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Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle Mexican Grill


I love Chipotle. I love their burrtios. And I love their [expensive] guacamole. - Chipotle is in essence fast food burritos and tacos. It costs $6 for a burrito, and you can get in and out with your food in under 5 minutes. But this is not Taco Bell or even Baja Fresh. Chipotle uses high quality ingredients that are natural (no preservatives) and fresh. So the taste is awesome. My personal favorite is the barbecued pork burrito bowl (it's a burrito without the tortilla and more of the good stuff) with guacamole. Their guacamole is amazing. Fresh, a little kick. It's $1.60 so it's not cheap, but I think it's worth it.

The other thing I love about Chipotle is their service. In general, they hire really friendly good people. But today, I was waiting in a long line for a burrito and the guy in front of me decided he didn't want the burrito bowl they made for him (he didn't want so many peppers). The line was really long so I was like, "hey i'll take that one." The manager smiles at me and is like, "come with me to the register." I think he's going to give me like a free drink, but he just hands me my burrito, and is like, "Thanks, this one's on me." How awesome is that?! I got a free burrito!

Anyway, I love Chipotle. Just thought I'd share <img title="Laughing" src="/javascript/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-laughing.gif" border="0" alt="Laughing" />




Get a new phone number for free - I wanted to post a phone number for a craigslist ad but didn't want to put my real number up. There are a bunch of web services that allow you to do this with a URL, but I thought a real number would be better.

iNumbr gives you a free number (they redirect the call to your personal phone, or whatever number you give them) and you can even set up voicemail or tell it to not ring you if the call is in the middle of the night. The only downside is that you cannot choose your phone number (but you can choose from a number of common area codes) and the number has an extension (243-555-5555 x555), Also it seems like the number expires after a month but according to the FAQ you can extend your number (I haven't tried this yet but will let you know). But it's free and it works so it's hard to find fault <img title="Laughing" src="/javascript/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-laughing.gif" border="0" alt="Laughing" />




Digg isn't the same as it used to be - A couple years ago, I was on Digg all the time. Great little community, interesting articles on tech. Now, it's just a mess. There are so many spammers, top 10 lists, McCain bashing (which I'm fine with, but there's so much of it), and other crap, it's not really much fun anymore, and it makes me sad to think about it <img title="Frown" src="javascript/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-frown.gif" border="0" alt="Frown" />


I wish Matt Cutts would stay on topic!! - Hey, I love Matt Cutts as much as the next guy. He's thoughtful and nice and his blog is tremendously useful for anyone who runs a website or cares about SEO. BUT, I just wish he would stay ON TOPIC!! For example, today he posted on "Arrr you prepared to talk like a pirate today with pirate a day fonts"

Ok, I get it. Geeks like pirates. But what about the rest of us who just want to hear useful technical information!! Anyway, for the useful stuff, I guess I'll just keep checking this section and turn off my RSS :\




Google Chrome is slower than Firefox 3 - I was excited to try Google's new browser, Chrome.

Chrome has some neat ideas - each browser tab runs like a new window, keeping each webpage siloed such that if one tab crashes, it doesn't bring down your entire browser. Also, supposedly Chrome is more memory efficient (Firefox suffers from RAM creep and used over several hours and dozens of webpages and tabs, often needs to be restarted). Also the URL bar does double duty as a search bar.

However, when loading websites, I found Chrome to be noticeably slower than Firefox 3. For me, nothing is more important than the speed of the browser and Chrome feels slow (almost as slow as IE7!). Also, Chrome lacks the ability to bookmark sites, directly email webpages. Walt Mossberg wrote a good review on this in the Wall Street Journal:

My conclusion: Chrome is a nice idea, but I won't be switching anytime soon unless it becomes faster than Firefox 3.

NBC Olympics

NBC Olympics


You suck NBC - I want LIVE Olympic coverage - Thanks to NBC trying to make more money, the rest of the world gets to watch the Olympics live, but we in the US get stuck with 12 hour delayed coverage.

It's so annoying - on the official Olympic website:
if you are from the US you are prevented from watching the live videos from other countries. This is such crap. I hate you NBC.

Anyone know any ways around this? (other than moving to another country =)

A Directory of Socially Responsible Stocks

A Directory of Socially Responsible Stocks


Crazy site with useful info on saving electricity and many other random topics - Michael Bluejay is a seriously wacky dude. He lives "pretty far outside the societal norm" and that's an understatement. BUT, he's got some useful info on his site, include some great stuff on saving electricity:

More about Michael Bluejay here:




Nice tool for comparing shared hosting plans - There are so many crappy shared hosting plans, this site offers a nice little price comparison engine (in the middle of the homepage). Try to ignore all the other crap on the site...they have lots of ads and other useless info, but their shared hosting comparison is legit.




Convert your blog into a mobile blog so all those 3G iPhone users can see it - It's a free service, and you can even make a little cash with adsense or admob (they incorporate it for you).




Sugar CRM is good for a small business, but a little hard to use and set up - Sugar is a solid open source CRM product - the customizable UI is great. However, if you're a newbie to CRMs or non-technical you will probably find Sugar tricky to set up and use.




Cheap cell phone plans, but be careful not to exceed your minutes (but you can get a refund) - I pay $60/mo for 1500 anytime minutes (unlimited nights and weekends) and $20/mo for unlimited data on their 2.5G network. Pretty cheap compared to other cell phone plans. HOWEVER, T-Mobile (as far as I can tell) does not alert you when you are getting close to going over your minutes, so this is how they make money and screw you over. It's easy to spend $100 without even noticing it since extra minutes cost $.35 each. If you do go over, you can claw back your lost money by upgrading your plan before the end of your billing cycle. This way, you end up spending only $10-$20 more and they refund your overage charges and the next month you can change your plan back to the cheaper option.




GoDaddy shared hosting is S-L-O-W...almost as slow as their tech support! - So I have a dinky vbulletin forum with 100 members that I needed hosted, so I was like, easy to host, doesn't matter who I choose, GoDaddy has a special on right now, can't hurt to give it a try, right? Wrong!

GoDaddy hosting of my little vbulletin site was sooo slow it would take *forever* just to get a post up. So I call tech support to get them to fix it and they BLAME vbulletin! Worse, they try to up-sell me on a dedicated service! I don't think GoDaddy gives a crap about their customers, they are just trying to make money with their lousy, slow hosting. Don't fall for their discounts - I wouldn't let GoDaddy host my site for free.

Anyone has any recommendations for a good shared hosting service?

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox


Firefox 3 is so fast! Not sure why anyone uses IE anymore (bc it sucks) - I liked Firefox 2, but sometimes it would get a little slow, start eating up memory, and have trouble with certain scripts. But Firefox 3 is awesome. It feels A LOT faster and more stable. I LOVE IT!

Lifehacker lists the top 10 new features:

Advanced user tips:

And you can transfer your passwords:


These cats are so cute it makes me nauseous - My little sister and her friends LOVE Look at this cat - nothing should exist like this on earth:

<img src="" alt="alt" width="308" height="307" />

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