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What a bunch of idiots. Honestly how they are still in business is beyond me. They charge high amounts for shipping then hide behind their terms and conditions you have no choice to opt out of in order to place an order. Fed Ex decides it is much easier to remove a package from their truck than to try and deliver it because they did not think I would be available to receive it. This is after 4 day of delays that were Fed Ex's fault. I would highly recommend purchasing products elsewhere. My business partner found them online and while the first order was delayed it did not cause much grief. The second order for what should have been realitively easy since it was 2 boxes of adhesive which had to be shipped seperately for some reason resulting in much higher shipping costs was screwed up from the begining by Fed Ex. I had multiple delivery date changes and finally once the package was on the truck to be delivered it was then removed from the truck because they thought I would not be available. Instead of Insulation4Less being progressive about there shippers responsibility and trying to make things right they chose to just be captain obvious and state that I agreed to the terms and conditions when I placed my order that they were not responsible for the shippers delays. WELL GUESS WHAT THE SHIPPER COST YOU FUTURE BUSINESS AS I WILL NOW BUY MY PRODUCTS ELSEWHERE.

Tip for consumers:
It is too soon to know how the product preforms as my install is not completed but their customer service gets a 0. Because of this I will decline to use them in the future.

Products used:
I purchased 4 rolls of prodex 10, reflective tape, and metal adhesive which I would not buy their adhesive as the cost is double what you can buy Loctite locally for.

CustomerService I. – Insulation4Less Rep

Order#: V0054787 – 2 cases of metal sealant
Ordered: August 23, Shipped: August 24. Tracking information shows a delivery exception on August 30th marked as “Future delivery requested”
Delivered: August 31– on the 5th business day.

Within 4 days of order, Mr. Munson was writing FULL PAGE complaints. Further commentary from us isn’t necessary.


I have been a subscriber to this service for quite a while now, and have to say in the beginning, the service did hit a few games and I was getting closer to getting half of their $15,000, all plays, 365-day package back. Over the last month and a half, they have gone so far into the negative, that I doubt they will be able to climb out of the hole they have helped me dig. What really gets me though, is the fact that the person I talk and text, even though he is in the RED, keeps trying to get more money out of me. It would be almost laughable but the fact that he has lost me a ton of money is no laughing matter. He proceeds to tell me that he is spending money to help me and he feels it is right that I pay him for it... What an idiot, he forgot that I already paid him to make me money and I paid him very well to do so. If his service knew anything about handicapping games; he would not be needing to buy outside help. Their website basically states they are the source so I guess they are just repackaging other peoples bad information. The bottom line is that "He" is supposed to be the "SOURCE" and not a two-bit broker. If you are looking for a service to help you make money on betting sports plays, stay away from SAS Wins, because they don't! Also, I have a feeling they are in bed with many other services/ sources that may or may not be affiliated; but you can rest assured you will be contacted by numerous other services, as they sell or give your information away. I specifically got a burner cell phone number just to work with these people, as I did not want my personal information to be easily available. I have been contacted by no less than 14 other sports betting services. They also claim to really take care of their clientele. The truth is they don't know me from Adam. They are so out of tune with their customer base that they send texts to me (a paid client) and tell me I will win "30 units for $99.00". I played along last week and not only did they send me the first plays free, but they weren't even the same plays that the SAS put out earlier in the day. Both plays lost, "shocker"! The bottom line is SAS isn't a good service. They aren't a service at all. They are a brokerage and nothing more. They don't provide anything special nor do they know or take care of their clients. They will lose your money and then keep asking for more. If I wanted a useless broker I would have hired myself. I can look at lines and claim I know when "smart" money comes in on a game and then flip a coin, and send a "winning" text to my client. Feel free to sign up with me, I don't charge anything and the only reason I haven't lost everything is that I got wise to the garbage plays being sent, and played the other side. It has kept me more than a float. Stay away!


What a joke. I think these idiots are in bed with some of the other sports betting services. There website is identical to Vitogotti.com and they have the same habits of posting picks and laying off after a loss. Their great records turn to $#*! when you sign up with them so I think they start up another site to try and get more revenue as you cannot find out who the sites are registered to by using Whois. They hide behind godaddys proxy service so unless you want to get a lawyer involved you cannot find out if these companies are all run by the same people.


I signed up on the first of july with these guys for sports picks for $300.00 for the rest of the baseball season. What I got was such a $#*!ty record that I started sending my plays to them to get berated on why my plays were bad yet over 3 days I gave them a total of 10 picks and only one lost yet my plays had no foundation. Just to be clear they were touting that they had over 70% winners and immediately when I sign up they cannot hit 40% the first month and 33 % the second month. So these liars have a great record then when I give them my money they $#*! the bed. They had a total 30 plays for 2 months which they won a total of 12 plays and if you bet their suggested amounts you would have lost $7,290.00. How can these guys call themselves a betting service. They are scam artists deluxe and I am sure they are in bed with other betting services that offer the same $#*!ty returns after promoting their great records. I produced over 3 days almost as many winning picks with a 90% win ratio. This hardly sounds like someone that is connected in the business and knows what they are doing. In the end I asked for them to make up for $#*!ty service I received and they offered me a generous 50% discount from purchasing another package.

Tip for consumers:
Save your money and do your own homework.


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