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I love this tool, it is great for building basic websites that look decent and are responsive.
The support is responsive and most of the time fast, although I suspect this is because they are a small company and don't have a lot of customers asking for support.
I would much rather use this tool than Wix or squarespace.


I tried out bark a few years ago, as did my wife, and it was a total waste of money for both of us. Not one single lead was useful. None of the emails or phone numbers supplied worked, did not ever get a single response form any lead.

I decided to give them another try after seeing their "get hired guarantee" as I thought I had nothing to lose and maybe they had improved, but sadly the leads were still all useless.
Once again no response from most of the leads, no replies to emails or phone calls.

The guarantee to get hired is also a complete sham. All they will do is refund you the credits back to your account to use again, but they will only do this once. So you can't get your money back and if you still do not get hired, tough. So it is false advertising.

I am still of the opinion that most of the leads are fake.

Bark T. – Bark Rep

Hi there,

We're sorry to hear that you feel this way, but we strongly refute the claims that you have made against our business.

We tried to reach out to you directly via Sitejabber, however we received no response.

If you would like to understand more about our platform and receive support, please email us directly at team@bark.com.

Kind regards,

The Bark Team


The apps do not work properly and their customer support is about as useful as three colour blind hedgehogs in a bag.

They are completely incompetent and seem to have no ability to read or understand plain English as every single reply you get back has literally nothing to do with the question you have asked.

Utter waste of time and energy, look elsewhere.


I spent over £2000 with Victoria Plumbing, and while the products themselves seems to be fine, sadly the same cannot be said for the customer services, which is awful.

It takes them weeks to reply to every email, and they continually waste your time so it takes months for any issue to be resolved or dealt with.

One of the items I purchased was the incorrect type, which they agreed I could return and exchange for something else.
They were fully aware this was urgent as the replacement needed to arrive before my bathroom fotters finsihed the job and left.

I returned the item, and the spent weeks chansing them for the repalcement, but they then refused the send the replacement item and also refused to refund me.

This is effectively theft since the original item has been returned.

I therefore was forced to contact my creditcard company and request a chargeback.

I have had a couple of other issues as well since, and in both cases it has taken months to resolve due to fact it takes them weeks to respond to every email.

I still have one ongoing issue where they have been wasting my time for months, requesting me to send them a video showing the issue, which I keep sending, but they keep claiming they have not received it.
Yet they are replying to the email with the link to the video. See screenshot.

I will not be ordering from Victoria Plumbing in the future, they are a nightmare.


Had a very unpleasant experience with this company.
Just because I wrote a completely innocent and friendly blog post on how to create a website with Wix if you are a!: 1 consultant, they started harassing me and making all kinds of completely unethical, false and defamatory accusations.

You wouldn't believe some of the complete nonsense they came out with.
E.G. This company seems to believe they are a law unto themselves and have the power to control who you can and cannot speak to on the internet or offer your services to.

They accused me of trying to sell my services to their customers/consultants and told me that I am not allowed to do so.

While the accusation was a complete lie, I am of course entitled to offer my services to whomever I want, and they have no authority to say otherwise.

They also tried to claim that I must abide by their licencing agreement/terms and conditions, even though I am not a customer of theirs or a consultant or affiliated with them in any way.

This is like asking you to pay insurance on a car you do not even own or pay rent on a house that somebody else lives in.

I did give them the opportunity 3 times to retract these false and defamatory accusations and give me an apology before I made this public, but they refused. So here we are.


I have used many hosts over the years, and the one area where most of them lack is tech support/customer service.
Having worked in the hosting sector myself for many years, I know more than most the difference between good and bad support and when I am being blagged.

Thankfully this is not the case with Guru... If you have a problem with your site, they do not just pass the pack and tell you "this is your problem", they will simply fix the problem for you if they can, even if it is your own fault.

A few other little security things that seems better, such as blocking remote access to mysql, no plain text ftp and the ability to have hourly backups even on shared hosting.


I am only using the FREE plan, but it does the job for my requirements. I like the fact that I can keep the store separate from my website and not have to worry about maintaining it or updating plugins or whether it will break when I perform updates.

So far I have found the support to be helpful and responsive, which is rare for me to say that about any company, even more so when using a FREE product/service.

I also recently submitted a suggestion/feature request RE the out of the custom fields on the order details. It was a mess as it put everything on one line, so I suggested they fix the email template and sort out the formatting and put all the custom fields on their own line.
I was rather surprised to find they completely agreed with my assesment and 1 week later the changes had been implemented.


Tripadvisor have extremely unethical practices and seem to be in the habit of making false and defamatory allegations and manipulating reviews and rating (just like trustpilot), presumably to the benefit of other clients who are paying for their premium services.

I manage websites and SEO for clients among other things, and have a few restaurants and takeaways as clients who I manage Tripadvisor listings for.

I have on multiple occasions now received the following allegation. When I ask them to provide evidence of the allegation, they have refused to do so making the ridiculous claim that they cannot provide me with information about myself due to their privacy policy.

Refusing to provide me with the information they are holding about me is in breach of the freedom of information act and GDPR compliance.

I have explained to them many times that I do not have any property or listing on Tripadvisor and I do not own or work for any restaurants, I am just a website designer. But they do not care and I have been forced to terminate al links/relationships with my clients on tripadvisor, because their unethical actions were affecting my client's listings and rankings.

I have since lodged a complaint with the ICO about this and their refusal to provide the data/evidence to prove their allegation, and they have also blatantly lied to the ICO as well, claiming they have sent me this information which they of course have not.

To whom it may concern,

It has come to our attention that individuals affiliated with your organization may have submitted unfavourable reviews of your competitors with the intent to manipulate property rankings on TripAdvisor. This is strictly against TripAdvisor policy and is against the law in many jurisdictions.

Reviews found to be in violation of our guidelines have been removed from our site. Please discontinue any attempts to subvert our system immediately.

Penalties have been issued to your listing and TripAdvisor is now actively monitoring your property for further submissions which violate our policies. Penalties may include:

Reducing your ranking in the TripAdvisor popularity index
Posting a large red penalty notice on your listing
Excluding your listing from TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice awards, top 10 lists, press releases, etc.
TripAdvisor takes attempts to manipulate our service very seriously. While we are deeply committed to preventing bias in our content, we will also work with properties who wish to remedy issues of this nature on their listing. The first step in this process is for property owners to speak with their staff and third-party vendors (e.g. Webmasters, social media agents, SEO specialists, etc.) asking about their activity on TripAdvisor and ensuring that they are aware of our guidelines and policies.


TripAdvisor Support Team, Content Integrity


I moved my website to ManagedWordPress.uk and the performance is so much better. It now loads in under 2 seconds, it used to take over 6 seconds.
It is also so much easier to just contact them to perform updates and make changes instead of having to post jobs on freelancer websites and get a different person each time.


The company is unethical, rude, offensive, tells lies and is completely dishonest.
If you have a bad experience with this company for any reason, and post a review online, the miscreant owner will start a vendetta against you, spreading completely false and defamatory lies about you online.



Every time I post a review on tripadvisor, whether it is positive or negative, they delete my review falsely accusing me of being affiliated with that company.

I have explained to them so many times that I am not a multi-millionaire who owns dozens of restaurants, I am just a customer like everyone else.

Every time I ask them to provide evidence of their allegation, which of course they cannot, because it doesn't exist, because they are lying.

They are utter morons and are manipulating reviews whichever way you look it, even if it is through sheer stupidity...


This is simply not a viable way to get something designed. You need to work directly with a designer to get exactly what you want, and for them to make tweaks and changes until you are happy.
This site simply has no clue about how a website design works or what information is required and enough information is never provided to do a proper job.

DesignCrowd forces you to simply choose a winner from the submitted designs, it is then up to you to try and figure out what to do with that design. In the case of a website, you then need to deploy it, set it up, get all your own text/content into the site, which you will then need to pay someone else to do.

DesignCrowd customer services also wrongly advise clients of what deliverable they need to ask for. They will tell clients they need a design (PSD) then they actually want a complete website. So you then have to pay again for someone again to implement the design and build the website.

Not to mention the fact that this is not fair on designers who spend most of their time working on designs they will never get paid for.

The customer service is a joke too.


If you contact them for support, or reply to one of their own emails, or click any contact link anywhere on their website, all they will do is tell you to use the forums, over and over like a broken record. So you have to rely on the forum users for help and advice.

They will not answer your questions or provide support directly, but they actually consider making a post thanking another user on the forum for answering your question, even if the answer was wrong, as providing support.

Their product is advertised as being able to create freelancer sites like PeoplePerHour or Upwork, but sadly does not perform as advertised. The ESCROW functionality no longer works as it relies on PayPal Adaptive, which has been discontinued. Without this, it is really nothing more than a simple jobsite as there is no other way to handle transactions through the site, which means that buyers and sellers must communicate directly and cut you out of the loop.

If you look through the forums, the only solution they seem to give anyone who has issues with their product is to hire a developer to fix it.


Christina has been doing my books for quite a few years and has been great. She has done a much better job than the previous bookkeepers and accountants I used.


I went to the Margate branch, but judging by the other reviews I have read, they are all as bad.
Total apathy and disregard for patients, completely unethical attitude and behaviour.
I was blatantly lied to on multiple occasions, refused an appointment while in dire pain because I had not had a checkup recently, so they de-registered me without any warning.
They submitted a false claim to DECS causing me to get fined TWICE, and the manager (Rob Western) blatantly and maliciously refused to do anything to fix the mistake.
They then started abusing my children and kept cancelling their appointments with bogus excuses, they did this 4 times in a row for all 4 of my kids. I caught them out when I called back twice in the same day and spoke to someone different, and got a completely different story as to why the appointments were cancell. The first time I was told the dentist was stuck in traffic, the second time I was told he was at a funeral.

I, of course, have moved my entire family to another dentist, and hope to never set foot in MyDentist again.

I urge any patient unfortunate enough to be stuck with this dentist, to double check any advice that MyDentist gives you, make sure you always keep a copy of your receipt or at least take a photo of it with your phone for your records just in case you need to prove payment. And avoid filling in any information relating to benefits or tax credits or exemption status on forms unless you have first spoken to NHS directly and confirmed the correct details (preferably in writing).
You may also want to consider recording all your phone calls and conversations to prove anything they have said to you and then subsequently denied.

Update 18/09/2017
Today I received a response from
Leah Cavenay
Patient Support Officer.

He/she completely supports and condones the practice managers unethical behaviour and blatant lies, and have refused to communicate with me further. It would seem that the unethical treatment of patients must be a company-wide policy.
I have now submitted a complaint to the ombudsmen.

Tip for consumers:
Find another dentist


I purchased an ergonomic mouse hoping it would help with my RSI. Sadly it did not, but they sent me an alternative mouse to try free of charge. Very caring and helpful was rather shocked TBH.


I was using Trustpilot for years to post reviews, mostly good ones, then I discovered what happens if you post negative reviews about paying customers.

If a company is using their FREE services, then they do not care what gets posted. However any company who is paying for Trustpilot's premium service can just request for any negative review to be removed, and they will remove it. If you try to dispute it then they will request that you provide ridiculous evidence to prove your review is true. Such as written statements from the police, court orders, proof of phone calls etc.

They also hide your negative reviews from the public, but show them to you when you are logged in, so that you think they are actually visible on the site.


I bought an Anker ergo mouse off amazon. I thought there was a problem with it as it was freezing, and they replaced it no questions asked, even though it turned out not to be the mouse.
I then mentioned that it wasn't helping my RSI, and they sent me an alternate model to try out, at no cost.
Really impressed with this companies commitment to customer satisfaction.


I was using Trustpilot for years to post reviews, mostly good ones, then I discovered what happens if you post negative reviews about paying customers.
If a company is using their FREE services, then they do not care what gets posted. However any company who is paying for Trustpilot's premium service can just request for any negative review to be removed, and they will remove it. They will then request that you provide ridiculous evidence to prove your review is true. Such as written statements from the police, court orders, proof of phone calls etc.


My son's PS4 controller developed problems while it was still in warranty. We got sent around in circles for so many months then told it was out of warranty. If you tweet them they say use DM, if you DM they say tweet them, if you use live chat they tell you to call or tweet, if you call the lines are busy or you get disconnected.
They even made my 11 year old son cry by refusing to help him and hanging up on him after he had waited on the phone for ages to get through to them.
Complete $#*!s.

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