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I purchased the Watermelon Sleeping Mask and it has done wonders for my face. My skin is more moisturized, the fine lines have diminished and my skin is soft. (I've been using it for about 3 weeks.) Also, Glow Recipe does not use any synthetic dyes in their products (which I am extremely happy about).

A few days ago, I ordered the new Glass Skin sample kit. I'm excited to give it a try! Will try to remember to come back and leave an updated review once I've used it a while.


I've had a warranty with protectmyappliance.com(a division of Electrolux) for years. I have a window unit that we added to a room which we transformed from a storage room on the back of our house to a laundry/sewing room. We've had the warranty since 2012 and renew it every few years. Well, now in 2020, the unit is starting to have its first issue. So, on July 13th, I tried calling the 1-866 number on the warranty paperwork and I got a message that says that they were not taking any phone calls and that I should speak with someone via chat on Electrolux's website. So, I headed over to the site only to be told by a chat Customer Service Rep that she can't do anything to help me and that I needed to contact the 1-866 number listed on my warranty paperwork. I explained to her that when you call that number you get a message telling you to chat with a rep on Electrolux's website(electroluxappliances.com). She confirmed this(also says that she's listened to the message herself), but then said that she can't help me and that I needed to speak with someone at protectmyappliance.com. Of course, this was ridiculous. So, I ended the chat and called the 1-866 number back and got the same message. It stated that due to an increase in call volume that they would not be taking any calls and to go to Electrolux's website and use the chat feature to reach someone. So, I headed back over there, hit the chat button and got the same Customer Service Rep as before, and went go through the same conversation that we previously had. She reiterated that she was unable to help me.(She did give me an email address to send an email to, but it's been about 3 weeks now and I have never gotten a response to the email I sent.)

Finally, after I searched the web a bit, I did find a phone number that got through to a warranty rep. This number was NOT on the warranty paperwork, nor was it stated on the message.(I had to dig deep to find this number.) Once I got through to a person, the rep was kind and extremely helpful. She did say to me that she was aware that people are having a hard time getting a hold of them. Well, yeah...

So, protectmyappliance.com, you should be ashamed at not pointing your customers in the right direction for assistance. You do not have the right to tell customers that you will NOT take their calls and refer them to a website where a rep is unable to help. Your Customer Service Reps should be available to take calls at the number provided on the warranty paperwork, or you should forward that number to a call center that will take the calls.

Update: Aug 2nd
So, last week I tried calling the 1-866 number on the warranty paperwork just to see if they had the voicemail still on their phone system stating that they weren't taking customer calls, and they did not. Honestly, it seems that they forwarded that number to the one that I found in my internet search. I'm still leaving my rating at just 3 stars, though, for the lack of customer service I experienced back on July 13th when I called the 1-866 number.


I have been using Pimsleur for about 2 years now, off and on. I started out with the Italian Level 1 and I enjoyed it so much that I purchased some of the Hindi, Korean, and also Thai lessons.

Pimsleur makes learning easy with their explanations, examples, fun and repetitive teaching - otherwise known as the Pimsleur Approach. Also, the cost of the lessons are quite inexpensive. And, some lessons come with reading practice which boost your vocab.

The only downside to Pimsleur is that there are not complete explanations on grammar use. For instance, in Italian Level 1: Lesson 24, there is no explanation as to why you use "parli" versus "parla". Both mean "you speak". It's my understanding that one is informal (parli) and the other is formal (parla). But, I had to do my own research to find that out. Also, flashcards and study vocab are not accessible on the mobile app - only on the desktop version. (This is why I gave it 5 stars instead of 4.)

In conclusion, this is an awesome learning tool but I would advise picking up a dictionary and grammar book to go with your studies in case you have any questions on vocab that Pimsleur does not cover.

Update: 8/8/21
I'm still using Pimsleur. In fact, I'm about to finish Italian Level 2. (Truth be told, I would have already finished this level a long time ago, but life got in the way. I changed jobs and also studied Hindi for a while before deciding to go back and continue my Italian language study.)

This program is still one of the best out there. Pimsleur uses word repetition, word building, and native speakers to help you learn words fast and remember them long-term. For instance, every Pimsleur lesson begins with introducing new words for around 5 mins. Next, you start to repeat the material for 10 minutes. Then you build on that with more words to expand the conversation for 5 more minutes, then another review for 10 minutes. Each lesson is broken down into segments to introduce words, review them, introduce more words, and then review them. Some lesson times may vary, but this is the basic structure of every lesson.

As I progressed along, I have found that more grammar explanations have been made; but I do think that the explanation of some grammar usage could be expanded on - if not in the audio, then maybe in a supplemental that comes with the lesson.

I previously stated before that there were not review flashcards on the mobile version. Well it turns out that it depends on the type of phone that you use. I was using a medium-end smart phone when I started using Pimsleur, but now have upgraded to a high-end phone (Samsung Note 20) and I have access to all the features now and they do have flashcards. So, that was simply an issue with me not using a better phone. Although, flashcards were always available on their website, so it's not like I was missing out.

So, if you've ever had trouble learning a foreign language, give Pimsleur a try. Right now, the first lesson is free. Just create a free Pimsleur account, log in, and choose the language that you're interested in. Again, the first lesson is free so your can't go wrong.


I'm a fan of studying languages. I've studied Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Hindi and now Thai. So, naturally, I've tried a lot of language learning software, programs and websites.

Fluenz is hands down one of the best. I highly recommend them for any languages that they teach. Currently, they offer Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, French and German language learning programs.

The only reason that I gave them 4 stars instead of 5 is that they are slow to grow their library of languages. I understand that they want to keep the programs they have up-to-date; however, slow progress is sometimes bad. I think they need to add another asian language to their program, and also Russian.


I bought their Japanese Level 1-3 CD-ROM several years after it first came out. The version that I had was compatible with Windows XP and Vista. Now, years later, I wanted to unlock the software so that I could donate it to a coworker's daughter who was very interested in learning Japanese. She's home-schooled, so I thought that this would help her in her studies.

When the software is installed on your computer there's a product key that has to be unlocked before you can install it on another computer. Since I bought this software about 10 years ago, I no longer have the computer that it was installed on, so I emailed Rosetta Stone's customer service to see if they would unlock the product key for me. They told me that I would have to log onto the computer and do it myself. I explained to them that the computer had died and had been disposed of many years ago and that I would need them to do it. They told me that they could do it; however, since the software was so old, I just needed to just go online and sign-up for the new online program. They told me that the discs were no good. Of course, I wasn't having that. I paid around $300 (possibly more) when I bought this CD-ROM and I wanted the software unlocked. So, over a period of several weeks I emailed back and forth with them explaining over and over again that if someone has a computer with Windows XP or Vista (or can run one in compatibility mode) that the CD-ROM was not obsolete and that I needed them to unlock it. In the end, they basically refused to unlock the $300 software that I paid for and owned. So, having that horrible experience with them, I will never buy another one of their products and I cannot recommend them. They lost a customer who would've spent more money with them. But now, I will never give them another dime.


I would ask that you consider buying something locally in a department store instead of shopping on Wish. Yes, I've gotten some good things from them; however, the bad far outweighs the good.

My experience has been that the dresses are too short or made where they won't fit someone who has hips. Leggings are too tight. Button holes are made/sewn wrong. Cheap material that rips easily. Swim wear is too small. Sizes on Wish are Chinese sizes - not Western sizes, so the clothes don't fit you right. Plus, it takes any where from 2 to 5 weeks to get to you depending on the vendor's shipping method: air vs sea. I've had 3 items lost before. Wish did give me my money back quickly, so I can't complain about that.

Anyway, it's best to buy locally - and check the labels on the clothes. If it says "Made in China" opt for something made elsewhere - preferably your home country. Contribute to your own economy and help build it up one purchase at a time.


When Ashworth began, it was a work-at-your-own-pace school and you weren't rushed. Now the policy has changed. You have to have a semester done in a certain amount of time. That is clearly not a work at your own pace program. I understand they do it to try and keep you on track, but it's very challenging for someone who works full time(40+ hrs a week). Also, if you'd rather do the work at home by written correspondence vs online, they won't let you.(In the past they offered the choice of written correspondence for a higher fee, and now that choice is gone.)

If you enroll in a Bachelor Degree program and want to downgrade it an Associate Degree while you're STILL in the Associate portion of the program, they won't let you. They give you this spill about "Ashworth doesn't let its students go backwards". Well, I'm not going backwards if I'm STILL in the Associate part of the program. Any traditional college would let me change to an Associate Degree if I am still in that part of the program because I am the customer and I'm paying you, so I should get to choose what I want to do with my education.

Customer service is ignorant and needs more training to actually listen to what the customer/student wants. I had an issue and they just kept repeating the same things over and over like they were reading from a script. I also asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that I could not.

On semester exams: It would be nice to know what you need to study in each course to prepare for the semester exam. The chapter exams they give at the end of every chapter in your course material can be very difficult and should be enough to test the student's knowledge of the subject. In fact, one Finance class that I took with them was so difficult that it took me an entire 6 months to do it - and that's with me working on the book every single day.

In summary, I feel let down and kind of betrayed by this school. I loved going to school here but now there is no way that I could finish my classes with the new policies that they have in place. I would have to start all over(which I am open to doing), but was told I could not by their customer service team. So disappointing.

I am open to resolving my issues with Ashworth if they decide to respond to this review.


Over the past 2 or 3 years, I've sent 3 large boxes full of clothes to Swap and had no issues. The items sold and I received my money. So a year after I send my last box, I logged into my account to get a shipping label for another box only to find that you have to be accepted as a "Premier Seller" and send in a minimum of 250 items. What? Are you joking? 250 items minimum? That's such a joke! And then I have to be "accepted" as a "Premier Seller". You guys are a consignment shop and most people looking to sell on consignment don't have 250 pcs of clothing just laying around to sell. At this point, I'd rather give the clothes away for free than send them to Swap.

Swap C. – Swap.com Rep

Hello Shelly,

We sincerely apologize for any frustrations with our new seller model. The goal of the application is to just get a baseline understanding of what our sellers have available. We are working to bring sellers back in waves, and identifying the brands they have, allow us to ensure we obtain the demand of items needed for our buyers.

As sellers are invited, they are asked to send in 1 box to start with. This allows us to make sure the items meet our Acceptance Criteria. If all goes well with the test box, we then open the seller to become a Premier Seller.

Our goal is to develop strong partnerships with our Premium Sellers. Working together to identify what sells quickly allows for success overall.

We hope you will fill out an application and allow us to review it.


Jen - Swap.com


I've ordered things from Zaful before and haven't had any issues. Yes the free shipping can take 2 months for you to get the items because they are coming from overseas, but the shipping is free. You can pay for faster shipping and get your items quicker. Clothes are cute. Give it a try.

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