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5 Reviews by Scott


They've updated the website, forum software and app software. While they are still working out some of the bugs - it runs quite quickly. I love their dictionaries as they have what I'm looking for 90% of the time. Many times the word you're looking up has an example sentence which helps. At the bottom of the entry you will see threads (from their forum) that contain the word. You search the forum or dictionary for help and it's an amazingly free resource. If you don't find the word/phrase you're looking for - you can ask it on the forum. I've been on there for years and I've received help and provided it as well.


This website/program is similar to Swagbucks in that there is a website where you can earn from doing tasks or buying from merchants you might already be doing as they have mobile apps to earn points. The good thing with Perk is they have several apps that you can run and you get a small portion (one tenth of a cent) for each point while the apps run. Unlike other sites, their apps reward you unlimited (no daily limit) you just have to make sure they run properly on your devices. Make sure you don't run too many and that you are interacting with the apps throughout the day.

Lately, they keep changing their programs and telling members different things. They won't tell you exactly how many apps you can run on your wifi enabled devices. They used to only play one advertisement between the activities that earn you point. I noticed sometimes they play 6 ads (yes six!) between them, sometimes it's two. I had to suffer through that for a day, and off and on there will be times when it plays two ads. I totally understand they're there to make money, but I don't get why they can't tell you how many devices you can use. Their system may then flag your account as having fraudulent activity. You have to jump through some hoops with their support team and then they may re-instate your account. You lose all your points, by the way.

I haven't been running as many devices as other collegues I know. I earn between 4-5 dollars for two days which is okay. I haven't been flagged yet and hopefully won't be in the future. In fact, I was able to use the month from what I earned in October to pay my cell phone bill! I was so happy. I feel that Perk should tell you exactly how many wifi devices you can use to run each app so you don't have to jump through all the hoops. Be sure to clear your cache and cookies so your devices run smoothly.

I would recommend them, but proceed with caution as they can deactivate your account if their fraud system detects you are running too many apps.

Tip for consumers:
-Be aware that they are bipolar and won't tell you how many devices you can use. Proceed with caution.
-You can earn by running their apps and you get a little bit of the pie. you can let it accumulate to pay some bills or expenses.
-They do pay and are reliable if you don't get your account flagged.


I really like Ipsos i-Say. They are a survey company that pays you to do online surveys. Amounts range from 48 points and up. If you get disqualified you are supposed to get 5 points and an entry into their Poll Predictor. With the Poll Predictor you have to guess the percentage who answered a poll question a certain way, then you get entries into their prize drawling depending on how close you were (ranges from 1-25 entries). So that is very good. Now onto the bad:
I'm getting at least one survey a day that does not credit correctly. I do the full survey OR I get disqualified and don't get the points. It seems it takes about 1-3 weeks to add the points to my account. I find that unacceptable as other survey websites have responded to me that same business day! With the other survey sites, even if they had to investigate it took them one business day and I got a decision in my favor. With i-Say, it just takes too long and you might forget. So, here is what I would recommend - keep GOOD records. Be sure to have to survey number before you even begin the survey in case you don't get credit or something goes wrong. Then, make sure you save all the information (survey number, number of points ripped of, date of survey, topic of survey). When they finally respond back to you, make sure you link their ticket number to what you saved. Then be sure to follow up if they don't credit you. You really have to babysit the surveys to make sure they credit.

I'm happy with them, but they frustrate me a lot when they don't credit me!

Tip for consumers:
Be aware they have problems with crediting you on the surveys
Make sure you keep details (survey number, take you took the survey, number of points, etc) for surveys that don't credit.
If you don't get credit after about 1-3 weeks that they promise you, follow up with them.


I've been a member for five years, but only recently got serious on the site this year. Mostly, I do the freebies (watch videos, listen to radio, search, "to do" list, surveys, etc). This is my favorite site to earn money. I sign up for no trial offer and I have only just recently signed up for a paid offer. It was a no-brainer as they wanted me to pay $30 and they were giving me 3500 SB (=$35), with the taxes the order came to around $32 so I got paid $3 to try the product that I have been wanting to try. It works for me! So I got paid three times this month ($25 PayPal payouts). I always cash out when I get the minimum which is $25 for PayPal. They start the e-gift cards low at $3 so if you're interested in that, then you should get them pretty quick if you're looking just for small amounts.

I would highly recommend you try them out and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me anything.

Tip for consumers:
Don't try to cheat on the website, don't use bots or try to create more than one account. Don't lie and give false information on the surveys. If they suspect you of cheating, they can close your account and you lose the SB you've earned. It is important that once you reach $25 to cash out with PayPal or e-gift of your choice.


They are a big health board forum. I've joined in the mid 2000s; currently I've been a member for over ten years. I'm a member of other forums (non-medical) and I know how rules work. I like interacting with the members, but watch out if you deal with the administrator. He is very blunt and has a sarcastic tone.

I researched their parent company and I noticed the other forums they manage have very similar complaints to this forum. I'll be on here until they ban me. I use it to help other people, but I don't really like posting too much. Here are some things that I noticed from the rules--they aren't written well and are confusing. Take about 30 minutes to really read them.

So here are some things that are important on the website - you can't recommend websites or post website links. In the rules, there are rare exceptions such as using their sister site (another medical website) or medical website that end in. Gov can be posted. However, the information must be requested by the member asking the question. So, there are so rare occasions to even post a website I'd recommend not posting any website or mention names. You can get in trouble for mentioning other medical websites or services or even review websites.

Newbies are not supposed to be allowed to post/reply to private messages, but the forum software allows it. The administrator claims it's a forum error, but nothing has been done to fix it. With other members you're supposed to send a test private message asking permission to communicate with them. No other forum I have ever been on makes you jump through all these hoops. If you do get caught messaging a newbie the administrator team can give you a warning (which they call infractions). However, they can close your account for any reason and at any time. I believe they gave me the benefit of the doubt because I have been a member for so long. However, as you see below, there are many people who were members for a long time (like me) and got banned without warning.

If you promote a product in many threads, you can get in trouble for advertising. You have to be very careful with it as they can interpret the rules anyway they want and get you in trouble. Typically, look for the other member asking what product or treatment they should use. If they don't specifically say anything, I will ask them what they have used or if they're asking what product/treatment to use. You really have to cover your buns because the administrator can get you into trouble for the stupidest things.

Some other odd rules - on many other forums, someone might ask you something private or off topic, so you say on the forum - go ahead and send me a PM. Forget about it on this forum, it's against the rules. Then remember what I said above? You have to send a test PM - and ask permission if you can message them. Oh and if it's a newbie you're not supposed to message them because it's in the rules not to. Their forum software is supposed to be set up to not allow newbies to have access to it, but they do.

For privacy reasons, you're supposed to use a user name that is anonymous (doesn't include your first and last name), supposedly if you do, they have the right to ban your account. Now get this, if you refer to them by their full user name (and they used their full name), YOU can get in trouble. But, hey, weren't they supposed to ban them in the first place for breaking the rules? Nope, it doesn't matter, YOU still get in trouble. Oh, and don't refer to the first poster by any slang terms (OP) - you'll get in trouble there, too!

Then they say be yourself and don't be afraid to post. To be honest with you, if I were a newbie, I WOULD be afraid to post because they put so many road blocks. If I weren't a long time member, I would never sign up for this website. If you're thinking you want to sign up for this website, just keep in mind of their not so logical rules and they can and will close your account at any time for any reason.

Tip for consumers:
Be sure you fully understand their forum rules
Realize they can close your account at any time and for any reason.
Private messages aren't really private. The administration team can read and delete them.
Don't advertise or post links at all!


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