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It was recommended to me and I did not find any bad reviews of it before I signed up. (Of course that does not mean they do not exist.) I signed up for a 1 year regular level but I was concerned when it said "Add a second payment method to get discount." This discount did not appear any where in the settings. I also did not get any email confirmation. I wanted to cancel it. ALSO, THERE IS NO WAY TO CANCEL IT! You can cancel the subscription but not delete the entire account. And when you cancel the subscription two things happen: 1. They will offer another discount (which was not applied also) 2. It is effective NEXT BILLING CYCLE which means I still have a year of use! So next thing is to try to get refund. THEY LIED. THEY SAID I AM VIOLATING SOME POLICY. They even got smart with me and highlighted a part of the Terms Of Service that I "violated". Either it has been longer than 14 days, or I need to have mastered less than 4 tracks. I ONLY MASTERED ONE. This Mastering Software is automated, not manually reviewed by Grammy Award Winners as it insinuates. I am much better off with sound editing software that I can download instead of log in. Even Audacity is a better option! I had to close my PayPal (Lol) and I asked the card issuer to give me a new card number. I can not trust Emastered. I will use some thing else for remastering audio.


One time I needed a better Internet provider. T Mobile technically has a Mi Fi Hot Spot for computers and they even have unlimited 2G Internet. This is some thing that no other cell phone company has. Of course if you can get permanent Internet for your home, do that instead. The problem with T Mobile is that they are a cell phone provider. They do not have support for Mi Fi Hot Spots. That's right. They do not support their own products! You can not set up the Mi Fi Hot Spot be cause of a text message compatibility problem. They will send a text message to it for verification purposes, but the device can not open text messages. Perhaps they recently solved that problem but it was a problem when I was a customer and even if they solved the problem I am done with T Mobile lol. And the signal is very weak. I do not think this is a type of throttling. I think that T Mobile can not get good reception ANY WHERE! I did not even begin to use the device; How can it be throttled?! T Mobile support takes too long. And they are just dumb. Returning the device to them is also difficult as a result. But they have a very solid billing & collections department. They certainly like to harass people for money, includeing outrageous fees for things that they never bought.I have received letters from a collection agency on behalf of T Mobile. This agency is known to be fraud. And these are some of the reasons why people should avoid T Mobile. Do not worry. I have Home Internet now and I am much more satisfied with them and not silly T Mobile.
National Settlement Services

National Settlement Services

This is a debt settlement company. I made payments to them for almost three years. At the end of it they said all my debts would be settled. But one was not settled. Calling them resulted in them wanting FULL payment of the entire debt includeing late fees. The entire balance. They wanted an additional year of payments! I told them I expected my settlement account to be closed promptly as originally scheduled. I told them I will pay the last debt directly. My account with National Settlement has been closed and money refunded. But I do not recommend any body use National Settlement.


On August 22nd, 2018 I went to a PetSmart for a male Cavia Porcellus (derogatory referred to as "Guinea Pigs" but I am going to refer to them as Cavia Porcellus or just Cavia) he is alive and growing.

But on November 10th, 2018 at Stemmons Lewisville I went for a female Cavia. I named her Cinnamon as she resembled others I had years before also named Cinnamon. She even behaved identically to them, as if she recognized me even before we met.

Unfortunately, Cinnamon has DIED did not even live much longer than TWO MONTHS.

I have decades experience in raising Cavias and have never encountered this before. Meaning that every Cavia from a Pet Shop had lived for 5, some times 6 years. I must have a replacement, even though I hate the word replacement with no restrictions on location, date, and time. and must replaced with a healthy Cavia.


I am writing this review to warn every body about this company. My experiences have been worst compared to other companies. There is Intelius, which has no frills, trial membership up front, and can be canceled. I was able to cancel it easily. Spokeo,the last time I used it which was not this year, required an email to them but they replied and canceled after my trial. The other three are Been Verified, Instant Checkmate, and Truth Finder. These three are almost identical. The results are identical. The difference is the quality of the web site. After you have to wait for their fake computations, and sit idle for a "Wait! Don't Go! Try Us For $1!", (Been Verified DOES NOT Do This) the website of Instant Checkmate is best. The design of Truth Finder requires you click every little thing to expand it. Most every thing on Instant Checkmate is automatically expanded. BOTH of these (Instant Checkmate and Truth Finder) have an option to cancel the subscription from the Dashboard. Been Verified DOES NOT. They require you call a telephone, or email. The telephone number IS FAKE. They repeat various offers, and at the end of these, they say to call a different number, which is a recording of various offers. The email response is very fast (but perhaps automated) and you can reply directly to the email they send you. Be sure to paste your Member ID (which they provide in the email) and tell them to cancel the subscription, and do not charge any amount, any more. (Instant Checkmate and Truth Finder will continue to offer a "discount" several times before completing the cancellation.) I got two emails from Been Verified confirming that they canceled it, but we will see if they charge my card again. Looking at my Been Verified account it says that my subscription is inactive. But because of the suspicious telephone, I do not recommend Been Verified. The reason why I used Been Verified is because they emailed me with the $1 offer instead of the jquery. Been Verified is too different compared to Instant Checkmate and Truth Finder. While their results are identical, Truth Finder is different with their trial offer, and slightly more difficult to cancel.


They are competent and they know what they are doing. They offer bulk shipping and bulk items with actual couriers instead of limits.
Direct Eats

Direct Eats

Does not give me the option to choose which courier for delivery and pay for the shipping. Also does not offer bulk shipping. I will go elsewhere place that is competent and offers these services.


This website is adequate. I had two questions that web search could not answer. I decided to find a law forum to post my questions and I asked every simple question about the topics and I tried to stay directly to the point without being vague.

I got replies that I trust to be accurate answers and I don't have as much to worry about as I thought I did.

But this website doesn't get two stars because of two reasons:
1. I see that they lock every thread rapidly. I understand this is to prevent people from hijacking people's questions, but I never like it when web site forums prefer to have new members not reply to "old" threads when those threads show up in search results and that means new members sign up! However, this is not the case this time. I did not find the website by an "old" topic in search results and I understand that even though it looks like a discussion forum, it is a question and answer site. I still find locking threads annoying.

2. They change the title to my forums to something that they think sounds better. It is their website and they can do what they want, but I find this also startling.

If you sign up for this website and ask a question to them, be prepared to experience similar.


The trolls are moderators and the moderators are trolls.


Very slow annoying "searching for information" and also they tell you absolutely nothing. They want money for "guaranteed results" but I don't think that I trust them.

I found their website by searching and forums just do not understand that topics appear in search results and that is how people join their websites. Whether the topic is "old" is irrelevant. A topic was closed TWO DAYS before I even knew the website existed. I wanted to comment. I thought it was interesting and also irritating at the same time and I wanted to say that in the New Members post. I can't even talk about that thread even in my Welcome Message, or New Members Orientation. I recommend you stay away from any forum that requires manual approval before joining the site. They will never approve anybody.


It was nice years ago but now it is bad. They try to be stylish and nothing functions anymore.
Plan International USA

Plan International USA

This is probably the best organization to provide for poor neighborhoods in developing nations because they have minimal interference into their native cultures. But the more time I spend donating to Plan the more annoying they get. I have the regular "Sponsor A Child" monthly contributions which targets the child's specific nation. But they also send out "more ways to help" which can be annoying. The worst thing of all is when they send out specific children in crisis which as far as I am concerned it makes the other billion children in poverty left out and forgotten. Please stop picking favorites! I was going to donate monthly to Plan for the rest of my life but now I have my doubts.

I had 3 of 5 stars but now I am going to lower it to 2 of 5 stars because they are apparently adjusting the sponsorship for inflation! So now I have decided to cancel for that reason and one other reason: I am wondering if these USA Based organizations are doing way too much in regards to health care, such as unnecessary surgical procedures, done usually on men.
White Fox Boutique

White Fox Boutique

The FIRST thing it wants before it even lets you into the website is to provide your email address. This is before you even look at their website or create an account with them. I can understand providing your email address upon creating the account, when ordering an item from their website, but they prefer you give your email to them IMMEDIATELY. This suggests that the website is SELLING your email address. So many websites do this and it is considered acceptable and desirable. I boycott every website that does this. I have tried ad blockers that say they block overlays, but I guess an overlay harassing you for you email address isn't considered an advertisement, even though they are obviously going to be selling your email address information for advertisement money.


Linked In is the job-based social network. Keep up with all your back stabbing co workers here. similar to the "Compete For Conquest!" academic-based social networks. I do not want to! If THIS is what it takes to get and keep a job, then I will be happy unemployed.

Linked In appears to be a simple website with no gunk that Facebook has. However, just like Classmates, they have a premium website. And THIS is why nobody is flocking to Linked In. They want free and unlimited on EVERYTHING which is what Facebook and Instagram have to offer, even if they both SUCK.

There are a few other people on Linked In, most people that I have emailed and I PREFER emailing. These people have businesses or whatever reason that I needed to talk to them was interesting enough for them to have a LinkedIn. Linked In knows all of my Email contacts or ANYBODY that I have EVER emailed. or anybody who has emailed me. If somebody I have communicated by email has signed up for Linked In, then Linked In will notify me. But also Linked In will send me emails (just like Google Plus) saying "Do you know these people on Linked In?" after reading the people that I have emailed or they have emailed me.

I DO NOT CARE. I do not want to add every single person I had to talk to. And I am sure that they do not want to add all of their clients or customers!!

I have no use for LinkedIn, and I hope I never have to have a use for Linked In. I really hope people hire people the old fashioned way, and not try to dig up people's "social network" profiles especially since I really do not like posting every little insignificant thing that I do and see. And I especially do not want to read every insignificant thing from other people!!

Classmates is a social networking website long before Facebook.

Similar to LinkedIn's job-based website, Classmates requires that you enter your school information and then you can search for people that way. If you want to add a friend that didn't attend the same school, then you would have to search for them by searching their school first. Everything is grouped together by schools. I think at one point in time Facebook required you put your school information also but it looks like Facebook stopped. I really went to the worst school ever and I have left it all in the past. I only talk to other people who moved away and have no plans to move back lol. And if you want to add your friends or reconnect with them, you cannot do this with Classmates. This means Classmates is completely useless.

But it does not matter either way because Classmates does not seem to have any information about people, unless the users enter it and keep it updated. This is NOT a people search site, but Classmates is even scammier than people search sites!!

What really got on my nerves is that Classmates sends out annoying useless emails, that are actually much more annoying than Facebook's annoying and completely useless emails. They are similar to MeetMe or Badoo or just about any stupid Social Networking site Email. For example, Classmates says, and I don't think you can get any more annoying than this!! "DANGGGGG!! Your Profile Is Getting Some Tractionnn!!" just like a stupid dirty hippie. I check and I have no idea what they are talking about. People used to say things such as "Your profile has more page views." or "Your Friend(s) uploaded a new photo." but now these dumb websites get very excited and say "Check Out Their New Photo!" which makes me not want to check out their new photo. "Dang ... Traction" is probably the most annoying email I have seen compared to any other email from any other website.

After about THIRTY minutes I FINALLY get into my email settings and unchecked MANY spammy email settings. Classmates is useless and perhaps I should deactivate my account. Nobody uses it and I am certainly not going to pay for it.

It is too bad that Classmates lost the competition to Facebook. At one point in time the two sites looked very similar and they were quite simple. They were designed to exchange contact information just in case you or somebody lost it. (You can no longer reconnect with somebody on Facebook if Facebook thinks you are outside their network of friends and as a result "thinks you two aren't friends".) But also with Classmates is that they charge people. Actually they Auto Bill them! With the constant "sharing" of .jpeg files and "Copy And Paste" status updates saying "I do NOT authorize Facebook to charge my account. If I have to pay for facebook, I will leave." means that nobody wants to pay for it. Why would they? - Their "phones" cost too much already! They want free AND unlimited. Facebook and Instagram are both free services which defeated other (and better, although not free) services.

But what matters now is that Classmates is useless and even though everybody uses Facebook, Facebook is also useless.

Classmates is "depreciated". If only Facebook became "obsolete" also.


I guess you get what you pay for which is a year of subscription or possibly five years of subscription. That is probably very affordable and you can take the device anywhere you go. As long as you have an Internet connection to connect to it. It has a USB charger adapter which can plug into a laptop and there is software which interfaces with the laptop. Or you can connect to The Internet without using the computer at all, as long as you have an Ethernet capable router. This device that I have is not Power Over Ethernet. It has a USB with a adapter. But the communication uses the Internet by Ethernet by itself (and the Ethernet router and modem). or WiFi (or perhaps Ethernet) through a Laptop. You are paying for a Magic Jack number only. It is not like Landlines where you are paying for the telephone number and the infrastructure. and since Magic Jack has no infrastructure is why it is so cheap. You have to pay for a separate infrastructure by using and paying for your Internet Service Provider. ALSO you can install it on your mobile telephone device (iPhone and Android ONLY, no Blackberry or Windows Phone) using your Cell Phone coverage, or perhaps tablet, but if your tablet has no Internet connection, then ... again as before ... You need to get a third party Infrastructure such as a MiFi device or Home Internet. Other physical characteristics of this device is that it is very small and only has enough room for the USB to computer or to adapter (both cable and adapter is included) ... The Ethernet Cable (Ethernet Cable Included) and a telephone jack for a telephone. I do not think that the telephone cable is included. It works quite well which is useful for calling myself lol. AND it is VERY NICE to have an "old fashioned" house phone again. I have two very nice shiney black and IMO futuristic looking telephones. One has no phone jack. It only has the adapter to plug into the wall and the dock has an antenna somewhere which interfaces with the main docking station (the one that DOES have the phone jack.)

So why have I had enough of Magic Jack?!

Because I have gone through a legal last name change which I cannot EVER change this on my Magic Jack account. I also talked to the technical support asking if they reveal my name address and telephone is publicly searchable. They say no but I do not believe them because I have already found it! I also want to see about getting a new account if I would have to buy a new device. They say that devices can NEVER be reregistered. I asked if I can return the device so that they can deprogram it and resell it or at least recycle it but they said no. In other words: USED IS TRASH. Is this REALLY the society that we live in?! USED IS TRASH?!?! I have to either have a basically paper weight or throw away an otherwise perfectly good device?! And the most important problem is if they send out the name with the telephone on the caller ID. They said Yes, even if the call goes to Mobile Telephones. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

I have tested this out before and so far ONLY THE NUMBER shows up so perhaps there is not so much to worry about but this is a very cheap company. They might as well call themselves "Apple" who uses a similar practice of depreciation so you can keep buying their "disposable" items.

If somebody has an alternative please let me know.


Yet another website that charges you for FREE information. This information is public record and I have already found it without using Paying cannot possibly reveal any additional information.


Going Down Hill is great for gas mileage but it is not great for any thing else. Spokeo was a somewhat decent website with a decent philosophy: That is until they redesigned their website! Now they are offering a $ 5.00 USD monthly membership to use it?! Wait a minute. I try to click the link and for some reason they are offering a $ 0.95 USD including a 7 Day Free Trial and if I don't cancel it, I will be billed $ 20.00 USD per month?! WHAT?! SoooOooOOooo WHICH ONE IS IT?! Can you not make up your minds?! It sounds very much like a scam!! They aren't even making any attempt to hide their scam!!


NOTHING on it works! I have had CONSTANT problems just SIGNING UP! Whoever designed the website must be fired.

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