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119 Reviews by Taylor

Amazon is not very nice to begin with. But I decided to sign up... (and I do not know how to delete my account)... And their web site is so bad, that if it detects an error in the sign up form (DETECTS... that does not mean there is an error.) It will have the Circle With The Diagonal Line when you try to click next. You have to start over the application and hope there is no issue with the form.

And then the next thing to do is apply for jobs... I applied for a job... After typing all the necessary information, It wants me to be a Costa Rica citizen. No where at all it ever said in the job listing that I must be Costa Rica until after I spent much time completing most of the application.

And now, I am banned from reapplying from that job (What if I since became a Costa Rica citizen?!) but the listing is not exclusive to Costa Rica. The job listing has different jobs from different countries, in the SAME listing, with RANDOM SELECTION of the job opening's country.

It is impossible to even search for a job listing at Amazon. You can not narrow down your options if they just put them together so that nobody gets hired.
They are one of those web sites that penalize you if you are inactive. Even worse, they take your money.
Pop ups are unacceptable. I do not tolerate harassment. You can not even read the article until they lock the page and shove a pop up (and also a very large pop up) in your face. I have had enough of even trying to click the X to close it. In the 1990s web sites had the pop ups every where but pop up blockers took care of it. Now apparently Pop Up Blocking is illegal with their spawn J QUERY.
I do not like getting annoying calls. Also I do not like getting annoying jquerys. Are they both on the same side?!
Yet another website that forces you to sign in for a "free" (privacy invasion) account. It nags with a pop up message saying it detected you are signed in to gmail. You can close it once. The next page you try to view it blurs out and has a jquery that forces you to log in or sign up. I will not waste my time with quora. I do not care if web sites claim to be losing money with ad blockers. That does not give them the right to force sign in and stealing the personal information.
I have only about one hour experience with this web site and decided to leave before waste any more time. They have sent the verification email message. Clicking it results in not a "Account Verfied!" message, but instead it makes you sign in. I entered the password correctly but they rejected it. I tried a password reset but they did not send it. And I tried to resend the email verification but there was an error. And eventually I was able to "reset" my password (I entered my existing password) and then I was sign in only to be interrogated. These questions are none of their business. I do not work to party. I work to work. I will not upload the profile picture... I suspect that they are going to ask for Driver's License next... Also, they want my address. I know when I am about to be scammed. I decided to leave the website. I imagine that they will either refuse payment to me or they have Pay Pal as a payment method.

This is not a job search engine. Shame on you, news site, for recommending this.
It was recommended to me and I did not find any bad reviews of it before I signed up. (Of course that does not mean they do not exist.) I signed up for a 1 year regular level but I was concerned when it said "Add a second payment method to get discount." This discount did not appear any where in the settings. I also did not get any email confirmation. I wanted to cancel it. ALSO, THERE IS NO WAY TO CANCEL IT! You can cancel the subscription but not delete the entire account. And when you cancel the subscription two things happen: 1. They will offer another discount (which was not applied also) 2. It is effective NEXT BILLING CYCLE which means I still have a year of use! So next thing is to try to get refund. THEY LIED. THEY SAID I AM VIOLATING SOME POLICY. They even got smart with me and highlighted a part of the Terms Of Service that I "violated". Either it has been longer than 14 days, or I need to have mastered less than 4 tracks. I ONLY MASTERED ONE. This Mastering Software is automated, not manually reviewed by Grammy Award Winners as it insinuates. I am much better off with sound editing software that I can download instead of log in. Even Audacity is a better option! I had to close my PayPal (Lol) and I asked the card issuer to give me a new card number. I can not trust Emastered. I will use some thing else for remastering audio.
This is a debt settlement company. I made payments to them for almost three years. At the end of it they said all my debts would be settled. But one was not settled. Calling them resulted in them wanting FULL payment of the entire debt includeing late fees. The entire balance. They wanted an additional year of payments! I told them I expected my settlement account to be closed promptly as originally scheduled. I told them I will pay the last debt directly. My account with National Settlement has been closed and money refunded. But I do not recommend any body use National Settlement.
One time I needed a better Internet provider. T Mobile technically has a Mi Fi Hot Spot for computers and they even have unlimited 2G Internet. This is some thing that no other cell phone company has. Of course if you can get permanent Internet for your home, do that instead. The problem with T Mobile is that they are a cell phone provider. They do not have support for Mi Fi Hot Spots. That's right. They do not support their own products! You can not set up the Mi Fi Hot Spot be cause of a text message compatibility problem. They will send a text message to it for verification purposes, but the device can not open text messages. Perhaps they recently solved that problem but it was a problem when I was a customer and even if they solved the problem I am done with T Mobile lol. And the signal is very weak. I do not think this is a type of throttling. I think that T Mobile can not get good reception ANY WHERE! I did not even begin to use the device; How can it be throttled?! T Mobile support takes too long. And they are just dumb. Returning the device to them is also difficult as a result. But they have a very solid billing & collections department. They certainly like to harass people for money, includeing outrageous fees for things that they never bought. I have received letters from a collection agency on behalf of T Mobile. This agency is known to be fraud. And these are some of the reasons why people should avoid T Mobile. Do not worry. I have Home Internet now and I am much more satisfied with them and not silly T Mobile.
I am writing this review to warn every body about this company. My experiences have been worst compared to other companies. There is Intelius, which has no frills, trial membership up front, and can be canceled. I was able to cancel it easily. Spokeo, the last time I used it which was not this year, required an email to them but they replied and canceled after my trial. The other three are Been Verified, Instant Checkmate, and Truth Finder. These three are almost identical. The results are identical. The difference is the quality of the web site. After you have to wait for their fake computations, and sit idle for a "Wait! Don't Go! Try Us For $1!", (Been Verified DOES NOT Do This) the website of Instant Checkmate is best. The design of Truth Finder requires you click every little thing to expand it. Most every thing on Instant Checkmate is automatically expanded. BOTH of these (Instant Checkmate and Truth Finder) have an option to cancel the subscription from the Dashboard. Been Verified DOES NOT. They require you call a telephone, or email. The telephone number IS FAKE. They repeat various offers, and at the end of these, they say to call a different number, which is a recording of various offers. The email response is very fast (but perhaps automated) and you can reply directly to the email they send you. Be sure to paste your Member ID (which they provide in the email) and tell them to cancel the subscription, and do not charge any amount, any more. (Instant Checkmate and Truth Finder will continue to offer a "discount" several times before completing the cancellation.) I got two emails from Been Verified confirming that they canceled it, but we will see if they charge my card again. Looking at my Been Verified account it says that my subscription is inactive. But because of the suspicious telephone, I do not recommend Been Verified. The reason why I used Been Verified is because they emailed me with the $1 offer instead of the jquery. Been Verified is too different compared to Instant Checkmate and Truth Finder. While their results are identical, Truth Finder is different with their trial offer, and slightly more difficult to cancel.
The trolls are moderators and the moderators are trolls.
I found their website by searching and forums just do not understand that topics appear in search results and that is how people join their websites. Whether the topic is "old" is irrelevant. A topic was closed TWO DAYS before I even knew the website existed. I wanted to comment. I thought it was interesting and also irritating at the same time and I wanted to say that in the New Members post. I can't even talk about that thread even in my Welcome Message, or New Members Orientation. I recommend you stay away from any forum that requires manual approval before joining the site. They will never approve anybody.
The FIRST thing it wants before it even lets you into the website is to provide your email address. This is before you even look at their website or create an account with them. I can understand providing your email address upon creating the account, when ordering an item from their website, but they prefer you give your email to them IMMEDIATELY. This suggests that the website is SELLING your email address. So many websites do this and it is considered acceptable and desirable. I boycott every website that does this. I have tried ad blockers that say they block overlays, but I guess an overlay harassing you for you email address isn't considered an advertisement, even though they are obviously going to be selling your email address information for advertisement money.
White F. – White Fox Rep
Hi Taylor!
The email sign up notification pops up when you enter our website. This is simply a pop-up asking if you would like to sign up to our VIP Emailing List and receive a discount code for $10AUD off your first purchase over $60AUD. However, there is a little 'X' on this pop-up so if you do not wish to enter your email address, you can just exit and continue to browse as normal:)
Your email information is definitely not sold anywhere and is 100% confidential information. X
Does not give me the option to choose which courier for delivery and pay for the shipping. Also does not offer bulk shipping. I will go elsewhere place that is competent and offers these services.
MorphOS, written by Morph, a team of developers, is an operating system that is not Windows, and it is not Mac OS X, and it is not Linux. It is not Unix-Like. It is an operating system built for speed while others are built to entertain. Other operating systems have many problems yet everybody uses them. I have been fascinated by the advanced Mac OS 9. 2. 2 (system 7 at the time) was much more capable than Windows. Also, a Mac computer (Pizza Box) had speakers, microphone, ethernet, and everything included while these features were optional (and rare) for PC and PC Clones. Unfortunately by the time I had my very own Mac OS, it was horribly outdated. The main reason it was outdated was that websites were now redesigned to not function on older computers. I find the design of websites to be unnecessary but still the very sad fact is that Mac OS 9. 2. 2 is obsolete and is no longer updated. Mac OS X is not the same. And by the 21st century, Windows had made many improvements although Mac OS 9. 2. 2 with its Microkernel was still faster. Even so, Windows was good enough for most people. But it really gets on my nerves and I was wondering if there was anything currently updated resembling Mac OS 9. 2. 2 and that is how and why I use MorphOS. MorphOS's origins come from the Commodore Amiga which is no longer made and the closest things are MorphOS and AROS which although they are not on their own computers, they can still run on any computer. MorphOS picks up wither Mac OS 9. 2. 2 left off. Any Apple computer not "capable" of running Mac OS 9. 2. 2 can now have MorphOS, bringing more years of life to your Apple Computers and iBooks and PowerBooks. MorphOS is also available on the SAM desktop computer. They are targeting other hardware, beginning with an X86 desktop and X86 Laptop. The customer support is very fast and in plain English. THIS WEBSITE SERVES AS CUSTOMER SUPPORT. I actually like that the team of less than 30 developers will answer any question and comment. One of the cons of MorphOS is that it is a commercial OS and most people do not want to pay for it. But updates are free. Another con is that it has a few outdated technologies such as welding itself to extremely outdated AmigaOS software. This software causes the computer to "Meditate" (a pun on the "Guru Meditation" error) which means you have no choice but to restart. Usually you have to press the power button to do so. MorphOS developers say it is possible to add Memory Protection to the operating system which will be nice. Because I am very disappointed that they did not add this feature to begin with. The last time I heard, they are not going to bother adding Memory Protection to the Apple and SAM computers, just the X86 ones. This is very disappointing indeed. You lose one star, Morph Zone.
This is probably the best organization to provide for poor neighborhoods in developing nations because they have minimal interference into their native cultures. But the more time I spend donating to Plan the more annoying they get. I have the regular "Sponsor A Child" monthly contributions which targets the child's specific nation. But they also send out "more ways to help" which can be annoying. The worst thing of all is when they send out specific children in crisis which as far as I am concerned it makes the other billion children in poverty left out and forgotten. Please stop picking favorites! I was going to donate monthly to Plan for the rest of my life but now I have my doubts.

I had 3 of 5 stars but now I am going to lower it to 2 of 5 stars because they are apparently adjusting the sponsorship for inflation! So now I have decided to cancel for that reason and one other reason: I am wondering if these USA Based organizations are doing way too much in regards to health care, such as unnecessary surgical procedures, done usually on men.
Commodore Amiga was a very advanced company that eventually became mediocre and went bankrupt. It no longer exists. But the people at Amiga World does not know or care. They are constantly wanting AmigaOS to be updated but it is never updated. It will never catch up to mainstream OS and it won't even catch up to MorphOS and AROS. It has recently been supported with the AmigaONE computers which are very expensive and AmigaOS is mostly not functioning with that computer. In the 1980s Commodore had two different portable computers but to this day there is no actual Commodore Amiga laptop. And there never will be, despite it being in the 21st century. Nobody likes desktops these days and yet all they do is make very expensive desktops. The closest thing to a Commodore Amiga laptop is a iBook, PowerBook, or PC Clone that runs MorphOS or AROS natively, respectively. While this is a message board welcoming to all forms of Commodore Amiga, Amiga World users are very silly and in complete denial.
I am not sure which is the best water park but this one is good enough. I love Denton and everything about Denton. In a nation where school dress codes are more important than academics, and in a nation where you have to wear shirts in the weight room, Denton is the opposite. And I should not be surprised that Denton would have an open all year indoor outdoor water park! It is actually the school's swimming pool but it is open to the public. Inside is open the entire year and it is equipped with many facilities including two swimming pools. The shallow end and the deep end are two separate pools and the shallow pool is not that large. They have a medium sized water slide indoors meant for medium sized kids. There are lights in the swimming pools (The Natatorium itself is dark.) The indoor swimming pools are heated.

That's about it for the swimming pools. They really don't have any swimming pools outside. They have a lazy river which I wouldn't really call that a swimming pool. The lazy river does have several fountains and bubbles and mini whirlpools which you ride clear inner tubes. They also have a water fountain area where you can stand in and get wet and cool off. They have a playground with a tiny slide meant for tiny kids. The remaining four slides are huge slides not meant for those under 48" in height. The four slides look as tall as a three or four story building. You will get plenty of exercises just by climbing the stairs. The three slides are on the same level with the fourth slide on the top level. The fourth slide is the scariest because it is highest. The other three slides include an orange open slide it is the only open slide. The rest of the slides are tube slides. Then there is a dark blue slide that is quite narrow and the largest slide is one with a fork at the beginning of it where two people on each side can wait while sitting on yellow inner tubes. The slide is wide enough for the inner tubes. While the other slides you have to wait for a lifeguard to signal, this slide has its own lifeguard which will take the tube you are sitting on and push it down the slide! You will land in a swimming pool that is good sized but it looks absolutely tiny compared to the slides. However, you are not allowed to swim in it. You are supposed to leave the swimming pool after you land. There is no water volleyball or water basketball but there is a sand volleyball court. Denton does have competitive teams for volleyball but I don't know if they practice at The Natatorium. The rest of the water park is more park than water. There are beautiful trees with birds and insects and squirrels so all the idiot country people who keep accusing cities of being nothing but a concrete jungle are WRONG. Those who keep saying that there is not even a trace of wildlife do not know about Urban Forestry. And The Water Is CLEAN in Denton. The rest of the water park contains many gazebos and pavilions, most have to be rented.

The rules for the slides is that you have to shower (in their showers) before getting in any pool or slide. They have mostly open rooms but with shower curtains. I like to bring my own bottle of soap. Of course you will have to shower again at the end of the day because you will need to use many sunblock. I like to use natural sunblock. Nobody likes it and prefer to wear "Rash Guard" shirts because most sunblock is ineffective. You should get Titanium and / or Zinc based sunblock even if it is slimey and EXPENSIVE. And avoid those that have questionable active ingredients.

I did get sunburned by using the wrong cheap low quality "sun block" and had to use moisturizing lotion and tons of sleep to get it to heal. From now on I am getting the expensive sun block.

Also they have lockers out in the open but in shade so your belongings won't toast. The locker rental is located in the souvenir shop which you have to give them your diver's license and hold on to the key. You will also need to buy Gatorade or sneak some in with you. Also, there are few trees in the parking lot so be sure to show up early to grab a parking next to a tree!

The outside area of the water park is open only during the summer.

The water park is located in a nice area of Denton with other recreational areas nearby. It is near Loop 288.

I recommend getting a season pass especially if you don't live in Denton. The season pass will pay for itself quickly.

I do not have many complaints about the water park. Sometimes they play very stupid music so go inside to swim or slide on the water slides. The water is so loud you can't hear the music. Also I had an issue with their season pass. The season pass is a photo ID and their machine was broken.
This website is the professional website for MorphOS. Morph. Zone is the feedback forum. You can get MorphOS from MorphOS.de and it has all the basic information about MorphOS including which computers and specific hardware it is supported. Basically any PowerPC version of Apple Mac, iBook, and PowerBook are supported. SAM desktop computer is also supported. They are targeting a new desktop and new laptop, both X86. I am impressed with MorphOS, but it just is not a complete replacement for Windows. Until then, I will use Windows.

Background information about MorphOS and AROS are both operating systems (AROS is the Open Source version) inspired by the now defunct Commodore Amiga. It was during a time period when "Classic" Mac OS and AmigaOS were much more advanced compared to Windows of the time period. The Mac and the Amiga were also had many more features at a time when PC did not have. But Windows has advanced to usability while "Classic" is no longer updated. And nor is AmigaOS. MorphOS and AROS are both updated but as I said before, there is no option to completely take the place of a giant laptop that has Windows.
AROS is an open source version of an OS that no longer is updated. It was inspired from Commodore Amiga during the time period of "Classic" Macs and Commodore Amiga doing many more things that PC Clones could not do. But now that Windows has caught up, all the other operating systems are not updated. MorphOS is a regularly updated version of Commodore Amiga which runs on SAM computers, and Mac, iBook, and PowerBook with a target x86 desktop and x86 laptop. It has many more support. AROS has many more target hardware which includes x86,68K, PowerPC, and ARM. The ARM includes Raspberry Pi native version. Unfortunately MorphOS and AROS is no replacement for Windows, and AROS has very little update.

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