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Haig Bagerdjian has flown P360 into the ground. About 15 years ago he tried to build something similar to RedBox except on a grander scale. Ken Holland, the original owner of IVC/P360 knew his employees and spoke to them on a one to one bases often. Ken knew everyone's talents. Haig on the other hand kept himself aloof and was never seen. If he had taken the time to get to know his talented engineers, he would have known they had hardware, programming, networking, database and PC boards design skills. Another project Haig sunk tons of money into, paid outsiders to do the work and allowed the project to fly right into the ground, without realizing that the talent to do the job was right under his nose.

Point360 Haig Bagerdjian
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I joined IVC in 1992, Ken Holland built a great empire. He knew knew and visited all his employees, weekly catered lunches, sent gifts to those with newborns and paid an honest wage. He was loved by all but as usual, all good things come to an end. Point360 purchased IVC and we were allowed to grow for about a year, no changes. We were in lockdown for a week. Company records were examined for fraud. Heig was paying a 3rd party company to write software. We never received a product. I think P360 was tricked out of a million dollars. We watched Heig as he crushed other post productions houses in New York, Texas and San Francisco. Without knowing anything except being a bean counter, we were moved out of the 2777 Ontario Street, the IVC landmark, away from the action to a crappy little hole in the wall at the Media Center. Heig started another venture to compete with RedBox. Because Heig didn't know his employee capabilities, he missed Jim and Sandy, two top programmers could have written his software. His RedBox venture was a disaster. One by one the chickens were picked off. After 19.9 years, just before christmas, I got sacked. It actually was a relief. The facility was horrible and the drive long. Ken Hollands mighty empire is an empty shell now, and getting ready to close it's doors for good. Rumor has it that Heig has purchased buildings with his own money outside of the P360 corporation, is renting those buildings back to P360 and has moved corporate equipment into them. Don't you just love Heig?


We have a Honda and RAV. The Honda was on its 2nd oil change and the RAV its 1st. The mechanic changing the Honda oil said Whoever changed the oil last left the bolt loose. My wife said you did. Mechanic argued that JL (Jiffy lube) didnt do the last oil change because it isn't our oil filter. We had papers proving it. We determined it was the wrong filter because JL didnt change the filter on our previous visit. We got the car home and it left a 1ft pool of oil on the driveway. We also had the oil changed in the RAV and it was now leaking. We took the Honda back to JL and they said the oil pan gasket is bad. We took the Honda to our mechanic. $300 later our mechanic said JL had over tightened the drain bold and cracked the pan. I saw the crack and kept the pan. I went to corporate and let them know our story. The 1st time we got no response. I wrote a 2nd letter and threaten small claims. They finely responded with we have trained professionals although JL had no explanation as to the off brand oil filter and the cracked oil pan. The manager of our local JL in canyon country CA offered us $108 of free oil changes. We took the offer, we didnt want to hassle with small claims. After we use our coupons, we have no plan of ever returning to JL. The RAV was making noises when we turned the steering wheel. The steering fluid was empty. JL paperwork showed that all fluid levels were good. We are still looking into why it is now dripping oil.


At first AmazonProm looked like an answer to a prayer. My daughter searched for a modest prom dress that would not drain our account. The reviews were good, the price with alterations $250 was good, the 7 day full refund policy was good and they even said if it wasn't right, they would pay for alterations. What could go wrong? The dress arrived quickly and our daughter modeled it for us. The dress was beautiful except for flaws. The left shoulder was ½ inch high, the neck 25% over rather than in the 50% center and the zipper went ½ way up the back and then skewed off to the right.

We went on chat with AmazonProm and were put in touch with support via email. We sent pictures. Their response was that it looked like she wasn't standing up straight. We took the dress to a local cleaner and an estimate of $70. That would not fix the dress but make it usable. AmazonProm offered to pay only $35. I said "after seeing the pictures, a reputable company would have asked for the dress back and sent a replacement". They didn't respond. As a matter of fact, there were long periods of time that they didn't respond. I think they were trying to let us slip outside the 7 day return policy. We said we wanted to return the dress. They advised us against it because of the shipping costs, loss of revenue, and again offered $35 for alterations. On the 6th day we requested return information and a full refund. They refused saying that it would cost them too much. I later found out that the reviews my daughter read were on the AmazonProm web site and were probably biased or filtered. I found reviews off the site that were more like my experience. I showed this review and told them I would post this review if didn't uphold there policies. They responded and asked me to calm down and that we could work things out. Again I was reasonable but they refused to take the dress back. They reminded me that they would lose money and offered me $35 for alterations. They have a hard time understanding who the victim is and who the thief is. I closed negotiations. They sent one last email offering again $35.

One interesting thing about their web site was the special deal meter. We placed our order in the final hour of the deal. Once the meter reached zero, it started over. They sucked us in. Also I will be posting this review on their web page. If you can't find this review, they must have filtered it. On a final note, we were under the impression that this was not a Chinese company. It did not bill as a Chinese company. The dress was manufactured in China. Also, they would not accept American Express, that should have set a flag for disaster.

My last two purchases were from AmazonProm and DhGates. Both purchases ended in disaster. Buy American, from your local mall or stores. Stay away from the Chinese on line stores. It's sad that the Chinese government lets this type of thing go on, it's going to hurt them and other reputable businesses in there country.

Tip for consumers:
Read reviews not on the AmazonProm web site. After your finished with the reviews, I shouldn't have to tell you to avoid these guys!


I ordered 256gh USB memory sticks from DHgates for slightly under 5 dollars each with a minimum order of 62. I sold some of them to friends at cost and then started testing them. With a 100% fail rate I had to track down the ones I sold and buy them back. I then started the return process. Unlike US companies that take responsibility for the products they sell, I had to deal with the manufacture. I was beginning to doubt I was ever going to see my 313 dollars. The web site is extremely difficult to use but I finely got connected to the right person. At first I was refused a refund because I checked "faulty" as my return reason. I was told to go through the return process again but check "don't need" instead. Apparently the supplier doesn't want DHgates to know that they are selling faulty product. The manufacture tried to sell me good replacement USB sticks for 45 dollars each. After 6 weeks I did get my money back. I wasn't reimbursed for shipping.

Tip for consumers:
Always read reviews. If you have to return something, DHgates doesn't want to here from you and will have you work out your dispute with the manufacture.


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