target, with prmo.com after it as well, they take al of your info, sell it on the black market. I have found this info in numerous other places, just do a google search. Seems like $1,000 is the common amount.
Has a clock that counts down from 5 minutes to make you feel some urgency is needed & you do not have time to look up to see if legit or not. ALWAYS let the time countdown be a huge warning, any site that rushes you is usually a scam!

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