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I love this store. It offers high-quality healthy foods and other groceries for reasonable prices.

I have only ever had one bad experience with a grumpy cashier but the good far outweighs the bad. The only problem is that the closest Trader Joe's is about 25-30 minutes away. But is well worth it.


You can spend hours on this site. There are full CD downloads, some full movie downloads, amazing self-made videos, TV shows, your favorite music videos, how-to tutorials. This site has everything and is highly addictive. You can use it for both educational purposes and frivolous purposes. Either way is fine!

One major con:
-Read the comments below the video(s) at your own risk. They can be very rude and nasty. It's best to either block them and/or ignore them. Makes the YouTube experience much more fun if you don't read the comment section.


Love this site! My favorite beauty store. They have a wide variety of beauty products.

I am a VIB Insider and the free gifts and discounts I get are amazing.

The site is user-friendly and I love reading the reviews from other people.


-Great photos of celebrities
-Not afraid to call (some) celebrities out for their hypocrisy/bulls**t
-Updates several times a day
-Offers a diverse viewpoint (she's Asian)
-One of the very few gossip bloggers that rarely covers the Kardashians (she doesn't even mention them by name) and only speaks about them when absolutely necessary (a "con" if you are a Kardashian lover, but a "pro" for the rest of us)
-Doesn't care about reality stars in general and rarely covers them - another plus

-She does call celebs out on their behavior but she also has favorites and never (or very rarely) speaks poorly of them even if they are in the wrong (ie. Brad/Angie). It can blind her column at times
-She used to be much more biting in her criticism, she has toned it down now that she is on TV
-Has more ads in the middle of content than she used to (although I get it, she needs to pay the bills) It's still annoying though

If you are on the fence:
-No comments section (which doesn't bother me but it might bother others)


-They have some really outstanding commentators/posters
-They have some really great writers (and some not-so-great writers)
-Updated several times a day so there is always fresh content; just scroll past the stuff you have no interest in
-Covers a wide variety of topics
-I like being able to star and reward the wittier commentators

-The Kinja commenting system sucks
-It used to be easier to ignore the trolls and mouthbreathers
-Shouldn't be allowed to have burner accounts

Just to consider if you are on the fence:
-Gawker is liberal-leaning. It isn't really a problem for me, but a lot of people complain about it. Just be aware if you are a conservative/Republican.
-Very New-York centric (they are based in NY). Once again, not really a problem for me but be aware if you aren't really a fan of NY or NY news.


I love this site. Michael K is a gem and the posters, for the most part, are welcoming and friendly. They are only mean to trolls and idiots - so don't be a troll or an idiot on this site!

I read this site when I am in a bad mood and my spirits are lifted in no time.


The site is fine if you are "in" with the posters who are considered the "cool" crowd but God forbid if you aren't a member of the clique and express an opinion different from the majority - you are pretty much bullied mercilessly unless you are one of the protected members.It is very difficult to fit in unless you adopt the views of the majority (no matter what your true views are).

I lurk at the site more than post because they do have a lot of good celebrity photos and interesting celebrity gossip, but beware of posting unless you are one of the "chosen" members.

Whenever I post/posted on there I never felt I could say what I really wanted less I get bullied for my views.It is very, very high-school-like. The overwhelming majority of the posters are middle-aged women and they act like they are still in high-school.

There are good posters and some informative topics but you have to wade through a lot of bad to get to the good.

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