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I've purchased items from this store twice. First, I bought some 1000TC bed sheets and liked them so much I bought a 1000TC Duvet. I never needed to contact them for Customer Service, so I cannot attest to that. But the ordering process and shipping has always been a breeze.

As for quality? They are they best that I have personally found. I've been on sort of a quest to find the best linens at the best price. I've purchased from many different vendors and this is the first time I've gone back to one.

I purchased from the Promenade collection. If you are a fan of cotton you will love these. They feel substantial, but not heavy. You would think at 1000TC they would feel like bricks, but they don't. They have a feeling of being crisp. In the Winter they feel warm, yet in the warmer months they feel cool. They look like they have a sheen to them and after a year of use it still remains, but they don't have that nasty feeling I associate with shiny fabrics.

They sent me some complimentary towels and wash cloths once. They are very nice as well. I'm not sure what collection or weight they were, but they are very soft and thick.

One day I hope to be able to afford the 1500TC sheets. Until then, maybe someone can tell me what they are like.

I recommend this place for cotton bed coverings. I recommend a serious look-see be given with regards to their bath linens.


I love this place because I was faced with a broken dishwasher and not a clue what to do about it. Finally, after weeks of handwashing the dishes, I got on the net and looked to see how much replacement parts would cost.

They have a database of major appliances that is searchable by part or model number. I keyed in my model number and clicked on one of several diagrams of my dishwasher. I knew what parts I needed, but I didn't know how they fit together. The diagram was helpful for this part too. The only thing I needed to do was click on the number of the corresponding part and proceed to checkout.

Shipping was fast and cheap. They actually charge you for postage instead of some made-up flat rate charge. I promptly received notification when the order was placed and shipped.

Next time you have an appliance on the fritz, give them a look-see. You never know what you can do. Okay, I got to go... My dryer isn't heating properly.


I have ordered from Dungarees.net several times. They carry clothing and a limited amount of accessories for the outdoors. Their clothing is almost exclusively Carhartt brand. Caqrhartt is a maker of high quality clothing for the outdoors and rugged use.

I have shopped around and the sizes (up to 4X XL) and prices for the clothing offered are hard to beat, if not impossible. I had the occasion to talk with Customer Service a couple times. Both times they were very helpful and professional.

Shipment and tracking has always been prompt. The offer free shipping on orders of $55 or more. Occasionally they will have a coupon code for a free gift for orders of a certain dollar amount; but if you can't find a code don't knock yourself out looking for one.


A friend of mine had an emergency and needed their apartment's carpet and sofa cleaned and deodorized. They asked me to help, so I called the local Stanley Steamer and had them go to the apartment and clean and deodorize it for them. I never used Stanley Steamer, so I used my friend as a guinea pig. My friend was so incredibly happy with the job that I decided I would give them a try.

My carpets are terrible. I have been out of commission for several months and have pets and kids that have all but destroyed the 5 year old carpet. I use a hoover steam cleaner and go over and over the carpet, but it still looks bad. I wanted to call the local Stanley Steamer, but I was really kind of hesitant to tell them the condition of the carpet and what I wanted.

I went to their website and it was really straight forward. You put your zip-code in and select from a pull down menu the rooms and/or furniture you want cleaned and the services you prefer. It totals it all up for you and allows you to schedule your own appointment by displaying a calendar with available dates and times. You don't need to pay anything until the work is complete. I simply scheduled the appointment and they called me to confirm a day or two later.

The website calculates the price for you on the spot. I didn't have a "Promo Code" and my searches on the internet proved futile. I thought the price was pretty good anyway, so I went ahead and scheduled the appointment. A couple days before Stanley Steamer came out, I received a coupon in the mail from one of those mailers like Valu-PAK. When Stanley Steamer came to my house, I gave them the coupon and they honored it with no questions asked.

They did a fantastic job. They move furniture for you; they just ask that you remove nick-knacks and lamps. They also elevate your furniture on little Styrofoam thingys to protect the furniture while the carpet drys. They were able to get everything up but two small spots. They tried hard, but they just wouldn't come up. They were able to drastically minimize the spots until they were "hardly visible." I didn't expect them to get-up half of what they did.

A two member team came out the my house. I gave them a tour of the places I wanted them to clean. I was afraid they would try and push more services or try and get me to do other areas of the house, but they didn't. A matter of fact, I asked them about additional services. They automatically paid special attention to the tough spots. It wasn't like they just ran their machine over it, they worked to get it clean. When they were done they recommended some cleaner. I said "No Thanks" and they said "okay." That was it.

I highly recommend Stanley Steamer. Their website will give you a quote and offer to schedule an appointment. You might want to use the website to get a quote and find your local Stanley Steamer; then you could call the local Stanley Steamer and try and get a better price. I think the web price is pretty good, but I have it on good authority that you can get a better price if you call your local Stanley Steamer.


I feel that there are two types of people in this world. Those who shop
At Lowe's and those that shop at Home Depot. Well, I am one of those
Lowe's people. I am not exclusive to Lowe's, I just take a liking to their
Inventory, store layout and customer service.

At the beginning of summer it became obvious that my gas grill needed
Replacing. I checked the local hardware store to make sure I support the
Community, but they had nothing (and my old one was purchased there
And didn't last).

So online I went. I first checked Home Depot. I usually do, dunno why.
I wasn't happy with it so I checked out Lowe's. Didn't take long to identify
The perfect grill for me. Their website had plenty of reviews so I knew exactly
What to expect from the grill I was to order.

I was able to purchase it online and pick it up the next day at the nearest
Lowe's. Lowe's also offered free assembly. If anybody has tried assembling
A gas grill you know what a benefit this it. They emailed me with instructions
To pick up the grill. All I needed to do was bring ID and a copy of the invoice.

When I got to Lowe's, the CSR at the desk by the door forwarded me to the
The CS counter, which was busy. I was there for only a minute or two but
Knew that I was in for a long wait. The manager behind the counter saw my
Printout and directed me to a Checkout lane and opened it. She radioed my
Order number to the back and they wheeled it out to my truck and put it in
For me. Wow, that was nice. The grill was unassembled, but they offered to
Assemble it for me. I said "no" because I knew from the reviews that this
Particular model was easy to put together.

OVERALL IMPRESSIONS: I know from dealing with Lowe's in the past that
They really do stand behind the stuff they sell. I have returned many things
With them without any hassle at all. I believe their Customer Service is

A couple things I noticed about the website could be better. Assembly of
The grill was supposed to be a bonus or promotion, but there was no way
To tell Lowe's (electronically) to assemble it. I didn't know until I got there
Whether the grill was assembled or not. It was not and I would have had
To wait if I wanted it to be assembled. Common Sense would have told
Me that I should have called first. But, as I said earlier, I really didn't care.

Another thing that bothered me is when I was shopping for a lawnmower.
I found the one I wanted but the website said the lawnmower was in "Limited
Availability." This status prohibited me from buying it or ordering it. There was
No way to tell if it was in stock or what. I ended-up buying a different mower
From a different website.

A simple phone call could have resolved my petty problems with Lowe's.
Overall, I believe they have good prices, excellent service and quality
Merchandise. I highly recommend Lowe's for your home improvement


DuckDuckGo has been reviewed a couple times already, but I feel it is worth mentioning again.

I never though I would see the day that I would leave Google Search Engine. I really never had a reason to until I read a review of how great it was. So I tried it out. Two things struck me.

1. I only received 1 page of search results.
2. The results I wanted were on the first line of the results.

I ran a number of comparison queries and noticed that, although Google always returned more results, DuckDuckGo always provided more relevant results. The reason behind this, according to DuckDuckGo's website is that Google uses some sort of "bubble" querying technique or algorithm that builds results based on your querying and clicking history. DuckDuckGo also bans ads and spam sites. DuckDuckGo does not log or track your querying. With DuckDuckGo you have a lot of control over how your queries are displayed. And you can also elect to have them sent via SSL.

I use Google for looking up spelling & definitions. It is usually a couple click process. With DuckDuckGo, the results contain the definitions. I like to use Google because it has a suggestion feature ("Google Suggest"). One of the settings for DuckDuckGo is where it asks you if you want to use Google Suggest. So that reason is no longer valid.

DuckDuckGo has an extension or plugin for IE, FireFox, Opera, Safari and Chrome. So, I keep my homepage set to Google, but my search box is set to DuckDuckGo. When I search DuckDuckGo and the result list is short, it displays a link to both Bing and Google that can be clicked to rerun the query using those search engines.

One last thing about DuckDuckGo that interests me is that it incorporates a! Bang syntax. It recognizes hundreds of keywords or abbreviations that, when prefaced by the "!" (bang) symbol, provide query results specific to the website referenced. For example: "! Video" or "! Yt" will give you results from youtube.com. Hmm, how does this help? I am working on that. But some network tools are available, such as Domaintools.com utilities like whois, traceroute and dnslookup. This syntax saves many clicks and new browser tabs. And to check which hp laptops Walmart, Target and NewEgg have, just type in "! Target hp laptop" or "! Walmart hp laptop" or "! Newegg hp laptop."


Will DuckDuckGo replace Google? No. It does have its place though. Over the past 2 weeks of using DuckDuckGo, I run about 85% of my queries through DuckDuckGo first. The main reason people flock to DuckDuckGo is for privacy. But I enjoy the control over my results interface, the relevance of the results and the fact that the results display the information I need without having to click on the link provided. This is called their Redbox feature. Enable it and DuckDuckGo provides the spelling and definition of your query term, along with a couple more links it thinks you are interested in contained in a expanded red box at the top of the result page.

If you try DuckDuckGo, just remember that "Google Suggest" only works when you have the Search Bar configured. You will not get Google Suggest by going to DuckDuckGo.com and using their search page.

I highly recommend trying this search engine.


Tired of running out of spices at the last minute and not really satisfied
With the quality of spices (not to mention the rising prices), I decided to
Search online to resupply my spice collection.

The popular sites I found reading blogs and cooking forums were either
Too expensive or very specialized in the spices they offered. And some
Of those sites were not friendly to use. Good ole Google pointed me to
Spicebarn. Rarely do I take a chance on an unknown, but I was at my
Wits end.

I found their site easy to navigate. Nothing fancy about it. They have
Good descriptions of the spices. Although, they could provide more
Detail. For instance, they really don't describe what the different Mesh
Numbers mean. They also don't provide a search engine, so it could
Take a few clicks to find what you need. Some spice sites categorize
Black Pepper under "B." Whereas Spicebarn lists it in the "P" section.
No big deal, but it your searching for multiple items, it takes a few
Minutes longer than it should to find some items. But when you find
Them, they usually have pictures with uses and descriptions.

What concerned me most was the quality. I don't hear too much about
The "quality" of spices. But, I could not understand why I pay 50 cents
For Off Brand Garlic Powder and Brand costs like $3.50. When I chose
Spicebarn, I was taking a gamble that the quality would be equal or
Better than what I was used to getting.

I was elated to find the quality of Spicebarns spices are excellent. You
Can tell just by the color of them that they are better than what you
Find in the grocery store. And when you open the lid, the aroma they
Give off attests to their quality. Using the old Garlic Powder, I would
Shovel the powder into my recipes. Since I have been using my Spicebarn
Spices, I have ruined two meals because I used too much Garlic. I was
Using my old method of calculating spices. Now I can just follow directions
Or even tone it down a little.

The prices are good. You are not going to get "great" deals. You will find
Their prices are equal to or better than most sites. It's difficult to compare
Spice prices because you are comparing unknown qualities and some size
And origin differences.

It took 3 days to arrive. Not bad, considering I ordered in the evening. They
Did charge me for shipping, but it was a normal charge ( $12.50 for 9lbs).

They don't carry a lot of exotic or specialty spices. They do provide some
Options for your basic spices like: Cayenne Pepper is available in 6 levels
Of heat. And Black Pepper is available in 6 different sizes.

I highly recommend this place for spices. It's a pretty good deal once you
Start getting into the Quart and above sizes. I think you will notice a
Difference in the quality too.


Who buys lawn mowers on the internet? Well, me.

I was checking prices on models I researched using pricegrabber.com and google shopping and found pretty decent prices and excellent selection of mowers at mowersdirect.com. The best part is that they ship free.

Their website is easy to navigate. They have guides to help you determine what mower is right for your needs. They have a comparison feature that allows you to compare models side by side. Many of their mowers have reviews, but it would be nice if they had more.

I had already done most of my mower research by the time I found mowersdirect.com. I just needed to narrow down the exact model. I could not find anything comparable (with $200) and Lowes and Home Depot. So I jumped on the chance to test out this website.

I placed the order on Wednesday evening and it was delivered the following Tuesday. They placed a call on Monday to make sure I would be available to sign for it.

The accept Google Checkout and Paypal. Ordering was a breeze. They took 2 hours to process my order and it was shipped the following day. You are notified prior to ordering if something is out of stock.

I recommend this website for the purchasing of Lawn Mowers. They have many parts for lawn mowers. These parts are NOT shipped free. In fact, when I placed the order for my mower, the mower was free shipping. I wanted to add an extra blade, but they were going to charge me for it so I said, "no way."


I was trying to find out what goods my Car Insurance company had on me because I want to compare insurance rates and don't know my history. I came across this website that maintains Insurance Reports, Employment Records, and Residential History reports (well, I mean they store the data and generate reports).

Their site states: "LexisNexis Risk Solutions, in compliance with the FACT Act, provides you with one FREE report during each 12 month period."

So, I signed-up and they generated a 7 year Car Insurance history report for me for free. Now, this report doesn't contain DMV records (Speeding, Points, etc...). The other reports require you to call, but they are FREE.

They also provide:

Personal Reports

* Pre-Employment Self-Check
* Insurance and Credit Score Reports
* Vital Records (birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates)

Reports on Others

* Family Security Background Check
* HealthCare Credentials Check
* Home Seller's Disclosure Report
* Lawsuits, Liens and Judgments Business Check
* Renter Background Check

I recommend everyone try the FREE Reports. I haven't tried the PAID report services, but they seem to be a reputable business.


I saw a puff-piece about quibids on some morning show. Just trolling around, I went to the site and thought it was the greatest thing since sliced-bread. Imagine, thousands of people worldwide, plopped down at the same time trying to win something neat for a penny.

I don't like to gamble. Nothing against it, just don't find it appealing at all. But this Penny Auction thing seemed somehow different. I didn't research penny auctions, I just dove right in a learned as I went along.

Started with an introductory bid pack (60, I think). First, you are considered a beginner and are forced to bid in auctions with other newbies for low-value items (gift cards and bid packs). It is pretty easy to win, then you graduate to the big time. The world of IPADs and IPODs. Some Penny Auction sites highlight designer fashion accessories but quibids mainly lures you with electronics.

In with the big boys now, I still kept my bidding to modest items. I found it harder and harder to win. I did manage to accumulate 3 wins on the first day and was banned for 24 hours (this is to give others the opportunity to win, they say).

I took my time in purgatory to read through the sites policies, practices, and strategy guide. Man was I hooked. I had won more than what I spent and was banned for winning too much. All I did win, however, was a couple Walmart gift cards, a Staples gift card and some bid packs.

I came back (after my suspension for being too good) with a new sense of purpose: To win IPADs, IPHONES and other high-priced electronic stuff for which I have no use. I tried autobidder, single bids and combination of both. I spent at least 5 hours bidding, waiting, and analyzing other peoples bidding habits on one stupid IPOD.

When the bidding was over and the smoke cleared, I had lost $150 and felt as if I had been beaten with a club. Defiled. Wounded. Stupid. Then, I put my pants back on and Googled "quibids scam" and found SJ and never went back.


- Within 10 days I received my gift cards. I believe that you will receive what you win.
- Their website is well organized and responsive. Timers seem to work well.


- The later it gets in the evening (or early morning hours) the fewer items of significant value are auctioned.
- Bidding practices I observed don't make sense and make me wonder if, at times, Quibids uses Bots.
- I notice that some auctions disappear. I have heard of this phenomena at QuiBids and other auction sites as well.


I believe that, at times, Quibids uses Bots. And for that reason, I believe it is a Scam. QuiBids allows the interaction of Bidfellow software (bidfellow.com). Bidfellow is a 3rd party software program that gives someone the ability to create their own Bot (autobot) giving them a distinct advantage in the bidding process.

But if you are a Penny Auction fan, QuiBids is probably one of the most reputable sites. Having read reviews of many penny auction sites here, pennyauctionwatch.com and bestpennyauctionwebsites.com I have concluded the QuiBids is better than most.


I recommend it for anyone who is going to play penny auctions (dead set on it). You are safer here than at a lot of other sites.

I don't recommend penny auction sites in general, though. There is too much fraud and not enough over-site.


I have always done my taxes by hand. At first with pencil, then pen. Then came the computer. Tax software was easy for me to justify spending money on. Perhaps a hidden deduction could be found to justify the expense.

I used Turbo Tax. It didn't find me that elusive deduction, but I enjoyed using it. It asked me an endless amount of questions and I think it even took longer than to do them by hand. I was nice having a soft copy and everything well organized. I was hooked.

This year I decided to try TaxAct. TaxAct is much cheaper than its rival TurboTax. I found a site that reviewed Tax software and ranked TaxAct a close second to Turbo Tax.

Using my Staples gift card that I won from QuiBids (TMI, I know), I bought TaxAct Deluxe Federal and State. Now, the store had a more expensive version. I thought it was "Premium" but looking at their website, I see they offer FREE, Deluxe, and Small Business.

This was my first problem with the software. Should I spend the extra $10 or not. Or not, according to the box. So, I didn't.

Well the darn thing kept asking me if I wanted to upgrade. And every-time I clicked on more-info or help, I got the cheesy nag screen demanding more money for the information that should be included. To do my taxes, I had to search IRS website for the answers and enter the information into TaxAct.

I needed to search for a form, but couldn't find it. It was a common form, so I had to go, Form by Form through the included forms to find it. Apparently TaxAct doesn't use the Form number as a search-able key.

I also found it a little confusing to get back to where you were when you leave interview session to jump to another location - or - when you exit the program and re-enter and don't select "Start Where You Left Off" (say if you wanted to make changes first).

The interface was nice and filing was pretty straight forward. I recommend the software for someone who knows a lot about taxes. For novices like me (if there are any) I would pass.


I have numerous experiences with FedEx and my latest experience has led me to the conclusion that they just don't want your business. They have enough on their plate and they just can't be bothered with the individual.

Mar 18 - Item picked-up by FedEx in Ohio. They sent it to Washington. Then to Wisconsin. Then downstate Pennsylvania. Then to my home. And the USPS ended-up delivering the package.

They sent notices and attributed the delay to the earthquake in Japan. It took them 12 days to deliver a package to a state for which it shares a border.

I used to get excited knowing that FedEx is delivering a package. Now, I try not to think about it and am surprised if it arrives. Oh, and don't call and try and get help from CS. They can tell you nothing you can't find out for yourself by looking on the Internet.

Use UPS, USPS, or even a freaking Boat. Don't recommend FedEx.


Both our fans went out within 2 days. I ran to the local hardware store for a replacement fan in a panic to assure "poopie-do" gets a good night's sleep. The second fan, I wanted to try a "Vornado."

I shopped online using the google product search engine and found a bunch of stores had the fan with prices varying about $35. As usual, Amazon was listed as the best price.

Looking closely at the results, I found Sylvane.com actually had the best price, but not quite the number of reviews. After checking-out the site's credentials, using SJ and SJ learned techniques, I decided to give sylvane.com a try.

They have a wide selection of air conditioning products like dehumidifiers, heaters, A/C units, filters, purifiers, fans, etc... And they have good prices with free shipping.

They processed and shipped my order promptly and provided good communication. I highly recommend this site.


My son and I recently built a computer using tomshardware.com and newegg. It was very simple. I found that if you want a cheap computer, just go to Best Buy or something. If you want one with some ponies, you better make it yourself (or spend too much money elsewhere).

It used to be a great deal for the buyer to get all this Free software when they bought a PC. But now, you don't get anything. Anything one would like, anyway. The software they do give can be replaced by OpenSource software.

You build a computer from the ground-up, you will be surprised how fast it is without all that junk companies like HP, Dell, Gateway, etc... put on it. Nothing on it, the way God intended.

Newegg has a DIY section. They match-up a couple or more pieces of hardware and give you a discount. If you find a combination you like (I found a Motherboard, Case, Processor, and DVD drive) and select it, you will be offered other items which are bought frequently with the items. I wasn't sure how to pick out memory, Newegg said that a particular brand of Patriot Memory worked well with my MB and CPU and was on sale, so I snagged it.

It was a lot of fun putting it together this way. I am looking forward to building an HTPC next.

Oh, newegg carries a wide variety of electronics. They have a "Shell Shocker" deal like every 4 hours (similar to woot). You can get Email updates, Text Alerts, or just go to newegg regularly to see whats on sale.


You have to love this site. I recently decided to buy my son a Desktop. To freshen-up on the latest terminology, processor speeds, graphic card capabilities, etc... I went to Tom's.

The first thing I ran into was a step-by-step guide on building a decent gaming rig for under a grand. I started reading it and found the pictures and instructions quite intuitive. Based on Tom's information, I decided my son and I would build it.

Of course I had a lot of questions, but I found that everything I asked had been pretty-much asked before. Their search-able forum answered all my questions throughout the build.

In addition to performance-based charts they have a number of cost-based charts. Like, which processor gives you the most for your money. It is not a "the more you spend, the better it will be" or "the bigger, the better." They do this with Memory, graphics, and most other pieces of hardware.

The only negative I could find, if I had too. It did bother me though, a couple times, is that there is no way to filter the results by date. I found myself reading solutions to XP problems that had no resemblance to Win 7 64 solutions.

Highly recommend the site.


Finally got around to decorating a somewhat unusual door-window combo thingy. I went to all the usual online places I shop at (Kohl's, Overstock, Amazon, Sears) for ideas and some not so ordinary places (touchofclass, seventhavenue, brylanehome, qvc) for ideas.

I came across windowtoppers.com and found some unique and interesting ideas. It was easy to understand what I needed to order to complete the look I wanted (not so easy sometimes).

The ordering process was simple, as most are. And shipping was quick.

I am happy with the quality of the fabric. I am happy with the color.

I am not to crazy about the design. The curtains are as advertised, but they are just fabric (good fabric, mind you). Maybe I am too inexperienced, but I think I paid for more than I got. Dunno.

Also, they don't sell hardware. Imagine, you spend a fortune on curtains and nothing to put them on. Like a car, with no tires or steering wheel or something.

Anyway, I do recommend them for Window Treatments, if you are experienced. I don't recommend it for novices like me.


Cozi is a FREE web-based Personal Information Management application. It's not super sophisticated, like some PIMs. In fact, it more-or-less an appointment calendar and grocery shopping list manager.

It has a family account setting so that you can setup schedules and reminders that can be accessed by your family members. The website provides helpful tips for around the house and in the kitchen in their blog.

I have been a member for several months and have only had occasion to use it one or twice. I found that Reminder Fox takes care of my calendar needs and I am still looking for the perfect meal planning/shopping guide (FREE, that is).

I give it 3 stars instead of 2 because it is a nice site. They do not spam you to death and I think that it has, for the right people, a purpose.


This website allows you to build your own bot for penny action websites. They list the auction sites they are compatible with, which is most of them. For $49 you will receive a license key, software, and updates for 1 year to their software.

I guess you would consider it sort of a "bid butler" on steroids. It gives you access to statistics that you don; t normally have access too, like historical user bidding stats to help you weed out shills. Hum... And they say penny auction sites are legit.

I did look through their Forum. They only have 106 Registered users (figure many of them are admin and auction site related). Not much info to be gleaned there. I get the impression this software and site relatively new.

Anyway, I haven't used it so I can't recommend it; however, it looks like a good investment if, and only IF, you are going to play penny auctions.


I found Stardock while trying to make little tweaks to my desktop. They develop many different apps that modify and enhance the look, feel, and even operation of Windows.

Most of their apps have free versions that offer some functionality. I am using an app that changes the boot screen and login screen to Vista. TweakXP is probably their most popular app and it gives you lots of control over how Windows starts and acts.

Stardock itself is neat. It provides a Mac style application launcher. Individually, these apps will nickle and dime you to death, but they can be purchased together at a significant savings. But if your a cheap-skate like me, you can find some free cool stuff too.


Site developed to help curb the sale of counterfet golf clubs.

This is a good place to start when verifying the authenticity of a website's clubs. However, it hasn't been updated since July 2010. The site provides some tips on how to avoid being scammed.

I rated it "Cool" because it does provide some useful information. Since it is not being updated regularly, I wouldn't depend on the site very much.

Anybody with any questions on a websites authenticity can go to the manufacturers website and ask.

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Part arrived before expectation and fit perfect. Great company. I would do business with them again.


I had to reorder a part that broke. The agent advised me that I had a warranty and replaced it...