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Stay at home father. Interested in computers and finding better/cheaper ways to accomplish things.

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Help people save money


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41 Reviews by David

I have not been a big fan of BOA and kept meaning to close my account. I have had a CC with them for the longest time and I can't remember why (some promotional thing I guess). They never did me any wrong, but I thought they were on the high side interest wise and a little too eager to attach late fees. Also, I always had a hell of a time getting logged into their website (had to have this id, that passcode, this site key).

After I paid it off I decided it wasn't doing me any harm. I also looked at the rates and fees and felt that my fears of being overcharged were exaggerated. A few months later BOA calls me up and tells me my World Points were about to expire and I needed to purchase something.

No way! I said I wanted to cash them out. No problem, she said, and sent me 2 $250 checks. That was cool.

Their CC also has Shop Safe feature. If you are shopping online and want to purchase something that requires a CC, you can sign into bankofamerica.com and click-on Shop Safe. Enter the spending limit you want to impose on your purchase and how many months you want the purchase to be valid for and then click: Generate Number.

BOA will generate a new CC number & Security Code (temporary) for you to use at that merchant. This number is tied to your real number, but is only good at that merchant, for that amount, and expires in X amount of months.

The Shop Safe feature and their secure website it why I gave it 3 stars.
The good thing about coupon clipping is that you can buy "Name Brand" products and save money at the same time. The difficult part is finding sources of GOOD coupons.

The internet has helped out with supplying coupons, but you still need more sources. The Sunday newspaper is a good place to start because they carry "SMARTSOURCE" and "PGBrandSaver" coupon books (inserts).

Unfortunately, only certain newspapers contain the PGBrandSaver coupons. And many big name products are made by Proctor and Gamble; therefore, unless you're in a big city, you may not have access to some of the really good coupons.

PGEverydaySolutions.com allows you to find out where to obtain the PGBrandSaver coupon book. It also allows you to obtain coupons for their latest products. You can also request a PGBrandSampler package that contains a couple trial size products catered to your needs.

The bad thing about the site is that you cannot subscribe to the PGBrandSaver coupon book and if you're not near a carrier of the coupon book, you are SOL. The brand sampler take 4 weeks to arrive and contains 2 or 3 small (tiny) samples. And the coupons you can select from the site must be mailed to you.

I am not sure you would like to give your personal information out for little in return; however, it might be worth it to some people.
I ordered a comforter set from Kinglinen.com. I was attracted to their site because it focused on what I was looking for... Linens. They also have pictures of everything and the site is organized well. They also have reviews of their products.

GOOD: Their prices are good (if you believe their Sales, the prices are even better). They include extras, like my bedding ensemble included 3 pillows, which I didn't expect. They shipped right away and they haven't spammed me to death. If they don't have something in stock, they tell you before you give them your CC. Some of their products have matching pieces for sale (i.e. When I selected my comforter set, it showed me matching curtains).

NOT SO GOOD: It is very hard to tell the quality of the merchandise. Their pictures do not reflect the colors you choose. For example, at kohls.com when looking at fabrics, you click on a color swatch and the entire picture reflects the change. Unfortunately, at kinglinen, you must rely upon the individual swatch's color depiction. They have few customer reviews on their products. They do not have a wide variety of linens and their quality is assumed to be the same (based on the price, everything costs about the same).

CONCLUSION: My 7 piece Queen bedding ensemble was $69.95 (total). The quality was what you would expect from Kmart/Walmart between $59 - $89 ( + Tax). I WOULD RECOMMEND KINGLINEN.COM FOR A GUEST ROOM or something that is used for show rather than purpose. They seem to be honest. If you want higher quality cheap linens, I would checkout overstock.com.
If you took Tran's advise and visited 419eater.com then you are probably already familiar with this website. You can DNS and IP Address query and it provides lots of details. IP Address queries will result in a satellite picture of the location of that address.

It is also useful for finding out all sorts of information about Emails you receive. Cut-n-Paste the header into their query box and you will find out more information that you probably expect.
This website sells access to their grocery list and coupon tracking software. This software is called Aisle-By-Aisle and is accessed through a browser over the internet. Access is granted for $4 a month, $7 a year, or $24 total for unlimited access.

You start by building the store you normally shop at. Their database contains lots of different chains (Walmart, Safeway, Kroger, etc.) and within those chains they have many stores already defined by address. If your store doesn't exist, copy one and modify it to match your store. You can drag and drop, rename, move, and create new grocery aisles. In the final step of store preparation, you map food categories to grocery store aisles (Dairy - Back Aisle, Product - Aisle 1, etc...).

Next, you can start building a grocery list. Select type of list (Short, Weekly, or create your own type). Select Products from the drop down and choose, create, or modify the Variety of the Product (Butter - Salted Generic Brand). You can enter the price (per store) and quantity of items you need to purchase.

Other features that I did not test were Coupon tracking and Store Sale information. Ideally, when everything is setup, you simply select the items to add to your list and print them out. You should get a printout of what to pick up at the store, aisle-by-aisle. The printout would also total the cost of your groceries (per-store) and show you how much you saved with coupons.

I spent a lot of time setting up my store. My store doesn't exist in the database, so I copied one. I went to my local grocery store with pencil and paper and diagrammed it. The process was time consuming because the drag-and-drop feature over the web did not work well at all. Once the store was setup, I found that the mapping of products to aisles had changed from the time I saved it to when I returned to the screen (many aisles repeated themselves many times).

Finally, it was time for my list. I found it easy enough to build the list and create my own Varieties. However, when I printed out my list, the changes I made to the Varieties did not show up. Furthermore, the printouts did not group ALL the items by Aisle. I mean, first Aisle 1 would print, then Aisle 2, then back to Aisle 1 for more items, then on to Aisle 3.

CONCLUSION: I found the software intuitive, but the problems with it out-weighed the benefits. I had no tech support info, user forums to go to, software update information, or anything that would give me promise. I did request and receive a prompt refund for my money though.

I did find a promo code that will allow anyone who wishes to try the software FREE of charge for a month. They don't require any financial information or personal information to try it either.

I encourage anyone interested to try it out for free by going to aislebyaisle.com and in the promo code box enter: SaveSteps1
This site sells brand hats, hoodies, and shirts. Brands like GM, Dexter, Ghost Hunters, Three Stooges to name a few. The web site could be designed better; however, I was impressed by the quality of the T Shirts.

They also have a wide selection of sizes available to most products. They notified me and delivered my merchandise promptly. I recommend this site to anyone interested in their products.
I purchased a mattress pad from these guys. They have pretty good prices. They have a pad, mat and cushion for practically every purpose. They have yoga, meditation, gymnastic, and ballet equipment.

Website is functional. Easy to navigate with pictures and descriptions. Easy to find what you need. Not overdone. They provided me with a tracking number and I received my pad in 5 days. I highly recommend this site.
No need to print coupons for grocery stores anymore. This website allows you to electronically clip coupons by registering your Grocery Loyalty Card with the website. Once you have done that, press the clip button and the coupon is added to your Loyalty Card and will be redeemed when you check-out.

No more printing, forgetting, tearing, cutting and fumbling for the coupons. Just in case that is what you prefer, you can also print coupons from shortcuts.com.
Another "Promo Code" website. Very easy to understand (unlike some of them). Just key-in Company Name and a pop-up will display code & terms (no "Click to Redeem" or questionable success rates).

They currently have 2190 stores. I can't stand checking-out of a website and leaving the "promo code" blank. Never again.
When I need jeans, shoes, or jackets I head to Kohls. Kohls is as "High-End" as it gets for me. They have good quality clothing and if you combine sales with coupons, you can get a pretty good price.

The problem for me is that I hate to shop. And Kohls, like most stores, is designed to disorientate you and make it hard for you to find what you want (remember the 70's when everything was where it was supposed to be?). Anyway, once you find what your looking for they don't have your size.

Kohls.com has proved to be a good website for me to shop at. Everything is easy to find, they have a better selection of items than in the store (they have "online exclusives") and they have the items in most sizes. They also have comments and ratings by shoppers on much of the merchandise.

One thing I don't like about the website (to be fair) is:

You can only cancel your order within an hour (or was it a half-hour) of placing an order. They don't tell you this on the website. They make you call and a recording tells you this. They did, however, tell me I could return the item at no charge or drop it off at the store. I drove by the local Kohls and dropped off my return and they only asked if the product was defective.

Their website allows you to enter up to 2 discount codes. You can usually get free shipping and other discount coupons by googling "kohls promo codes."
Band merchandise and memorabilia. I have ordered from this place several times and have found their products (shirts & hoodies) to be high quality. I can't attest to CS, never had to use it. They have always shipped and notified me promptly.
Minecraft.net is the website for the "Minecraft" video game. Minecraft is based in the UK and has been under development since early 2009. It has a FREE version that is somewhat outdated. And they are selling the beta version at a discount that will enable you to upgrade to the full release for free once it is complete.

A description of the game is at http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Minecraft_Wiki I don't really understand the game but my kids love it. It apparently has a very large following. After playing it for free for several months my kids decided they wanted the paid version. I purchased "Gift Codes" from the minecraft.net website and it went through flawlessly. They accept Paypal and Visa/Mastercard.
Mystery Science Theater 3000 lives on at mst3k.com. Although Comedy Central and the SCI-FI channels have ended programming several years ago, the episodes taped from those showings continue to be compiled into DVD Sets and released.

The website features show clips, early pictures of the cast and crew, fun facts and series memorabilia, such as: Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, Cards, Decals, Mouse Pads, and DVD Singles & Sets.

I recommend this site. I have purchased several items from them and they have always been of high quality. The shopping, ordering, shipping, delivery and communication experience has always been excellent.
Actually, I love this site. But, the website could be designed a little better. I bought several pairs of socks for my wife and I for Xmas. They have the "best" (I had to say that) sock manufacturers and their products listed. They have pictures, reviews, and size charts.

I wanted the "best" socks, but the website really didn't help me find them. I had to use google to find the "best" (which is confusing to do because it depends on really what you use them for) manufacturers and brands. Go to their sites and go back to amazingsocks.com to check the price and place my order.

I can save you the price checking step, because amazingsocks.com is at or below manufacturers price. If you have an idea what you want, this site is great. For a novice who doesn't know exactly what I needed, a little more direction from the website would boost it to a 4 star site.

I do recommend this site. The ordering, shipping, and communication between us was excellent. In addition to socks for everyone, they sell cold weather, camping, hiking and sporting gear/clothing.
This site was recommended by Clark Howard. It allows you to access your credit report FREE. You need to provide your SSN, which freaks me out. Once you it feeds your credit report info, it also downloads everything else immaginable (mortgage info: outstanding balance, APR, home value; credit card info).

This service is free because they try and sell you periodic status updates on your credit report, refer you to competing mortgages and credit card deals. They are not pushy though. For instance, I just checked and they say my mortgage rate is fine (not that I really needed them to tell me so).

I would give them 3 stars; however, the quality of their data (home values) is off. And that makes me question some of the other info they provide. I think this site would be useful for people who would just like to see their credit score and anyone wanting another opinion on whether they should refinance and switch credit cards. For that pupose, I can recommend the site. There are no scams involved.
I have an ASUS gaming laptop and the fan went bad. The repair shop advised me that all of their suppliers had the fan on back order, but this place had a used one at a considerable price savings.

Didn't really want to do it, but I didn't have a choice. They told me that I had to order it myself. I was skeptical, the place is in Singapore. I placed the order and it was at my door within a week. I could not tell that the fan was used.

This place has all sorts of computer parts and accessories. I can safely recommend them.
This website was my primary source for Christmas gifts this year. The products sold are memorabilia related to its gaming site called steampowered.com (reviewed on this site both favorably and negatively).

My kids are big fans of steampowered.com and so am I. Because they always have access to their games and I never have to worry about a corrupt file, scratched disc, or crashed computer again.

The site was in good communication with me as far as order status goes. It was ordered, confirmed and shipped quickly. It was shipped by FEDEX but delivered by USPS. One of the containers I received that containing posters was opened and empty.

I tried for a couple days to call and Email the company, but as I began to read complaints across the web, I realized I might be in trouble. I went back to the sites (you must cross reference store.valvesoftware.com with steampowered.com) to find out that you must create an account with steampowered.com to actually get customer support for store.valvesoftware.com.

Once I did this and Emailed for support, they were very responsive; now, they did want me to send them a picture of the package, but once I helped them realize how ridiculous that was they just sent me the replacement.

I can recommend this place because their products are well made and they are honest. However, they do charge top dollar for shipping and my packages get delivered by the USPS (which is the subject of a different review). And anyone ordering must know of the funking way to get CS. It is great when you get it, just a little confusing on how to contact them.
You have to love Clark Howard. His website is no different. Clark's the stingiest person in the world and he, FREE OF CHARGE, provides you with all the necessary information to become his equal.

Watching his television show and subsequently becoming addicted to his website, I have found a new passion for saving money. Clark also provides scam and ripoff alerts. I learned how to get my FREE credit reports when it seemed impossible to do so.

Just a few topics he provides advice for is home buying, refinancing, taxes, car purchases, cell phone plans, technology alternatives, etc... He provides helpful information, reputable links, and information on how to get more for less out of practically anything.

He also provides clips from his TV and Radio shows with information about helpful services he mentions in his broadcasts.

I hope this helps.
I ordered my son an IPOD ITouch when all my usual places where sold out. Onsale.com had the exact one for a competitive price w/free engraving. Exactly what I wanted.

I placed the order LATE Friday evening using express shipping (2-3 day). The item was engraved and shipped by Saturday morning. I received it Monday. INCREDIBLE.

My only complaint was that the engraving was wrong. They printed it half-right, but the rest was gibberish. My son was so happy that he didn't want me to get a replacement, so I cannot attest to the customer service at onsale.com. They do have remarkable turnaround time on orders and have good prices.
I am sick and tired of throwing valuable coupons away and paying full price for things I need from the grocery store. I seem to be behind in the never ending quest to keep my kitchen and laundry room stocked.

Couponing101.com teaches one how to acquire, organize, and use coupons effectively. It teaches you what stores honor which coupons. Also, how to download coupons to your "frequent shopper" card or where to go to electronically print coupons.

The website offers a couple things for sale; however, I have found it to be FREE and valuable information. They send me daily alerts as to what coupons or deals are hot that day. For anyone trying to save money on groceries, this site is worth checking out.

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