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85 Reviews by Susan

• Updated review
Thinking I could avoid the menace of shopping at Walmart, I began ordering online for home delivery only to find that my purchases were NOT delivered, and I was forced to spend hours trying to get a refund. Walmart's customer service, or what there is of customer service, is located in India and Pakistan. There's no way to win when you deal with Wal Mart.

Tip for consumers: I don't know what the solution is at this point.

• Previous review
Since the death of the last of the Waltons, Wal Mart has been taken over and is run by China/CCP. There are less choices than ever and the prices are no longer even competitive. None of the employees have any fluency in English. The employees hate Americans, and are using the fake mask oppression to scream and yell at American customers, grabbing power in their commercial setting. Good bye, Wal Mart. I'd rather shop elsewhere. Wal Mart stinks to high heaven, and will use what power they have to bring in the Bolshevik Revolution to take what you own, kicking Americans to the streets, having already burned their homes with their Directed Energy Weapons. I waited 32 minutes to pay Wal Mart on my last visit two (2) days ago, they are just that inefficient and worthless.

Tip for consumers: Make sure you always have a cart and use it defensively to protect yourself.

Rats. I messed up. I didn't know Overstock, but their ads were constantly on my laptop surrounding my email etc. I needed some bedding and towels. Went to Overstock. Prices weren't great, but on the order pages I noticed that it would say "1 set of 3" and that kind of thing, so I figured that meant 3 towels to a set, and the price seemed fair for 3 towels. When my order arrived, Overstock sent me crap merchandise that looked nothing like the photos and that did not match what I thought I had purchased. Overstock also sent me 1 towel and not 3 towles. When I went back to the website, I literally saw the words changing before my eyes. At one point it said 1 set of 2, then at another point it said 1 towel. Also the prices changed from what I was charged. And, worst of all, Overstock offered 15% off, then failed to give me the 15% off. Overstock promises in writing to send order confirmation to your email address, but in fact, it doesn't. Overstock has no customer service, either by phone or by email. Overstock refuses to communicate with customers after cheating them. All we can do is get the word out so people will learn before they are ripped off and cheated by Overstock.

Tip for consumers: Do not buy from Overstock. They are not what they appear to be.

J D Power claims it has insights into consumers. Total Fabrication and Lies. It's a sophisticated way to self promote by companies looking to pretend a bogus consumer group has found their company or product worthwhile, and it is anything but. All sleight of hand. All public relations disinformation and perception management by sleazy operators. If there is any rating or ranking by this company, it means nothing but scam.

Tip for consumers: Ignore J D Powers' rankings and reviews. Phony and Total Lies.

The IRS has a large website that has all the forms you need, and they are FREE. Paying for tax forms means you are being ripped off. The IRS website has the instruction information you'll need to do this yourself.
Filled with gender insensitive executives looking to harm women and engage in politically correct actions devoid of moral values. Horrible people. Avoid like the plague. Invest your monies anywhere else.
Farmers Insurance is a Totally SCAM operation. They aren't even registered with the Insurance Commissioners, and they are now operating out of a scam company in Nevada, pretending to do business in various states. They charge for expensive policies, and if you ask for your policy details, they'll send you 4 different sets of details, because you don't really have a policy. They are pushing earthquake coverage in California with high deductibles because their agents are desperate to fleece you. The company spends their profits on expensive golf tournaments, but if you need help, there are no persons who will help you. The phone is only answered by a robot. The fax # does not work, and no one at corporate has a phone or email address. The executives are hiding from their insureds. Terrible scam company. Thieves.
No business can make it if they play games with pricing and never communicate with their intended consumer. The owner of this Santa Monica/Los Angeles based process server is so out to lunch, he might as well be out of business. Unreliable.
Sprouts fired all of their executives who ever had any connection to farming and the outdoors. The stores are run by nasty mask cops on power trips. Well and healthy people are treated with abuse. 99% of the cashiers are Hispanics who hate Americans, making the former farm worker demographics the whip beating masters. Sprouts is not doing any of their farmers any favors by making it so hard to get in to the store to buy produce. I am going out to farms now. Boycotting Sprouts again. Already boycotted them for 3 months, and tried to shop, only to have ugly American hating cashiers screaming and yelling over nothing. Down with Sprouts. They had a chance to do things right and 100% failed to do so.
Site jabber has repeatedly destroyed my honest review of this despicable Scam company, Geico. From Warren Buffet's con artist promotions of Geico to the fact that 30% of their customers have or are trying to find another insurer. Racist company. Sexist company. Liars, Cheaters and Thieves. If they can throw you under the bus, they will.

Tip for consumers: Never use Geico......they will not be honest with you. They will not help you, and they will throw you under the bus and harm you.

The Daily Kos is now controlled by Marxists and Bolsheviks dedicated to the total destruction of the USA. Their articles are party propaganda for the Communists. Every word is a lie and part of mass disinformation and psychological operations war fare. Avoid the Daily Kos. They are Liars and Bolsheviks, with one purpose which is the total destruction of America.
This is a group of scam artists operating out of undesignated locations who are not licensed, and who both conceal the information required to be given to possible borrowers and provide false information. Hard to reach. Deceitful people. Avoid.
Who advertises market rate interest, then after you've given them your confidential financial and personal information, finally discloses the truth which is they charge 3-4 points for a loan, thereby making the loan double the cost, and when you say 'no thanks', they refuse to delete your private, confidential information, selling it to identity thieves. Quicken Loans violates federal and state laws everywhere. They don't bother to get licensing in the states where they advertise. The location of their offices are a secret. They also claim 24/7 service, but you sit on a phone for 3.5 hours before anyone answers the phone when you need help. The law requires they delete your personal information, but they refuse to do that. Law breakers. Thieves. Scam Artists. They literally lied over and over.

Tip for consumers: Do not work with Quicken Loans ever. They lie and their rates are not market.

THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM. They Take your money. If they send anything, it is total junk. You will not be able to wear it in public. Horrible fabric and lousy fabrication. It'll look nothing like the photos in their catalog. Meanwhile good luck ever seeing your money again. The company is photoshopping a pretend catalogue, and then making the items ordered overnight in slavery sweatshops. Chinese company in the middle of no where preying on stupid Americans. No returns policy at all. This is a total scam.

Tip for consumers: Avoid

• Updated review
It's shocking how a good bakery/cafe could go all the way downstairs to less than zero in 15 years. OH, THAT'S RIGHT, Panera's was sold to a European family who made all their money by working slaves to death in Nazi Germany. They also own Krispy Kream, etc. The bakery items are now total junk. The menus got rid of all good items. There is nothing to do at Panera's but refuse to walk in the door, or if in the door, walk out. The place no longer smells good. There is nothing there there. The moment this horrific family bought in and took over, the place went down hill. None of the employees can get more than 15 hours or so as the owners won't pay one penny of benefits. They keep hiring new employees hoping they'll hang out for a few weeks. Boycott.

Tip for consumers: Boycott Panera's. The new owners trashed this once great business.

• Previous review
Wow. These folks really tricked me. I guess I wanted to believe that there was a company in the US who really did want to make food better, as they say. Their prices are 1/3 to twice as high as other locations, and I attributed higher prices to allegedly better quality. Turns out Panera is no better than Wal Mart, just more deceitful advertising, and their hypocrisy extends to the despicable way they treat many employees. Like Wal Mart, it's all Short hours making it hard to make a living, etc. Not surprising as the controlling interest of Panera's is a foreign company that profited by working concentration camp dissidents and Jews in their chemical factories during WWII. Then, there is the despicable anti-American bias. If you are an illegal and cannot speak English, you have a better chance of being employed. Panera's openly discriminates against older Americans. They don't want to know if you have a complaint. All BS. All Phony.
Very disgusted with this company. Total hypocrites.
Here is an alleged nonprofit that hopes to take advantage of deceitful false narratives to get angry, hateful people to donate money. Don't. What a hoax. In the face of school shootings, many schools have hired resource officers and other law enforcement like employees. This nonprofit offers no solutions, just hate, to manipulate you to give them money. Don't.
Wikipedia is unique and has helped countless people get their bearings, and learn facts in the process. The editing feature is excellent since many people have knowledge they can add in real time to correct or add to a record. For only $5, each of us can make a contribution to keep Wikipedia online. Even if we only contribute every few years, we show our respect for knowledge and for everyone else using the Internet. Yes, some of the information is not entirely 100% accurate, sure, just as many encyclopedias contain errors or become obsolete. Wikipedia was a great idea, and has been useful to millions. Well done!
Nationwide Insurance has no respect for laws, and will harm you with impunity as they pay off any state insurance commissioners who if honest might get in their way. Nationwide allows anyone to phone them and add themselves to your policy, without your knowledge or consent. Nationwide Insurance hires people who work out of their restrooms, using only a cell phone to do business. Nationwide insurance will deliver your insurance payment to crooks and criminals without your knowledge or consent. What a deceitful, lousy company. How can they get any green light for doing any business ever? They'll spend a fortune to avoid paying your insurance reimbursements.

Tip for consumers: Find another insurer immediately. Avoid Nationwide.

Is it pressure from merchants that is causing Trip Advisor to trash negative reviews? Is Trip Advisor going the way of Yelp? Oh, yes. Trip Advisor is for sale. Money will remove bad reviews. Is Trip Advisor unable to deliver? Is censorship going on? Oh, yes. How much does it cost to get a bad review censored? Did the ownership of this business change hands? Gosh, what happened?
Bruce Anderson, the publisher of the Anderson Valley Advertiser, enjoys trashing and harming innocent people. He claims to have proof and evidence, but that's just another bold lie. If you write to him and ask for any proof or evidence that might support the horrible allegations made in this junk publication, he refuses to respond or provide any proof or evidence. No proof or evidence can be located on the above website where it might be claimed to be found. This publication is so vile and false, it should be shut down. Class action lawsuit, anyone? What junk. Junk. Junk.
Nationwide Insurance, like any other insurer, has fiduciary duties toward its customers and any consumer who pays the insurance premiums. Unfortunately, Nationwide has no respect for their duties of trust and their contractual obligations. If they can keep your money and do nothing, they will. Their employees work "remote" which means from their homes, and their business phones are their personal cell phones. No way to reach anyone in the company who is intelligent, skilled and has any honor or integrity. The CEO is well insulated by tokens whose jobs are to double talk any injured insureds. Nationwide cannot be bothered to even get the signed written consent of a policy holder before adding unknowns and unrelateds as "additional insureds. There is no integrity to be found at Nationwide. Avoid Nationwide like the plague.

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