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66 Reviews by Stuart

My laptop for a long time never let me use my mouse pad, I always had to use my mouse. So I went into Best Buy and talked with tech support and in less than a minute he showed me the key I must have touched long ago and did not know about that key. What a jerk I felt Iike, but all is well now, happy I went there even after being in the business of 28 years teaching repairs, programming and writing programs. I am never to old to learn. He did not charge me and he would not take any money so I put it in his pocket and said thank you and left.
The people in this store will let you rent a weapon and buy shells so you can go into there firing indoor range and try out the weapons of your choice. The range masters are all at your disposal and they will teach you how to hold and load your weapon and how to fire it and the safety you need to enjoy yourself. This is truly a nice place to come to if you like guns, the staff is friendly and want to do what they can to make your experience a fun time. I can tell you that I sure enjoy target shooting, it is fun. If you are ever in New Jersey and are around Airport Rd. Lakewood, drop in and give them a try, but, first give them a call and find out what you need to ID yourself. Enjoy
I have a HP Deskjet 3520 printer 3 in 1. This printer is WI-FI and I just love this way of printing from my living room. Well, the printer stopped printing black and no matter what I did nothing corrected the problem so I called HP and spoke with Tech Support and told them about the black not printing. I told them that I took out the print head and cleaned each port for the different colors and still no help and they told me that the print head does not come out and I told them that it does and I did it, well, they kept telling me NO the print head does not come out. Make a long story short, I ordered a new print head on line and when I hooked up the new print head everything worked just fine. Love the new print head and now the printer is back online and working just great. Just goes to show how much HP Tech Support knows.
Geek.com just showed up on my screen one day and from then till now I order a lot and even though I found out that I am dealing with China I must say that they have what I want and the price is right. I have purchased air horns, red dot for my long gun, headsets, cables, memory cards and so much more. You have just got to try this site there must be something you can find on there. You may have to wait a little longer because the items come from China it is free s/h, it's worth it. Try it, I know you will like it.
Again, I had to go to these fellows with another three more watches, as I collect watches, and this time this fellow opened my watch and could not find a battery and he showed me that there is no battery, then he said let me try something else and I said go for it and he found two screws holding the face to the glass and there was the battery. He replaced it and sure enough it began to beat again. I will not take my watches or jewelry to anyone else but them. They just do fine work and they don't hide it from you, they are respectful and appreciate the business. If anyone has anything to say that is different then mine maybe they are confusing them with someone else. These fellows are really good, take it from me, I will not steer you wrong.
TripAdvisor is just one of the best sites around as I write reviews on this site as I do with SiteJabber. When I travel around and I write reviews as to where I have been and all things associated with the trip. You will find this site just as important as you do Sitejabber. Many times before I go out to eat I check out what tripadvisor has to say and go from there. Check it out you will find a lot of info that's worth reading. Bye bye for now.
I went looking on youtube for something that could take my pictures and games and videos and movies and put all this on my Samsung smart 55" tv. I went to Microsoft and they had a piece of electronics that plugged into the back of your tv, but it did not work because I had no software for this item. So, on youtube I saw video about this Ezcast that did the same thing that I wanted and sure enuff it gave me my movies and pics and videos and the rest and it only cost me $21.00 and change. It works on my laptop and my tablet and my cellphone and all the other devices I have in the house, it all works off of the wifi. It is so easy to setup and run really, you can not beat the price. I did not know the item was coming from China until after the fact but I received the item quickly and all is working just great. I love how I can put the movies from my items right onto the tv. Love it. try it. Let me know how you enjoy it.

Tip for consumers: All you need on the back of the TV is HDMI, USB. That's it.

We went in to shop for food and I encountered the Verizon concession were we stopped and talked with a representative named DALIA. She told us that by upgrading with them not only would my wife and I receive a new Samsung Galaxy S5 plus a charger, earplugs, car charger, and a electric plug for the house and of all things we would receive $600.00 ($300 each person) from Costco in a gift card and Verizon would send us a $200.00 check. This is all promotional. We walked away with 2 new phones and all the above and Dalia showed me how to transfer my apps from the old to the new phone and it all worked out with no problems. It was worth taking the time to find out about all this. We then went on to go shopping for our foods. What a day. Costco on Route 9, you will find Dalia. She was so nice and I told her that I would tell everyone about her and how she made everything work for us. Go see Dalia at Costco on Route 9, New Jersey, tell her Stuart sent ya. Good Luck, I know you will be happy.
This evening around 7:40PM friday I received a call from a company that handles Microsoft problems. Microsoft noticed that my computer had over 56,000 errors, my computer was automatically notifying Microsoft. Well this company called me and said we will get rid of all the errors and will put in place a microsoft antivirus and a cleaner that will take care of my computer for the rest of the life of the computer. They were very nice and I was watching them fly around my computer and I thought WOW this is a great thing they are doing. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, the second person came on and said it would cost me $200.00 for these two programs for the rest of the life of the computer. Here I thought they were going to do this and since there was no mention of money when this call started, this call lasted for nearly one hour and when I told them that I could not afford $200.00 for I am on a fixed income, I am a senior citizen age 70 and also a veteran and see if they would waive the fee. Really, I could not afford that price so they said I could pay 100 now and then next month another 100, I said I could not so they then said you can pay us $60 and we will clean up your computer but will not put a cleaner program on my computer. I told them that for all the help they wanted to do for me and without the mention of money I was going to notify sitejabber how great they are and would gladly mention them to others for the thoughtfulness that they gave there customers. The next thing I hear is she hung up on me and that was that. I have not had any problems with my computer at all. I have been doing my best to protect my computer and still feel that I am ok. I have a tablet and have been using it more and more without any problems there either. I just loved how they set you up and then let you fall. No money no honey. What a really nice company they are (NOT).

Tip for consumers: check and find out if this is going to cost anything before you start or you could wind up 1 or 2 hours wasted.

Let me tell you a story about a Hyundai Tucson 2012 radio. We purchased a Hyundai in 2012 and paid for Siriusxm and paid extra for our other tablets and cellphones. Well, all was well for some time and then it happened we were cut off from Siriusxm and could not understand why, we paid our bill always so what happened. Well, here it goes but first, I do not even have to leave the house to run into problems, some that should not occur. I called Siriusxm and they said because the radio was changed out, they needed a letter from the dealer and they wanted to charge me $15.00 for the change over from one radio to another and I said no and hung up. I called up Siriusxm the next day and they told me that this replacement radio was someone else's and that blah! blah! blah! so, I hung up getting even madder. I called up the 3rd day and was speaking with a nice guy who wanted to help me, like this is how it should have been I explained that my radio was replaced and now Siriusxm wants to charge me $15.00 and he said he would correct all the problems and would not charge me anything. What a great guy and all was working well for sometime.Well, everything is going along fine and then recently we got turned off on all our devices. I called Siriusxm and explain the situation (here we go again). This time I really got mad. The girl tells me that the previous owner put in for a 30 day free trial and because there time was up it was turned off. I said I own this radio and these people do not. I said that I have been paying each and every month for service and you cut me off without even telling me why. Well, the girl said she would give us 90 days free trial on the radio and 30 days on the other devices.Then they will have straightened out the problems (I don't think so, but will find out) in 30 days. For now, I am preparing for the 30 day fight, but all the devices are working. I am a happy camper for now. Will continue to let you know what happens.

Tip for consumers: Make sure that your name is associated with your radio or you run into the same problems that I now have.

I saw on there website sd 32gb memory for $3.69 EACH. I placed an order for 10 sd 32gb cards, I paid then $36.96. When I received my order I found only 4 32gb cards for $36.96. They changed the price to suit only 4. I wrote to them and they emailed back saying I only ordered 4, what a lie, I ordered 10 and (i have the printout,) they say NO you did not.I have purchased from them in the past and no problems. I will not purchase not one more item till they make good on my purchase. They are doing bate and switch. I may be out some money but I will not deal with them again.

Tip for consumers: Save your printout. I really say, stay away from them. They also cancelled the original order and re-issued a new order number to switch on me. JUST STAY AWAY.

I was looking around the web and found www.simpleear.com which manufactures hearing aids at a price you can handle. There are basic and medium and premium hearing aids. They come with batteries and a case, wait, in stead of me telling you, why don't you go to the site and judge for yourself, you have nothing to lose. The price is right and it is affordable. Bye bye for now. Stuart S.
With all this weather these days and the storms I thought it was time to look into a whole house generator. I am on an oxygen machine and get tired of hauling out the tanks to work off. I called Trinity and they said they do generators for the whole house. Well that was great to hear. Well we measured out where to place the unit and what it entails. The unit goes on when the electric goes out and exists on a battery backup, no noise, nice and quiet not like the gas generators. The unit self-tests itself and all you have to do or they can do for a charge is to change the oil and filter and plugs (sounds like a car oil change). They charge to do this if you want. You will see as the years go by that the weather is becoming brutal and outages are beginning to happen more often and for longer periods of time. It can either become very hot or very cold without electric. Maybe you should start thinking about something like this. How often and how much food do you lose when the electric goes out. This is a very good company and the people really want to help you. Call, you have nothing to lose and maybe something to gain. Bye bye for now. Stuart S.
I have always wanted to have solar for my home but it was always too expensive. Well, this time I looked into it and found Trinity Solar Panels, they are very well recognized in the State of New Jersey. They came to the house and explained that they had 3 options: pay in full, lease,no out of pocket. I chose to select lease, this way I receive credits for my electric and the company gets the rebate and I also receive very little amount on my electric bill, down from $150+ down to about $10+. I think it is great for everyone regardless of which one you pick. They maintain everything, all you do is collect your credit and pay a much smaller electric bill. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain. If and when you have a problem with the panels, they know it first for they monitor it and they send someone immediately and fix it and let you know that there was a problem, but now fixed.
Try it, You may save a bundle. Bye bye for now. Stuart S.
Did you know: Since 2010 there is a law that states, when you see a police vehicle on the side of the highway you are required to move over to the next lane before you get to that vehicle or you are subject to a $724.00 ticket and 4 points and a mandatory court appearance. Don't believe me, goto www.moveoveramerica.com, read it for yourself. Bye bye for now. Stuart S.
I flew into Vegas and hopped the bus like everyone else to find that I had to take another bus that goes to Fox Rental Cars out a ways from the rest of the rental companies. When I arrived I had to stand on a line for nearly one hour. When it came my turn the vehicle I had reserved a few months back, they had none. You then went outside and stood on another line that took two hours only to find that they had nothing that came close so they gave me a chevy traverse suburban which is much longer in length, it was hard finding a space and when I parked, it was harder backing up without a camera. The following day I took it back and they gave me a Jeep Liberty which was hard steering and noisy road sound inside, I brought that back the following day and they finally gave me the vehicle I had originally requested. I will say that the manager tried to do the right thing, but standing on a line for 1 hour and then standing outside on another line for 2 hours is just not worth the money you save because when you have to leave you have to return the vehicle then jump on Fox bus and then jump on to the bus that takes you to the airport, is it worth it, NO. I will never do this again, oh, and by the way I am in a motorized chair and it makes it much harder to get around because all the rest have already arrived and I am still catching up, so I am last.. No problem, my turn does come. Many and I say many of the people on line were really pissed off and you could hear them saying this will never happen again. Bye bye for now. Stuart S.
When I contribute to SiteJabber.com, I write about things that happen to me. These are places that I think either they should be promoted or talked about stating what went wrong and to consider whether or not I will return to these places again. What I do not like is if I write about a place this time and tell you all what is wrong and wonder do you want this to happen to you. What I don't like is when I write a review about someplace and then return back to this place in the future, why am I not allowed to write another review about this same place stating that the place cleaned its act up or to stay away from this place? This I do not think is fair nor is it right. I feel that SiteJabber.com should replie to this so everyone who writes a review should know why you can't come back in the future to possibly write a better review if that is the case. I do not write only about places to stay away from but I also want the right to turn around and write that they improved. I wait for a response from SiteJabber.com
Hi once again, getting older begins to take its hold on my walking and it is getting harder and harder to get around. I have come to the conclusion that I need a vehicle now to get around. I went to this site called Spinlife.com and purchased a scooter so I can get around. When the scooter arrived it had everything I needed to get around and it is easy to take a part. The heaviest part I believe is 32 pounds. The scooter breaks down to 5 pieces and the battery is good for 15 miles, it really lasts long. Once I showed everyone how to break down the scooter everyone wanted to put it together and take it a part. The scooter costs around $680.00 I believe, go and look at the site, you can change the color from maroon to blue if you want or change it back the colors came with the scooter. I love it and it lets me get around, it has everything you need to get around, trust me, the price is right and the vehicle is sturdy seems long lasting. If you need to get around this is the place to look, why rent all the time when you can buy it at a reasonable price. Bye bye for now. Stuart
In July I went out looking for a 55" Samsung SmartTV no 3D. I looked in Sears and other places and then decided to go to P C Richards. A friend of mine told me all about them and the deals he got. We went to P C Richards and looked around and started to leave, at the door they stopped us and asked us what they could do to make us happy. Well, we bargained back and forth and before long I got the Samsung and the mount for the wall for a very good price. I will continue to deal with them for now on. They treated us right. Try them, you'll like them. Bye Bye for now. Stuart
I am not now or ever been paid by anyone to write my reviews in favor of anyone unless I personally found them to either be a good company or a bad company. I write from personal experience. I am telling you that this is a good company. I say this because every time I have ordered anything from them it came quick and always in good working condition. I have spent over 150.00 and every penny was worth it. They always seem to have what I need or want. This is a good company, trust me, I would not be writing in their favor if it was anything but good. Try it, you'll like it. Stuart.

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