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About Me

I’m going to be launching my own to help people track down lost love ones throw evp from the spirit world my world the paranormal to find lost love ones. It be called (darkenlight) how it works people lost love ones cold cases when gone missing I go to there last locations using evp to try contact them to find out answers and hope to resure family’s lost there love ones that in spirit world they are ok and safe or can be found safely... it something I always wanted to do to help others..

How I Can Help

Just keep your head up high be strong and respect others that are worse off then you with mental health and disorders and having learning disabilities and learning difficulties rest there lifes or self harm every day they got all theses issues for the rest of there lifes so it be nice if you can think of others please not alot to ask is it...


I'm a Wiccapagan witch... rest is personal...

38 Reviews by Willow


Poor customer services I had sence I joined bt as a broadband customer last year I had over 100 plus drop outs with my broadband and also Fiona from bt was rude to me and also nosey about why other people I spoken to are involved I felt I been treated like a none I am unhappy with the customer services I been spoke over and over again that it's not fair way I been treated as a customer and it's not fair the advisers that are rude and then say don't add there names to my complaints and black mail me to so Fiona stated she never spoken to me before and clearly she had Friday and two saying she can remove my contract from bt so I can leave freely and not to add her name to my complaint that I feel is a blackmail knowing full well I'm upset angry and frustrated and upset the way I've been treated as a customer by BT... so if you join bt be careful you will get treated badly...


I the buyer was told clearly on this site my phone moto razr 2019 worth 410pounds on there site the phone was fully perfectly working order no issues on that score at all only issue is Creases on the screen as it's a folding screen phone the same day late evening I get email stating that the speaker was crackles when the volume was turned up on the phone yet before it was sent out my moto razr phone wasn't like that at all so what hell they did to my phone then conning customers out of there money that stated how much it worth then Deliberately lower the value so they scam the customer out of there cost of the phone is disgusting... I reported them to the police as crime no below to Well upset and angry company's can do this to customers in uk... crime no below angest this company


I reported so many times repairs need to be done in my home and the dampness been also reported number of times and yet still not been fixed it's ongoing since I moved in 4yrs ago I'm still complaining about this dampness in the living room on both sides of the walls near the window plaster falling off in big chunks and when you touch the back it's wet to really damp you can even feel the water on your fingers from the dampness James housing inspector been out number of times said it's needs to be fix and repaired yet again nothing been done by Ryknald homes to fix the issues of dampness in the living room window walls... not happy one bit pics show each side of the wall dampness...


I'm upset very upset that justice system in the uk still crap and rubbish and they don't think what family's like Helen McCourt goes through day in day out or for Sophie Lancaster family and so many more that have there lives distroyed and worse losing there love ones because that justice system don't keep people behind bars for life it should be a life for a life. Not life and after 16 plus yrs you been good boy you can go free Ian Simms the killler from Merseyside that took a life of a Innocent woman aged 22 for no reason he murdered her in cold blood in George and dragon pub in billinge 15 miles from Liverpool beautiful village to from looks of the pictures of the village and locals telling its lovely place to live. It took one person to Ruin it bully and a thug acting all hard and cocky Ian Simms now in Birmingham thanks to pics by the National papers and local papers he never told where Helen body is and still today still hasn't... so where is Helen. I sense and believe she not far away may be near to wear clothes of hers was found or near to the George and dragon pub grounds... police need to search... I want answers why does justice system work in a c... p way still today after so long ever since this justice system never works it fails everyone still today who lost love ones because the criminal system is so backwards etc and so poorly run today in uk we the people don't trust the uk government or justice system because it let people down to many times... justice system sucks and fails everyone no matter what... life should mean life behind bars not few yrs then your free how does that help others that lost love ones over criminals murdering people lost love ones not knowing where they are even worse...


What can I say mi5 and Scotland Yard so backwards so crupited bent croocked and the law system is just as bad even worse they should be protecting us public from criminals etc now they letting them into our country to live here I saw this on BBC news UK government and mind mi6 and Scotland Yard should be protecting us the British public including myself now we have this...


Just how correct are you... you always say things about the weather but never been fully right so Q is just how Accurate is it
Hope we don't lose snow at all but if its right about global warming then humanity is to fully blame and greed and being selfish to our planet when our planet needs our help...


My nets arrived today yet they was little to long that not bad enough there was double stich in the middle of the nets that had a hole in the top part of the nets and The material was rippin pics taken to show proof very unhappy customer... I don't recommend this company at all... only time they contact you if you go to take complaint to trading standards or further...


I been let down again by this company I thought I can trust 2nd time round I asked him this morning roughly when he be here he said I get there when I get there... after my kind words when he was ill I get treated like this a mug don't thing any person has a real true heart to be called people or person title loads don't deserve to be called like matlock aerials abd can aerials both worse companies I ever used in my life poor services did things cheaply even you pay them high prices to do a good job they do poor quality jobs matlock aerials in matlock and cb aerials Chesterfield... any one I can trust to help... I wonder... wasted day no reply no response nothing for second tine round... same thing... I don't thing any company's deserve jobs couse they don't do it or they don't turn up or do things on the cheep quality work... you laying theses aerial companys 50 plus for call out charges first disgusting before they do the job they get paid to do... totally disgusting attitude towards me after he let me down twice wasting my days no call or message from the company till late evening at 8pm before and this time nothing... DONT RECOMMENDED EVER


Lots of wirdo so call people on homeswapper i had funny calls from there at 10 and 11pm at nights so I had to take my number off as the members was abusing my trust... I don't advice giving your personal information or number out on homeswapper if you want to home swap leave out your email address and mobile number... only members can contact you on the site only...


One of The best place in town of Chesterfield or if you in my home town stevenage or my home county of Hertfordshire there's a greggs in the new town near mcDonald's they do best sandwiches in town mmmm mmmm try there hot tea or coffees yummy... you go back there time and time again...


Worse housing assn ever they don't do repairs properly you have to nag and nag at them to do any repairs when they do they can't do them properly only handful cab be done but not properly about 85 per cent of the repairs get done and sorted rest they refuse to do... they just intreated in one thing your money for there rent of the property that's all... worse customer service to ever... very poor housing assn..


Shefflock are trusted company to help you with your locks on your window based in Sheffield South Yorkshire I find them the best trusted honest caring understanding people in the planet and they do really care and so trustworthy you go back to them time and time again trust me I fully recommend them I am a customer if there's and they are the best ever... if you need a locksmith call shefflock you find there number on Google under Shefflock Sheffield South Yorkshire... all thumbs up


It would be nice for the law and the press to show real sexual offenders pedophiles where they are in the aera to protect the kids on Chesterfield and the County to of Derbyshire like all rapist sexual offenders peasophiles and others so we the people the public know where to stay away from and to protect kids and the public fron dangerous criminal in the county of Derbyshire abd towns and local villages to...


*********************9064737 to do with you been in a car accident. Another rang me rang 4 times then hang up *******1952, *******3078 another no *******4350 NFRC*******428 crime no On last number called 6plus times harassing me badly all bleep scammers
Is a scam and spam number and I will add more numbers as time passes to help others like me not abd never become a victim of fraud scam and spam people calling or messaging you and so many others... Google don't do enough to stop this and should add a site on Google to help so many others detect spam calls etc and fraudsters abd scammers to... there's so many people out in uk scamming the public so plz be careful


Staffordshire cops do nothing to help or support your complaint they just make your mental health worse they are the most unsympathetic uncaring backwards cops in UK ever... they lie cops do in the force and they make your mental health ten times worse as when you put in a complaint its your words agenst them yet when you tell truth they just send you a mary go round and not listen to word you have to say... cops are racist backwards and unsympathetic uncaring crocked bent crupited cops in the west Midlands... im so glad I don't live there at all... pc Claire Howard the worse cop there that interfer with issues instead of helping she makes matter worse and bend the rules not in force the law you got chief Matthew Peters and Tracy Foster all unsympathetic all they care about there jobs there money wages that's it... all them selfs cops more like chimps that could do better job then theses Jack asses... wonder why there's no trust no respect and little to zero confidence in Staffordshire police not alone uk policing today in UK police forces its bad etc cops ruining it for the good police officers in UK police forces... chief of Staffordshire police matt Peters so hugh and mitty now with power trip he didn't handle my complaints before properly now he's not doing nothing about my complaints at all nor is Staffordshire police... so its OK to say if you cut and selfharm its up to you that's down to you from bent crupited croocked cop pc Claire Howard and its OK to say that to any one who has mental health problems and make matters worse to when she get away with what to say to others and matt peters to... even cops calling children little pricks etc abusive words to children by Staffordshire police... TOTALLY DISGUSTED YOU IN THE WRONG AND GET WARNINGS AND ADVICE WHERE THEY DO EHAT THEY PLEASE AND SAY WHAT THEY LIKE TO OTHERS COPS CAN... ANY COMPLAINTS DON'T GET TREATED AND HANDLE WITH RESPECT... oh when your angry you can't say how you really feel under freedom of free speech NOW BECAUSE YOUR IN THE WRONG FULLY... SO BECAREFUL WATCH WHAT YOU SAY OR YOU BE DONE FOR FREEDOM OF SPEECH NOW FROOM LOOKS OF THINGS...


Lower prices as there foods expensive for a start two give us more much more choices in foods and meat free foods to and shops are small be nice to wider them all so we have lots more room to move about as it feels like a box we moving round in not a shop...


Better service by usps postal services from USA to UK why can't usps buy royal mail out and let's have a better chance of better post offices and mail coming to your door and more reliable then royal mail ever is i hope royal mail does get brought out by usps usa postal service couse royal mail is well bad and worse UK public including my self ever seen...


Getting better every time you go in tescos just need more helpful staff ready to assist you and help you out... I believe tesco could beat asda with being more helpful then asda... price of food like all supermarkets trying keep food prices down asda tesco sainsbury etc thank you from us all public British people... but if there's thefts going on by the threfts then prices go up to pay for the food thats been stolen in the first place the customers ones that suffer mostly higher prices couse of thefts... its the thefts should cough up the expenses if they stolen the food abd goods in the first place make the thefts pay up only...


Asda in the past was unhelpful and not friendly feeling either and need to do more to help customers of all kind no matter what there delivery is totally great... but in store help and support can be hard to come by if any staff willing to help you or if they not to busy or if any one there to assist you... so they need to do more help us customers please stop thinking of your night life or personal life leave that at home do your job you get paid to do please thank you...


Love coming to Costa one if the best places in town ever for a coffee or tea or cold drinks with snacks you can't beat Costa lovely friendly welcome abd warm friendly feeling you get always when you enter that front door... keep up the great work guys for us customers and residents in north East Derbyshire and stay safe and well to all...

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