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14 Reviews by Steven

It's a hit or miss here.
There are several disconnects: one being between the kitchen and the food they don't seem to know what they are doing as if they aren't from America, a disconnect between the waitstaff and the customer as the waitstaff doesn't talk about the food ordered, make suggestions or explain what is in the plate when it's served, the runners from the kitchen tonight didn't know I hadn't ordered "soup," it was clam chowder. Her spanish was excellent her English highly challenged.
When you hire people that aren't from America and don't understand English you have many problems:
1. Sanitation, it's not big in 3rd world countries or where people are fleeing from and now they are handling our food.
2. They don't know what our food is or that soup is served with a soup spoon and chowder may get ground pepper.
2 nights ago I stopped in as I had heard it was good.
The mussels were excellent and the combo seafood plate was pretty good. Malt vinegar would have been a great option if only the wait staff had known it was for fried seafood and brought it to the table!
The coffee is a mistake, it's as if they used 1/10 the amount of coffee needed to brew a pot, don't waste your money!
Tonight when I came to try it again I sat outside, but a table of 4 adults had 2 pre teenagers running and screaming all over the area, the parents oblivious to their out of control kids. This is a restaurant not a playground for children!
The restaurant staff did nothing, I moved twice to get away from the screaming running children!
Finally, settled I placed my order!
I ordered clam chowder, shrimp cocktail and a blackened grouper sandwich with jasmine rice.
1. The "soup" came without a spoon, not clam chowder, but "soup!" When a spoon arrived, it wasn't a soup spoon but a tablespoon! The spanish speaking girl was clueless that it was clam chowder and referred to it as soup!
2. The shrimp cocktail came out immediately after the "soup" was dropped off, both appetizers at the same time. Hmmmm!! 2 of the 6 shrimp had been deveined, 4 had not! It is a $14.50 appetizer with only 1 of 3 shrimp deveined and it was sent out with my chowder!! Not good!
I asked for a manager, I asked if they devein the shrimp on a shrimp cocktail, he took it back to the kitchen, apparently it takes 10 minutes to devein 4 shrimp! 2.5 minutes per shrimp! Pathetic!!
3. My blackened grouper sandwich arrived, it was a very small piece of grouper for the money and wasn't blackened, it was grilled! Instead of the jasmine rice I had ordered my plate was covered with fries!
I sent it back. They moved my sandwich to another plate and added rice after a while!

Yeah, 0(zero) out of 3 items came out correctly!

The staff is friendly and management is very nice, but the disconnect is huge here!

They have a long way to go or perhaps this is their comfort zone, but $45.00 for this meal is too high for a below average experience by about 2/3!
That pretty much sums up the evolution of ll bean.
What once was the gold standard in customer service, calls being answered quickly, returns/exchanges being made easily and customer service advocating for the customer have gone.
I used to love the store and even visited yearly for "Sparkle Weekend", but they have a new CEO and the things that made them great have gone the way of New York.
I recently sent 6 oxford shirts back as they were guaranteed to 'Never need ironing," they did!
I downloaded their forms from their site filled them out as they asked and wrote in what I wanted for an exchange in the exchange area.
This used to be a week to 10 day process. Now, 2.5 weeks later they have my shirts and have sent payments back to 2 banks I no longer do business with, an American Express gift card which I no longer have and 3 seperate checks sent to my house AND THEN charged my debit card $274.75!!!
1. I never gave them permission to debit my account!
2. Their form clearly shows this as an exchange, hell, its their damned form and included were notes outlining specifically what I wanted in exchange.
3. I had spoken to bot a customer service rep and manager before and they knew and understood what I wanted in case they couldnt understand their forms. All to no avail.
4. Now, 3 plus weeks later I am waiting another 10 days or so for them to sort this out.


In this day of people hacking accounts I would prefer they only used my credit information when I give it to them and not store any of that in their system for further usage!

They have botched a system that worked, albeit an old system, it worked.

Their policies have also changed!

This is not the ll bean of days gone by.

Leon Leonwood Bean would roll over in his grave if he saw what was happening to his store.

The younger generation has taken over and it is now a typical store, no different from any other department store!

What was taken out of my account without my permission or even the courtesy of a call is nothing short of stealing!!
Top that with them asking for another week or so to put my money back is both disgusting and pathetic.

They are no longer a model of anything except a typical store.

R.I.P. LL Bean, I appreciated the years we did business together, you are now in the hands of a CEO that is clueless about what you stood for!
I had been coming to Dr Verma since she opened.
Her attitude about not taking drugs caught my attention and influenced me to send both family and friends to her.
She sells vitamins to help offset whatever ailments a person has and their cost is very very high.
I justified it as the cost of doing business with her.
As she has become better known she now charges $300.00 for an office visit to interpret the lab work and will not release her results without the visit.
She had never done that before and says she is a "cash' business.
When I shared that her and I never had that fee arrangement and I justified it by buying the overpriced vitamins wasn't that enough?
She became upset and said she didn't want to be told how to run her business.
I'm glad I had brought a co-worker to witness the interaction.
She has an affluent clientele in the Lansbrook area of East Lake and they are capable of and willing to throw cash at this physician.
I am not willing to do this.
Her vitamins were running me $3-500.00 per month. That should have been enough.
It breaks my heart when greed steps in and caring for humans is tossed out.
I used to look forward to going there and being healthy naturally, even with overpriced vitamins.
There are naturopathic doctors that still care more about humans than a "cash" business.
The theory behind why its here is stellar, but with business comes responsibility.

Too often members coming and going run the stop sign in front of the building endangering walkers and biclycists on the Pinellas Trail.

Some are in too big a hurry to get their drinks and too inebriated to drive home safely when they leave.

Why isn't the legion more aware of its members having too many drinks and being unfit to drive?

How can the legion in good conscience know their members are running the stop sign coming and going (while intoxicated) and not do anything about it.

The legion is a great cause and I'm grateful to members that have served our country, but not happy when these same members place the public at risk!

American Legion 275 either make your members aware of the stop sign and monitor the amount of drinks you serve your members or save the reputation of the rest of our vets and hire someone that will.

You have a responsibility to the community, you are not a get drunk cheap establishment. Presently you are an insult to the many military men and women that risk and have risked their lives protecting we the citizens to place us in danger by your members lack of respect for stop signs and amount of alcohol they imbibe.

Help your community instead of being a problem in it.
Their traditional pizza is very good, but their bianco pizza is amazing.

The garlic and oil on the crust topped with mozz, fresh basil and ricotta...WOW

This is without a doubt the standard of what pizza should taste like. I had to really discipline myself to not eat the entire pie.

If you haven't been there you must stop by or call ahead. You won't be disappointed.

It's the best white pizza I've ever had and I try them all.
This is the best place I have taken my boy Jack to.

Angela is very knowledgable and helpful.

She actually cares about your pet instead of just doing a job. The pets sense it and we the consumer feel it.

I asked her some very direct questions and she answered them honestly and candidly, I laughed and said she was outspoken in a nice way.

Intelligent, kind and caring...YUP this is the only place I will bring my boy to and I highly recommend Dunedin Happy Tails to everyone that loves their pet.
I would have rated him lower , but there isn't anything lower than 1 star.

I was riding the Pinellas Trail today and thought I would stop in and see if they could give me an idea on a faster bike that I could sit upright on as I had broken my back 45 years ago and can't bend forward.

The owner Eddie was rude, indifferent, cocky and arrogant. He acted as if he were doing me a favor speaking with me.

I explained that as much as I liked my Specialized comfory hybrid, I was losing too much power to the front fork, the weight and the tire size. Could he suggest something else.

Eddie explained that buying a lighter bike, without a shock in front and thinner tires would not give me an increase in speed and unless I was ready to buy something I was wasting his time!

I was in bike shorts and sneakers, obviously I wasn't going to buy something that minute, but being the only customer in the store, talking to me was the best shot head he had at a sale at that moment.

Eddie then said I needed to leave as he owns the bar next door and had to move some beer and to please close the door behind me.

A $6-700.00 sale and he was too busy and was asking me to leave.

Folks don't waste your time dealing with such a rude crude piece of dookey.

There are professional shops that will answer your questions, politely and don't see customers as people wasting their time!

A few moments ago Eddie wrote a response on another site,

This will show the type of man he is:

Subject: Your fat gut
Dude your gut is so big, lose some weight and you will go faster fatty! Stop wasting every shops time with questions that you know the answer to. You are so overweight and you are worried about a few pounds on a bike! I'll be looking in to suing you for slander so we can have a jury here your story!
This is my 3rd time trying this establishment and I must say they are consistent.

I arrived at approx 9:30pm, there was a table seated outside, a family of 6 or so with 2-3 children and the swearing was loud and crude as I walked in.

Once inside I stood by the door waiting for someone to seat me, no one came.

As I looked around the restaurant I noticed a waitress at a table near the door doing something with napkins and silverware. I asked if they were still serving and should I seat myself. She responded that she was waiting to see if anyone was going to come and seat me. Funny I was wondering the same thing.

She took my drink order and went back to her table with napkins and silver.

After another bit of time I got up realizing this was a mistake they just weren't very good at their trade, when a waiter came up with my drink.

He said he was the manager of the night, was also the only waiter on and was having difficulty handling all of the tables.

He took my order and left. I had fried cheese and fried cod with rice.

The waitress that had met me stood in the middle of the restaurant and said very loudly "$#*!", people turned to see what the problem was and she just walked on.

The mozz sticks were the same flavor as Burger King, the fish tasted really old and the rice had hair in it.

When I told my waiter he said he would comp 1/2 of my dinner as I had eaten the fish and fried mozz. Half!

My food had hair in it and I don't have to pay for what I had already eaten and may also have had hair in it. He got upset and said to pay what I wanted and he would pay for the rest himself.

I put $16.00 on the table, cash and headed out. My waiter came to me and said he was going to buy my meal.

I thanked him anyway and took $10.00 back leaving $6.00 on my table.

When I asked for the manager again he told me he was it.

So if you want poor to average food, bad service, a wait staff that swears as well as an atmosphere where the customers feel its appropriate to swear and get drunk then this is your place.

Otherwise definitely dine somplace else!
I reviewed Gino's a few months ago.
The food was prepared in an unsanitary manner and the blond waitress was obtuse and hostile. She forgot my drink, donned used disposable rubber gloves and wore them around the kitchen handling everything.
I wound up cancelling the sub as the thought of the unclean manner in which it was prepared disgusted me. What with hep b and c, aides and a host of other diseases I couldn't bring myself to touch never mind eat anything she prepared.
I went back an hour ago in hopes they had rectified things.
They haven't! In fact they were hostile and angry at me for trying to inform the owners of the problem.
The cook was upset I had phoned the other location, sharing the 2nd bad experience from this waitress.
I was served a slice of pizza and my drink after a while I asked the waiter if my meatball sub was almost ready. He said the cook was angry with me and I should probably just pay my check and leave.
The man seated at the counter next to me said that she is a f****n b***h.
I said she was just terrible at what she does and had a really bad attitude.
It seems that she is the elephant in the room that everybody knows about, but no one says anything out loud.
Now I see why.
Apparently its easier to lose customers than to train the owners daughter.
I paid and turned to leave when the cook came up with my sub. I told him I heard he was upset and was just leaving.
He retorted he was angry because I had tried to get the waitress in trouble by calling the other store and she was the owners daughter.
In trouble???
Is this jr high?
I said no, I had just tried to share some evident issues about service and sanitation.
He started to turn and leave, but turned back and told me that she, (the owners daughter) didn't want me to come back.
It's a good thing her parents own the business, she wouldn't be able to keep a job or a business with her obvious lack of skills, attitude or understanding of sanitation and neither would the cook and some of the other staff.
I started to leave when another employee came running from the kitchen to wish me a nice day.
I have only seen behavior like this on tv, I have never even heard of it in the real world.
If sanitation is not a concern in this day of hep B and C, aides and a host of other diseases, staff with attitudes and poor work habits then this is your place.
If however you would like to know the food is prepared in a clean and sanitary manner and the staff is greatful for your business may I suggest some much better establishments:
1. Positano's Italian Restaurant on Tampa Road, family owned, they care, servcie is excellent, their veal and eggplant are superb and try the stuffed mushroom caps but share the serving is large. Imagine mushroom caps stuffed with sweet italian sausage. Make a reservation as they fill up fast.
2. Alfanos Italian restaurant on Clearwater Largo Road, stunning atmosphere and excellent eggplant, again make a reservation.
3. Queens Pizza, greek style, incredibly good sauce, cheese and crust. They are on Tampa Road and on 19 N in Palm Harbor.
4. Plum Tomato in Tarpon Springs, good pizza and great food with a friendly staff.
5. Umbertos Italian Restaurant on Patricai Ave in Dunedin family owned and excellent food.
6. Felice's Pork Deli, family owned, friendly happy staff. An old fashioned Italian deli and sandwich shop. Everything is really good.
I stopped in one day while working and met Michael. We talked business and I mentioned that it was challenging at best to get a good hair cut.

He made an appointment for me. I was trepiditous but, went.

This is the first hair cut I've had in years where people have complimented me.

Its exactly what I wanted, Michael listened and it showed.

The price is fair, he's a nice guy and I will not go anywhere else.

It seems that the dozen or so salons I have been in over the last 4-5 years seem to cut one side longer than the other, then they try to hide their errors with blow dry magic and product.

This was great.

I highly recommend going here, its a winner!!
I wanted a pump action shotgun and the debate between the Mossberg 590A1 and the Remington 870 is legendary.

So after speaking with Peter Boruchowski "a key account manager" and Javier Contreres as well as reading a myriad of articles online and speaking with friends and several Gunshops I still wasn't certain.

So, trying to keep the business near where I grew up I settled on a Mossberg 590A1 model #51771.

It took about 8 days for my shotgun to arrive, I couldn't wait to get it home, clean it up and then off to the range.

I got it home and when I opened it realized I had received a mix match of past on a receiver that didn't resemble any shotgun Mossberg owned. A Frankenstein shotgun, it seemed made of odd parts.

When I phoned Mossberg and spoke with Javier Contreres a customer service manager he informed me that "just because I see a gun on their site doessn't mean that is what I will get if I order it".

Is Mossberg kidding, that is the definition of bait and switch.

Eventually I got Javiers manager a Peter Boruchowski, on Mossbergs site his title is "key account manager".
Peter felt that he would look into it and offered to send me the right parts that should go on my receiver. I said flatly NO, I didn't know what else may be wrong and wanted a new from the factory gun. There are no model 51771's to be had I was told. So, I said I would decide what I wanted to do and call the next day.

The next day I phoned Peter and said I had decided to go with the basic 590A1 model #51660 and that for my troubles I would be happy if Mossberg would put their heat shield over the barrel and a picatinney rail on the receiver for an opti if I chose. This represented approximately $50.00 worth of parts at retail price, less than 10% of my cost for the gun and inconvenience.

Peter said he would try to get the basic gun to me, but they had none in stock, no 51771's either, hmmm. They had a production run slated for May and he would "try to steal" a gun for me. He would not have a heat shield nor a rail placed on the gun and he felt insulted that I referred to the mish mash of odd parts on the gun I had received as a Frankenstein gun. Surely his cost on retail parts is less than their retail price of $50.00.

No guns in stock...what if i had needed parts???

I returned the Mosberg abomination back to the store hwere I had purchased it, called Remington. They explained what I wanted from my description, had it in stock and would be happy to help me purchase it and for $250.00 lesss than the Mossberg.

I have a Remington 870 in my home as we speak and am thrilled with it, the slide is silky smooth compared to the Mossberg, its lighter and everyone I have spoken to from Benelli to Gunshop workers and owners to friends that shoot, pretty much everyone that owns one loves them.

I'm happy to be part of the Remington family and am done with Mossberg.

Beware of Mossberg is all I can say and double check that what you arder is what you will receive!!
They used to make an Amiga bowl that had an abundance of shredded grilled chicken on the bottom of a flour tortilla bowl, a layer of rice topped with grilled onions and peppers with a queso sauce drizzeled over the top.
Tonight there was no rice nor any shredded chicken, it had been replaced with chicken crisps. They are the outer parts of a grilled chicken breast with no moisture and very few of them.
Having met the owner in the past and having his wife wait on me I knew something wasn't right.
I explained to the waitress that this dish had changed and wasn't good! She politely offered something else. What to order...if they had modified a basic dish what was next?
To my surprise a male manager came out and "informed" me that this is exactly what they had been serving for 10 years and I must have either special ordered something or was mistaken.
I said this is not what they had served me for the past 5 years and I never had requested a special order before.
I also asked what they had done to the phenominal soft tacos? They were usually served in a soft warm flour tortilla and had moisture and flavor. Tonight they were stale and crisp and the filing was bland. Again he informed me I was mistaken while he held my order that had been sent back to the kitchen in front of me.
I apologized and said I didn't wish for anything else, thank you.
Another manager came out a few moments later apologizing and stated that they are unfamiliar with what I had ordered and would "special order" anything I wanted. I declined.
Apparently their cook walked out tonight and they were winging it.
Too bad it was a good place to get a good mexican meal.
Two thumbs down on Poblano's.
Having heard rumors of the good food at Eddie's Bar and Grill I stopped in this past Saturday at about 5:30.

I walked in, wasn't greeted by the 1 waitress that was hovering over a table of 5, I noticed one other person sitting alone and a lone bar tender.

ince I wasn't greeted I chose a table and sat down. No menu's in sight. I looked up at the tv for a few minutes and then aroundlooking for the place where a menu might be.

Still the waitress didn't leave the 5 seated table, they were almost done eating and then she started eating with them.
Had I missed something?? Were the menu's somplace where I was supposed to grab one on the way in and order at a window?? I didn't see any menus nor a window and the only waitress was immersedd in a conversation with this one table.

I got up and left, she never said a word, nor did the bartender. As I left I noticed a waitress outside setting tables up for the evening and said now I see why its so quiet in here.

Never in my dreams would I have imagined a more base individual nor her response, she said "you were only in there for about 4 seconds and she is visiting with her family."

Well, that explains it, family comes to your place of employment and you simply stop working. Yeah, that makes sense, not on this planet, but apparently at Eddie's.

I responded that I was surprisedd I wasn't greeted and would find a friendlier more attentive place to spend my money. Again this young ignorant woman explained that they have been there for 30 years and didn't need my business.

How are they still there?

Can you imagine how clean the kitchen and how fresh the food must be.

I imagine if you are inebriated or intoxicated and don't wish to drive the mile to McDonalds they would do.

I then waited 10 minutes and called asking for the owner, the same waitress answered and said they were busy.

Folks, don't waste your time or money, they obviously are living on a reputation of the past and don't understand service or how to treat customers.

Dunedin Brewery is a good choice in Dunedin, The Draught House or the Smokehouse.

Eddies rates a zero!!
Its not the food nor the wait staff that I'm writing about, its how customers are perceived.

We are simply $'s, an additional cover that day and nothing else.

I have been dining at this restaurant 1-2 a week for almost a year now and the only issue I've had is that the 1905 salad (a signature dish) is never made the same way twice. Each wait person puts their own spin on how to create this tableside dish, I wish it were more consistant, but again that is not the reason for this review.

Having dined there twice in the past 8 days and having a very dear friend that is going through a really hard time fly into town I thought a table on the window overlooking the water would be an excellent place for her, especially since she is from Colorado where the weather isn't quite as nice as this.

So, a week ago I made a reservation after my lunch and specified which table so as to distract my friend and allow her to soak up the scenic water view, while enjoying dinner.

We got there Saturday at 6:20 for a 6:30 reservation, the hostess smiled and brought us to our table. Not only were we not at the table I had reserved, but were as far from the windows as you could get and only 2 tables from the host station and the rest rooms.

I immediately said that I had a reservation from a week ago and we were supposed to be at the other end of the restaurant on a window with a view.

Her response was priceless, "well, we're real busy and this is the best we can do."

Apparently they aren't the least bit concerned with local business, just the number of people they can serve in a shift.

I spoke to the manager who volunteered to buy our dinners. I said that was unnecessary as our dinners were ruined with the table we received and what is the use of a reservation if they don't honor it.

So, if you are planning a celebratory dinner or a special event, this is not the place to have it.

Unlike Cheers "where everybody knows your name", here they simply don't care. You are just another cover to them.

Oh, cover is the term used by the restaurant to describe the number of plates served in a specific time frame.

I informed the manager that in Hawaii they have a kama ina discount which is local pricing and they take care of their locals and family first, guests second. I went on to share that on Cape Cod many of our local restaurants do the same thing because we, the local people dine there after the tourists leave, or not.

Sadly, this is not the way at the Columbia. The customer has no value or concern, just how many can they serve per shift.

I won't be back for a while, I'm partial to giving my money to people that appreciate my business not to those that don't care.

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