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Natural Born Killers by John August and Jane Hamsher.

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I love beef jerky and all things related (ex: pepperoni sticks), and this has been the case ever since I was a kid. I sometimes buy a Jack Link's product at the grocery store, but usually I order my favorite ones online.

+Jack Link's is known for having quality products. Everything is carefully made, and it shows.
+There's a wide range of products to choose from (ex: Beef Jerky; Tender Cuts; Beef Steak Nuggets; Jerky Chew; Lil' Chub Sausage).
You can also buy some clothing and STUFF (2 caps and a beanie).
+Over a year ago, Jack Link's teamed up with http://amazon.com. As a result, if you order online, you're likely to receive your items within a week. You can also receive "FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25." There are also deals on Amazon all the time.
+The website is easy to use and navigate.

+/-Bank of America is partly to blame, but it was a real hassle ordering online one time. I placed 2 orders, and ended up being charged 3 times for each. As a result, I was charged $70 in overdraft fees. I had to clear things up with an Amazon representative and with 2 bank employees (the extra charges went away after a few days, but I don't know if the $70 would have really been credited to my account had I not made such a stink).
On the plus side, there has been no drama with my other orders. I also received some extra items when my orders finally arrived (they were basically doubled). Unless incompetence was at work, this was probably the company's way of rewarding me for my patience and trouble.
+/-If you order online, you have to buy in bulk. You're going to save some money, especially if you receive free shipping, but the products range from $8.88-$39.99 (everything went up a year ago). I provide some examples below.

-I prefer Jack Link's products over some brands (ex: Oberto), but if you want really good jerky, I recommend Pemmican and Pacific Gold. It's not for everyone, but Golden Island Pork Jerky is worth trying too (PG and GIPJ can be found at Costco).
-The online store never has everything in stock. For some products (ex: Jack Link's Smokehouse Meat Snacks), it's better to go to Amazon directly (you should save a bit more this way too).
-The main Jack Link's products sold at Target are only $3.99. At other stores, though (ex: Safeway; Rite Aid), the products typically cost $5.99 or $6.49.

Original Beef Jerky: 7.5/10.
Edible and somewhat good, but the pieces tend to be chewy. The bags are small (3.25 oz.) and not worth $5 (online).

Teriyaki Beek Jerky: 8.5/10.
I'm not normally a teriyaki fan, but the jerky is noticeably softer and more flavorful than the original.

Prime Rib Tender Cuts (the only Tender Cuts currently available): 8.5/10.
The beef is slow cooked with Jack Link's signature marinade, and the pieces are very meaty and good. The bags are only 3 oz., though.

Maple Brown Sugar Pork Tender Cuts (they're sold in packs of 4): 9.5/10.
Excellent. The best of the Tender Cuts. The pieces remind me of honey baked ham, and are simply delectable.

Chicken Fajita Tender Cuts: 8/10.
Not bad, but not very memorable either.

KC Masterpiece BBQ Tender Cuts: 5/10.
Memorable in a bad way. The sauce ruins the "cuts." It was hard for me to finish a bag, and that's saying something.

Original Beef Steak Nuggets ($39.99 for 8 3.25-oz. Bags): 9.5/10.
Another excellent product. I down the nuggets the way some people pop pills.

Teriyaki Beef Steak Nuggets: 9/10.
My main father-in-law loves them, and I enjoy buying him bags.

Pepperoni Deli Cuts Sausage Bites: 8/10.
Pretty tasty and easy to eat. Not great, but good.

Pepperoni eXtra X-Stick (on Amazon, a box of 30 1.25-oz. Sticks is $26.90): 8.5/10.
Good, but greasy. They're better than the Original sticks, though (each of them contains some small pieces of fat).

Super Size Pepperoni Beef Sticks (on Amazon, $24 for a box of 24 1.5-oz. Sticks): 9/10.
Great. Long, wide, meaty, and flavorful.

Jerky Chew - Original Flavor: 6/10.
A. 32 oz. Tin goes a long way. Still, blah.

Original Lil' Chub Sausage (a canister of 24 1.625-oz. Sausages costs $19.99): 8/10.
Meaty and not too fatty. The sausages make a good snack, and are easier to eat than they look. They're not the greatest in terms of taste, but are good overall.

Original Bulk Beef Sticks (on Amazon, $29.83 for 72.92-oz. Sticks): 8/10.
Somewhat flavorful. Pretty good, but not the best beef sticks around.

Avoid the Beef Steak products. The steak is chewy and has a strong taste.
The Deli Cuts products are better, but not by much.

This completes our Jack Link's tour (whew). Please come again when I'm not busy scarfing down some Beef Steak Nuggets.


I had a problem with one purchase and they refunded the money directly, after I showed proof that it was payed.

I then did try two other purchases and delivery was nearly instantaneous!

I use this site to buy iTunes gift cards :)


Great variety of brands, alwayz free fast shipping both ways, 365 days return policy and 24 hours costumer service----> what else can you ask for? Never had any problem, transactions are alwayz smoth and easy -_o. One of my favorite web sites!


So convenient and so fast. You can get what you wants within 1hour. That is great. You dont have to wait at home all day for UPS or FedEx any more because you do not know their delivery schedule. It is great.


Always been where I buy my sneakers, basketball shoes and running shoes. Sometimes I try them on in the store and then come and look for deals to buy them online. Pickyourshoes baby, you got my vote.


I have purchased two parts from emrockatv in 2013. Both arrived promptly and we got the paperwork within 7 days as they promised. We would highly recommend them.


Well i orderd about 30 more of the blue ones and i made my own custom underbody kit... these things are better then a neon tub i just need to put a few more in some places but i only put 2 in the front and 4 on the other sides and its worth it i took me only 10 HOURS but it was worth it i love these things...

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