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Let me lay down the dope. I have had enough. Frustrated beyond economical repair. And mind you this is a Master speaking with a hcap of 66.8.

WGT - Manipulators par excellence.

How they perpetrate this humongous con.

After every few games. The swing meter is tweaked to have a mind of its own. You will never be able to guage it's speed, as a result you will swing short or long resulting in a pull or a slice... both of which will send your ball traversing gloriously into the rough or a hungry bunker. On the green during the putt, the swing meter will display a will of it's own depending on whether it's your time to shine or bite the bullet. This is the manipulation. Changing the swing meter speed. And to add insult to injury wgt has the audacity to put an icon specifically to slow swing meter speed for which they charge 30 credits. Smartasses... think the whole world is dumb. I am sure most of us who have played the game long enough, would have experienced on a certain par 3 in chambers bay, if the distance to putt is 30 feet, the swing meter will show a max 15 feet. With time running out you will get into all manner of calisthenics and lo behold... These days I am cool as a cucumber, I just chip. Although it doesn't work well but alas what else to do.

The sole aim of WGT is commercial. With this vision... the game is designed to keep all parties happy and provide an illusion it is fair play. Ultimately everyone looses and is made to believe the reason is inferior equipment. So you naively buy better clubs and balls with the hope you will meet Mr. Fair play enroute. Sure enough you will think you are Tiger for a while vanquish ing all and sundry who dare to cross your path. But be sure this euphoria is at best shortlived... soon enough you will land on Terra firma. The window of slow meter dissappears. Oftentimes just when things are going Tickety boo and you are celebrating an emphatic win, the connection times out. Once a while when the meter is slow boy what a pleasure to play the game. The graphics are mind blowing. I just can't fathom why they cannot run a fair outfit. Hope it does not meet the same fate as cash play. It will be an unfortunate day for lovers of the game.

If you can survive the game long enough. Then it only reveals three things about you
1. U R Dumb or
2. U R Self realised or
3. U R addicted

By the time you are done with d game. Pls. Book an appointment with d shrink. Alternately accept the manipulations and be willing to loose some greenbacks each month, just to enjoy the sheer magic of the graphics.

In conclusion... today very few players wish each other good luck or good game. Because they all know it's only luck all d way. There is little or no skill. Keep your fingers crossed

Tip for consumers: Guys believe me. WGT & Cashplay are one of the biggest scam steers on the planet. If you don't believe me go ahead and flush ur hard earned bucks down their filthy arses.

Scamsters par excelence
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I mean what is there to write. Its a scam with the sole intent to rob you of your money. Makes you an addict and thereafter the roller coater ride of an addict downhill. Purchase purchase purchase is all they want you to do. At the end of the day everybody, i mean everybody looses. I hope somebody grabs them by their balls. Is anybody listening.

Tip for consumers:
Guys believe me . WGT & Cashplay are one of the biggest scam steers on the planet . If you don't believe me go ahead and flush ur hard earned bucks down their filthy arses.


Hi folks

RideAlly Taxi Service ( rideally.com) Beware - totally unprofessional

The under mentioned incident is synonymous with the malaise so prevalent in the country. The lack of professionalism and honour for ones word is appalling.

I had booked a eleven seater tempo traveller to proceed from Bangalore to Vandi Periyar ( Periyar Tiger Reserve) on the 31st Mar 2018 from a travel company named RideAlly taxi service with their office at HSR layout Bangalore. I had reservation in an estate guest house from 31 st Mar to 03 Apr 18. Since the guest house is located inside the Periyar tiger reserve. Their is a requirement for one to enter the forest check post before 5 pm. Keeping the above in mind, I requested the vehicle to be present at my residence at 0445 hrs, so as to reach the destination well in time.

The travel agency confirmed all these requirement the day before, adding, that the driver details would be sent 45 minutes prior to vehicle arrival at the residence.

I was in for a rude shock on the wee hours of 31 st Mar 18 when neither the vehicle arrived at the appointed hour nor did I receive any driver details.

In sheer desperation, I called the office numbers but to no avail.

An hour later me and my relatives were forced to undertake the journey in our own vehicles.

Later on contacting the promoters, their apathetic response was that they were unable to contact the driver ( sic).

There has been no revert, apology nor remorse displayed by the travel company. A great website and English speaking staff cannot mask the lack of professionalism and rot within.

Devottam S. – RideAlly Rep

Hello Sir,
I am so sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience. That was truly not our intention. We really appreciate your opinion and hope you do give us the chance to make it right.
As we discussed this over the phone, we promise you, this will not happen again to any customer.
We have taken strict actions against the driver as well as the agent who took your booking.
I do hope you don't Judge the entire team by this experience. We strive to do just one thing... to give everyone a smooth travel experience.
Feel free to reach out to me directly if you ever have any questions or comments, or if there is anything else we can do to help remedy your experience.

RideAlly Team.


Jungle lodge Dandeli ( Kali Adventure Camp) - A home away from home

Stay 26 Sept to 29 Sept 17

The title of my review sums up our stay at the Jungle lodge Dandeli ( Kali Adventure Camp). My kudos to the fantastic staff & Manager who run this outfit. Though a Govt. Undertaking, their attutude and cheerfulness far surpasses that of any equivalent private resort. Bereft of the fancy, it's a rustic setup for the hardy.

I would be failing in my duty if I did not mention a few names amongst all, who went the extra mile to make our stay truly homely. Mr. Anikit ( Manager), Shashidhar, Dutta, Pramod, Man singh and Ram singh.

The food (like home), easy on the stomach was such a welcome change from the oil soaked fare dished out in many other resorts. Kudos to all the cooks who dished out the delectable fare. Different varieties of fish adorned each meal. Indian is the standard fare but I am sure the cooks can accommodate Chinese and continental too, if requested.

The time of our visit ( end Sept) was a dampener though. It was disappointing not to be able to challenge the Rapids of the kali river. Ideal time starts from end October. Also the unusual rain this year played truant for the jungle safari and other outdoor bird watching and trekking activities.

The property is not much to crow about, for the price. However it's clean, and home to a variety of birds among which a fleet of majestic hornbills, perched high up on the trees, announcing their presence with puppy like shrill cries. Unfortunately sighting of the prehistoric croc. Slipped our eye due to the muddy water of the mighty kali.

On the whole a great place to chill in off season and I am sure an adventurers adrenalin rush during season, when the clean and misleading charm of the kali beko one to indulge in it's nuances.


Zimber- what a rip off

I had solicited the services of Zimber for certain plumbing issues plaguing my house.

Their response was immediate, albeit with catchy phrases such as " Zimber Champ " will be at your place at 11 AM. He will carry out a study of the works to be undertaken and give an estimate etc. etc.

Suffice to say the " Zimber Champ" did turn up at haif past eleven and seriously he looked anything but a champ. If not for the fact that I was informed that he would be coming, I would have mistaken him for a local goon, with earring and what not. He proceeded to interview me on the repair works to be undertaken. At the outset it all sounded very prof. But lingering deep within was the thought that an act was being puo

There was no estimate and the resigned look on his face made me think he had a date with his girl and I was going to delay that pleasure.

The best was yet to come. In place of the Estimate he proceeded to hand me his personal plumber card, with a off the cuff remark that if were to have any such requirements in future, I should solicit his service, rather than a fancy MNC with exhorbitant charges.

Thereafter sensing my lack of amusement, he proceeded with the work.

For a particular problem he proceeded to educate me of the requirement of a very specific spanner which to my utter dismay he did not carry in his tool bag, meaning the job would stay undone. So much for "champs".

All works done the apprehensive moment had arrived. I don't know about you, in my case I have always been wary of people who do not give you an indication of the same upfront. The worst wheeler dealer says " give me whatever you feel like saar ". He is a full blown Japanese samurai, waiting to skin you should you take the bait and quote him a figure that matches your intelligence and experience.

Anyways to cut the story short, the champ rattled out a figure that almost took my breath away. No wanting to partake of his company any further, I requested for a receipt to which he promptly replied, the same would be sent to me via sms. I was not convinced of the manner in which the transaction was being carried out. Nevertheless as it was well past lunch time I paid up and saw the champ to the door. In parting he graciously impressed upon me to ping him in the event of any issues.

Late in the evening my wife was shocked to see, the entire work area flooded due to a leaking pipe repaired in the morning.

Promptly I called the champ to apprise him of the situation and requesting if he could address the issue immediately since both my washing machine and my dishwasher were connected to the said tap. He promised to come the next day at 9:30 in the morning.

I cancelled my engagement for the day and waited in anticipation for the champ. At 11 AM, I gave him a call. He picked up and on questioning why he had not come till then, he told me in an condescending tone..." It's raining saar", it almost sounded like " you moron can't you see it's raining ". Thereafter I tried a couple of times, he never picked my calls.

As of my writing the time is 6: pm. The leak is very much present. The champ has not responded.

Suffice to say Zimber and his champ have made me poorer by a couple of thousand rupees, totally unprofessional with scant if not nil regard to customer service.

It's been a week since. No response from Zimber.The tap has been repaired by my "local Champ". So much for these so called professional " Champs".

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