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I have done a plethora of things in my life and enjoy almost everything. I am always wanting to try new things and research new ideas. I don't really use social media anymore because it's destroying society as a whole and making people unable to think for themselves. I like trying out new products, testing and reviewing them in my small amount of spare time. I like to see small businesses thrive so everyone has a chance at success. I spend a lot of time outdoors!

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I spend the small amount of free time I have testing different products. I recently started a new business that is all about finding the next thing people are going to want. I always have my eyes open for good idea and inventions. I was considering starting an online business but I hate sales and marketing. I try all different kinds of stores and products because I hate seeing only a few of the top businesses get all the money. My regular hob keeps me busy most of the time unfortunately.


Knives, Electronics, Hiking, Outdoors, Climbing, Skydiving, Drones, Camping, Firearms and Crypto

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This is hands down the best dollar cost averaging bot trading service I have ever used. It is simple and easy to configure and you can be making crypto quickly. This is not going to make you rich overnight but it can and is putting a steady passive income into my wallets. They support many different exchanges incliding GDAX-Coinbase Pro for Americans. However where I believe these bots excel at are futures scalping and day trading.

They are integrated with trading-view so you can get information from there for your bots to work with but you don't really need it for anything but charting. All bots are public so you can see what others are doing and even copy their bot and modify it to fit your needs. They have so many different options but the basic setup is quite simple US citizens are at a slight disadvantage because of the limited exchanges available ro you.

3Commas also offers a new trade terminal interface and a smart trade option that works on some exchanges their bots don't as of yet such as KuCoin. This seems like a solid company have a great support staff. They are constantly adding features while improving their bots and services. They work off your exchange created API keys.

One last thing that is really good they free paper trading service that is their to test your bots on before setting them loose with real assets. These bots are incredible and the subscription has paid for itself in less than a week. Try it free for three days I think everyone will be as happy as I am with this service.

If you want to try it feel free to use this link for an additional discount:

Tip for consumers:
It's not going to make you rich quick but it will add passive steady income better then interest or staking. You know your own risk level if you trade so the same applies here. These have been incredible for me.

Products used:
I got the pro package on a Christmas promo after trying it got 3 days.


In my opinion this is the best futures trading platform in crypto besides Binance. Binance is only better because it has more options but KuCoin will catch up soon I believe. I use KuCoin now for most of my Spot and futures trading. I haven't had any problems with them as of yet. KYC not required but recommended. They have all the newest and best DeFi tokens out there and Pool-X is part of KuCoin so you have great staking opportunities. This is my go to exchange for both spot and futures trading and they have API's separate from each other.

EDIT: Yes they were recently hacked but it never effected my trading other then lower volume temporarily and unable to withdraw assets for about two weeks. That might seem bad but they are basically unregulated and could've just said forget it and closed shop. They made it right and in my book I trust them even more! Might not be the biggest but in my opinion it is one of the best and fastest up and coming Crypto exchanges out there! If you want to try it with discounted trading fees feel free to use this link:

Tip for consumers:
In my opinion, this is one of the best Crypto exchanges out there, especially after they were hacked. They handled it well and as far as I know no one lost any funds, they recovered most and the rest was covered by their insurance fund and the exchange.

This is an incredible exchange with so many different ways and opportunities to earn profits. Just be careful because all investing comes with a high level of risk and currency investing can be the highest but also the most profitable.


As far as I am concerned Schwab is the best broker out there. If you trade options they have the street smart edge platform which is an incredible tool. You get so much free access to otherwise inaccessible data. They also started the no commission trading that we are no enjoying. You can't go wrong with Schwab as a brokerage firm.


This is a great Crypto exchange for those with some level and understanding of Crypto currencies. They believe in personal responsibility and require you use secure 2FA with at least a authentication app but they also suggest using a Yubbi or some hardware 2FA as well. They are one of the few sites that allow and even suggest this even in the crypto world.

They can be stringent on their KYC verification requirements and it's difficult to fund your account even after verification because they use a holding service that wants another more personal KYC I am not willing to do, So I transfer in USDC from other places bypassing Etana custody all together. I am still working to resolve this but it seems deadlocked,

Their customer service is very responsive with a 24 hour chat option which I really appreciate. Just like all crypto exchanges it has it's advantages and disadvantages but it has a solid platform and full API support so I use it. Minus the one star for KYC issues and forcing me to deal with a Central Bank subsidiary.


I highly recommend this to any pet owners. This site have saved me a fortune in time and money. The auto-ship service is fast and reliable even through this "pandemic" if you want to call it that. When others were having a hard time getting supplies I was able to share what I had to help other out. Customer service has always been top notch and they even refunded me for an item I didn't ask them to. I wrote a review and they read that the product wasn't good but I never requested a refund since I ordered it and it was used. Overall I couldn't be happier with Chewy and recommend it to all my friends.


Twitter was fun until they started shadow banning and censoring people. I have basically quit using the service all together because there are much better options available.


This is an excellent site for hodling crypto or swapping it from currency to currency. They acquired Keepkey hardware wallet and it's integrated directly into the platform. They use WYRE if you want to purchase Crypto directly from a debit card. This is a unique and valuable service I use frequently.


This is a paid subscription service that involves live options trading. It has made me a lot of money when the rest of the market was going doing. If you are interested in trading options I strongly recommend trying this service!


This is another really good trading room with direct access to D. R. Barton Jr. He has made really good profits for us in this trading room. This is a paid subscription service but has paid for itself quickly.


One of the many crypto exchanges out there. Keep in mind this is not CoinBase it's CoinBasePro which is an exchange. You can only exchange Crypto to Crypto or exchange it to USDC or USD then transfer it to your or preferred cash out place. This is more of a intermediate service. There are much better exchanges out there but this is great and fairly easy to use. It's easy to start with CoinBase and free transfers between it and Pro.

While there are a lot of better prices as far as fee's, spreads and rates this is by far one of the easiest and most simple to use. It will take a little getting used to if you are new to finance.

I have to remove a star probably should remove two because they have been involved with some sketchy activities recently. They are not truly DeFi but still better then a bank. Good for people new to Crypto but can teach bad habits like storing your seed phrase online which you should NEVER do.


This is a great site to track all your crypto holding and monitor the markets. They have excellent customer service and you can even catch the CEO on the support chat once and while. This is a good company but it's not without it's flaws still. It lags a little behind the exchanges from what I have seen. That kind of lag can cost money. They don't have integrations for all exchanges and wallets as of yet so you have to manually add your transactions to wallets without diesrect support


This email service is not at all secure and has major issues with customer service, security and account deletion without cause. Although most seem to be people using it for spamming. Their webmail is not very well designed and is slow. They do give you 10 alias accounts for free.

The lack of PGP or and encryption tools makes it a horrible choice for most. For a simple basic user then it might be alright, but their spam filters are terrible. I loved it being 3 letter domain name but protonmail uses pm.me addresses so it's even shorter. They sell your information and use trackers constantly is also an issue for me.

Overall they could make just a few enhancements and have a decent service but as is I can't really use it except for backup accounts.

Tip for consumers:
Don't use it for spamming

Products used:


This is the Kyber Network exchange where you can swap all those tokens over to real crypto or vice versa. So far this is the best and easiest I have found. If you like crypto and Dapps you should check it out.


Keep in mind this is not an Anti-Virus software, it's software that fills the gaps in AV software that malware is made to exploit. I have had a lot of success using MalwareBytes in combination with Windows Defender on Windows 10, It's highly customization as far as how many resources you want to devote to it's active protection. It's a bit pricey but it's the best out there.


If you are new to crypto currency and want to learn how it works coinbase, com is a great place to start. It is a very simple and easy to use platform for buying, converting and transferring some crypto currencies. I personally never had a problem using coinbase but I have heard of people saying they did. Too me it's one of the more trustworthy platforms.

It might not be as secure as I would like which is why I really don't use it a lot anymore but it does work and is really easy. I will sometimes still buy on there and then transfer to another wallet that allows a hardware wallet to be used.


The brave browser is a novel idea because it pays people with crypto to watch advertisements you choose while actively blocking them rather well if you choose not too. Brave is just a better version of Chrome but it's a solid browser choice that will at least offer something for watching ad's and collecting information on you and that's more then I can say for anyone else.

The community forum is a really good place to have any questions answered and everyone is pretty friendly. If you don't mine a few privacy violations that they tell you about up front then you'll enjoy the experience.


I have tested this software and it's not malware or anything like it. This is a legitimate service that pays you to use your GPU/CPU when it's not being used. I have earned a lot from using my free resources. You can uninstall or turn it off at anytime with no problems. You can actually connect to your Steam account, We Chat and PayPal account.

You can set it up on smart mode so it'll monitor your temperatures and utilization and adjust itself accordingly. You can also choose to set it on a schedule or just turn it off and on as you like. You can easily track your earnings. This is very legit and one of the best I have seen and tested.


This is a truly uncensored social media platform for everything political and more. It has some really good content on there and is growing quickly. I found it a refreshing replacement for twitter and all the other sites that censor and shadowban! Really great site!


This is much better then a lot of the site reputation checkers out there. It's a dangerous web right now and not knowing where you clicking can cost you big time. This site helps take some of the guessing out of it. I don't trust many sites sites like this but you can get your own API and use domain tools like whois, test HTTPS and HTTPS/2 headers. There are a lot of cool and useful things to do. It is geared more towards the IT professional but just the base cut and paste a URL into the checker anyone can do,

Really good service!


This is another useful website/URL Checker and webmaster tools site. They offer a few unique things not found on some of the others. My favorite is the ability to see if a site uses pay per click ads aka paid link detector. I really don't use this one a whole lot personally but I have had a good experience every time I do. It is an option when you use NoScript extension and click on a domain you want to know whether to block or not.

This is designed for Webmasters but useable to the average user that just would like to know more.

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