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Convinced myself that $85 pillows would change my life and ordered four of them. They were well made and the fabric was smooth, but the "medium" down alternative pillows were really hard and inflexible and oddly heavy. Sent an e-mail asking for return instructions and a week later no one had replied. Called their 800 number and a recording told me to go to a website. The form I had to fill out was confusing and difficult to use; if I hadn't clicked around on all possible buttons I wouldn't have reached the page that produces prepaid UPS labels. Had to find my own boxes, which isn't the end of the world but these pillows are shipped to you compressed and are BIG once they puff up. It took a few days to find the right number and size of boxes and get all boxes into my car and dropped off at a UPS location. All in all, for the prices they charge, I would have expected better service and at least a human being to answer the phone or reply to my e-mails. I won't be trying any more of their products. It just wasn't the "luxury" experience I had hoped for._____________
Update: Three weeks and no one has replied to my e-mail yet. Still can't reach a human on the phone. Still no refund. Downgrading my rating to one star. Looks like I'll have to initiate a chargeback on my credit card. Such terrible service for so much money.


Your #1 destination for ridiculously overpriced canvas shoes. Hey, it's your money; waste it any way you see fit. But the real problem here is their horrendous customer service. I returned two pairs of their shoddy shoes (very poor quality and they ran SO small!) using the shipping label they provided, and it took six weeks (!) for the package to arrive at their company. I checked the tracking number every day and I thought for a while that it had simply gone missing. Then, finally, it arrived, and I waited another two weeks for an acknowledgement e-mail and ANOTHER SIX WEEKS after that for my refund. That's fourteen weeks, folks, to get my money back. Three and a half months! And they had the nerve to charge me eight bucks for return shipping! The entire time, they completely ignored my e-mailed requests for status updates. So frustrating. Never again.


Feeling like a fool after spending more than $80 on two candles: Hinoki Lavender, which smells like a public restroom, and Charcoal, which smells like a cheap Walmart pine holiday candle. They also burn unevenly. What a waste of money! Don't make the same mistake I did. Move on. Buy some nice $6 candles at Target.


My produce arrived bashed to bits by cans of beans. I mean BASHED TO BITS. There was no effort whatsoever to put the cans on the bottom of the box and carefully package and add the produce. It was so cut/bruised/smashed that I had to throw most of it out. This is not SAVING money or food. I just don't understand. Apparently they are proud of their time- and packaging-saving "just throw it all in" methods, as I've seen them make comments about how these methods "save packaging." Well, that's convenient, isn't it. We don't package or bag or pad any of the stuff we ship because it saves money and time--but we'll hide behind the guise of "saving packaging materials." Ugh. This was my first order and I was stunned. I opened the box and thought OhMyGawd... what have you people done?!? I sent a message to customer service, and I received NO REPLY. Just wow. I will walk two miles (I don't have a car), wearing my mask, to my nearest Target to pick through their produce section in this COVID-19 apocalyptic era and take what's left and it will be a better value than this subscription service.


Yet another company that won't post a review that isn't four or five stars. All their products have hundreds of rave reviews, but since they wouldn't post my 2-star review, I have to wonder how many unhappy customers you will never hear from. A company that won't post my review loses my business forever. For what it's worth, here's my review:

"I contacted customer service before ordering an 80"-120" tension rod for some light, unlined linen panels. I wanted to ask if this rod bowed in the middle once it had drapery on it, because I'd tried other brands that bowed and sagged really badly. "Oh no," was the answer. "Our rods don't do that." So I bought the rod for a 117" span, put it together, threaded on the drapes, hung it up, and... it bows in the middle. Granted, it's not as awful as other brands, but it makes me crazy every time I look at it because I'm into precision. It's right underneath the ceiling, so the bowing is painfully apparent. I'm going to keep it because it's the least awful of all the rods I've tried, but be aware."


I had wanted a Printmaker's desk and bookcase for years. I got a small windfall and decided to take the plunge. Boy, what a disappointment. This furniture is cheap garbage. It reminds me of the junk you could buy at Pier 1 back in the 1980s. Soft, cheap wood; half-assed staining; extremely poor construction. They're both made in China and just hopelessly overpriced. RH's customer service is also nonexistent. They promise a reply "within 24 hours" when you send an e-mail, but not one of my SIX e-mails has gotten a response yet--and it's been a month. Don't fall for the hype and the glossy catalogs. This stuff is good for one thing: building a fire.


I bought a few things from Universal Standard and didn't like any of them. When I went to their website to review the items, I was allowed to review only one out of four. I posted a well-thought-out, completely fair two-star review for their weird, poorly fitting Lisbon Tall Boot, and they never posted the review. Ever wonder why all of the reviews on their website are 4 or 5 stars and RAVE about the products? Yeah, me too. Now I have personal evidence that it's because they don't post low reviews. Which means I'll never buy one more thing from them. (Not that difficult as I didn't like their clothing anyway).


Years ago, I worked at a Container Store and the company had an incredible return policy. Customer service was amazing, and if something went wrong with your purchase, they'd make it right by fixing the product, exchanging it, or refunding your money. Everything was (and still is) obscenely overpriced, but I'd justify it to myself as if I were buying an insurance policy, because what could possibly go wrong that CS wouldn't fix?

Well, welcome to 2019, because they've changed their policies. The guarantee that used to be for the lifetime of the product is now for four months. Yup. You'd better hope that your purchase doesn't break or fall apart in more than 120 days. That was the exact wording from their customer service department when I tried to return the junky steel shopping cart, which completely FELL APART at about 6 months of age. "We guarantee our products for 120 days. Sorry." Well, I guarantee I'll never shop there again--not at these prices. Farewell, Container Store. Very sad to see you go the way of LLBean and other companies who've decided that the bottom line is more important than customers.


SlingTV is a good concept and it would be fantastic if it worked properly. I have so many buffering problems that it's nearly unwatchable. I have tons of bandwidth and can stream other services on multiple TVs and other devices concurrently, so I know it's not a problem on my end. SlingTV channels also get stuck in an ad loop, where the same ad will play over and over, 30 or 40 times, for 20 minutes or more, until I just give up and watch something on Netflix or Hulu. This is unacceptable for the price. But here's the kicker: SlingTV has NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. Zero. No customer service of any kind. They pretend to have chat, but their chat is a bot that mines your inquiry for keywords and throws up canned responses. It's infuriating. There's no e-mail, no phone number, and no one replies to inquiries on their Facebook page, either. So if something goes wrong, you are SOL. No remedies, no refunds. I recently fell for their latest scam, where you pay upfront for three months' service and they send you an AirTV antenna and amp box. Well, if you guessed that the AirTV setup didn't work, you win the prize. And there's no way to speak with anyone or cancel my service with a refund. This incident is the end of the road for my relationship with SlingTV. There are SO many more worthwhile streaming services to keep banging my head on the wall for SlingTV.


What a massive disappointment. I read all the great, glowing reviews, signed up, eagerly anticipated customizing my first box, was thrilled to get up this morning knowing I'd get to tear into my first box... yay! And I got... NOTHING. Yup. Nothing. Called dispatch and got VOICE MAIL! Really?!?!?!?! Cancelled immediately and didn't even get a real message from a real person saying "I'm sorry," just some canned cut-and-paste BS. Won't be back; don't recommend.


AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE! I ordered a sofa in July and they've pushed back delivery several times and now they estimate the EARLIEST I'll get it it late December! These people are horrible liars and every time I manage to get an actual human on the phone, they whine and complain that they're "short-staffed" and "everything is running behind" and they don't even promise to return a phone call for two weeks! I am moving and can't even take delivery of the damn sofa anymore but if I cancel they'll force me to pay a 25% cancellation fee. I will be involving my bank and, if necessary, the state's attorney.


ANOTHER website that will not post any review below 4 or 5 stars for their products. I bought an item that was total crap and wrote a perfectly reasonable 2-star review, but it was not posted. You can be sure that all those rave reviews of their products are heavily curated and you'll never see the true opinions of those who've been ripped off. Their customer service is also nonexistent; it takes repeated e-mails AND phone calls to get anyone to respond to an issue. I've put up with their horrible service for years but won't be spending another penny there. Beware.


I never thought I'd be leaving negative reviews for Target, but I've had so many bad experiences with them lately!

Let me begin by saying that I've put together at least a dozen pieces of DIY furniture in the last few years, and I've never encountered such flimsy, poor-quality, junky furniture as I have with the items from Target's "Industrial Collection." I ordered the chair, the tall bookcase, and the desk, and all were returned.

The "wood" parts, which of course are not really wood, absolutely reeked of formaldehyde. There were warning stickers on every piece about the danger of breathing it in or even touching it. How is it okay to sell this crap? If you have chemical sensitivities, are pregnant, or if small children will be using these pieces of furniture, I strongly urge you not to buy this stuff. The metal parts were super-thin and could be bent with my bare hands. The hardware, many pieces of which were missing, was made of a cheap, soft alloy and all threaded pieces (screws and bolts) strip easily. But what ultimately made me return everything was the fact that the pieces don't fit together, and holes didn't align in many spots. And I don't mean by just a small amount, like if you push the pieces together you can get it to work. I mean INCHES apart. I spent two hours on the bookcase before realizing that the shelves can't be attached to the upright posts because the holes on the shelf frames are in the wrong spot! This was a terrible experience. It put me off DIY furniture for good.

But what really topped it all off was the horrid customer service. Target refused to pick up the furniture because the pieces weren't in the original boxes. I wasn't about to spend another two or three hours taking everything apart and trying to fit all the parts and pieces of styrofoam back in the boxes! So I had to take this junk back to Target on foot with a hand truck (I live in Chicago and don't have or need a car). Did I mention the closest Target is a mile away? Never, never, never again will I buy anything other than groceries at Target. I'm also convinced that all the good reviews on this "Industrial Collection" stuff are fake.


Today I reviewed a product that I purchased online from Costco. It was thoughtful and very useful and carefully described the problems I had putting the item together. It also gave the product only two stars. A couple of hours later, I got an e-mail stating that Costco does not allow reviews that "direct business away" [their wording] from Costco. Which logically would mean ANY review that wasn't glowing and positive. To me, that's admitting they don't post negative reviews.

Nice to know. Thank you for the information, Costco. I will now no longer bother to read any of the reviews on your products, because they are admittedly geared toward positivity and do not reflect any negative features.


It really pains me to trash a cute cat-related site (I love cats and all cute cat things), but when a merchant won't post a perfectly valid, rational, thoughtful bad review, it really chaps my butt. I wrote a 2-star review for one of their items and they did not post it. This is so scammy! It infuriates me when sites pick and choose only the best reviews.

I purchased several toys for my kitties. I was STUNNED by the high prices--$14 for a little stuffed cloth cat toy?!? But they were cute, and Meowingtons kept slapping coupon codes on the screen until I got one for 55% off, and I thought well, that's not bad. Less than $7 for this cat toy and it's probably great! That's why it costs so much, right? (Isn't it amazing how high prices make us think that? Every time!)

So I ordered the stuff and to their credit their shipping was reasonably quick. But the toys were so small! I opened the package and thought... what? They're tiny! If they really did contain catnip, it wasn't much. I couldn't smell it and apparently neither could my cats. The toys are still laying on the floor untouched a week later. I guess I'll throw them out eventually.

WAY, WAY, WAY overpriced, clearly just so they can offer 40%, 50%, 60% discounts--they really prey on discount psychology. And they won't post poor reviews. You had a chance to impress me, Meowingtons, and you blew it.


I used to be crazy about this brand. Back in the 1990s, when it was very hard to find EF clothing, I'd order from stores on the other side of the country just to get her stuff. Gorgeous fabrics made into high-quality, beautiful clothing that lasted for years. I was happy to fork over piles of money for what was easily 250 pieces over the last 2+ decades. Then, a few years ago, I began to notice poor stitching, ordinary fabrics, and, above all, awful customer service. No one answers the phone, returns take an eternity, and they rarely reply to e-mails. The last 10 pieces or so I purchased have shrunk, fallen apart, developed holes, or fallen victim to other serious quality issues. What will be my final piece of EF was returned last week: After three wearings and one careful hand wash/dry flat, the side seams on a cardigan just... came apart. And they refused to give me my money back; I could only get a store credit. Unreal! I would have happily kept it if it hadn't FALLEN APART! Then I saw on the EF website that they are taking clothing that has been *returned* to them, cut it apart, and sewed it together to make horror-show modern-day madras-type clothing that is not just hideous, but hilarious--I forwarded it to friends and we laughed for hours. This is the end, Eileen. You went out with a whimper.


WOW! $10 per serving?!?!?! Really? I feel like I've been punked. The meals started out somewhat bad and went straight to tossing everything in the trash untasted (the appearance and smell were all I needed). I read all the good reviews here and thought, Say what? I was seriously pissed that I perfectly good money on this garbage, even at the introductory rate. Freshly has ruined meal kits for me.

Megan M. – Freshly Rep

Thank you for your review, Stacey. I appreciate your feedback, and I'm sorry to hear that you didn't fully enjoy our service. We're working diligently to improve our meals though, so I will be sure your message reaches our chefs!

I appreciate you taking the time to message with me privately, and I certainly hope I've been able to assist, and that you'll consider giving us another try in the future, as we continue to grow!


If you decide to order anything from them, be very, very careful to check your total in your cart before purchasing. I've found that the prices of more than half the items I put in my cart were 50% higher than the price on the item page. It's been doing that to me for months. I tried to contact their (useless) customer service, but no one even bothers to reply--way to keep people happy, Industry West! They also do not allow reviews or customer posts on their Facebook page (no surprise there--who would have anything good to say?). I wouldn't give them a dime if I were you.


The first recipe from my first box was AWFUL. I was so disappointed. Lots of money for low-quality ingredients. The photos on their website are pretty and appetizing, but don't fall for it. You can do so much better on your own. I asked for a refund and was refused. Cancelled my subscription before they could take more of my money and send more of this crappy food.


I ordered eight pairs of Shadowline panties from this company and they began to fall apart immediately. When I got them I suspected that they were seconds based on the terrible cutting and sewing--the stitching missed entire parts of the cotton panels and the edges of the cut pieces were ragged and choppy. I wore them two or three times--I had them just three weeks!--and they began coming apart. I called for a refund and they refused. They said they can't take back anything that's been worn or washed. I understand that they can't do that if you change your mind, but these FELL APART! Within 3 weeks! That's absolutely unacceptable. I will never, EVER spend another penny at this company, and neither will my friends if I have anything to say about it. Wilma's pathetic response below is all you need to know. They sent me inferior merchandise and will not issue a refund for it. This is what they do; I mean, just read all of these awful reviews. Wilma, I think your parents are spinning in their graves over your choice of career. Her Room, you will never have another chance to rip me off.

Wilma W. – HerRoom Rep

Hello Stacey - Thank you for contacting us with your concern. Your ordered 8 pairs of panties a month ago. Unfortunately, you both wore and washed all the pairs. I'm sorry you feel the quality of the panties was inferior. They are value priced items.

Our return policy states that a return needs to be in new condition. Since you both washed and wore all 8 pairs, we are regrettably unable to provide a refund. I am sorry.

Kind Regards,
Customer Service Manager

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