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If you haven't already seen the latest Facebook craze when people go live and reveal beautiful jewelry and Pearl's, then let me explain how this works. You sign up with this company, become a consultant by purchasing their start up pack, and go live on Facebook revealing jewelry that is in cased in what is essentially a small bath bomb. Friends and family purchase the 'bombs' for around $25.00 and you watch as beautiful jewelry is revealed. Sounds great... and it is. It's fun to watch the excitement of the reveal and not knowing what you will get. The down fall is... once the jewelry is revealed the consultant then has to send the jewelry back to the company where they then box it and send it to you. Problem is it takes weeks to months to get your product. I waited over a month for my products and am still waiting on some. I have spent literally hundreds of dollars with this company supporting my friend who was a consultant. It pained me to watch her have to struggle to make her customers happy while having to constantly reassure them that their product was on the way... only to not arrive when promised.
Also the quality of the products where sometimes sub par. Most of what I received was very pretty... but not as valued as it was stated. One ring had an msrp of $300.00 and the stone was crooked in the setting and was clearly not worth hundreds of dollars.
My suggestion to the company is to let your consultants send the product because clearly you are under staffed in the packing department.
Overall it's a great concept... but they fail miserably when it comes to delivery.


I live in Illinois and we travel from central IL to southern IL several times a year (we own 2 properties). At home in central IL. We live a block away from Dollar General in a very small town without much else except a casey's. So it's VERY convenient for us to shop there a lot. Recently they started a digital coupon thing and I love it. However, my phone never gets data inside the store, so I have to choose my coupons either in the car in the parking lot, or at home before I leave, no big deal, but it would be nice if they offered wifi in store. This store has an ok grocery area, but it's not as big as some others. It's a new store. Staff is always away unpacking items, so you have to use a squeaky toy they keep on the counter to get their attention. I've never seen this at any other store. Yet if you ask if they are hiring, they will tell you no. It always seems understaffed to me. Some in the area say they don't hire people so they don't have to share the hours. I don't know... but it can be annoying at times.

Anyway... So the store down in southern IL is several miles away, but that's because our other property is out in the middle of no where. This store is in Shawnee Town and I LOVE this particular store and WISH the one close to our house was just like it. They recently remolded it they have a HUGE freezer section with anything and everything you can imagine It also has several isles of groceries AND FRESH PRODUCE! Which we LOVE because being out in the middle of no where, we know that we can get fresh fruit and veggies in 20min there instead of driving an hour to the nearest walmart or grocery store. The staff is always friendly and always at the counter waiting for you (no squeaky toy haha) Why can't they ALL be like this store? Dollar General really needs to upgrade ALL of their stores to be like the one in Shawnee Town IL. Please!

They have a mixture of really good items and items you have to be careful of. Some stuff is typical 'you get what you pay for' but for the most part, it's all good.


I know a lot of people like to eat at Portillo's as the parking lot is always full no matter what time of day it is. So we decided to try it. The parking lot was full and when we arrived, there were tons of people standing around waiting for food and nearly every table taken. I was worried we might be there a while, but was hopeful. You order at one counter, then walk down to another to pick up your food. As you walk down the 'hall' or 'tunnel' as they call it, you can see all the food being made from a mass assembly line of workers. My first thought was that this shouldn't take long. There was plenty of staff busy putting together orders. Once we arrived at the pick up area, we realized this was going to be a long wait. There were lots of people waiting for their food. Up until this point, we had not heard anyone over a loud speaker, maybe a lag in getting orders out, I don't know. Suddenly someone got on a loud speaker and began to call out orders in a very loud speaker system and in a very annoying way. They would call the number and follow with a saying "169 Your time to dine" "178 no more wait" "193 come see me". It was funny the first few times, but then became so annoying it almost makes you want to just leave. My boyfriend said "this is crazy". We waited for what seemed like eternity for our food. At one point there were so many people waiting on food the woman on the loud speaker starting yelling at everyone to clear the 'tunnel'. There was NO place for these people to go! We were already standing on top of each other in front of the counter and half way to the door!

Once we finally got our food, we couldn't find a place to sit. We had to stand around waiting for someone to leave. We finally got a table and now our food was cold. We had burgers, they were good considering they were cold from the long wait and trying to find a place to sit. I think it would have been a great experience had it not been for the very LOUD annoying staff yelling out when the orders were up. We couldn't even speak to each other while eating without yelling across the table at each other. My boyfriend was not impressed and I wasn't either. The biggest problem was the fact that people were getting very annoyed at the long wait, and then almost angry feeling after listening to the annoying loud speaker. We weren't the only ones who were not happy. We heard several people say the same things we were thinking..."this is crazy"..."Never again"..."if she says that one more time...". I think if we were really wanting one of their burgers, we'd go threw the drive up, but even that was wrapped around the building. I can't figure out the attraction to this place for it to be packed all the time, but they are. We always like to give a place a second chance, but I think in this case, we'll pass. On a positive note... IF you like that kind of craziness and want a unique experience and I presume good food if you can get it hot, then by all means try it... at least once.


When you see a website selling beautiful jewelry, watches and other popular expensive items at super low prices, you wonder what's the catch. I like to try these sites out so that I can review them and give my experience. I usually only purchase 2-3 items to start and see what happens when I get the merchandise. I ordered two rings, rose gold and white gold plated, similar to ones I've seen in boutiques for 30-50 bucks. I got both rings for under 10 bucks. I also ordered a white gold necklace. All the items arrived quickly and are beautiful. You do have to be mindful that the jewelry is NOT worth hundreds of dollars and you are getting a good deal. Its is however good quality and better than costume type. I've worn the rings I purchased numerous times, gotten compliments on how pretty they are and neither of them have turned color or begun to fade. I will continue to purchase items from Tophatter. Just be mindful of what you are purchasing AND READ the discriptions carefully. The site works on a fast pace system to get you to hurry and make a quick decision, but you don't have to worry if you miss out on an item, it will come back around again, just watch for it.

Graciela M. – Tophatter Rep

Hi Susan! Thanks for responding to Tophatter's experience survey!

It is fantastic to hear you have been pleased with your purchases and are having a great time bidding to win on Tophatter.

We greatly appreciate your continued support and we truly are delighted to have you as a valued member of the community.

Warm regards,


I read all the great reviews so I decided to check it out. I could use some extra income so I thought it would be worth a shot. I spent about 5 hours taking survey after survey and only made a couple hundred points. You need 10,000 to get a $25 gift card. I just felt like it was going to take me forever to get those points. A lot of the surveys I took either didn't give me the points or kicked me back because I didn't qualify to answer. I spent over a half hour on one, it said I completed it, but my points never went up. I felt like it was a waste of time and left. At the rate I was going it would take me several months to get enough points. Oh well. Glad everyone else seems to like it. Good luck to them!

Tellwut S. – tellwut Rep

Hi Susan,
Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. The majority of our members who participate everyday can earn a gift card within 2 to 3 weeks.
It sounds like what you’re referring to are external surveys – Tellwut does not control or create these surveys, however if there a is a problem with them we want to help you and give you the points that you deserve.
If a survey does not give you points, we encourage our members to let us know by emailing us at and referencing the survey ID so that we can look into the matter.
We have lots of easy ways to earn points on Tellwut, including many instant qualifying surveys. We have outlined the methods below:
Have you checked out the area of our site where you can instantly qualify for surveys? You can find them in the 'Most Recent' section (everyone qualifies)
- We have our weekly 50 point newsletter sent out over the weekend (everyone qualifies)
- We have monthly promotional giveaways of gift cards, and higher point value surveys. (everyone qualifies)
- We have various giveaways and extra point earning opportunities on our social media pages – on Twitter we have $5 Amazon gift card give away, on Facebook we have a 500 point give away, and a 25 point weekly survey. (everyone qualifies for the 25 points)
- Lastly, every time you participate in an external survey (these surveys are higher in point value) from the Available Surveys page or e-mail, you are entered into a 4000 point weekly give away.


Very much like Rural King. Usually a bit cleaner and more organized. I'm a bargain shopper and rarely find anything on sale or marked down significantly like Rural King does. They do have a better selection of guns and ammo. Staff is always helpful. In the spring I always go to Big R for my flowers. You can get everything from farm supplies to kitchen items. Toys, boots, clothes, hunting gear, plumbing supplies, electrical, water heaters, air conditioners, car batteries, lawn mowers, yard decor, pet supplies, tools... etc.


I've tried to really like this restaurant, as my friends want to go there whenever we are in Peoria. Even had a first date there, but I just can't find any wings that I like. They put WAY to much sauce on them and no matter what flavor you order, it seems like everything taste like Tabasco. I usually have a burning tummy and not feeling well the next day. I'm sure for a lot of people it's great and they love it. I just can't handle their sauce. I think I was ever forced to go back, I'd ask for plain no sauce or sauce on the side.


Probably the first site like this that I was actually able to sign up for free samples and free items without running into a wall or having to join lots of different sites.


I don't pay for regular tv. No dish and no cable bill. I rely on netflix for all my tv viewing with the exception of 2 free channels I get from my antenna. It annoys me that you can search on the website and find a lot more shows and movies available than what it shows you when you search on your tv. They also have removed some really good old shows like MASH. Over all I'm happy with Netflix vs Amazon and Hulu... I can't get either of those to work on my tv without it constantly stopping to re buffer. I don't have that problem with Netflix. I live in a small town that doesn't offer very many internet options, so it's very limited for me and the speed I get is not the greatest. Netflix loads just fine even on a slow connection like mine. I have two smart tv's and I have noticed that it also depends on which version of Netflix you have on your smart tv. The one in my bedroom is newer and and harder to navigate.


I really like this site. My boyfriend has been in Karate for over 30 years. He teaches students 3 nights a week. We get asked all the time from new parents and students where to buy uniforms and sparring equipment that's not so expensive. I always mention Kungfu4less because I've always gotten great products from their site and a great price. I recently started taking classes as well and purchased my uniform from them via Amazon and I not only got a great deal on a Century uniform, but it arrived at my house in 4 day! They have a return policy and you can email them if you need help with sizing. It's great for kids uniforms because they are excellent name brands and quality for half the price.


Not bad, but to pricey and the stores have a lot of employees that pretend to have knowledge of the pets and products they sell. On different occasions with different animals I have, I've been given wrong or simply not true information. I was looking for some heavy aquarium decorations because my oscar fish was tearing up his tank the bigger he got. One employee asked me what I was looking for and when I told her, she started to try and sell me a 'friend' for my Oscar saying he's lonely and would be a calmer fish if he had another fish with him. She clearly knew nothing about Oscar's... they will quickly KILL any 'friend' you'd put in with it! I do like that they hold animal adoptions in their stores.


You go to the site, put in your zip code and it shows you dogs or cats available in your area from local shelters. It's just a go between for people shopping around and the shelter. People giving it a bad rating are basing it on their experience with the individual seller/shelter. That's your job to check out who's selling the pet, not petfinder. They are just connecting you to the seller/shelter. We've been looking for a companion for my boyfriends father and it led us right to all the shelters in our area. Once we found a pet we thought he'd like, I contacted the shelter directly. Most shelters operate one an email system because they'd otherwise be answering the phone all day with inquires instead of taking care of the animals. They are often short staffed. If you send an email you may have to wait a few days for someone to respond. They get A LOT of people requesting info on pets. Sorry, but that's just how the shelter systems work. If you had a bad experience with the shelter, give them a bad review, not petfinder... they already did their job.


I live in a small town in IL. There is nothing ever for sale near me. I've checked the site numerous times on and off for the past 6 months. I guess it's just not popular in my area. I'm sure other's are able to enjoy the site. Just note that not everyone will be able to use this site.


We shop at wal-mart a lot because it's closest to our home, however, there are times that I just want to go to Meijer because it's sooo much better. Prices are always good and there are always deals to be had. Lots of bogo items. I love thier home decor section. I have found so many cute decorative items that wal-mart just doesn't have. The selections of items is wonderful and so many more choices. They have great clothes too and often sale racks. We had to buy for a baby shower and found a bunch of baby clothes on sale for 1.00! I just wish we had one closer to us so I could go all the time.


I really love shopping at Rural King. We've even driven several miles from home to go to stores we haven't been to before. Each one is just a little different in what they have. The key to bargain shopping at Rural King is to go after the season ends. My boyfriend is a hunter and finds all his hunting stuff after the season is over. He can get things at 75% off or more. Recently we shopped at a local store and I was able to pick up several good deals. They had fleece lined leggings on sale for 2.69 and I love these leggings! Super soft! Also, they have a clearance section with not only seasonal items, but other everyday items as well. I was able to pick up some Real Tree camo mixing bowls for a 1.00 each to take to our hunting cabin. I already have the matching plates, so it was perfect. We even got a bunny last year and he loves his new home with us! They have everything from named brand clothing, house hold, kitchen, bath, hunting needs, boots, shoes, animal feed, food, garden, gun, furniture and a whole lot more! Perfect store for one stop shopping.


Maybe it was the particular restaurant we visited, but I just wasn't that impressed. We both got burgers and they were good, but not anything special. We did have some custard and it was very good. I think if we did go back it would be to simply get some custard and skip the meal. The staff was ok, not really friendly or unfriendly, just kinda blah. I like when you walk in a place they make you feel like they are glad you are there. I don't think they really cared. It was more about getting us in and getting us out.


My boyfriend and I went to Outback with another couple for Valentines day and had a wonderful time and a great meal. The staff was very friendly and the food was amazing. We ordered the Valentines special and after eating way to much... we shared a delicious cheese cake that was more than enough for two. The restaurant was clean. A little crowded, but that could be because of the special day. I would definitely go back.


Whenever I'm in the mood to bake or cook, I can always find just what I'm looking for. Great ideas for parties and comfort foods. Easy to navigate and search categories. I used to use other sites, but always came back to Bettycrocker.


I really like using essential oils everyday. I had always gotten my oils at wal-mart until one day a lady said to me to be careful that not all oils are pure and safe. So I started doing some research and found Rocky Mountain oils. I don't use oils for just the scent in the air, I use them for smooth skin, keeping my immune system up, relieving cold and flu symptoms, soft hair and eczema relief. I went to Rocky Mountain website and found a blend called immune support and one called flu time. We were right in the middle of cold and flu season and my boyfriend and I had been exposed to the flu from his karate students. I ordered both the immune support and flu time oils. The shipping was super fast and no leaking bottles. It just so happened that the day the oils arrived, we were both feeling feverish and not well. I immediately put the immune support in the diffuser and mixed the flu time with coconut oil and spread on our feet and backs. Everyone else who had gotten the flu at the same time as us (the entire karate class was dropping like flies) suffered for over a week. Ours lasted maybe 2 days. The first day we felt feverish and just not well and after applying the flu time on day two, we both felt much better. By day three neither one of us really felt bad at all. Maybe a little tired and that was it. I kept the immune support going in the diffuser for over 2 weeks and still use it now and then when one of us starts to feel stuffy headed.

I also purchased the neroli oil blend for my face and hair. I LOVE the smell of the neroli oil and when I get out of the shower I put a few drops in with my leave in hair conditioner and it leaves my hair supper soft and smelling great! I also use it with coconut oil on my face and it leaves my face feeling so smooth. They also make a blend called skin tone. I LOVE it. My face not only feels supper smooth, but tighter pores as well. I use it in the mornings and it last all day.

I like that they put on their bottles of oil how the oil can be used. The little symbols make it easy to tell if you can diffuse it, use it on your skin or for house cleaning. I always cringe when I see people leaving reviews at sites like on how they use essential oils. Some people are using oils straight from the bottle complaining that it burns their skin... They obviously didn't do any research on how to use their oils properly by using a carrier oil with it. You can get all that info you need at RMO site.

Because I know that their oils are 100% pure I know they are safe. The website even gives you all the info you need on how to use the oils safely. You can also purchase diffusers and other oil essential items. You can also find recipes and tips for your oils.

They have a program so you can save money for future purchases. It's a points system that adds up each time you make a purchase and you can receive money off your purchases once you gain the points you need. I do wish the points needed were lower, mostly because oils go a long way and it takes a while before you reorder, but that's not a big issue.

I highly recommend Rocky Mountain Oils, the price is right and the quality is 100%. You can't beat that!


I was able to find quite a bit of info on my family and my boyfriends family. However, the info it provides is not always accurate. I searched myself and found a lot of wrong dates and yes It was me because everything else was correct (ie: place of birth, places I lived, parents names... etc). It can be a helpful tool if you are careful to research farther. I do like that I was able to find old u.s. census documents (originals) for my family from 1920-1940. Some other sites make you pay to see those. It is better than the pay sites, but just be careful to make sure some info is actually correct.

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