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I contacted KitchenAid through their website on April 28,2021. That same day, I received a reply asking for my model # (relevant) along with a list of personal information that was completely irrelevant. My question was quite simple, and I was looking for a solution, or a recommendation to a better product of theirs to address my issue. My home address, phone number, etc., didn't seem like information they needed. I answered the questions I was comfortable answering that would not result in endless snail mail "offers" and/or put me on any other mailing lists.

I ended up getting NO reply. I contacted again on May 3, May 7, May 28, and June 7. I've yet to hear from them. Keeping in mind I was clear that I would replace my model with a beefier KitchenAid mixer, I can only assume that if you don't give them enough personal information, they don't want your business.

And now, when I replace it, it will NOT be with a Kitchen Aid mixer.


I placed an order at Kidshoo on March 26th. On March 29th I received notification that it was shipped. On April 1st the tracking number finally displayed movement that the package was in Melrose Park, Illinois. (It needs to go to Wisconsin). Today is April 9th today, and the tracking has NEVER updated. I will post another review IF the package ever makes it to Wisconsin. But, bottom line, I will never order from this place again. The website gives the impression it is a U.S. company. From back and forth emails, I can verify it is not.


Virgin Pulse is a website designed to track activities in an effort to encourage employees of large companies to stay healthy. Unfortunately, they do so with harassing emails that cannot be controlled by their website. While there are advantages to participating (reduced health premiums), I was told to disable ALL notifications in order to stop receiving "challenge" notifications. There are several "opt out" options on your profile page. One is specific for opting out of "challenge" notifications, but apparently that is for show only, because it doesn't work at all. The "help desk" gives conflicting information, takes days to answer an email, and then, when pressed, simply stops communicating. If I were a corporate decision-maker, this would be the last company I would use for motivating my employees.


While they do have a "contact us" on their website, I have contacted them numerous times about a glass jar that is made to fit into their 2 quart yogurt maker. The jar does NOT hold 2 quarts. I have asked them repeatedly if they are aware of this, and if they have any plans to redesign the jar so it does hold 2 quarts. It should be designed like the plastic inserts where the sides are straight. This would also make it easier to clean. They have NEVER replied to my emails. I will be seeking out a jar that fits the yogurt maker on my own. Poor customer service. I will not be buying from their site and do not recommend it.


I started dealing with ePantry in December of 2014. So I was a pretty loyal customer. The folks you dealt with if you had problems were real people and very customer- service oriented. When they switched to Grove and promised that "only the name changed" they started really going downhill. Prices started to climb. One product was renamed as being better but the ingredient list was identical (if I recall it was a facial cream that first helped with fine lines and THEN was relabelled to help with firming - but the ingredients were exact).

The straw that broke the camel's back for me was the review process. I started noticing that *only* my good reviews were being published. Negative reviews were listed as "pending" for months. When I contacted them, it took at least 6 tries to get a solid answer. And now you are dealing with zendesk and not the original (great) owners. When I finally pressed harder, I was told that they "do not submit reviews if they have similar content to other reviews." So they are good with only 5 good reviews instead of 10? I highly doubt that. I then suggested that they were compromising their site by doing this and especially the integrity of the reviews. They didn't seem to care. I was told that one of my reviews was "rejected because of our strict product review guidelines and the reviewer felt as though there was not enough detailed content in the review. We look for rich content that will help customers make the right decision when purchasing products on our site."

I no longer have the faith in their products. Furthermore, I went to sites (e.g. Amazon) to compare reviews and Amazon would have (what I felt was) a truer mix of reviews and not just the glowing ones.

I have cancelled my monthly membership and will not go back. If you know exactly what you want and aren't the kind of person to try new things, then order your 7th Gen dishwasher soap from them. But when they try to lure you to a new product, be afraid. Be very afraid. My bottom line is: go elsewhere.


As avid campers and travelers, we rely on sites that can give us honest and accurate information about potential campgrounds where we can spend a night or two. We noticed that several of the campgrounds we queried on RV Park Reviews had very few reviews. I now know why. I signed up so that I could also offer reviews. Of the first 7,4 were rejected. Apparently there is a roomful of admins who do nothing but read and critique the incoming reviews. You cannot mention a person's name, whether you're saying something good or bad. You cannot comment on how knowledgeable the staff may be regarding membership advantages, (KOA, for example). I ended up rewriting several to "fit" their restrictions. I recommend relying more on TripAdvisor as RV Park Reviews has little to offer unless you're ONLY concerned about the condition of the restrooms.


Everything everyone is saying is true. Ridiculous prices. They left the arrangement on the door step and never rang the bell. It wasn't found until late that evening. The arrangement itself was nice, but the service, price and communication were terrible. To top it off, they sent me a year subscription to Food and Wine magazine that I then had to track down where/how I received it and have it cancelled. I guess that is why prices are so high; a yearly subscription is $30.00! Avoid this company!


I'm always amazed when a website has a "contact us" and then you get a form email asking you to call the 800# that was also listed on the website. Some of us don't have time to sit on hold and wait for a representative. I asked a very simple question about one of their lines of No7 skincare figuring it could have been answered with a simple email. I rather liked their products, but I'll have to find a new one.


I asked if I could get a product from their website. The customer service person said I had to find a representative. I live in the boondocks, I wanted the product shipped to me. When I asked if there was alternative to finding a rep, I never got a response.

Additionally, when you log into their live chat, you'll get the standard "we're busy" message. Three times I saw that I'd be live with a representative in "0 minutes and 29 seconds." And it was far longer than that before they posted another 0 minute message.

I'll find another product.


I used their "contact us" page to send a general inquiry and never got a reply (not even the automated one that the page says you will receive). I then used the Warranty Page and still didn't get a reply. Two days later, I contacted them via telephone. They claim they did get the claim information, but no photos were attached. (They require photos of your malfunctioning item). I had attached 2 photos to the original claim. After the phone call they just sent me an email to respond to with the photos attached. Even the email took a while to come through. I will see how the replacement goes, but I'm not very hopeful at this point. My advice -- buy mugs and water bottles from another manufacturer/distributor.


For the last 3 years I have been trying to get my business listing correctly shown in the white page area of their yellow pages. Last year it didn't even show up, which was fine, because this year, it's the wrong number, again. A call to their customer service is useless; they keep saying they get the numbers from the carrier. But the other phone book has it right. The internet has it right. So why can't they get it right? When I asked to be bumped up to a supervisor she said she didn't want to waste my time by having me speak to someone who would tell me the same thing. Then she simple said she wouldn't transfer me to a supervisor. She was beyond rude. I guess if you want to spend a bunch of money on advertising, they take care of you. But if you're just in the free white page listing, you're nothing. Just eliminate that part of the book if you can't get it right! I've never been so frustrated with a company!


We stopped at the store in Madison, Wis., 2 years ago and we were very impressed with the selection of camping items. The folks there seemed quite nice. We even bought the Good Sam membership so we'd received discounts on future purchases that we would make on line. That's where it's ended.

During that purchase and sign-up, I specifically asked that we receive any sales information only through email. I did not want any direct mailings. Apparently that was a difficult request. I started receiving catalogues and flyers through the mail. I was also receiving a LOT of emails with sales, etc (which was fine). So I called and asked that my name be removed from the snail mail address list.

They removed it from both. I've been working on this for almost a year (yes I've given up) and they kept telling me it was fixed and I'd start receiving emails again. I never did. When I started emailing them more frequently, I received a voice mail (with a "tone") telling me they were working on it, and I didn't need to keep sending them emails.

Every person I spoke with said it was now fixed. It wasn't.

Even after a purchase of an RV cover for almost $200, they still didn't fix this issue. They also never sent us a reminder or notice that our Good Sam membership was running out. Apparently they weren't interested in selling us that either.

There are still many items that I'd love to get for my camper, but I'll be searching the internet for other sources. Camping World has no customer service.


A courteous representative took my order on a Thursday and it was delivered on Friday! Penzey's spices are the best and I generally go to the local store, but I saw "free shipping" in an email, so figured why not it. I will definitely use it again. Especially being able to get the spices so quickly! GREAT COMPANY!


Three days from order to receiving my headbands THREE! I was completely floored when I saw the package in my mailbox. Super efficient company to do business with. And shipping prices are reasonable. Will definitely be ordering from them again.


Everything about this website makes it a pleasure to use. Even when there is displeasure amongst the users, they strive to correct or change whatever the issue was. The customer service is A-1, including receiving emails on weekends. Those "helping" emails always contain screen shots or videos to help the user navigate through the site. And they come from people at Plan To Eat, not an outsourced help desk. If you're a person who cooks and loves to have all your recipes in one spot, this is the place! Can't say enough good about them!


I have contacted them for help at least a half-dozen times and I doubt that I've received one reply. I like the website when it works and when I don't have any user issues. But if you need help, they are just not there.


I ordered a t-shirt on 10/4/15 and with the confirmation came the message "At this time most orders are shipping out between 10-14 days from the date of the order."

Next I get this: "We try to adhere to the guideline of 5-7 business days to print and ship an order. We are currently printing orders that are between 12-16 days old. To give a specific update on your order, your order is 12.1 days old. I believe that it will print within the next 4 days and ship soon after that. You will get a email confirmation when your order ships. Once your order leaves the building and ships out, it usually takes 3-5 business days to reach you.

I ordered it 3 weeks before I needed it. I ordered one from another company in Canada for my friend and she got it in 4 days.

I would avoid this company. I cancelled the order and did get a refund, but even Customer Service took too long to reply to the first email.

Just find what you're looking for elsewhere!


These folks go out of their way to make sure you are happy. I now purchase all my household paper products, cleaning products, and some beauty products from them. Best of all, their packaging is virtually waste free. They nicely fit everything in one box to reduce the use of paper/packaging and the disposing of same. I can't enough about them. Give epantry a try!


I have been trying since June to get someone from Amazon to tell me why the daily emails no longer show any photos of the "deal" of the day, etc. They kept telling me that it should and that they were looking into it. No one ever got back to me! Today, while placing what will likely be my last order with Amazon, I was told that showing only links was a change they recently made. Who tries to sell something by not showing a picture? I really didn't believe the representative; I'm pretty sure he was just blowing me off. But if Amazon wants to remain a force, they need to up the Customer Service to what it used to be.


Viber touts itself as being available on your device and also has a laptop version which syncs, but I purchased some stickers back in April and still haven't been able to use them from the desktop. They have run me through the gamut of uninstall/re-installs and various other "fixes" to no avail. Then they just stop replying to my requests. Additionally, they refused to refund my money for the purchase of the stickers. While the program is nice, they need to figure out how to make the device/laptop connection truly compatible and give better customer service. I'm looking into other options for messaging. I suggest anyone else, especially if you like using stickers, do the same.

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