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Verified purchase

These people are very annoying. I sign in account at CAR ID it says the orders is PROCESSED. They instead of the shipping the items, I have this email that seems to be from CARID (verify@ carid) with subject ORDER ON HOLD. It says that information is not match with issuer so I need to reply directly to this email (!) with the order balance a temporary small transaction. This is very alarming. Is this an attempt to hijack my card?! I have not experienced this with any web site. I expected this ORDER ON HOLD to appear on my account. It is not. I replied any ways, with the correct amount they requested, and warning them to solve the problem that they caused. The only difference is I have more than one email address, but this should not require an ORDER ON HOLD. And it is very bad to have the email sent to me yet no ORDER ON HOLD appears on my account when I sign in to CAR ID... It is actually said PROCESSED before I even opened the email message, so I do not know what happened but experience with them so far is terrible..

Products used:

Carid C. – CARiD Rep

Dear Taylor,

We are sorry to know about the frustrating experience with our company and we apologize for the delay in getting return documents.

This is not how we usually work and we would appreciate an opportunity to look deeper into the issue and facilitate the return process for you. CARiD team is doing its best in order to provide each and every client with a top-notch customer service during these challenging times for our country and the whole world.

Please, email me directly at chester.ha@carid.com with your order details and I will assist you further as well as offer compensation for the inconveniences caused.

Looking forward to your response!

Consumer Relations Department at CARiD.com.


This is a stupid "Complete The Offers!" web site. I do not trust it. Also, this is spammed all over Reddit.


This web site is about one of the several properties owned by the same people with different companies trying to make lots of money off of facilities located in failed neighbourhoods. Several Trailer Parks and other Complexes are supposed to be "cottages", "resorts", "suites", and "villas". In this case, Soap Lake Natural Health Spa And Resort is supposed to be a 5 Star Hotel and priced as such. How ever, it is barely a 2 Star Hotel. While it has many unique features such as Log Cabins, so do other places. Also, if you pay for a 5 star hotel with a 5 star hotel price, it is unacceptable to have a below 1 star accommodations such as breakfasts and house keeping. And also when I was in line there were the other customers upset that their reservation was "misplaced" and were told that there are not any more vacancies at that time. But "Do Not Worry! We Know Some Place Else To Stay!" owned by the same people, but getting less and paying even more. Soap Lake... more like Sulphur Lake, is yet another failed location for these people to own numerous Substandard Lodging yet advertise it as 5 Star facilities.


This web site is owned by people with several companies for each rental property. These rental properties have every size of units ranging from spas to slums. It is not safe and also customer service does not exist.


And now to review the sloppiest of Doctor Umar Johnson And Friends. Doctor Umar Johnson owns this web site also, and the Moyer Academy in Wilmington Deleware. This website is about the renovation and restoration of Moyer Academy. Property Tax says that the owner name is "Douglass Frederick And Garvey" and also "R. B. G. International Leaders". The property tax records show 0 on every thing. They have no tax records on that web site. No indication if the bills are paid, or if any bills were even charged. This makes me wonder if this is a tax exempt school so I searched at the Tax web site. Search just "Douglass" in Wilmington results in: "Frederick Douglass Marcus Garvey Leadership Academy" on the Publication 78 Data List as a Public Charity 50% Regular Limit, 60% Cash Limit. Doctor Umar Johnson said he did it, and he kept his word. But there are so many trolls that say that the property is being auctioned be cause of unpaid taxes. I searched and got a positive result for preforclosure. I am unable to confirm this information as there are no other tax records. I really doubt that Doctor Umar Johnson will let the school go away. But he is frequently behind on his upgrades. He is too busy with his other work. The only thing I disagree with is when he said they need new H. V. A. C. systems. Yet they look new. Some other information to the people who comment about the big rock: That rock was previously painted with "MOYER" on it. Now that the school campus is being transferred in to the different school, they painted the rock again. They have not replaced the Moyer signs on the buildings. I still support Doctor Umar Johnson based on his other work as a travelling lecturer, home schools, and family advocates. This school will open eventually. If I donated directly to the school, it will be more than most people like to donate. If this school fails, it will not be entirely the fault of Doctor Umar Johnson. It will be the fault of the numerous people that attempt to prevent him from opening the school. On the contrary, there are many people that dump garbage on the property ( This is not a sanitation facility.) simply be cause they hate his lectures. These same people also hate the lectures from Judge Joe Brown. If the nay sayers want the school to open "or else", then stop dumping on it, and instead get together and clean it. One or two men by them selves can not open the school in time.

Tip for consumers:
It is about a School.

Products used:


Jerry Martin is well known for his music on The Sims. But during the production of The Sims 2 onward, and Sim City 2013, the music turned to rubbish. Jerry Martin no longer made the music that added to the fun of The Sims.

The Sims is still around, which I am not interested in its current version and most likely not any new versions either. I am also not interested in Sim City 2013 for the reason that the music drastically changed for the worse. (and had done so since The Sims 2)... and Sim City 2013, an Internet Based version of Sim City (and with very bad music) is not active any more.

The Sims would continue to be interesting if Jerry Martin and others like him kept makeing music. While he is not doing that much now, he has a web site.

To hear all the music during the games, you will need to go to the audio. Ini and delete the space between the semi coluns and then save the file. There are versions of the game with that problem. After making that correction, you can play and listen to Sim City 3000 Unlimited. And also: Sim City 4 and Sim City 4 Rush Hour, Various Sims (but not The Sims 2 and after), and Sim Copter... and as for Sim City 2000 some of the songs such as Serious Sims sounds like Jerry Martin... but it does not seem to be from Jerry Martin.

I wrote another review about the musicians on Star Trek, such as Sol Kaplan, George Duning, Gerald Fried, the first six movies particularly Leonard Rosenman, George Romanis, Ron Jones, Don Davis, John Debney, Richard Bellis, Gregory Smith, and Paul Baillargeon. Other musicians are Dennis McCarthy and Jay Chattaway... And perhaps Star Trek: Armada One by Danny Pelfry and Danny Baker. More of this music must be added to Star Trek Online also... and musicians that are not from Star Trek, with a few are on Space Age Pop, many from that time period... such as: Paul Horn, Henry Mancini, Edward Bilous, Jeff Alexander, Don Barto, Patrick Williams, Jack Elliott, Allyn Ferguson, Eugene Poddany, Walter Greene, Bill Lava, Doug Goodwin, Rob Walsh, Don McGinnis, Joe Siracusa, Carlos Brandt, Dean Elliott, Elliott Lawrence, Ed Bogas, Hoyt Curtain, Bob Sakuma, Masahito Maruyama, Yuji Ohno, Maury Laws, Bernard Hoffer, Pinocchio In Outer Space, Halloween Is Grinch Night, Judge Mathis, Soul Train, and numerous Game Show musicians. Also perhaps some of the King Of The Hill musicians such as John Frizzell and John O'Connor. And also Lance Rubin and Roger Neill.

All of these musicians could work on Star Trek. All of these musicians could work on The Sims. They have a very high quality of music.

And I hate when the musicians that are still active such as John Debney, Gregory Smith, and Jerry Martin are not making as much music any more be cause producers do not like and are very unreasonable producers.

If you have played The Sims from around the early 2000s, and if you watched select episodes of Star Trek... you will understand that these musicians such as Jerry Martin must make more music no matter what. At least compose the music and go from there.

Tip for consumers:
get him to make more music.

Products used:


Gregory Smith is a musician in the same league of these other musicians also:

Sol Kaplan, George Duning, Gerald Fried, George Romanis, Ron Jones, Don Davis, John Debney, Richard Bellis, and Paul Baillargeon. Other musicians are Dennis McCarthy and Jay Chattaway... And perhaps Star Trek: Armada One by Danny Pelfry and Danny Baker. More of this music must be added to Star Trek Online also.

Many of these musicians are on Star Trek in the few episodes and video games that they got to compose any thing... and musicians that are not from Star Trek, with a few are on Space Age Pop, many from that time period... such as: Paul Horn, Henry Mancini, Edward Bilous, Jeff Alexander, Don Barto, Patrick Williams, Jack Elliott, Allyn Ferguson, Eugene Poddany, Walter Greene, Bill Lava, Doug Goodwin, Rob Walsh, Don McGinnis, Joe Siracusa, Carlos Brandt, Dean Elliott, Elliott Lawrence, Ed Bogas, Hoyt Curtain, Bob Sakuma, Masahito Maruyama, Yuji Ohno, Maury Laws, Bernard Hoffer, Jerry Martin, Pinocchio In Outer Space, Halloween Is Grinch Night, Judge Mathis, Soul Train, and numerous Game Show musicians. Also perhaps some of the King Of The Hill musicians such as John Frizzell and John O'Connor. And also Lance Rubin and Roger Neill.

I became familiar with Gregory Smith since I watched Star Trek, In Living Colour since 1964. Star Trek has been about at least occasionally mystical music for example from George Duning. The first six movies also, with Leonard Rosenman particularly is another of many examples. And then for The Next Generation they hired a secondary musician Ron Jones. Rick Berman hated the music and eventually fired him and killed the sound track for Star Trek and others. The spiritual successor of Ron Jones is Paul Baillargeon, who worked for Rick Berman on The Big Blue Marble. This is the only reason why Rick Berman ever hired Paul, as well as Don Davis, John Debney, and Gregory Smith. Other musicians are Sol Kaplan and Richard Bellis and George Romanis.

Rick Berman is very tone deaf; he seems to prefer the music of David Bell, and Velton Ray Bunch. The regular musicians Dennis McCarthy and Jay Chattaway can compose music of various qualities, but seem to prefer to make different melodies, instead of being forced to use Wall Paper.

Paul Baillargeon was probably hired to make six episodes per year, three for Deep Space Nine, and three for Voyager. But Paul Baillargeon only made at most 5 episodes each year... and that is how Gregory Smith made three episodes for Deep Space Nine, one each year. These episodes sound the same as Paul Baillargeon.

I do not know why Greogry Smith stopped after those three episodes; Perhaps after 1999, there was only one programme made instead of two. When they make multiple long 26+ episode each programmes again (after a 20 year gap?!) It is going to exhaust Jeff Russo and Michael Giacchino. And it is unacceptable to have them recycle the same few tracks.

I was hoping that Enterprise lasted for 7 seasons, and if they focused on Space Battles instead of Trip and Porthos, it would have. And then I would be able to enjoy even more episodes of Paul Baillargeon.

Even if Paul Baillargeon will not come out of retirement, John Debney and Gregory Smith are still active. Gregory Smith even has a web site.

They are making this programme Strange New Worlds which is finally about Captain Pike. I hope they are able to use the grey walls and dark blue stained glass ceilings that made the 1964 film so futuristic. Hopefully they can recreate the magic that the original actors did... Every time (even in Fan Recreations such as Phase II New Voyages and Continues) the next actor to be Kirk ends up much more like Archer instead. Perhaps they will also remember that they had mystical music such as from George Duning and also from The Paradise Syndrome by Gerald Fried.

Ron Jones would frequently recreate this type of music.

And also Paul Bailargeon.

An example of the mystical, perhaps somber at times, music by Paul Baillargeon is from episode Blink Of An Eye. Another good example is Chosen Realm.

To hear samples of Gregory Smith's music, it is very easy since there are only three Star Trek episodes. That is The Assignment, with the very talented and under used actors Colm Meaney and Rosalind Chao. One of the scenes in the middle of the episode Keiko (Chao's character) jumps off the ledge. Now some episode about a Bajoran named Yassim and her "Evil Must Be Opposed." protest before jumping is from a David Bell episode. The music played during that scene is 110+% inappropriate noise. But in The Assignment, the music is completely different... actually good.

The next episode is Honor Among Thieves. He has a special assignment again, to discover who is stealing weapons. He befriends the espionage person, and there is very grim, tense, and somber music playing. This music, just as in The Assignment, matches the style and quality of Paul Baillargeon.

The final Gregory Smith episode (that I for the longest time mistaken it for a Paul Baillargeon episode) is Field Of Fire. This is when Ezri Dax investigates impossible crimes on the Space Station.

I do not know why these musicians have not returned to Star Trek, but Gregory Smith has a web site. He might be convinced to return the moment that the Star Trek producers are able to hire numerous musicians and give them their own episodes.

Tip for consumers:
get him to make more music.

Products used:


While I do not think that Donald J. Trump being president is the worse thing ever happened, I am very concerned about his web site: This web site donaldtrump.com is also donaldjtrump.com... I have signed up for a news letter or some thing where he campaigns and wants campaign contributions. That has occurred during the years since like 2016 when he campaigned for President.

This year, one of my email address... the email address I signed up... now has the various Spam messages in the Spam Folder and not long after, they started to appear in regular Inbox also. I have Filter Folders set up so nothing should appear just in the Inbox. But since they go to Inbox and not Spam, that is very disturbing.

Some of these emails are from 126.com...

These silly Spam emails are have the at the end the two links about "Unsubscribe" and also they have the contact information such as an address. Not every junk email has the same address.

But every Subject at the end has the two letters next to each other (usually two lower case consonants for example)...

These types of emails and the addresses listed point to:

The People's Republic Of China.

It makes two companies look very suspicious:

Ali Express


Donald J. Trump.

I have had the Ali Express account since around 2016 also. But I really doubt it is Ali Express. I have had no problems from them.

How ever,

As closer we get to the election,

These junk emails increase.

Donald J. Trump is well known for his disgust for The People's Republic Of China. It does not surprise me if Donald J. Trump is sending these emails so he can find more reasons to blame The People's Republic Of China. What I understand is that 126.com is some type of temporary email address provider that would not be that difficult for any body to hijack for their own agendas.

If that is true, I caution every body before signing up to Donald J. Trump's emails. It is also possible that your email addresses will be as badly flooded as one of mine is and getting worse as close as we get to the elections.

Tip for consumers:
Do not sign up for emails. I suspect him to be involved in spam.

Products used:
I decided not to at this time.


This website contains false advertisements for a trailer park outside of city limits. There is also numerous charity schemes, one listed on the web site is for a man, a step father, that used to live at the trailer park, but moved and was evicted one place after the other until finally going to jail convicted about child abuse. How ever, the same charity scheme still to this day promotes him as a hero for "saving" his step son from the fire; donations can still be sent to him in his step father's name, to the trailer park's office address. And there are pages about Carpet Festivals. Perhaps they are similar to Tupperware Parties?! The website says it is a resort; It is not; It is a trailer park. There is absolutely nothing legitimate to advertise it as a resort. The web site would be better if it had links to send payments. If it did, it would most likely say "Donate".

Tip for consumers:
The Web Site Is Deceptive.

Products used:


This is owned by Doctor Umar A. Johnson, PSY. D. N. C. S. P.M. ED. And has worked for decades as an educator, administrator, and psychologist. He is an author. He also owns N. I. B. P. A. Which assists parents in Home Schooling as well as fighting against aggressive foster systems. This web site also lists a school campus, but this is irrelevant until further notice. This man is a full time travelling lecturer and author and also a home school and family support advocate. These areas of his work are completely satisfactory, and is awarded the rating of 5 Stars. I would like to see the school campus open also, but there are reports that he turned away offers to rebuild the campus, and there most certainly is a bunch of NEGATIVE attention towards this instead of people reaching an agreement. He seems to be on his own with the campus restoration as a result, but is overwhelmed with his other work as a travelling lecturer and author and home school and family support advocate. His words and books are very important, and has worked together several times with Judge Joe Brown. Many people do not like Brown either, so most of this negative publicity surrounding them is because the audience is too angry to listen.


I give four stars, but for me to be a paid member, I must give 5 stars. There are a few reasons (or part of the same major reason) that I will not paid subscribe. The owner of this web site is supposed to be Marshall Daniels, a small time M. M. A. Fighter. He is quite short thus wants to be muscular. He says he is a jewelry designer. The rest of his line of work involves being a speaker, almost lecturer. He is indeed young, only 5 or 6 years experience. I have been familiar with him since, but have only watched his videos recently. I have found him to be very interesting and worth continuing to watch. He is frequently shirtless and has flexed in his live stream videos. He proudly grows his hair long. His catch phrase is basically: "Give Me My Credit!". My opinion might change after I have watched every video, but it will be a long time before I finish watching. Most of his talking points are important. There are only a few that I disagree with. His discussions about The People's Republic Of China is complete nonsense. He also tries to "Expose" other fellow Speakers And Lecturers, including one that has a very long career in education and psychology. There is no reason to not support the accused person. Marshall has not provided any reasons to not support the accused person; Marshall simply does not like that other guy. How ever, Marshall has allied with this "Seti" person. I know very little about Seti, but so far I have seen plenty. Seti babbles about various Hopelessness, and has "Beefed" with The Accused. They provide no proof about why; they simply do not like him. And so they continue to say that the guy is a scammer. Marshall tried to Expose The Accused in a video. It was one long empty video where Marshall points and laughs and bullies. I can support The Accused person as well as continue to watch Marshall. Too bad that Marshall does not see it that way or he would gladly work with him. And before any body else Accuses that other guy about taking money and perhaps intentionally not opening a school... Marshall him self is accused of doing some thing very similar. Many people say that Marshall started a fund raiser for a day care center but the money disappeared. Marshall is also suspected profit off of a deceased person and her bereaved family, going as far as using her name at times. Also, this is not a University. He has a personal library, and makes slide shows. After that, he charges money for many of his videos, a monthly subscription, in his own words: "costs less than a pack of draws". I give this web site 4 stars, but not 5. It is important that if you want to join his site, do it carefully. This guy has skeletons in his closet... and perhaps tomb stones in his ware house... and perhaps mummies in his pyramids. I might join his site eventually, but certainly no reason for me to hurry.


Amazon is not very nice to begin with. But I decided to sign up... (and I do not know how to delete my account)... And their web site is so bad, that if it detects an error in the sign up form (DETECTS... that does not mean there is an error.) It will have the Circle With The Diagonal Line when you try to click next. You have to start over the application and hope there is no issue with the form.

And then the next thing to do is apply for jobs... I applied for a job... After typing all the necessary information, It wants me to be a Costa Rica citizen. No where at all it ever said in the job listing that I must be Costa Rica until after I spent much time completing most of the application.

And now, I am banned from reapplying from that job (What if I since became a Costa Rica citizen?!) but the listing is not exclusive to Costa Rica. The job listing has different jobs from different countries, in the SAME listing, with RANDOM SELECTION of the job opening's country.

It is impossible to even search for a job listing at Amazon. You can not narrow down your options if they just put them together so that nobody gets hired.


They are one of those web sites that penalize you if you are inactive. Even worse, they take your money.


Pop ups are unacceptable. I do not tolerate harassment. You can not even read the article until they lock the page and shove a pop up (and also a very large pop up) in your face. I have had enough of even trying to click the X to close it. In the 1990s web sites had the pop ups every where but pop up blockers took care of it. Now apparently Pop Up Blocking is illegal with their spawn J QUERY.


I do not like getting annoying calls. Also I do not like getting annoying jquerys. Are they both on the same side?!


Yet another website that forces you to sign in for a "free" (privacy invasion) account. It nags with a pop up message saying it detected you are signed in to gmail. You can close it once. The next page you try to view it blurs out and has a jquery that forces you to log in or sign up. I will not waste my time with quora. I do not care if web sites claim to be losing money with ad blockers. That does not give them the right to force sign in and stealing the personal information.


I have only about one hour experience with this web site and decided to leave before waste any more time. They have sent the verification email message. Clicking it results in not a "Account Verfied!" message, but instead it makes you sign in. I entered the password correctly but they rejected it. I tried a password reset but they did not send it. And I tried to resend the email verification but there was an error. And eventually I was able to "reset" my password (I entered my existing password) and then I was sign in only to be interrogated. These questions are none of their business. I do not work to party. I work to work. I will not upload the profile picture... I suspect that they are going to ask for Driver's License next... Also, they want my address. I know when I am about to be scammed. I decided to leave the website. I imagine that they will either refuse payment to me or they have Pay Pal as a payment method.

This is not a job search engine. Shame on you, news site, for recommending this.


It was recommended to me and I did not find any bad reviews of it before I signed up. (Of course that does not mean they do not exist.) I signed up for a 1 year regular level but I was concerned when it said "Add a second payment method to get discount." This discount did not appear any where in the settings. I also did not get any email confirmation. I wanted to cancel it. ALSO, THERE IS NO WAY TO CANCEL IT! You can cancel the subscription but not delete the entire account. And when you cancel the subscription two things happen: 1. They will offer another discount (which was not applied also) 2. It is effective NEXT BILLING CYCLE which means I still have a year of use! So next thing is to try to get refund. THEY LIED. THEY SAID I AM VIOLATING SOME POLICY. They even got smart with me and highlighted a part of the Terms Of Service that I "violated". Either it has been longer than 14 days, or I need to have mastered less than 4 tracks. I ONLY MASTERED ONE. This Mastering Software is automated, not manually reviewed by Grammy Award Winners as it insinuates. I am much better off with sound editing software that I can download instead of log in. Even Audacity is a better option! I had to close my PayPal (Lol) and I asked the card issuer to give me a new card number. I can not trust Emastered. I will use some thing else for remastering audio.


This is a debt settlement company. I made payments to them for almost three years. At the end of it they said all my debts would be settled. But one was not settled. Calling them resulted in them wanting FULL payment of the entire debt includeing late fees. The entire balance. They wanted an additional year of payments! I told them I expected my settlement account to be closed promptly as originally scheduled. I told them I will pay the last debt directly. My account with National Settlement has been closed and money refunded. But I do not recommend any body use National Settlement.


One time I needed a better Internet provider. T Mobile technically has a Mi Fi Hot Spot for computers and they even have unlimited 2G Internet. This is some thing that no other cell phone company has. Of course if you can get permanent Internet for your home, do that instead. The problem with T Mobile is that they are a cell phone provider. They do not have support for Mi Fi Hot Spots. That's right. They do not support their own products! You can not set up the Mi Fi Hot Spot be cause of a text message compatibility problem. They will send a text message to it for verification purposes, but the device can not open text messages. Perhaps they recently solved that problem but it was a problem when I was a customer and even if they solved the problem I am done with T Mobile lol. And the signal is very weak. I do not think this is a type of throttling. I think that T Mobile can not get good reception ANY WHERE! I did not even begin to use the device; How can it be throttled?! T Mobile support takes too long. And they are just dumb. Returning the device to them is also difficult as a result. But they have a very solid billing & collections department. They certainly like to harass people for money, includeing outrageous fees for things that they never bought. I have received letters from a collection agency on behalf of T Mobile. This agency is known to be fraud. And these are some of the reasons why people should avoid T Mobile. Do not worry. I have Home Internet now and I am much more satisfied with them and not silly T Mobile.

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