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About Me

I’m going to be launching my own to help people track down lost love ones throw evp from the spirit world my world the paranormal to find lost love ones. It be called (darkenlight) how it works people lost love ones cold cases when gone missing I go to there last locations using evp to try contact them to find out answers and hope to resure family’s lost there love ones that in spirit world they are ok and safe or can be found safely... it something I always wanted to do to help others..

How I Can Help

Just keep your head up high be strong and respect others that are worse off then you with mental health and disorders and having learning disabilities and learning difficulties rest there lifes or self harm every day they got all theses issues for the rest of there lifes so it be nice if you can think of others please not alot to ask is it...


I'm a Wiccapagan witch... rest is personal...

48 Reviews by Willow


You can't tell this company anything how you feel or how angry you are about the company or upset the company did wrong or felt they had they support the radio station chesterfield radio yet only issues is the radio station manager/ director Paul wregesdale coused so much upset and pain by stalking and harrassing me I told police about this and I also told police about this company under stalking me feels like and threats made towards me …. So be careful this company do and say what they like towards people who are sick I'll or with disorders and mental health they are prejudiced I feel towards people with mental health etc …. Karen Mosley one COUSING the trouble *******@kranlee.com email address that coused trouble …. They based in chesterfield… so be careful of this company or you face same fate as I and may be so many others to over this company ….


Staff at this housing assn so rude they speak over you everytine you try get your words out she speaking over you with out letting you finish off your sentance I find very rude and unhelpful to and unless they pull there finger out and stop there rudeness they shouldn't be in the job in the first place if they going to be rude like that to others that call up... Totally disgusting...


This guy Paul is station manager is harrassing me on and on and on I tell him to leave me alone he goes on and on harrassing me he's from chesterfield radio is yeah hooray closing down tonight wand never need to hear a radio station if people going get harrassed like this I emailed few times there streams down you can't listen to the station at all by pc lap top mobile nothing all I get is your caps are broke and from then onwards I get upset offended emails and harrassment when I tell him to stop harrassing me he going on and on and on harrassing me so now I'm shaming this scumbag on earth harrassing people like me and others who suffer with mental health from our own pasts of abuse etc …. I don't think he cares about anything or anyone else who has mental health issues and disorders etc has he didn't listen to me at all just harrassment emails and swearing words … he's a BIG JOKE TO CALL STATION MANAGER MIND YOU CHESTERFIELD RADIO IS A BIG JOKE TO TOTAL RUBBISH RADIO STATION WE DONT NEED IN CHESTERFIELD AT ALL one if listeners getting treated like dirt and class us as lowlifes couse of mental health issues I like so many people have got two rubbish they play from website play list songs…. I got called lowlife nutterand more even been told to f well s. D off etc by station manager ….
He's been reported to police and ofcom about his disgusting behaviour as a radio station manager and two for harrassing me ….


I been upset ladies and gentlemen over theses stories about people taking there lives over dwp people and stopping people's benefits for no reason and not doing anything to help people who are suffering with mental health and disorders they have for rest of there lifes …. So much needs to be done to help support and making sure they getting the right benefits they are in title to and support and help from dwp 15 plus deaths over dwp benefits being cut for what no reasons …. People taking there own life's it affects there families and friends and there communities where there from over there deaths … stop judging us dwp and help us and support us and stop cutting our benefits for no reasons …how many more people going to take there own life's before dwp and the government sort things out fully to protect people and mental health people AND STOP CUTTING BENEFITS FOR NO REASON ITS HARD ENOUGH PEOPLE ON Universal credit with out making matters worse and harder for people ….

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EBay getting poor ad ever now they are selling out of date box food I brought box of chips on eBay from seller alcof-86 on eBay.co.uk yet I find out after eating few packs that they should of been eaten by 27. 3. 21 and yet the seller is selling them out of date box of food chrips what else is he selling on eBay that's out of date food I got bellyache over this this morning... so much on trust on eBay theses days... DON'T TRUST NO BODY ON EBAY...

Shenzhen Yibo Technology Co Ltd
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I brought mi tv stick its slow it don't work properly abd it freezes to alot so becareful if you get this item seller does harassing customers when you ask to stop the seller carries it on harassing you...


The police as always abusing there powers they shouldn't have powers they have the government are always to blame with so many deaths under police care unless drastic action gets taken more and more innocent lives will be destroyed and family's to the police in uk need less powers and two learn there lessons what they are doing the police forces across the uk …


Met police officers like lots of police officers in the uk are bent crupited crooked twisted backward that only in the job for what they can get out of it power and there wages … uk government need to do more and police Commission for complaints need to do much more to tackle sick stuff like this … they are abusing there trust and powers to the public by hitting and abusing people and children and adults that do nothing wrong yet get treated in this way is unacceptable and sick this young lady with mental health issues gets abused by officers from met police all they can say at the end on behalf of the met police we are very sorry to the young lady and her family …. Really all you can say after destroying another life from abuse by officers from the police force is not good enough it shouldn't have ever happened in the dam first place to any one ever not alone teenager … you wonder why we hate the cops and have little or no respect or trust in the police in the uk and zero confidence in the police if this what happens when you are frightened scared and been abused by others when you report it to police about your abuse you went through you get treated like this …. Q when is enough means enough of abuse by police abusing there powers trust and more when will police take abuse what they doing to others seriously and to stamp it out from police forces in the uk ….


Well upset don't know where to start he said law needs to change and its going be challenging to change the law and add Skye's law to stop all types of abuse to domestic abuse sexual abuse to emotional abuse there's all types of abuse in the life I don't want any one male or female adults to children go through my hell on earth abuse ever... I want to help so many people out there that become victims like me of abuse to get justice and to make sure also no one become victim or victims of abuse either... one thing is COUSING abuse in this life is porn and porn of all kinds need to be stamped out from force sex porn to rape porn to teen porn to child MODELING pics that can be use as child porn I want all this banned from uk and stamped out I thought and believe one man can help mp for north east Derbyshire lee rowley but I feel he hasn't listen to anything I said on this and I felt he's a fake just giving broken words and broken hopes to it's my passion to help so many people in the uk from abuse and to make sure no one faces abuse of any kind ever again... but after everything I said I feel lee rowley is nothing more like rest of them out there fakes that only care about what they feel and want not about what any person wants and feels to help others... like all mps in government they CANT BE TRUSTED TO HELP OR SUPPORT YOU AT ALL THEY JUST IN IT FOR THEMSELVES ONLY SEE ON PAPERS THEY LOOK THE PART AND CARE BUT TRUTH IS MPS ONLY CARE ABOUT WHAT THEY GET OUT OF POWER OF BEING MP ONLY... I told him many times throw my emails to him about porn to be banned in uk I stated above and needs to be stamped out to save many life's from abuse but truthfully he didn't care he didn't take notice and he didn't say nothing about it at all... so that shows a lot about lee rowley local mp for north east Derbyshire don't it...


They do nothing about any report you send in don't even think they look at your report either totally useless and not worth your time to send a report for harassment to scams to fraudsters as they don't do nothing I sent in loads of reports of harassment to scammers to fraudsters yet you get email not enough to look into it every time you send any report in to action fraud police in London work under met police so what the he'll are they getting paid for except wasing your time and letting the criminals carry on what they are doing...


My phone was sent from o2 repairs with DHL BUT FOR SOME REASON DHL HASNT PUT MY ITEM ON THE DELIVERY VAN IN SHEFFIELD WHERR IT WAS LAST SCANNED NOW ITS A WAITING GAME AND IM BIT HAPPY ONE DAM WELL BIT OVEE DHL... They no way as good as Royal Mail or dpd delivery totally poor service delivery is from dhl I thought they are better then this but it seams I was well wrong they not as good as I thought getting packages to customers on time...


https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/arcuri-reveals-we-made-love-23811633 I wonder how much does our tax payers money goes to mps ex lovers and the pm that's not there Dam well money to give them in the first place it's our public people money the tax payers... why do you always get a bad feeling that your money being the tax payers goes to people that should have your money in the first place as it should be spent on nhs and mental health services and jobs for us British people and more on helping us people and the country to get back on its feet...


Like the British government so crupited crooked twisted backward government we have with zero confidence in age no trust in they should be looking after us England own and our future generations the childern of England to but in stead do this to us all live in poverty live below the bread line on universal credit getting paid once a month where in Scotland you get paid twice a month which should happen same way in England but you government don't want to do this pay everyone on universal credit twice a month... stop breaking the law and human rights law and stop wasting tax payers money on c... p we don't need. I think more mps should be banned from our shops and if they carry on banned from our streets to so we don't have to see them...


Upset as my repair wasn't done properly and straight away after getting my phone back today 6th April it's got go back again as the glass panels coming away from the device my Samsung z flip now yet again has to go back for repairing the glass panels on top of my phone more bleep mucking around... I'm not happy customer one bit because they can't do the job right the first time...


I been treated portly by two advisers from bt one was rude talking all over me then raising her voice over mine I found totally unexpectable and very rude and unprofessional and another adviser was doing the same so much for caring about there customers second I paid 38pounds for poor rubbish broadband services over 100 plus drops I was getting on my broadband hub and line... I done some research and my former broadband company now tv is much much better that's the company I went back to and I left thank god BT FOR 23pounds a month I was paying for same speed with now tv and with bt I was paying 15pounds more for the same speed and service I was getting with now tv yet now tv is a better choice and they are helpful and don't do me wrong... they do try to help much as they can and they never spoke over me once even before when I was a now tv broadband customer before I joined bt so that's why I went back to now tv... trust me bt are rubbish and a con and they make you pay for same speed you getting with a former company you was with but you paying 15pounds up more a month... rip off by bt and two they was HARRASSING me bt was by post mail 8 letters in less then one week I reported them to police under HARRASSMENT TOWARDS ME... so people be careful who you choice as your broadband provider or you may find out later your getting ripped off...


I the buyer was told clearly on this site my phone moto razr 2019 worth 410pounds on there site the phone was fully perfectly working order no issues on that score at all only issue is Creases on the screen as it's a folding screen phone the same day late evening I get email stating that the speaker was crackles when the volume was turned up on the phone yet before it was sent out my moto razr phone wasn't like that at all so what hell they did to my phone then conning customers out of there money that stated how much it worth then Deliberately lower the value so they scam the customer out of there cost of the phone is disgusting... I reported them to the police as crime no below to Well upset and angry company's can do this to customers in uk... crime no below angest this company


I reported so many times repairs need to be done in my home and the dampness been also reported number of times and yet still not been fixed it's ongoing since I moved in 4yrs ago I'm still complaining about this dampness in the living room on both sides of the walls near the window plaster falling off in big chunks and when you touch the back it's wet to really damp you can even feel the water on your fingers from the dampness James housing inspector been out number of times said it's needs to be fix and repaired yet again nothing been done by Ryknald homes to fix the issues of dampness in the living room window walls... not happy one bit pics show each side of the wall dampness...


I'm upset very upset that justice system in the uk still crap and rubbish and they don't think what family's like Helen McCourt goes through day in day out or for Sophie Lancaster family and so many more that have there lives distroyed and worse losing there love ones because that justice system don't keep people behind bars for life it should be a life for a life. Not life and after 16 plus yrs you been good boy you can go free Ian Simms the killler from Merseyside that took a life of a Innocent woman aged 22 for no reason he murdered her in cold blood in George and dragon pub in billinge 15 miles from Liverpool beautiful village to from looks of the pictures of the village and locals telling its lovely place to live. It took one person to Ruin it bully and a thug acting all hard and cocky Ian Simms now in Birmingham thanks to pics by the National papers and local papers he never told where Helen body is and still today still hasn't... so where is Helen. I sense and believe she not far away may be near to wear clothes of hers was found or near to the George and dragon pub grounds... police need to search... I want answers why does justice system work in a c... p way still today after so long ever since this justice system never works it fails everyone still today who lost love ones because the criminal system is so backwards etc and so poorly run today in uk we the people don't trust the uk government or justice system because it let people down to many times... justice system sucks and fails everyone no matter what... life should mean life behind bars not few yrs then your free how does that help others that lost love ones over criminals murdering people lost love ones not knowing where they are even worse...


What can I say mi5 and Scotland Yard so backwards so crupited bent croocked and the law system is just as bad even worse they should be protecting us public from criminals etc now they letting them into our country to live here I saw this on BBC news UK government and mind mi6 and Scotland Yard should be protecting us the British public including myself now we have this...


My nets arrived today yet they was little to long that not bad enough there was double stich in the middle of the nets that had a hole in the top part of the nets and The material was rippin pics taken to show proof very unhappy customer... I don't recommend this company at all... only time they contact you if you go to take complaint to trading standards or further...


I been let down again by this company I thought I can trust 2nd time round I asked him this morning roughly when he be here he said I get there when I get there... after my kind words when he was ill I get treated like this a mug don't thing any person has a real true heart to be called people or person title loads don't deserve to be called like matlock aerials abd can aerials both worse companies I ever used in my life poor services did things cheaply even you pay them high prices to do a good job they do poor quality jobs matlock aerials in matlock and cb aerials Chesterfield... any one I can trust to help... I wonder... wasted day no reply no response nothing for second tine round... same thing... I don't thing any company's deserve jobs couse they don't do it or they don't turn up or do things on the cheep quality work... you laying theses aerial companys 50 plus for call out charges first disgusting before they do the job they get paid to do... totally disgusting attitude towards me after he let me down twice wasting my days no call or message from the company till late evening at 8pm before and this time nothing... DONT RECOMMENDED EVER

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