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They call me Christmas Nut Cracker because I have a ,"end of the year resolution" where I bring things to a end rather than trying to start new ones. Around christmas I go around cracking all the nuts people stuck in my mouth throughout the year. Guess you could say I'm some sort of scrooge for doing that to peeps around the holidays. lol

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Social Security Administration stated I'm a genius. I get a check because I'm crazy!!! lol


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I looked and looked for the,"7 day trial" button for the Play Now subscription that lets you play over 300 games instantly. Couldn't find that button. I read they apply the 7 day trial to your subscription AFTER you pay for one (scam). I thought it would be like Xbox subscription where they allowed you to down load the game. No their games are to special to let you actually download.

Anyhow, it didn't work for me. Internet speed not fast enough it looks likes. So, when going to ask for a refund I got a message saying the computer can't find my account. Tried calling once and had to wait for over an hour to be hung up on. Hell No,! Called credit card company and disputed charge. They know people are not likely to go through all that trouble to dispute a 10 dollar charge.

They're scam artist. NO SERVICE! And their computer is broke. Really!?! They make their own hardware, software, and movies. They know how to make $h! T work, believe you me. Trying to rip me off 10 dollars is what they're tried doing. Getting my money back!

Tip for consumers:
Unless you have the internet speed don't pay for the Play Now service (5 Mbs). If you don't know you better be ready to jump over hoops to get a refund.

Products used:
Play Now service that lets you play 300 games instantly.


Spent 3000 on a engine for my jeep from the Car Quest in Clinton, Ark. Apparently Car Quest is owned by Advance Auto. Anyhow, three months ago I payed 3000 for a rebuilt engine. They can't confirm they bought it beyond their own recipe. Spartan Motor's won't confirm they bought it from them and they don't have the shipping info to confirm it either. Don't pay up front! Don't pay up front, Don't pay up front! Don't pay until you get your car back and you can drive it. Still can't get my jeep back because they say I owe them for more work they can't prove they've done, image that. Now I don't have a car trying to buy a rebuilt engine from Advance Auto/Car Quest.


Back a few months (2019) ago a manager at the North Little Rock Ark. Location named Jim refused to replace a water pump with a life time warranty. Said I had talked funny to his employee. There was a mix up with the phone number I gave them 10 years ago when I first bought it. My new number isn't the same, NOW, supposedly the way I told the employee not to change anything was unacceptable to this manager.

Again this month I tried replacing a computer and I bought years ago with a life time warranty. Again they wouldn't honor it. Told me they would give me a refund. This same computer only comes with a one year warranty as of today.

Anyhow, the manager or somebody at the one in Clinton, Arkansas accused me of having replaced this computer 5 or 6 times which was a lie and they knew at the time accusing me of it. Back in February 2020 I tried replacing the computer because of the check engine wouldn't go out and without codes.

Tried replacing it and the new computer made my Jeep run real bad so I took it back before leaving the parking lot. Now this month (August 2020) it broke down and had CarQuest work on it and they tell me it's the computer so I had them get a replacement from O'Reilly. IT WAS THE SAME BROKE COMPUTER THAT DIDN'T WORK back in February, same one. Once you plug one of these computer up to a car it stores the VIN number and has to be reprogrammed. Long story short they wouldn't honor my life time warranty. I had to buy a new one from CarQuest.


I love the customer service agents. Remember talking to one that sounded as if they had just won the lottery. Talk to me like they where my butler. I've spent thousands here. Maybe that's why they treat me so good? Know I never have to worry about arguing with them. Some places are combative or allow they employees to be combative with their customers, not these folks. There site is very helpful for those people that want to build there own PCs. It's a great website.
I'll buy NEW from here before buying used from eBay or Amazon. They have all the warranty info and that plays a big part what I buy. One has a five year warranty and the other has a one year, it's a no brain-er. This site makes decision making so much easier for me with all the info they have on products and the customer service is out of this world.


Wouldn't let me make a bad review. Attorney wouldn't reply. There's not many attorneys out there that don't let you make free consultation. Now if I had book an hour of there time for that same question it would have cost them but no return gratitude for it. Just rude to me, just ignore someone especially considering if I had showed up in person. Anyhow, you can't complain about that. Not caring enough to reply should reflect a person attitude. This attorney didn't care and people should know that. You can't trust a site that doesn't allow bad reviews.


This is the car for you. Chances are that's exactly what's going to happen when you activate the auto pilot and fall asleep, thinking you'll make it there. Might as well go out drinking too while you're at it.


They are located out of Dallas, Texas. I'm going to file a simple complaint with the Texas Attorney General so should you even if you don't live here. You can file online too. VERY EASY to file a complaint this isn't the place for it you all.


China the," Land of no Returns" counterfeits and toxic products. No returns because it is either fake, cheap, or laden with toxic material. Amazon sucks now! Buyers beware!


Same thing with life. Life is fair too, people are not. Yeah, I have to admit the people on the site put you through a emotional challenge more like wreck, but, I would have to say it's worth it if you can find that one you're looking for. There upgraded membership is a rip off.

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