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It was 2007 I just started my undergraduate program completing higher secondary school .This is the time I set my mentality to start my own career .From than I started looking for part-time job around my city. But trust me it was seriously tough to maintain or make balance between my par-time job and engineering program. And I was really worried. Meanwhile I have to know that one of my friend Work Online From Home. And He is earning pretty good amount to maintain his lovely hood along with his study expenses. But I was wondering whether working online is legit or scam! As a beginner I now can understand why I got into dilemma. After thinking lots of issue I one day directly asked him, Does legit online jobs are really present or not? IF yes, How can I do legit online jobs? And where can I find actual legit online jobs? And I can I get paid in my bank account? Listening to my question he just laughed at me and introduced me with a Micro Task providing online marketplace Called Microkers.
Today, I am going to review on Microkers a marketplace for legit online jobs .This is the online marketplace where I personally started my online career. As a beginner you guys also can start your online career with this marketplace where you can find legit online jobs. I already told this for the beginner only who want to start their online career or them who want to work online from home. As because Microworkers.com provides legit online jobs for the beginner who does not have any experience at all.
Let me introduce with Microkers a marketplace to find legit online jobs:
Before talking about Microkers let me make you understand what is micro jobs? In very simple words micro jobs are simple, easy, temporary or small task type work mostly offered online or in person with a very short dateline. The job types are mostly blog writing, social media posting, search evolution, transcription , email id creation, proof reading, book keeping, website testing, app testing, writing review etc. The payment varies from 1 cent to 50 USD or more.
I hope you are clear about micro work or micro task. Microkers is a legit online jobs marketplace where you can find such types of micro task.It is a service of Weblabcenter,Inc hosted at 2591 Dallas Parkway, Suite 300,Frisco,TX 75034,United States. Microkers is a legit online jobs marketplace connects buyers and worker around the world. The workers are mostly students, stay at homes moms or retired professionals.
How to open account in Microkers to get legit online jobs?
Opening account in Microkers to get legit online jobs is very easy and simple. One just need to have a valid email address and a phone number to validate your virtual identity. Along with you need to have a valid mailing or postal address to verify your physical address. And Bank Account details or virtual payment processor like paypal,skrill,or Payoneer.One need to open account in Microkers to get or provide legit online jobs .Once these information are in hand below steps to be followed:
1. Visit https://www.microworkers.com/ and click REGISTER button colored in blue.After clicking Register the url will be directed to SIGN UP Page.Where you will find a Sign Up Form.
2. In this form you need to provide full name which has to be as same as given in your Bank Account or Payment Processor.Else your earning may revert.
3. You also have to provide a valid and active email address and a mailing or postal address.As because after completing the form an email validation link or OTP code is send to your submitted email address. Sometimes we need to check inbox to find the validation link or OTP.And address has to me accurate as because a postal mail will be send during your first payment withdraw request to validate your physical identity.
4. You need to click the work terms and condition agreement button and submit.
5. After submission check your email to get the validation credential .Here you may need to verify your phone number by sending SMS at *******222 " Activate ".
6. After phone validation you can log in your account and you can see that numbers of task available in your account and you may think that you will be able do to the job,right? But actually not.You need to attend a 2 qualification test under Qualification Tab and Test Tab in https://www.microworkers.com/jobs.php . The Qualification assessment test will be on Microworker FAQ and Basic English Test under Test Tab.
Once you complete the test successfully you will be ready to participate to do the Task.

How to Pass Qualification Test on Microworkers.com is a legit online jobs marketplace?
To qualify or complete the Qualification Assessment Test your basic English skill or knowledge has to be OK .And rest question will be on FAQ section https://www.microworkers.com/faq.php .Here in FAQ section you find few general question and answer to have know how on the marketplace working process as I have already mentioned this is a legit online jobs marketplace.The questions and relevant answer are discussed below:
What do you mean by Microworkers?
Answer: This is a platform to connect workers and Emplowers globally with an intension to complete small task .
Who are Employers?
Anyone can be Employer who provides task and makes payment for that even a worker also be Employer too.
Can one person have more that one valid account?
Answer: Simply NO .! One person will have only one account that is why physical address is verified.
How Can I earn money doing legit online jobs here?
Answer: To complete a job click on the job under job section and read the job instruction very carefully. If you think that you are sure to complete the task go at the bottom of the page and accept the task. After completing the task you need to submit the proof as per instruction. After that buyer or employer will review the job with submitted proof.If the task is ok and accept by employer your account will be credited with success rate else negative rating will be implanted .Account success rate has to be min 75 % of completed job. Buyer will be given only 60 days to review and rate if any task is not rated more than 60 days, automatically worker account will be credited with positive rating.
Why in Microkers Any worker needs to maintain Success Rating to ensure legit online jobs?
To maintain the quality the quality work done success rating upto the mark. This rating is provided by the Employer while reviewing the proof submitted by the worker. The success rating has to be minimum 75%.This leads to get the maximum work priority in worker account. The success rating is calculated based on Satisfied vs Non-Satisfied plus Non-rated task provided by employer. In this case employer get 60 days to provide rating. If employer does not provide rating within 60 days, the task automatically rated satisfied.
As Microkers is a legit online jobs market place, why worker needs to maintain Reputation?
Often people get confuse between Reputation and Success Rating.In Microkers Success Rating is provided by buyer and Reputation depends on the number successful task completed in a particular category of task like facebook,youtube,blogging ctc.The reputation is represented by starts .After loged in your Microworks account click here https://www.microworkers.com/badges.php to view your Reputation. This is extremely important to get high rated or maximum valued task in your account .Which displayed in HG jobs section.
The number of starts earn by a worker represents that how good at or performing he is in that particular work category.In Hire Me campaign if any employer wants to select experience worker for a particular category ,the probability to get the chance for high rated worker.In my experience I have seen that in Hire Me campaign the value is pretty higher that the General job category.
How a worker can earn Reputation in Microworks?
To get Reputation one worker needs to complete at least 10 satisfied task to complete to earn one (01) star (1-5) in a particular category.For every category the process is same to earn a star .To gain one star minimum 10 task to be completed.
What will you understand if found no starts in you Microworks Reputation?
If you see zero stars or No star in your Microworks Accounts Reputation section, it means you have not submitted at least 2 task in a particular category or your success rate is equal to less than 50%.
What does Employer understands by seeing Stars on Microworks Reputation?
I already mentioned in my previous discursion that the number of stars in Reputation section of any workers Microworkers Account for a particular job category determines that for that specific job category that worker is more qualified. For Better understanding I am just showing an example:
If any worker holds 4 star in Facebook job category it means he has successfully completed 80% job related to Facebook. If he has zero (0) stars or no star it means he fail to complete minimum 50 % task related to Facebook so the chances get poor to hire directly by employer.
Your stars may be lose if the success rate get negative on the other hand the Reputation does not guarantee that you will be hired directly but it increased the probability.
How job are shown in our Microworks Account?
Jobs are shown in our account base on the campaign running in an Area or Zone. And based on ID hired directly by Employer .As because employer selects the campaign category to get the job done and hire worker.
As a result sometimes you may see that there less number of jobs available in your account sometimes more.
What to do if you are misrated for any job?
If you are misrated for any job you have completed correctly there is an opportunity to file a complain just clicking " Create a Complain" link. Microworker team will review the task and credit the due amount with proper success rate. I already told you Microworker is a legit online jobs marketplace and it approaches equally to all.
Another way Employer may ask to revise the job id that case by 48 hrs you got to revise the task. If by 48 hrs the particular task is not revised, simply this will be rated NOK or negative. But is you complete the job properly you can visit the "Submitted Tasks" section to view your completed job and the current status of your completed task. If you see green sign you will see these are rated positive and red cress are rated negative. Rest will show pending .For your completed job your account will be credited which you can see in your account at left corner of the site.

How to Withdraw Money from your Microworkrs Account?
Microworkers is a global platform. People around the world works here and earn money .To Withdraw Money from Microworks account there are mainly four payment gateway available.
1. Skrill=Min (usd 9 + 6.50 %)= USD 9.585
2. Dwolla=Min (usd 9 + 6.50 %)= USD 9.585 [Only for USA Residence ]
3. Paypal=Min (usd 9 +7.50 %)= USD 9.675
4. Local Bank Transfer Via Transpay =Min (usd 9 + 3 %+ usd 1)= usd10.27
5. Payoneer =Min (usd 20 + 5 %)= USD 21

In Microworkers to Withdraw Money PIN Verification mandatory .That is a PIN will be send to your physical mailing address to verify your Address.This is done only for the first time you Withdraw Money .Not all the time of Withdraw Money.This PIN Verification will is done if you select Skrill,Dwolla,and Paypal as your payment Method but there will no PIN Verification if the payment method is Payoneer or Local Bank Transfer Via Transpay. So if you want to avoid this PIN verification ,select Payoneer or Local Bank Transfer Via Transpay as your payment method.But if you use other method like Skrill,Dwolla and Paypal a pin will be send but if the address is not given correct and if the PIN not reached and you want a new PIN 2 us dwill charged for new PIN to send.
People who want to work in Microworkers above information will surely help you.This is a renowned platform to work and earn some extra money. Most important is that this is a legit online jobs marketplace.I highly recommend you all to work here as beginner.

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