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I am a human. Nothing more, nothing less.

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I DJ, love to make synthetic hair falls and other diy crafts. Also, I shop the hell out of good, honest places!


Hair, makeup, plushies, clothes, handbags, shoes, music, reading, art, health, wellness, and food.

18 Reviews by Saira


Looking for the PERFECT wig without the hassle of buying real human hair at rich prices or cheap wigs that look embarrassing? Look no further! I ordered a really nice long wavy wig with detachable ponytails in split colors before the weekend and:: poof:: it arrived already! Free shipping across the united states couldn't have gotten to me quicker than with this company. I am in love with my new wig! Sounds corny I know, but if you haven't ever ordered and then worn one of these beauties you just won't understand how comfortable it is to wear. Super soft, super shiny, unlike those cheap halloween-esque wigs! The bounce of the curls mimics real hair. I am certainly purchasing more (LOTS more) in the immediate future. Site is easy to navigate so you can find the right wig for you. I always start in the Lolita section >_<. I have been following this site for a while, I just am always uneasy nowadays with sending unfamiliar companies my money. So I take the spider's strategem, wait and watch. They are a paypal only company in the way of accepting money for orders, which made me feel a LOT more secure about purchasing. So I ordered, and in the blink of an eye, I am hooked on this company! They sell a broad variety of wigs-short, long, curly and the color selections are insane! From normal to pastels to bold, vibrant colors. Please keep in mind: the sample colors are lighter than the wigs themselves, so take a look at the models wearing them, for those pics show the true color as it will arrive after order. No more are the days of killing my hair with bleach and hair dye. LOVE IT!


Tired of boring ****@blahblahblah.com e-mail addresses? Being such a big HK fan, I signed up for free e-mail at sanriotown.com years ago. With getting one ***@hellokitty.com and one ***@mymelody.com, I am happy. Sure, there's not the ability to send/receive really large files, which I do frequently (that's why I have other e-mail accounts that offer that). But. I myself, find it cute as hell to have a HK e-mail addy. Once signed up for free, you can send/receive e-mails, participate in and create blogs, and my favorite... download things like desktop icons (which I have used on mine for two years without virus/spyware threats), wallpaper, emoticons and calendar prints. So far, no breach has ever occurred, nor have I had spammy e-mails, in either of my 2 accounts there.


Ordering from this site has been good to me. Anyone that has a mother (or just plain friend) who has just about everything knows that sometimes you just have to find SOMEthing they don't have. I have only purchased personalized items from this site, for it makes the perfect gift for that special person. Shipping was good every time and I have never had a bad thing happen. No misspelled monograms, or off-centering either. No lost deliveries or damaged goods. I have never returned anything, for items purchased are exactly what I ordered as described on their website. Everything I have ever bought through the years are still used by my mother. Good company so far for me (because if it wasn't, my mother would most certainly tell me the truth-she has no shame >_<)


This is for all the hardcore gamers like me out there. This site will tell you where you can buy Grip-It analog controller rubber covers for your video game controllers like Playstation and Xbox. I play a LOT, and I mean a lot! After seeing the damage occurring to the controllers of my xbox (old and new) I kicked myself in the bum for not purchasing covers when I first saw them in Gamestop years ago. When I got a limited edition 360 S that came with special controllers to replace my out-dated 360, I left the controllers in the box until I could get covers. I took the trip to Gamestop and they told me they discontinued their covers(I am not sure if they decided to go back to stocking them currently), and at the time could not tell me who made them and where I could get them. After extensive searching on the web, I came across this brand, Grip-It, and purchased a set from gogamers.com (which is no longer operative as far as I know). So out came one of the limited edition controllers to don the new covers. I have yet to go through that rubbery cover, even with all the abuse it takes. Without those covers, that controller would meet the same demise as the past counterparts-wearing the original coating on the analog thumbsticks down to the hard plastic beneath. Which, I must say, is really really uncomfortable for the thumbs when you're trying to drive a warthog or kill an enemy with a dmr while playing halo. So, if you value your thumbs, condition of your nice controller, visit this site to find a reputable online retailer to purchase from- it's worth the low low price they are retailing for! But keep in mind, they currently only sell them in two set packages(enough for two controllers), with the only colors available being in that one package-blue and black(one set of each color).


OMG I cannot even BEGIN to say how much I loooove food from home! After my move to the east coast from the midwest, I missed things I ate regularly like Chicago style deep dish pizza, italian beef sandwiches and Chitown dogs on a poppyseed bun! Everytime I try to order a Chitown dog out here, people look at me with that "why would you want ALL THAT on your hotdog" confused look. I even have to bring my own celery salt with me! Now, with a little help from the Lou Malnati's chain I can bring my faves to where I currently reside inbetween my visits back home for the so-fresh-you-have-to-smack-it meals. They have many choices on meal packages, depending on what suits you. Cookies, ribs, italian beef(from yet another favorite chain of mine-Portillo's), pizza... they even have SPORTS packages for the Chicago sports fans to enjoy. Reviewing this site makes me salivate and miss home even more. All frozen foods are sent to your home in a foam box with dry ice (which I get double fun out of... it keeps my goodies frozen the whole way here AND entertains me with instant spooky effect for my kitchen sink)inside a cardboard shipping box. Item packages ARE kinda pricey, but at my standpoint, I would probably be willing to pay more just to get that taste of home I cannot find anywhere remotely close to me now! LOVE IT!


Visiting this site is always a treat for me. Fashion in Japan intrigues me and also is quite reminiscent of my childhood, when things like popples, barbie and the smurfs were quite popular. Lolita fashion, for me, is exciting, adorable and fun to wear. Tokyofashion.com doesn't just stop there. This site is very thorough when it comes to photographing random people seen on the streets of Japan, but also goes into deep detail about what they're wearing and who created the pieces these people are wearing. This enables common people around the world to discover new fashion pieces they may just want to look into for purchase. This site covers street photos, articles, brands and more with easy navigation.


If you are ever in need of marketing flyers, or things of the such, I recommend clubflyers.com! Good card stock, durable coating and nice vibrant colors. Great pricing, especially when they have specials running. I will be going to them when I run out of business cards to try the free route this time (I hate throwing money to the wind). If the business cards are anything like the flyer quality, I will be pleased as punch. All around a good company, shipping is on time, never had to complain or return anything. I have recommended them to tons of friends and colleagues for their event promotion needs(not limited to "club" events).


I love this site and the owner of the company. After many purchases throughout the years, one of the items was out of stock. This happens, BUT I have never ever, ever, had a company owner personally phone me to apologize that said item was out of stock. I explained that all items were birthday presents, so it was sad that I couldn't get one of the items that was out of stock. She offered me a choice! A larger plushie with all items gift wrapped OR a refund. So, I took the larger plushie option for the same price as the smaller one I initially ordered. Those presents arrived gift wrapped for NO extra charges (which I expected to pay for since I got the larger plushie at half price). This is THE best customer satisfaction driven company I have encountered still to this day - online or retail space! That is why I still shop with them online and not in the stores that carry their plushies, games or books. Shipping is great, on time, and items are clean and never damaged. They have a 30 day return or exchange policy, but I have yet to return anything. So if you need a unique plushie gift, this is THE place to get it.


This is my one-stop supply shop for the hair pieces I currently make. They stock all the tubular crinoline I could possibly shake a stick at. The only problem I have with this place is they are not open to anyone in the US who does not have a business tax ID (which I don't), so if you are someone looking to order, find a reputable local business, as I have for my current area, to order it for you. Shipping time was great, it all came in one box (I order about 20+ ten yard bags at a time), for a really really fair price compared to what I have seen. Unfortunately, I cannot give any info about customer service or e-mail replies, for the middle-man business I asked to order it for me dealt with that end. But everything comes in as ordered without any mishaps so far, so I am pleased with that.


Even though I see so many have had problems with this site, I on the other hand, have had nothing but good experiences with them for the past three years. They have a great obscure selection of dvds. Although, through the years, I must say that prices have risen and gone are the days of free shipping. I don't want a free dvd of something I don't want to watch, I want free shipping back because to drop well over a hundred dollars at a time each time I order should merit free shipping! I will continue to order from them because there are just too many dvds they get in that I want really bad and are hard to find. I have never had a botched order, so they're okay in my book.


Yet another record label I love. They always have the limited edition fan boxsets I so adore. Big boxes filled with goodies: Shirt, stickers, flyers, dvd, and the cd(s). Or depending on the deal, you can even choose what cds you can get for free along with the original boxset. There are plenty of choices available, depending on your budget. Shipping is relatively quick and not super pricey, even with the shipping from overseas. Great customer service, and of course, fast responses to e-mails. Wonderful people to buy from.


I have to say that I LOVE this record company. They are great to order from, as the service provided is always timely and the deals they have available are amazing. I am not one that goes only digital download for music, so to buy cds that I enjoy without having to take timely, expensive trips to tangible record stores (which are closing doors fast) is great. GREAT customer service and they get back to you right away when e-mailed. Very thorough and friendly responses from the staff. Also offered there are digital format tracks and vinyl records, for those interested in the music in other formats.


This site is great. I had purchased a refurbished Numark professional dual cd player from them at a wonderfully reasonable price. When it arrived, there were no cosmetic damages to it and it still works like a champ (even after seven years of my heavy usage). When I need to purchase anything else, from lighting to guitars, recording gear to amps, I most certainly will go there. I recommended them to friends and colleagues or anyone else who is musically inclined that don't want to break the bank.


I purchased Special Effects hair dye from this company. Great customer service, well detailed e-mails containing information pertaining to your order. Quite organized and shipping was great. I have yet to order some of the other items available on their website (they have an odd variety from cosmetics to housewares), but I know I will in the future.


I ordered t-shirts from gesshoku.org and I must say that I am extremely pleased. The weight of the cotton used is quite good, the stitching is really sturdy and the screen printing on the shirts is high quality ink. All images printed on the shirts are also centered perfectly. After many many wears and washes, the black cotton has not faded one little bit and the ink is staying right where it belongs. Shipping was on time, so I could not have been happier, and most certainly will order from them again.


For those out there like me, I delayed the purchase of a cellphone for as long as I could. I wanted to keep out of an expensive contract, hefty monthly bills, and have plenty of calling options. When I first saw a commercial for Boostmobile, I was skeptical. So I waited (and waited)to see if the company would go under. It didn't. So, I searched for the right phone. I had to have unlimited everything: calls, text, media mail and data but not at an insane price. Being able to eat too is necessary. That's where Boost comes in. No contract phones AND unlimited plans with SHRINKAGE. So my once monthly bill of fifty dollars will be shrunk to thirty-five in five dollar increments. I have already hit some of those shrinkage milestones, and I have yet to have even ONE dropped call. Coverage across the US is vast, which I need because I travel frequently. And since I waited, my phone, which was listed as an eighty dollar phone, only costed me forty! I love Boost mobile and would recommend them to anyone in need of a new, no b. S., less-costly cell provider.


Verizon is full of money grubbers. Their customer service loves to pass the buck. Over-priced services that are shotty is all you're going to get. DO NOT go with ANY bundles they offer! If you can find another provider of services, please, give them your hard earned money. Verizon says "sure, you'll save x dollars with the bundle", then not give you the discount. That's when the buck gets passed. After so many months of complaining of not getting discounted, getting credited, then finally told I was NEVER able to even GET that bundle price I agreed to in the first place, after the blame was shifted between the cable and the phone and back again FIVE times, I said "come get your dish before I rip it off my house myself" Verizon informed me they they put it on, but do not take it off. They claimed they would send a box for shipping cable related items back to them. It never showed up, and the items are still in my home waiting for that box after four years, even after calling them six times wanting that box. On the last call, I informed them that if I see a Verizon rep. On the side of the road, I would smash the items at his/her feet to bring back to them.


I cannot even begin to express how happy shopping sanrio online has made me. Before I moved, I would always do my HK & friends shopping at a tangible store, but since the move (8 years ago)there isn't a store within 50 miles of me. This led me to do online shopping at Sanrio.com when I am not back in my hometown visiting. Everything I have ever ordered is perfect, genuine and on time, although I must say that the shipping fee is only worth it if ordering plenty of items.

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