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I was banned like many other people I see complain about on facebook and instagram. My account got deacitvated when I was about to cashout $5. I answered everything honestly and take time to do all the work as ALWAYS. I don't live out of country either. All a sudden I couldn't log on anymore. They removed my account outta nowhere. They won't reply to more than 10 emails I sent. And they still send me emails like I'm a part of the site STILL.

I decided to make a new account since they got rid of mine for no reason. They won't approve accounts until you do all the work like I did again. Not to my shock after I rack up pts again for $5 they don't approve my account. The old site with the other owners approved your account before you put any work in. I did $10 worth of work just to get stiffed my payment and get ignored 1000 times. But from what I hear it's just robot copy past messages anyways. The site doesn't have costumer support anymore and they are scamming plenty out of money. They really don't care at all.

Never have experienced this from any similar site. They take the cake with the most unprofessional scamming ones. Anyone else that comments good things just have yet to run into these issues. They most likely will down the line. I used to get so much free awesome things with cool companies with the old crowdtap. Then I got nothing to review once the site changed and now not even getting paid. Good riddance. I will stick with actual companies that aren't scammers and PAY me as well as EVERYONE else working for them not just some. Till they decide to throw you away too. Nobody is better then anyone else on here... it's just a matter of time when they decide to toss you out too and not pay you most likely for no reason at all but to not pay you. They pretty much say this in their FAQS too... that they can do that whenever they want. Even if you follow the "rules''.


We've had starter issues previously before and then it magically started up again RIGHT AFTER they took almost 3 hrs. Doin oil change and full service "works" aka screwing up the car so you go running back to them when they know your warranty ran out! I really wish we woulda just went somewhere else. I even told him we should not go to Kia. Very scam people and company. How do we get the car serviced and THEN start having issues with the car not starting.

SO MANY RECALLS. I think it's not out of ignorance but they just play dumb to scam money out of people that have to pay them. So they charged almost $80 to have someone come here to jump start the car. Then we had to go ahead and buy another battery and god knows what other service charges from the guy who came to the house to fix the issue. Do NOT buy sh! T from Kia if you are thinking about it. I found online forums of many people complaining about the same thing and not just for the optima model but many Kia cars! All these recalls and breaking things in the car after they know your warranty is up then there's an issue of car not starting AFTER the fishy service that took almost 3 hrs that was never an issue before!

For them to $#*! up the car... I just hate them. NEVER NEVER NEVER again. Waste of time with lease then eventually buying. We got stuck with this worst car and scam Kia for several yrs going now! All of this when I have an interview today! Kia I hope you just go out of business you make me sick! Btw tons of people in the forums that had issues with Kia cars not starting and after their scam service were able to start the car in a crazy ghetto way. They must have read those forums to override that with their updated "service" because the tricks did not work for us.

I read about people going there several times and they kept not fixing the issues. Alls they do is break the cars and make them all not work if it's out of pocket for you! I found out this is a normal thing with them and screwed over MANY people. Altogether pretty much $500 down the drain for them breaking the car themselves. The guy had him purchase the wrong battery at first. So now we have to wait in HOPES this eventually get's refunded on our credit card. We are going to have to wait a while in hopes of the 1st battery charge being refunded, if not we have another issue to deal with! It's a good thing we live right by Auto Zone because the worker put the new correct battery in for free. But as you can see this is how Kia makes their $ w/ the break the car "works". Bye Kia!


I decided to google myself and found my pic and false information about me saying I have a criminal record... in trouble with court. Etc. I looked up reviews of this site and found I'm not the only victim either. VERY creepy as hell. They have my pic, name, age stuff like that. It's an obvious scam so people pay for a false background screening. It says I'm Asain American... NO! I'm white. Lmao! It has the full names of my family members too. I see reviews saying they keep asking for more and more money for bogus info. Someone even called them and the lowlife phone lady said I can't see anything pay $15 a month and we can look into your profile. She said she was gonna sue so then the lady removed her profile... WTF is up with this criminal scam site?! How is it legal to lie about my history in hopes of scamming people out of money?! The lady said parting words of find another job instead being a criminal with them. Some *living* isn't it?! Someone even said they were getting email spamming saying pay $35 if you want to unsub from their emails... Then spamming a lower price to pay to unsub from their email spamming. I am NOT being extorted to pay them to take down bogus info of mine on a bogus profile I never made. I see why it's been soooo hard trying to find a job for the past 7 yrs! Idiots that search me and feed into this BS! So I checked this creepy scam site again these people are running that will be goin to hell... lmao... and I'm once again my fake profile is on. Apparently I'm black this time though. Punches all their ugly faces in half.


I finished an online project for a few weeks. Was supposed to get 3 bucks for the first survey but only got $2. Never even complained about it. Did a dairy for a few weeks or so never got any credit. Sent 2 emails didn't get a response back at all. Was supposed to get a final survey and more 4 after completing it but NOTHING. No final survey was sent nor did I get a penny for the diary I had to log my drink consumption with during a period of time. So I did a few long surveys and a diary for only 2 pathetic bucks so far. And more of my time taken with no responses to my emails. Not doing any more free work for them! They changed their name 2 Forthright too. Not so forthright to me! LOL! Usually it's a huge red flag when a survey company changes their name. In every single case in my experience this means they are no longer good and turn into garbage. Def the case for Innopoll! Or supposedly Forthright.


Never got one penny from the site. I just waste time updating a profile that took ages to do and waste my time answering several questions ALWAYS to be disqualified or not invited to ANY type of paying project. Very annoyed with this site. My demographic is in high demand for any type of market research in general too. I don't know what's up with this site...


I've been a member for a very long time and have not gotten one cent from them. I sent them all my very personal info and they asked for a pic of my ID & address & other very personal info to verify to get supposed higher paying surveys. Never seen anything since! SCAM. Even after clicking a second after I got an email from them it was already supposedly full? I don't get this sites angle but very shady and creepy... stay far away from them and don't send them or take a pic of ANY of your personal info to verify to get supposed higher paying surveys. S C A M!


This site is garbage now. I used to be able to earn weekly at least with them however long ago and now it's like pulling teeth to get even 5-10 pts. Even If I get 20 or more I'm stuck like that for a while wasting time getting kicked out of several surveys well into spending a great deal on them. I feel like the beginning placement surveys is like a survey within itself. Because it's not taking my info and matching me to a survey I can actually complete and earn points for. So it's like I waste my time working on giving them free answers. This site is just garbage now. I might finally just part my ways.


These people from Spark go door to door using pushy and intimidating sales tactics. This annoying girl claims to be with our energy provider I think and says I need to see the bills to see if the pricing is correct so there's no issues or something. Would not leave for a while and said I'll be back this day to see your bills. Some annoying rude stupid guy keeps ringing the door bell and banging the hell out of my door and I got so scared my heart almost exploded. He didn't even ask my boyfriend but demanded he see our bills, any of them from the last 6 months. He was asking personal questions and would not leave too for a bit. How about I see your bills and your account info? Along with your full name?! How about I pound on your door like a psycho and keep ringing the door like a crazy person?! I heard these people sneak into apt buildings and knock on everyone's door and some refuse to leave. I heard of 2 of them knocking on back windows and side windows and would not leave. This isn't just in IL these lice are everywhere lol. They need to get a REAL job!

Needles to say they are a scam and I see a lot of reviews about how people get charged almost 1,000 bucks a month in some cases. And they give you con. Numbers when you cancel but never cancel you and still over charge you each month by several hundreds of dollars. Say they'll look into your issue never call back and continue to overcharge you each month. Send you to collections If you don't pay say they will check the recording of you cancelation call and claim you are wrong. And they have cancel fees and have charged people like 900 bucks just for switching to them for adjustment fees? SCAM people SCAM! They will say your contract was up that's why you are getting charged like crazy by them each month. Do NOT answer your doors ever no matter how many times someone rings your door or bangs on it non stop! I am shocked nobody wrote a review here but check out the reviews on google for them. Beware of these scams and look into people who can't even provide you correct and reputable information. I guess they will come in your house and sit there or call your current provider while you are there to cancel to make the switch. Very annoying, rude, scammers of a so called company for energy providers. Hope they get shut down.


No matter what computer I use with this site they stated to say error and screen always froze after I submitted surveys. Nothing is more frustrating to me then giving my work for free and getting broken screens. And no help and losing out on surveys. I pretty much have just stopped with them. Used to like them before all these survey issues.


I don't like how you have to write multiple sentences, pretty much like a paragraph for like 3 pennies. At this rate you will be writing a book of reviews in order to cash out for 10 bucks on paypal. They can also deny your payment if they claim your reviews are not good enough clearly stated on their FAQ page. Sounds too fishy to me like they just don't want to pay you. I'm still under a dollar... LMAO! I felt like I've done SO much work though. :/


They are OpinionOne now and you can only get 50 points for the 1st 5 disqualifications. So I don't ever see myself cashing out for a while to come! Even if they lowered the cash incentives it doesn't make up for losing out on all the points. I have maybe only qualified for one survey out of hundreds of attempts after they changed their site. Miss how Myview was just their own and gave out 100 points for several surveys you get kicked off and waste your time for. How can I ever cash out when I cannot finish a survey?! And it takes a while to get kicked off too. :/ May just quit after or IF I ever cash out.


I used to cash out a decent amount before but then they changed their ways. Found it weird that I got alerts saying we are weeding out the very bad and mean survey takers... I found that odd they said it more harshly I think... like they were pissed that survey takers were taking advantage or something. I was creeped out and confused by how other people were taking advantage of getting more points. I thought it was unprofessional to show all the members of the site these wide spread messages. Since they changed everything the so called support is non existent. Mintvine used to be great customer service and would get back to me the same day or very shortly after with survey issues. Now they could care less and not even get back to me. They always have plenty of surveys from this one company that never gives you your points or shows up on the ledger to report the issue. So I'm always out the points... I always have to skip these surveys but I tried for the hell of it recently and no points after completion and as always didn't show up in my history. It seems harder to cash out and qualify for surveys too.

If the surveys don't give me credit and not there to show up in my history then I'm screwed. If I copy my survey codes they still don't care and ignore me even though I have proof. This place just sucks now. Add in having to wait for ages to cash out and for the points to clear and how long you wait to get the reward... Too janky and annoying! Unfortunately all the once good survey sites seem to make a turn for the worse as of late or always down the road. Just a matter of time. Sad. I also find it weird that the site will not let you click on contact us... The link never loads to anything. I have to google their contact email. Still no response!

Scott H. – branded surveys Rep

We send out updates to all of our panelists in order to stay transparent and keep them informed. We are sorry to hear about your negative experience. You can reach us by emailing info@mintvine.com. Thank you for your feedback.


I've been with this site for years and only have gotten like 2 rewards. Now I know why! I just found out today that it said points expired and when I checked it again they took away more then 5,000 pts. So called support says they feel for you but they really don't because you don't get your points back! I know this has happened more then once, I always wondered why it seemed my points kept getting lower. This is a jerk move on their part considering you waste that time on work you have worked for and you need more then a damn year to save your points to TRY to cash out with their rewards that are at a VERY high level. But impossible to work to that when your points have a limited time then they take em away! Only site ever that is this shady! For me it's very hard to qualify with surveys that just kick me off so the long $#*! ones I completed were for NOTHING. Agree with other posters do NOT join. Shoulda known since reviews are bad for Toluna across the board.


I find they are a scam because they don't even have a contact email. They always pushed to put your credit card info on the account when it USED to be free. And now they are making you charge your credit card if you want to apply for a job that you will most likely not hear anything back! Come on really?! This site is supposed to find you income not take the money you don't have! I'm disgusted. They have new terms you have to agree with too and get background checks are what normal jobs want but this is not like a paycheck job. And guess how much extra you would be charged for these multiple checks on you? And it said some garbage about how your online stuff would be searched on too... creeper status. They need a swift kick in *******@ss if they think I'm paying 19 bucks at the cheapest to apply to each job that would take away 4 credits e/ time that I will most likely be ignored anyways. They are on crack. The lowest credit card charge is just under 20 bucks that would give you 6 jobs to apply if that... just to most likely be ignored. And if people are really suckered into this scam then they will consistently be giving them 20 bucks or even more for pricier bundles to keep applying to jobs that don't reply. Keep in mind the scammers that can make up jobs on here. And keep in mind maybe they make fake jobs on there too since they are scamming with this new setup too. So people get excited about getting a fake chance at supposed jobs... wouldn't be shocked. This is what they do on dating sties too, lol. The cest pool of online trolls and scammers to get your money. This is just sad. When this site was free I would get scammers texting me all the time and not through the site being fishy... about send me all your info and you will be mailed a check but I cannot meet you. That tired scam. This site is garbage and so are the legit rude people seeking out others to help them that ignore you. And so are the scammers just like the owners of this *******@ss site. I'm sure there are way better FREE likely sites out there. If you know tell me.


Mysurvey has turned into a scam site! You will complete a week long survey with various profile surveys and after you finally submit it will go to error. Then you will spend even more time messaging costumer service and they will copy paste messages and mark it as solved even though Its not! Do not waste your time with this site because I have worked for them for free plenty of times because this has happened before with the week diaries and surveys. They write you off saying it will take 6 weeks to look into it and if you don't get credit we will not have an explanation wtf?! SCAM. MEANWHILE other sites would literally just give you the daMN 400 pts so you could finally cash out for a dare I say it actual reward! Do not sign up for this ratchet scam site or do so if you want to waste time with supposed costumer service and work for free. It's a shame because it used to be a stand up company until it changed owner. I more then second everyone that's shared my exact experience it's not just my situation it's how it is for everyone here it goes to error after you submit to avoid getting any credit that you completed and worked for. Disgusted with this site!

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