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42 Reviews by S

Charles Tyrwhitt shirts. The absolute best wrinkle free / non iron shirts available at any price. Puts Brooks Brothers, Black Brown, and Jos A Bank to shame. The shirts come out of the dryer looking like they were just professionally cleaned and pressed. Shirts can be customized with various sleeve lengths or a pocket can be added at a nominal charge.

The items are shipped from the UK so shipping times can be slightly longer than normal but reasonable.

Although normal price is $150-$160 per shirt for the non-iron's. they go on sale quite often at $40 - $50 each and are well worth it at that price.

The only downside that I have found is that many styles tend to be a little too modern or flashy for a traditional office setting although there is a nice selection of traditional styles to choose from.
Great quality men's clothing at decent prices. Their suits and shirts are high quality and well worth the price paid. Shipping rates are a little high but there is always a free shipping or % off coupon to be found in a minute of web search, if it is not actually advertised on the site itself.

Superb customer service! Just recently I placed an order and one item was out of stock (a rare occasion so no worries there). Since their shipping rates vary by order total, I realized that my rate should have gone down. I emailed them and in less than an hour got confirmation that the charge was reduced.
A great site for buying all of the gadgets that I absolutely do not need but can't live without. They have the coolest gadgets around and a nice selection of RC products for adults and kids.

The item descriptions are entertaining and hte prices are reasonable. Great site for innovative and fun gifts.
First my credentials: I have spent way too much money on clothing from Jos A Bank. I must have purchased 15+ suits and 50+ shirts from them in the past few years. I think I am addicted.

It's a great place to go for (mostly) high quality mens clothing at decent prices. They bill themselves as selling super-high quality upscale clothing. The suits and shirts are usually good but not as high-end as they would like the customer to believe.

For those looking to buy a suit I would stay away from the "Executive" lineup as I have found the quality of those to be poor in several cases. Stick with "Signature" or better. I have had mostly good experience with Signature suits.

Non-iron / Wrinkle free shirts - These are their "Traveler's" line. They are average when it comes to non-iron performance. I have seen similar performance from cheaper brands such as JC Penney's Stafford and far better performance from Charles Tyrwhitt (the absolute best non-iron shirts anywhere), and Lord and Taylor's Black Brown brand.

Now for the not-so-good. Their advertising and selling methods are ridiculous. For example the list price on their Signature suits is $795. My average price paid is $145 for these suits. It is in any combination of "Buy X get Y free", Get X% off, Buy a suit get 16 ties, 12 belts, 4 shoes, and a haircut & shave for free. Point is the net price paid for these suits in whatever combination of discounts they offer will always be a similar amount.

As they run through a promotion, the price will decrease (in various iterations and offer types) until it reaches the low end of the range for that product ($143 for Signature and $118 for Executive suits seems to be the low end of the range).

I just wish they would just advertise a price for their product and sell it at that price without making the customer do all sorts of crazy calculations to figure out the price he is paying for the items. Two stars lost for this.

With all of this said, I keep going back to Jos a Bank because the clothing are of good quality and well worth the price paid. I just wait until the suits go to $143 (on sale) and the non-iron shirts go to $19.99 (on clearance) and stock up.

Unfortunately my wife gave me an ultimatum - either my overabundance of shirts went or I went so I had to take a break from buying for a while. Oh well..... ;-Þ

But for those who need good quality men's clothing at good prices, check it out.
They have a large number of items ranging from clothing to tools and everything in between available for purchase online. Their "Hot Buys" and other sales can be very good. Shipping costs are moderate and shipping times are quick.
Great price, fast (and free) shipping, item as expected. What's not to like?
They have a nice selection of TV shows to watch, and to a lesser extent movies. I have gotten the impression that since they started their Hulu+ service, they have started removing more and more movies from their free offerings. They have a nice selection of history and documentaries.

They only have a few episodes of current TV series in the free Hulu but may have the entire run of older ones. (I love McHale's Navy!)

The ads during shows have definitely gotten longer; whereas last year there may have been 4-5 30 second ads in a movie, there may now be 10 or more that last 1 - 1 1/2 minutes. It's irritating but the price to pay for free viewing.

Overall it's a great site if there is nothing on TV or you are looking for something specific. No heart rating though because of the relatively poor movie selection and the lengthy ads.
The site offers downloads of many different PC games. Prices are average but they have very good deals once in a while. They don't offer retail games - rather the games are somehow run through an online service. I am quite confused as to exactly how it all works though.

I purchased a PC game, downloaded it through the link provided (it was a 4+ GB file so it took a while even with a FIOS connection), and went through the installation process. When it was all done I couldn't find anything on my computer - no game files, no link, no shortcut anywhere. I searched through their help section and FAQs with no luck. Finally I searched the web and found that some of their games are actually activated through Steam.com. I installed the Steam software and used the activation key that was in my order from gamersgate.com and surprisingly it all worked - although I had to download the 4 GB file again.

I was a little unhappy that I couldn't get a standalone game that could be run offline and without using the Steam service (which records all of your gaming activity) but the price was right so it is not too bad. The game runs perfectly though so overall my experience was OK.

Next time though I think I will just purchase a hardcopy of the game though. It would definitely make it easier.

I would recommend that the site clarify the download, installation, and activation process a little better.
They have nice deals every day. Once in a while there is a product that interest me. I received what I ordered in a reasonable time. No problems at all.
Great site for finding out the truth about popular emails, legends, viruses, etc. But just because Snopes says something doesn't make it true!

The bad - popups and banners and flash ads oh my!
Woot has one product per day in each of their Woot pages (Woot, Kid's Woot, Wine Woot, Shirt Woot). The items range from electronics to tools to toys and everything in between. Some are practical, some are fun, and some are just a waste of money.

It is worth going to the site just to read the item descriptions. They can be hilarious sometimes. Before making a purchase READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION!!!! Some of the items are new and some are refurbished but they will always tell you.

It helps to compare the items with other sites and retailers/e-tailers to see if it is really worth it.

Shipping is $5.00 per order so purchases of more than one of the same item will still be $5.00 making the per-item price less.

I have found some amazing buys on Woot and have never had a problem with ordering, shipping, charges, or anything else.

Although based on their business model I wouldn't expect them to allow returns, their policy for defective items is what brought my rating down to only four stars. In the FAQs they try to convince the customer to return it to the manufacturer and state that if the customer has to return it to Woot, the customer is liable for the return shipping. I think this is unfair for a defective item. Other than that Woot is a great site.
I agree with the previous commenter that this website is a scam but for a different reason.

They are essentially scamming Youtube by either paying people to view videos or through a brilliant hack. I don't really know how they accomplish it but it really makes no difference. This activity lets a bad video with no real interest show up on the most viewed pages in Youtube. If it works it will definitely ruin the Youtube experience since many people look at the Most Viewed pages for popular videos, not videos where the creator paid a website to make it look as if it were popular.

I understand why people would want such a service but it just seems to be very dishonest and distasteful. Maybe youtube should have a section of the site where they show videos that people pay to promote. Sort of like informercials.
No review is really necessary as anyone reading this already knows the great job that Sitejabber is doing. I check Sitejabber before visiting any website and especially before making a purchase online.

My one suggestion: Make the box where reviews and comments are edited a little larger so the poster can more easily edit and review the comment before posting. Maybe even add a speil-chekc feetoore? ;-)

With regards to Sitejabber, spread the word around so we'll get as many websites as possible reviewed.
They have an extensive collection of tools and hardware. Prices are incredibly cheap BUT... quality ranges from "piece of junk" to "decent". However, generally you get what you pay for. If you pay $7.00 for a set of 10 pliers just expect it to be worth that price and no more. That way you won't be disappointed. The tools are OK for sporadic amateur work though and are a great way to add rarely used tools to your collection at a great price.

Shipping costs are reasonable given the weight of tools. Their shipping cost schedule is a little strange - e.g. if your order is below $15 it will cost $1.99 and between $15 and $30 will be $5.99 so it is cheaper to place multiple orders if possible.

Shipping time is very good as I received my product within a week.

My detailed ratings: 4 stars for relative prices (as in "you get what you pay for"), 4 stars for selection, 2 stars for quality, 4 stars for relative quality (relative to price), 3 stars for shipping cost, and 4 stars for shipping time.
I have made many purchases with Adorama through Amazon, on their website, and in the NY store. In all cases I have been pleasantly surprised by the speed and quality of the process. Shipping time is exceptionally quick and cheap (NOTE - I live in NY city so that may have been a factor). They are well stocked and well priced.

If you see an offering through Amazon, always check Adorama's website as well since pricing and shipping costs are sometimes less than you would pay through Amazon.

They also have some amazing buys if you purchase more than one of an item. There will usually be a little message to this effect on the item's page.

For those interested in the B&M store: The store is relatively small so it helps if you know the item model # or SKU that you need in advance as not all merchandise is on display. However a very friendly sales rep helped me search the website from the store's computer. Once we found the item it was sent up from the stock room in less than a minute. He even pulled other items that I didn't even want to purchase just so I would be able to compare.

The in-store service reflects positively on the company as a whole and compliments my experience on the website (and through Amazon). Highly recommended.
I've used this site many times for random coupons at various websites. When I am checking out I always make it a habit to check this site first for a coupon or promotion code. I've gotten anywhere from free shipping to 20%+ coupons. In fact just a couple of weeks ago I saved $35 on a phone plan with a promotion code I found on the site.
My wife recently travelled overseas and to reach her without expensive international roaming charges I purchased a prepaid calling plan from this site. There are so many choices that I turned to their live chat to get some help. A rep responded within seconds, listened to my needs, and recomended the best plan for me. All in perfect English by the way!

I completed my purchase through the secured chat window and got an email verification immediately. A subsequent email to the company with a question was answered almost immediately. The rates are very reasonable, the call quality was excellent, and the extra features are outstanding. You can enter numbers that you frequently call FROM and are able to dial from those numbers without a PIN number. You can enter numbers that you frequently call TO and assign speed dial keys to those numbers.

All in all I was perfectly satisfied and have nothing whatsoever to complain about. My only other comment is that I think this site is the same company as Nobelcom.com since the Nobel name was on several emails.

I did a new chat now (answered in 5 seconds) and got the following response:

S.B: Hi. I am a current customer and have one question. I found the site nobelcom.com that looks very similar to this one. Is it the same company?

Lani: Hi. May I please have your email address, so I can look up your account?
S.B.: -------@---.com
Lani: Thank you. The name of the company is Nobelcom. Nobelcom offers 2 services: Nobelcom.com which is the old one (since 1998 when we launched) and Enjoy Prepaid.com which has been launched later on.
S.B.: Thank you. I was just curious. Are the plans and rates the same in both sites?
Lani: No, they have different cards.
S.B.: OK so I guess I'll check both next time. Thank you for your help.
Order took three weeks from order date to receipt. Quite long but not terribly so, and acceptable based on their business model. An email to the company through the contact form on their website was answered in a couple of days - acceptable. The rep stated that they aggregate all of their orders and then send it to the supplier so orders are not shipped until sometime after the sale has ended which explains the extended shipping time.

This particular order is another issue. I ordered two sets of 2 Slap Happy watches for $20 per set. At $10 each it seemed to be a good deal though not exactly the 50%-70% (I forgot the exact number) discount from retail that they advertised. The item description clearly stated it was a set of two but in actuality it turned out to be one watch with an extra band. Now it doesn't seem like a good deal after all at $20 per watch with an extra band. How to split two watches between three girls is going to be a challenge

I believe I was a victim of fraudulent advertising since I did not receive the "Set of 2" watches that was advertised. Although I would hazard to guess that Totsy had no ill intentions but may have done a sloppy cut and paste job in the item description, I still believe I am entitled to the remedies requested.

I have contacted the company and requested either additional watches or a refund of half of the purchase price and will post the results of the communication here.

In summary:
1. The company seems to be legit - notwithstanding my problem above the items were as expected and well packed.
2. Expect extended shipping times so do not order if you need the items quickly. They order all items from the manufacturer and it goes to Totsy first and then to the customer.
3. Prices are reasonable though not near the claimed discounts. If you look hard enough you can most likely find the items at simliar prices from online retailers who will ship them faster than Totsy.
4. So far my emails have been answered in a reasonable time period and the responses were coherent and seemed to be written by someone who actually speaks English well and understood my question.
5. Read the descriptions carefully, expect long shipping times, and hope the item is as expected!
I don't know much about the company or the MBT brand but I was intrigued by the statement on their website:

"Are your MBT Shoes products authentic?
We are now directly cooperating with the factories working for MBT, which makes it possible for us to provide you with the high-quality and on-trend MBT collections at such affordable prices, although we have not been authorized by the MBT Official Website."

Does this mean they are selling authentic unathorized counterfeit products? The security and reliability certificates seem to be just .jpgs copied from other sites and are not the live links they are supposed to be.
I have posted this review on the safesecuretrial.com Sitejabber page as well since they are the same company. WARNING! When signing up for the free trial offer you will get charged $149.90 two weeks later and $50 - $70 a month after that. Arizona State Attorney General's office has already filed suit against this company for deceptive marketing. Unfortunately I did not check reviews of the site before falling for the offer. A chargeback will be very difficult since technically in the unreadable fine print you have agreed to their terms and conditions. If the Arizona AG case is succesful there may be a possibility to participate in any settlement so keep an eye out for it.



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