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66 Reviews by Stuart


I had notified Blockbuster.com that I wanted to cancel my subscription to DVD's through the mail, they replied by saying that I have to return any DVD's that I have by a certain date, and I did just that. I then find out that they are charging me 21.93 each for two DVD's that I sent back. They even asked me for a review of the movies. I notified American Express about this situation and they wrote to Blockbuster and Blockbuster did not answer them, (they knew they were wrong) so American Express credited my account for a total of 43.00 and change. I always use American Express and I advise you all to do the same. Bye Bye for now. Stuart.


I have ordered quite a bit of items from Budk.com, including knives, machetes, crossbows and darts and other equipment and they have delivered ontime and they keep you posted when you will receive your items. This is an excellent company. They are quick to deliver. You can not go wrong. Try them you'll like them. Bye Bye for now. Stuart


I bought 4 tires from discounttire.com and they arrived at the front door and I could not believe that you could do this. Great tires and very reasonable. They also sent me a $100.00 debit card as a rebate. Could you ask for anything else. They are great to speak with and it they say something they stand by what they say. Try them, you will like them. I have 3 vehicles, where do you think I will be buying all my tires from. Bye Bye for now. Stuart S.


My wife dropped her notebook and broke the corner so you could only see 3/4 of the screen. I told her I would order a new screen from the above. Com. Laptopscreen.com made it so easy to order, all you needed was to follow the questions and then it tells you what you would like. It's that easy. I watched the video on replacing the screen myself and it was as easy as they said it would be. You just have to take it easy and not force anything. Well, it works just GREAT. You just have to try this Laptopscreen.com, you won't be sorry. Bye Bye for now. Stuart S.


I have been with Verizon for years and I can't complain. There reception is better and stronger, they are all around, they are very helpful, they try to do their darndest to get you all the deals they can. I had a Samsung Galaxy S5 and had a power pack added to it. Worked well for a long time and then the phone started to act funny, no matter what I tried it would not take a charge anymore. My cellphone was under warranty and I called Verizon and they tried to get the phone working by the way they were telling me to try, but, nothing changed so they said we will send you a Samsung Galaxy S8 for the replacement price of 149.00 and if I did not return the S5 they would charge my account. They got the old and I got the new. Now let me tell you that you cannot get my S8 away from me. I love the phone and the reception is great no matter where I go. I love it. The pictures are beautiful, more than enough storage for me, performs with all the bells and whistles. I also put a power pack on my cell and it all works great. I LOVE IT, LOVE IT. My wife still has the S5 and wants the S8 but her cell works fine, so she wants to keep it.


You say you need a new bed but you don't want the usual ones, you want the better or best so what do you do, you go to Sleep Number beds and you find a bed that you like or love and spend big money between $5,000.00 and $7,000 and of course you want the warranty and you go home happy as a pig in (you know). Then one day you need service on this expensive bed only to find out that the parts are guaranteed but the labor is around $200.00. Your warranty starts from the day you buy it and not from the time you received the delivery. CHECK IT OUT. Would you really buy the bed now, I THINK NOT.


This is a great company. I had other Blinds vendor come over for my house and the price that they stated was way over any amount I was ready to pay. My neighbors suggested I call Garden State Blinds in New Jersey. They came to the house measured and the price was right and so was the service. I would definitely say give them a call and find out for yourself. Ask for Brett Landon. They guarantee their work and if you have a problem they come over and fix it for nothing. This is a family business. Bye Bye for now. Stuart S.


Hello All, let me tell you a story about Boost Mobile. I first started off in this past December by purchasing two (2) Samsung Prevail cell phones and only paying $55.00 plus $5 for insurance and everything is unlimited, text, internet, calls, pics, ringtones, navigation and more. Sounds like a great deal and I thought so too. Well, I tried to download apps and because the phone comes with its own apps there is very little room for your apps and immediately runs out of space, so now you cannot update your apps, there is no space, you cannot delete there apps. I have absolutely no space for any apps I want, so, I went out and purchased a ZTE smartphone. Plenty of storage for all the apps you want but now I have another problem and this time it very very bad reception and the volume on the phone is low and I can't turn it up any further. I call up warranty department and the first person tells me she will email me everything I need to know to send the phone back. Well, I get the email and the bottom half is gone, so I have no mailing of the unit. I call back another day and this time the person keeps asking me the same questions over and over and I then told him to write it down. He too said he will email all the information and I waited and waited and waited and you get the idea, NOTHING. I have had it, now I go back to apple and get my Iphone and whatever else I need. Done, and I mean done with Boost Mobile. Boost Mobile called me at home and wanted to make things right and I said you could not because I will still be dealing with the same people. NO. I can only warn you not to go cheap because that is what you get, at least at Boost Mobile. And I lived happily ever after. Bye, Bye for now. Stuart S. Reporting


On Father's Day we all decided to go to Monmouth Race Track for brunch and for the horse races. First off, this is the first time I have ever been at a horse race track. Reservations were made for the brunch and 8 of us were there, only to find out that they said the reservations could not be found so that was out and we then set out to have a sit down meal. My god, it took over 2 hours to get filet mignon, mashed potatoes, and green beans. The meat was fatty and cold. This meal was costing $55 per person, the fathers did not have to pay it was on the rest of the family. The food was terrible. All I know is that my son asked me for $80.00, I won't see that money again. Well, we went down to the rails to watch and bet on the races. I found it quite exciting and the crowd was loud for rooting for their horse. I am a VietNam Vet and a woman from the track came over to me to talk about friends who are now serving and then she left and came back with 2 horseshoes from the last race winner and gave them to me. I will never forget her and they will hang in my new home. All in all it turned out to be a nice day and I won 4 races out of 12, I had fun and I think you would feel just as excited as I was. If you have never been to a race track it is something you won't forget. Bye Bye for now. Stuart S.


I wanted a case for my cellphone and when I went to Amazon.com, this site hooked me up with the above site. I found the cover and color that I wanted and ordered it. The price was unbelievable for my Samsung M820 it cost me $2.00 and change delivered. I thought I would have to wait a while and when I went to the mailbox, there it is. It not only looks good but the price was great. When my wife saw mine she said she had to have one. So, I ordered up a pink one for her. This is a real nice site, drop by tell them I sent ya. Bye Bye for now. Stuart S.


We went to the Laurita Winery and we first went for the brunch, it was a buffet and the food was just great. They had french toast, bacon, eggs, ham, roast beef, fruit and plenty of wine. We then went outside and it was just a prefect Mother's Day. There was a live band and that too was good. You could have a picnic on the grass, there was a wagon tour of the winery and many people and kids went on the ride and they seemed to have liked it and it was free. There were jets flying over and they had C130's which are cargo planes, they were either going in for a landing at Ft. Dix, NJ. There was 7 of us and when we divided the bill it came to $48.00 for the two of us. The food was good, the wine was good the company was great, the day was beautiful, the music was good. From Staten Island to New Egypt, NJ took about 45 minutes. This Winery is about 10 minutes from Great Adventure, which is really not far, I think you would really like it for everyone. There is plenty of wine flowing and you can buy what wines you like, the price is right. Go have a good time. Bye Bye for now. Stuart S.


It is amazing how today you have to read every word when you agree to anything. I read where you receive your free trail and then you MUST notify them that you do not want any more or they continue to send. I emailed them on April 13 and they still went ahead and charged my account for $74 and change even after emailing them so I went and sent another email 4/28 stating that they cease any further shipments and then notified my American Express to look into this matter. I will get back to you with the results. WARNING, do not do business with the company.


In looking around on the net for something that would help me keep my rings from falling off. I have lost 1 diamond ring and that was enough. I found this site Miles Kimball and looked through their catalog and found these plastic inserts for your rings. They come in different widths and lengths and you cut them down to your ring size, I inserted the plastic into the ring and slipped it on and sure enough it fits just great and it does not slide off or around. Great idea, love it. I have other rings I would not wear because of this problem and now I don't have to worry. Try it, you'll like it. Bye Bye for now. Stuart S.


Revel resort, not a casino, that is what they tell me. The pit boss Mike Pignotti was a real nice guy. He told me how things were going and what to expect and he was quite interesting. I never played the tables but this time Uricka, the girl on the blackjack table told me to come and try the game. I was told that on an electronic table you do not get the time played on your card only manual tables do you get the credit time. My wife and I had a great time playing even though we lost, we still had a smile on our faces. Revel is a nice place and the employees are more than eager to help you. We will be returning on April 29, and we will be going back to the Revel again. People are winning because you do hear the bells and whistles going off. My wife was playing the penny slots and won $210 and all it cost was $20.00, that was a nice return. Go and play, try it you might like it. Bye Bye for now. Stuart S.


My son's birthday is 2morrow and it was so easy to fill out the ecard and it has birthday music. When he receives it their is a email sent to me letting me know that. He is out of the country so sent it to his email. It is free for the ecard and you should take a look at the site it is real nice for sending ecards and music and it IS free. Try it you'll like it. Bye Bye Stuart S.


First off, I would like to tell you that this is a person I have known since he was a young fellow. He is an outstanding person with a very nice attitude. This is a site a would definitely recommend to everyone who is planning a party or wedding or birthday or anything. The sound of the music is beautiful. Nice dancing music and you can suggest music or songs and he plays all. You just have to try this site. When you do please come back and report your findings so everyone knows just how good he is, this is a big company and he employs many. Try it you'll like it.


Friends of mine called me up and asked me to come over and take a look at their new laptops. Their son and daughter both bought laptops, one was an HP and the other was a Asus, The Asus was not working and when I talked with them they said that this is the second one. The first one was not working so they brought it back to Best Buy and they were given another one in replacement, they took that one back to the house and plugged it in and that one did not work either and I looked it over and the head crashed. Well, I went back with them to Best Buy and spoke with repair and they said it went bad because they did not use a surge protector, I said you must be kidding me, they said to use a different outlet, I said are you kidding me. I have never used a surge protector on my 2 laptops and 1 desktop and they are still running all these years. Well, you won't believe this but their were 2 other customers ahead of us and would you believe that they had the same Asus laptop and they had worse problems with it, 1 said he was watching a movie and it started to smoke and burned out. The other customer had the same problem as ours and they took them all back. We took an HP and for the others I don't know. I have encountered Asus computers some time ago and I didn't like them then. I have a Dell and an Acer Windows 8. Love them, and for my desktop still running. They don't make them like that any more. Well, all turned out well. Well, Bye Bye for now. Stuart S.


I filled out a form for the POD (Portable On Demand) to be delivered Jan 27,2012. This is a container that you fill up with clothes and or other items and when you are done you call them and they come over and pick up the container and either store it or move to your next place. When they delivered this container, they had to squeeze through my mailbox and cable box and he did do it, we were amazed. The container carrier comes off the truck, separate from the truck and moves by the operator right to where you want it. This guy was really good and he was a fine gentleman, he tells me to just call when I want it picked up. This company really sets up everything and then notifies you and then calls you to let you know when it will be delivered. This is really a good company. It only costs 180.00 a month, not bad. Put a lock on it and its secured, right in front of your place.
Bye Bye. Stuart S.


This site Clickinks.com still has not given me my refund, so, I went online to find out the Chamber of Commerce and the BBB and Consumer Affairs agencies that I can report the website to when all of a sudden I spot a website called PeopleClaim.com. I went to that website and the website said free of charge to file with them about this other site Clickinks.com and they would list this site on their blog and other things it would do to get my refund from the Clickinks.com. After filling out their forms and doing everything asked of me I went to submit it and THEN IT HITS YOU. PeopleClaim.com wants me or Clickinks.com to pay 22.90 for their service.

Sally E. – PeopleClaim Rep

Hi Stuart, PeopleClaim offers both 100% free and premium paid options. It sounds as if you added in some options such as mailing, but you're not obligated to use them. A free claim has delivery by email. Please let us know if you have any other questions--we're at support@peopleclaim.com.


This is a site that I have been using for ordering cartridges for my printer. This time I placed an order for 6 cartridges and when they arrived not one of them fit, they were to big. I notified the company and they said to send them back for replacement. I sent the 6 cartridges plus I included one of my own and they email me and tell me I only sent 6. I then told them to just fill the order and return my cartridge with the order. They have the cartridges and the money and now they keep me waiting. This is not how you do business nor will I return to that site again, no matter how cheap they are. The saying goes when you buy cheap it becomes expensive. WARNING: do not do business with a company that does not concern themselves with the customer. They say they do, but it is not so.

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“OMG, Stuart! This is the worst thing possible! No product or help from your bank! I guess you don’t have MasterCard or Visa because you could have them stop charges. Change banks. Please keep us posted.”

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