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Easily the most DISHONEST Cell Phone Business in Existence. When DISH bought out Boost Mobile, they raped the customer.

Tip for consumers:
AVOID Boost Mobile permanently

Products used:
cell phone service


1. Trying to use their bait & switch rewards program is a total wast e of anyone's time. Having had one of their rewards card for over a decade, I have not once been able to utilize the card without some employee denying the card,; telling me: 1. Time limit for rewards has expired; or it doesn't cover the purchase of the item you have; Shop elsewhere or online, but avoid Office Depot/Max.

2.25% off on Veterans Day was a Lie. I went to check out and the clerk told me that ink was not part of the 25% off for Veteran's Day. More unending bait & switch.


The ROKU Channel programming stops intermittently, pauses, then reloads and starts up. Occasionally the screen goes blank. Closed Captioning CC intermittently does not coincide with the audio being presented. Periodic commercials never have interruption problems AND commercials increase volume to unpleasant levels in violation of FCC Reulation...
Conclusion: The ROKU Channel needs competent personnel to straighten out their broadcasting mistakes and their Customer NO Service reputation.


******* Don't waste you time with Howse, They have no intention in answering your inquiry. They have a decent product, but have NO customer Service.


You'll never regret owning an upper class Porsche (real Porsche). Porsche builds two classes of sports model, the 911 and a lower class (presently the Boxster). The 911 has been manufactured since 1965. In various sub-styles over the years, there is NO substitute for a 911. Modern Porsche such as the sedan and SUV detract from Dr. Porsche's original design.


The Silver Cloud 3 (1964-1966) is the best Rolls Royce ever built. The worst is the Silver Shadow (1966-1969?). Pre-War RRs are very collectible. Post Shadow RR are largely owned by the nouveau riche.

3/12/19 bookmarked my specific request for information of a specific item. then send DAILY REAMS of unrelated Bait & Switch advertisements. is a real nuisance


Found initially on OOdle, one is transferred to where endless inquiries are met with silence. Autoexplosion lists the exact same car and advertisement in different locations throughout the USA.


Log onto OOdle seeking an advertised car. OOdle switches you to The advertised car does not exist. Inquiries do not get answered. General listing for does not show the advertised car, but has plenty of expensive alternatives My opinion: is an unanswerable BAIT & SWITCH operation; designed to get you onto their site with phony come-on advertisements.

3/5/18 does not respond to inquiries. There is no point in bothering with this fraudulent outfit.


1. Windstream's Customer NO Service catch all phone number is *******991. Never dial it unless you have a half hour or more of your life to waste with 1st stage Customer NO Service reading you the party line.
2. Windstream's $29.99/ month for life service has now increased to almost $90/month. And it is still increasing monthly. Customer NO Service spouts Windstream's canned excuses, but no answers.
3. Windstream has once again (August 2020) restricted their email procedures, for the third time in ten years. But only for the little customer, not businesses. Complaints to upper management are met with silence and NO response. Why should management bother with a mere customer since Windstream has a monopoly.
4. In my area of the USA, Windstream has a monopoly on DSL and telephone. Government does nothing about this. So the customer gets the never ending shaft

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Today is 11/19/2017. Here is Jockey's Black Friday advertisement from the internet today. Too bad for you if the article was just what you wanted; Jockey's discount perk expired a week ago. Read their (small print) promotion:
"Use code: BLKFRI30
Offer ends 11/12/17. DETAILS

Customer is Always WRONG
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Perish the thought that Jockey might be customer friendly. Since Jockey ownership moved to India, customer (NO) service is the norm. Shop elsewhere, there are plenty of brands besides Jockey when you spend your money.
My specific complaint? I have been purchasing Jockey Boxer shorts for over 40 years, longer than Walmart has been in business. But today, trying to purchase a specific boxer short is now met with Jockey's customer (NO) service writing that Walmart has an exclusive deal that you MUST buy it the way Walmart markets it or no sale. So the answer is: Goodbye Jockey!
PS. I wrote and complained to the president of Jockey (Sunder Genomal) in India, but he did not have the courtesy to reply.


This NOT about ABC TV
ABC used to offer 10% discount for purchase of 6 or more items; no more. This perk set them apart from their competition. Customer (NO) Service cavalierly explains that management makes the decisions and then criticizes me for disputing their management decision.
ABC has yet to competently explain the purpose or usefulness of their internet website, as it now offers NO advantage over retail shopping at an ABC store.


Exceptionally POOR Support for a 1984-91 BMW 524td engine. BMW support was as though they had never built the engine or even heard of it. Finding parts became a worldwide internet search, as USA dealers were ZERO assistance.
BMW routinely changes part numbers, but apparently leaves no reference to find it. I ended up contacting BMW's CHAIRMAN Harald Kruger with a note that lifted him off his chair. Immediate result was that BMW had found the "unobtainable" and "extinct" parts... but at DOUBLE their advertised price. They changed their part number, then doubled the price.
Was I shafted? I'll never waste another nickel with BMW and recommend the same to you.


I ordered engine parts for my BMW engine. BMWPartsVault sent me an invoice and billed me for the parts. Later, they sent an email saying the part was discontinued. This has caused great turmoil with my engine builder as other parts from another supplier were ordered at the same time.
Too bad for me.
BMW Parts Vault deserves lower than 1 star for not having their inventory current and purged of long-ago discontinued parts.


I ordered engine parts for BMW engine. Pelican sent me an invoice and billed me for the parts. The next day they sent an email saying the part was discontinued. This has caused great turmoil with my engine builder as other parts from another supplier were ordered at the same time.
I checked Pelican's website and they have already removed the parts I ordered from their advertising. Too bad for me a day late.
Pelican deserves lower than 1 star for not having their inventory current and purged of long-ago discontinued parts.
I give Pelican two bags. (for those who understand what scores below zero)

Michael M. – Pelican Parts Rep


I would like to apologize that we did not live up to expectation on your last order. I wanted to see if you have sorted everything out or if I could be of assistance. I also wanted to provide you with a bit of color on what transpired on your last order.

We list many parts in our catalog that are special-order from Porsche BMW, Mercedes. About 95% of the time these parts are readily available to ship within a few days. Sometimes they take longer, and sometimes they are only available from Germany. In your case it the products where “no longer available” by the OEM manufacturers. We do mark these parts NLA in our catalog with the latest updated information we can get from the manufacturers. Occasionally this information is unreliable and spotty. That makes us look bad. Unfortunately, the only solution to the problem is to not carry or list all of the parts.

We have made a business decision to continue to list and attempt to acquire these parts for our customers. Most all of our competitors have elected not to offer this service. There are rare occasions when we go to place the order we are told by the manufacturer that a part has now been made NLA (no longer available). This happens less than 1% of the time with these parts. We do attempt to message this information to our customers. When any of these parts are added to the shipping cart, we display the following message:

NOTE: In some cases, a Genuine Porsche/BMW/Mercedes part must be imported from German warehouses -- which requires longer shipping times and an additional "Germany shipping" surcharge. If this is the case, we will contact you prior to processing and shipping your order. Occasionally, a part is out of stock worldwide or no longer available. In either case, we will let you know.

I hope this helps to clarify the situation a bit. If we can still assist please feel free to contact me directly. All of my contact information is listed below.

Michael Morita | Vice President of eCommerce
Pelican Parts Inc.
1600 240th Street | Harbor City, CA 90710 | USA
Office: 310-626-8765 x320 | Fax: 310-626-8764


Anti Salvation Army. Anti Veteran, Gender Neutral, Supports same sex marriage, Advertise homosexuality (perversion), transgender toilets. What a vile and disgusting management that promotes these anti-traditional values.


Customer (NO) Service should be the name of this company. They advertise one thing, but when contacted, you are REQUIRED to jump through their hoops to conduct business with them. If you don't agree with their computer; get lost.


Telephone: perpetual hold. Mailbox always full, so no messages can be left. The one time I got through (after hours), ready to purchase his advertised motor, he said, "I don't know that we still have it; it has been on the shelf at least 9 years. I'll call you back tomorrow." That was 2 weeks ago. I've sent 4 emails to contact me with NO RESPONSE. Their extension 18 & 19 is parts, but they don't answer either. These guys must be fronting for something else.

John S. – CarMonkeys Rep

Sir, I asked the after hours team, they advised that the recall this question and response, you were told in fact the part has been on the shelf for 9 years and is unlikely it was still available as our inventory rotates rapidly, it is unlike anything would still be here from 8-9 months let alone 9 years it was simply never removed from the system. You then asked the rep to call you back if we did have it in stock, which we do not and this is why you were not called back. If you wish to provide me with your phone number I can locate the recorded call and send you a copy as well.

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