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To be updated... but you don't want to be here

Actively destructive information (sometimes under the disguise of "help"), a lot of actively destructive users. Actively anonymous mods. Since one of the mods died a few years ago, most don't care anymore

If you just have anxiety, then reading this board will just send you downwards
"I worry about"
"is there any hope"
"does it get any better"
"I give up"
"having problems with"
"suicide thread"

If you just want to communicate, then you have about 3 minutes on the forum until you read something which makes you want to verbally... reply to them for the #### they are typing

People post ####, and of course on an anxiety forum, no one is going to challenge them. Because they have anxiety. There is no feedback/rep or rating system. You are not allowed to challenge posts. Even if they're wrong,

You are not allowed aliases if you are a random person. If you are pals with the mods, I'm sure you can do anything you want.

Several individual "moderators" come under the anonymous title of "sauk mods", so you don't know who is involved in "dealing" with your case. It's the sauk face of the faceless corporation. There is no communication between mods and users.

Any posts which criticise sauk, or an individual, are removed. If you're a mod and you don't like someone, when they ask for assistance you make up a slightly plausible sounding reason why you can't help and why they are doing something wrong

If you are worthwhile, if you have things to contribute, if you are of value to society. Don't bother with this place...

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