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i better update my profile!! I’m a retired RN, BSN who was born in Wisconsin, who moved to northern CA near Sacramento at age 35, and lived there FOR 31 YEARS THAT WENT BY IN A BLINK OF AN EYE. Last November, 2018, my.husband and I moved back to our home state of WI, just to experience the worst winter that most people could remember! Talk about culture and weather shock! We moved from a city of 350,000 to one of 5,000, with HORRIBLE internet service. But we are with our families again.

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During the last 10 years of my Nursing career, I worked in Quality and Risk Management, particularly in Infection Prevention. I am very knowledgable about statistics, and how they can easily fool people. I also can spot some instances where reviews are fake and being written by either owners or employees of the company. When I make a mistake and order from a horrible or fraudulent company, I fight back. I let other customers know why I wouldn't recommend that they buy from that compan


Shopping (unfortunately), reading, boating, health and nutrition, scrapbooking.

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I don't know whether to review FB or Google, but my husband looked me up on Google, and to my disgust, I found numerous sites where people could pay to find out any public information on me. That didn't disturb me as much as seeing MY FACEBOOK PAGE on GOOGLE!!! How is this possible?? This not only VIOLATES MY PRIVACY, BUT IT ALSO INVALIDATES THE PRIVACY OF MY FB FRIENDS!!!! I did NOT choose to open my FB account to the world; I made friends with my relatives and a few friends! This is so abhorrent to me and so disgusts me that I would appreciate any one who knows of any legal actions I can take to protect my privacy and that of my contacts. I already have friends who are lawyers and paralegals, and if this is a David against Goliath type action, I don't care. I will do what I can to act against either/or both FB and Google for putting personal information on google.
By the way, neither my husband nor other contacts I have had their FB accessible on Google. As soon as I get all the info I need, I will totally quit FB, in as far as that is possible.




I am only reviewing the App Store/iTunes Game, "Jewel Crush, Match 3". I wish there were separate categories on Sitejabber for these huge sites with multiple functions, like the App Store. I've played and enjoyed Jewel Crush for some months now. At one point, I was able to become a VIP member for $2.99 a week. This has numerous benefits. However, now I'm done with the highest level of this game, and I'm trying to stop VIP membership. The site says you can stop it by entering your cancellation in the site. THERE IS NO SITE ON WHICH I CAN CANCEL!!! When i look up options or ask questions, IT IS IN CHINESE!!
I don't read, speak or understand CHINESE!! So it looks as if, unless someone contacts me because i submitted a complaint, for the rest of my life AND BEYOND, I will be charged $2.99 a week for a game i stopped playing because I got as far as I can.
I believe this is a breach of contract and fraud. And it should be easier to contact these game sites without having to first learn HOW TO WRITE CHINESE!!!




I was looking up a anti-aging product I've never heard of (which Allure Magazine promoted), and I got to site. At first, I thought they were legitimate-they proclaim themselves as specialists in evaluating products and ingredients and whether research studies were performed on these products/ingredients. I found the same problems the first reviewer found back in 2009! There are no credentials of these "evaluators", the "reviews" are few and too good to be true. Then if you click on a product, you get an offer for free samples, and unless you send the samples back to this company, you get monthly or every other month continuing products sent to you and much money taken out of your charge card. I got tricked once by one of these types of sites-but that was a while back and won't happen again. Beware!

Publishers Clearing House (PCH)

Publishers Clearing House (PCH)

• Updated review

I despise PCH and I wish I had never tried to enter. It started out as an email with no sign of PCH, saying I was chosen to win a $100 gift certificate from Walmart or someplace else by filling out a survey. This trick led to entering PCH. After all the turmoil i described above, now PCH's controller keeps writing me emails saying I owe money for some item I supposedly purchased from them. First, when you first start entering PCH, you are forced to buy 4 items, which are all cheap garbage from China. You have to give your credit card number in order to get this crap. Why I ever ordered anything is beyond me. But the thing is I HAD TO GIVE MY CC NUMBER IN ORDER TO GET THIS JUNK. So for the past couple months, I've been getting emails saying I owe money on an item. Which item it is is not described. And why they accuse me of not paying, when I had to give my CC number for anything I ordered, has to be a scam. I've replied over and over that I owe nothing and please stop bugging me. I called Customer Service one evening and actually got through. I asked to speak to this company controller so I could question him about my alleged bill. The Customer Service Rep was trying to find a supervisor to help me when I had to leave for an appointment. I am going to call back tomorrow.
I believe this is another scam aimed towards senior citizens in order to scare us into giving PCH money we don't owe. I'm a senior citizen, but I'm not all that dumb, except that I entered PCH's fraudulent contest. That was Uber dumb. Never again will I ever open any PCH email.

“I'd like to give this a MINUS ONE TRILLION!”
• Previous review

This has to be the MOST DESPICABLE SITE on the whole of the Internet, and that's saying a lot. I remember the days when I'd only get Publisher's Clearing House snail mail. Those WERE the good old days. I got started with PCH this time by a phony scammy announcement that I had been chosen for a $100 Walmart card. Yeah, right- IF I FILLED OUT A SURVEY. The survey led me to the PCH site. From there, you have to pick 3 or 4 things to "try out", meaning BUY. But they don't tell you there are several pages of these items, so I ended up buying junk I didn't need or want from the first page. (OK, IM AN IDIOT).
However, that's only the start. To make a truly long story short, here is a recap:
1. You never truly know where or IF you really entered the sweepstakes for their contest. I BELIEVE THIS PART MAKE PCH A TRUE SCAM. That's the main point, and they know this because-
2. You get so many emails every single day, every day telling you that you didn't finish your entry yet and will miss out on winning because you didn't finish your application.
3. So you try to "FINISH YOUR APPLICATION" and have to waste huge amounts of time watching ads from sponsors so you can play scratch-off games to get tokens to add up for some unknown reason which is never explained, STILL NOT KNOWING IF YOU ACTUALLY ENTERED THE SWEEPSTAKES.
4. Your email gets filled up constantly, driving you half mad.
5. Then come the "SEARCH" emails, which make you search a category they provide you, such as Cable carriers, Senior Living, In-Home Care. You can't just highlight the category, you have to type it in. Then NOTHING HAPPENS. You are STILL wondering if you actually entered the sweepstakes.
6. 5 minutes after nothing happens after you put in a Search item, something happens, and happens and happens. Your phone rings many times. You get calls from agents representing whatever search item you put in. These agents call from everywhere, and they call often. I just picked a search item because PCH told me to, not because I wanted anything.
7. Still, you keep getting numerous emails every day telling you that you didn't complete your contest entry!!!!
TO SUMMARIZE: I am still not sure whether I actually have an entry to win anything from PCH, but at this point, I TOTALLY DESPISE PCH AND ITS SCAM LIKE, TIME WASTING, MONEY WASTING, GRUESOME, AWFUL INVASIVE TACTICS!
I'm unsubscribing from PCH!
Go back to the days where we got to pick a few magazines to order.
This whole PCH thing disgusts me and it seems to prey on elderly desperate people (like me).




In August 2014, I wrote asking for info on Zulily products because I was afraid they would be flimsy, cheap (the costs were cheap), and wouldn't fit. Unfortunately, I found Sitejabber AFTER I had already ordered. My instincts were right on! The items were flimsy, cheap, and didn't fit. Awful!! I ordered a couple pairs of shoes-they were the most crappy, ill-fitting pieces of cardboard-like things I have ever seen. They went into the garbage. Nothing fit. Never, never, never to the millionth degree consider wasting your money on this site!!!!




I don't know how I came upon, except I think it came up when I looked up Boots No. 7, a foundation I was interested in. From what little I could research, it seems that Bonanza is a site where sellers of all kinds of products can advertise and try to sell their products. I'm not sure if this is true.
Anyway, I give 2 stars for the DESCRIPTIONS of the products on Bonanza website. The descriptions are SO HORRIBLY VAGUE!!! In some cases I'm not sure if a product is used or new, if something is leather or vinyl or cardboard, and so on. You can send a question to the seller, and I have without anyone answering.
So I thought I'd take a chance and I ordered what was described as a leather shoulder handbag. I couldn't tell the size of this purse, as no dimensions were given. I ordered another product, too, also with almost no specific information reported.
This site needs to provide buyers with a whole lot more in terms of describing their products! It's terrible how little sellers tell us about what they are selling!
So this first review gets one star (barely) for the way the website is set up and the complete lack of specific detail of the products.
Since I saw some reviews that said buyers got fake, cheap items, I ordered two things I could afford to lose money on. I hope I get good results. I will update this review later.
Thank you.

Angie's List

Angie's List


First, I need to explain that I never used Angie's List before, but I needed to find a Pulmonary doctor and an Endocrinologist. First I had to sign up and pay for Angie's List. Then, to my disgust, I found that I had to pay MORE to look up doctors. I wasn't able to preview the Doctor's lists until I had already paid. The straw that broke the camel's back was the fact that there were only 2 doctors in each category (I did this in Fall of 2015). NONE of these doctors had ANY REVIEWS listed, so I and no idea if these were good doctors, knowledgable in their specialties. They just might have paid Angie to get on her list, for all I knew!! I thought Angie's List only provided info on doctors, plumbers, electricians, etc who were reviewed and found to be good.
The plus side is that immediately after seeing that Angie's List was worthless to me, I contacted them and told them to cancel my membership (within 1/2 hour of joining), and they did!!!! I also was refunded my money. Alleluia!
On an annoying side, I kept on getting numerous emails and offers to subscribe for months after I cancelled! I had to constantly unsubscribe.
Angie's List may be OK if you are looking for plumbers, contractors, etc (or maybe AL is NOT good). But if your health is at stake, don't hope that Angie's List will be able to help you!




I'm sorry that I used two words. I am kind of addicted to these rings in candles-type companies, even though I've not been happy with the scents and only received 3/10 decent rings. HOWEVER, I saw a company called Bella Candles that had low prices ($9.99 vs at least $24.99). THANK GOODNESS, I read the reviews (and I also know a person who had the misfortune of buying from this company). PLEASE ALWAYS READ THE REVIEWS!!! The people who bought from this company had problems ranging from never getting their candles, to getting broken glass candles, to having this company enroll them in auto-shipping by taking out $49.99 every 1-2 months from their credit cards!! The BBB gives Bella an F on it's site. I'm actually surprised that Bella doesn't get rid of all the awful reviews-they probably can't. I WAS going to buy from Bella, but I've learned from bad mistakes in the past to read the reviews, to check Sitejabber and other websites, and to check the BBB ratings.



I got an unsolicited email from this company, My Online Empires, created by someone who calls himself Jason Rogers. I'm sick in bed, so I had time to listen to a never-ending video voice stating these "facts" over and over again: IF you are one of the 106 people he chooses to add to his Empire, you will: 1. Hardly do any work except to introduce people you don't know and don't nave to contact to the company, 2. Never have to close deals with these unknown people, because his hard-working staff will do all the work, and 3. Get commissions of $1000, $3000, or $5000 at a time, which could ensure you become a millionaire within the first year. This supposedly is supposed to happen because of a new, undisclosed product or service. We aren't given the slightest clue about this product or service! The cost to join is $49. You get a personal multiple-millionaire mentor to help you through this process. If you read the fine print, it's a little alarming, as it states pretty much that the company can change it's rules at any time, without notifying all the new millionaires. The most frightening part, since I listened to this video and looked up terms and conditions, is that the site may have bugs or viruses, which the Empire may not be held liable for. This Jason Rogers is doing this to make more money for himself (OK, that's truthful), but also because he wants us all to enjoy the good life without having to do anything. The highly-trained, hard-working staff does ALL the work, except WE have to target people we don't know, but who want or need this unnamed product or service.
Has anyone ever heard of this company? Please let me know. I have most likely lost my chance to become one of the 106 partners because I closed the page (boo hoo). BUT I ASK ANYONE WHO GETS AN EMAIL FROM MY ONLINE EMPIRES TO PLEASE READ THE FINE PRINT AT THE END before signing on.




My husband got what he thought was an email from a friend of ours, but when he opened it, it went to a TMZ site, advertising CLA Safflower Oil from a company whose actual name wasn't given. The initial site was: A very strange site name that when opened took me to companies that sell CLA-Safflower Oil. CLA IS a real supplement, and it is sold by Vitacost and other reputable vitamin companies. Anyway, the site showed Gwen Stefani talking to Ellen Degeneres about how much weight Blake Shelton lost while on CLA. It said Kim Kardashian lost 20 lbs in 20 days using CLA-but it didn't say they used what this company sells. You are offered a discounted bottle, but in the small print, you will soon find out that you get monthly shipments and money taken from your credit card!! WHAT CONCERNS ME IS THAT OUR FRIEND DID NOT SEND THIS EMAIL!!! WE ASKED HIM, ALTHOUGH HE WOULD NEVER HAVE SENT THIS KIND OF EMAIL!! AND THE EMAIL WAS SENT TO MY HUSBAND, HIS FORMER JOB EMAIL (he is retired now) and to A COUPLE OTHER FRIENDS. HOW DID THIS COMPANY GET OUR FRIEND's EMAIL ADDRESS AND THOSE OF MY HUSBAND AND OTHERS????! First, don't trust a company who uses someone's email address without their permission. Soon, YOUR email will be used!! SECONDLY, CAN ANYONE TELL ME THE AUTHENTIC EMAIL ADDRESS OF A GOVERNMENT SITE SO THAT I CAN REPORT THIS- a site you may have used that you know isn't another scam address. Many thanks!


Has anyone out there ever managed to write a review of an app they got from Apple's App Store AND HAD IT SHOW UP?? I am trying to write a review of a game from Apple's App Store, and after an hour of looking up how to contact Apple, finally Siri showed me some possible sites when I asked her (it) this question-"How can I write a review on a game from Apple's App Store"? The only site that mentioned reviews was "". I was dismayed when I saw that the site had categories such as-"why your review didn't show up" and " why it takes so long for your review to show up". Anyway, whenever I would press "reviews", the site would say "We'll be back soon". It told me for details and updates, see systems status page. WHAT??? I'm a 65-year old woman who only wants to write a review on a stupid game that I got from the Apple App Store!! What are they so worried about??? If anyone has ever written a review on an App and actually had it on the Apple site, please let me know! My husband and I have Apple iPads and we were thinking about getting an Apple computer. Now I'm not so sure, since I cannot even write a review about a GAME!!!

Bella Serata

Bella Serata


i also got an unsolicited email fro Bella Serata, only in MY email, it said Megyn Kelly from Fox New's Kelly Files is the person who made this cream!! My husband watches Fox News, so look how much these companies already know about us. In my experience, the same thing happens that happened to Judy-you get stuck with purchases you don't want or you get put on autoship, for a high price, whether you want the product or not. I checked Goggle in order to find out more about Bella Serata. All I got were sites I'm sure were made by this company. Just try to write a negative review or try to reply to someone's review-you can't! So then I checked on Sitejabber, and I saw this one review from Judy that confirmed what I had suspected-- that this product is a scam and it will take money out of your credit card that you did NOT AUTHORIZE one way or another. A scam like this uses different celebrities or different people to say they used this product with another one, and it offers you two separate trials and then you find out your credit card is charged for a large sum in a month for autoship, whether you asked for autoship or not. Another method is this one, where some famous person invents it. In Judy's case, it was Angelina Jolie; in my case, it was Megyn Kelly. What the ad says is all FAKE, and all they care about is to get YOUR MONEY.



Naturalhealthresponse is one of the sites of Dr. Richard Gerhauser, who I think is an MD who practices natural medicine. I've been an RN, BSN from the University of Wisconsin since 1976, and throughout all my years of nursing, I now believe in natural medicine as well as parts of traditional western medicine.
However, Dr. Gerhauser has cost me a lot of money, time, and grief. I first started with him when he offered a book on "underground cures" that pharmaceutical companies and the establishment don't want you to know about. He promised a monthly newsletter for a senior citizen price of $37 a year. However, I never received a newsletter, but instead, my email inbox was flooded with his advertisements for his wonder supplements. In order to even find out WHAT his "miraculous" supplements were, you had to sit through a LONG BORING VIDEO or read a long, boring transcript. What I would do is scroll the transcript down to the bottom, where you finally could see what his product was. In order to order the product WITHOUT BEING TOLD THE PRICE UP FRONT, you have to put in your email address. Then you get to pick from 1 bottle, 3 bottles, or 6 bottles, ALL AT EXORBITANT PRICES.
Now, since I scrolled down this super-boring transcript (LONG LONG TRANSCRIPT), I didn't see that anything you purchased would be auto-shipped to you with the charge taken out of your credit card.
YES, I WAS STUPID in not reading everything, but if you would ever see one of these videos or transcripts, you would see that anyone would be BRAIN DEAD by the end of them! I'm serious. His ploy.
So now I'm receiving auto-shipped deliveries of his products which DO NOT WORK! And my credit card charges are escalating! So try to get in touch with him or his company! No email, no phone number easily found.
Finally, I found a phone number and told Customer Service to cancel EVERYTHING of Gerhauser's I had. Well, she cancelled the one product, but I got another auto-shipped product. On that one, Mind Defense, I finally found a site where you could cancel your order! Hallelujah!
Gerhauser is also associated with the following:

Please, be very cautious in any dealings with him or his companies. YOU WILL BE ON AUTO SHIPPING WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD CHARGED!!
I unsubscribed from his sites several times, and he just keeps emailing.
I truly believe that people like him should be investigated for poor business practices that prey on elderly people, like me, on a fixed income. And his claims for his products should be investigated, too.



I would like to inform people that this website name no longer is Joe Cannon's website. When Joe Cannon started, he didn't get domain status for the website. In 2017, someone who sells supplements, which Joe does NOT do, took over the website address. Instead of going through costly litigation, Joe Cannon changed his site name (where he does unbiased, scientific research on supplements and products) to Joe Cannon now has no connection with supplement SO IF YOU WANT TO READ JOE CANNON AND HIS SCIENTIFIC REVIEWS, PLEASE GO TO SUPPLEMENTCLARITY.COM.




I already wrote a review of, but I wanted to do an update to let you know that THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT WORK AS ADVERTISED!
I was STUPID AND A FOOL, and what is worse, I kind of suspected it from the start. It sounded way too good to be true-no dieting or calorie restrictions and no exercising.
What you DO get when you order BioLeptin are constant daily emails from Adam Glass, the inventor of BioLeptin, recommending other products invented by other people. I was foolish enough to order one of those products.
What is so FISHY AND KIND OF SCAMMY about these other products is that these "inventors" use the exact same terminology and advertising. Adam Glass, in describing BioLeptin, states that he only uses the top 3% of the most fantastic ingredients. He says this because BioLeptin is made up of Chromium and African Mango Seed Extract, which are probably in many other supplements. He is emphasizing that BioLeptin is better than anything else because he only uses the top 3% of the ingredients. Hogwash! Who knows exactly what is in these capsules?? And the cost of BioLeptin is $89.95 per bottl, a 30 day supply. This is rather expensive! BUT when I ordered, Mr. Glass had a special offer BECAUSE OF BASTILLE DAY!! (Of all holidays!) He says that he only sells online because using only the top 3% of the ingredients leads to making small batches of BioLeptin, thus he cannot sell in bulk.
What really opened up my foolish eyes is that I ordered a product from one of his emails, Tinnitus 911. When i listened to THIS INVENTOR'S SALES PITCH , this other guy said the very same things that Adam Glass said! This other guy also uses only the finest top 3% of ingredients,and therefore, he also cannot sell a lot of product. If you want to make sure you always have a supply, you must order his specials. These supplements are also around $89.95 per bottle.
As I said, there is no way to know exactly what is in these supplements that you are purchasing at such an expensive cost. They Do Have a guarantee that you can send back the bottles, even if they are empty, to get a refund. I haven't done this, but I doubt it is as easy as they say.
Another weird thing is: BioLeptin has NO PHONE NUMBER, ADDRESS, OR CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE PEOPLE. So HOW CAN YOU SEND BACK YOUR BOTTLES FOR A REFUND? I confirmed this with some Rep on Chat. Another thing is that a person cannot use a credit card or any other method of payment; all payments are PayPal.
I really think I need to contact the Attorney General or some other government agency to ask them to look into these companies. Do you advocates have any suggestions about which agency I should contact? I believe there is something "not right" about these companies and their claims.
But it all comes down to me being STUPID, while knowing I was being stupid.

Phytage Labsimage coming soon

Phytage Labs


I found out about PhytAgelabs after I foolishly ordered supplements from another company called I wrote a review about BioLeptin. The BioLeptin company started sending me daily emails about other products "invented" by other people. One of these products was Tinnitus 911. I have terrible tinnitus, which is ringing in the ears. Even though Tinnitus 911 sounded too good to be true, and I knew it, I still ordered the product at something like $120 for two bottles of a 30 day supply each. I wanted so badly to get rid of, or decrease, the Tinnitus. Well, this product has done nothing for me except to decrease my supply of money.
These are the ingredients in Tinnitus 911: Vitamins C, B6, Niacin, folic acid and B12; Garlic, hibiscus, olive leaf, Hawthorne berry, buchu, juniper, green tea. However, who really knows what exactly is in these supplements which are not under FDA jurisdiction.
What I find unusual about Tinnitus 911 is that the man who "invented" BioLeptin and sent me an email about Tinnitus 911, both have the exact same sales pitch.
This is how it goes:
1. We only use the very top 3% of the finest ingredients, unlike other companies which use junk.
2. Because of #1, we only make small batches. That's why we only sell online and not in stores.
3. To assure you always have product on hand, you better buy a large number of bottles right now. The reason is that the top 3% of ingredients limits what we can sell.
Tinnitus 911 does have a money-back guarantee, even if you send back empty bottles. Tinnitus 911 does have an address and phone #, unlike which has neither.
I unsubscribed from both of these companies, as i was getting daily emails about other products.
One funny thing about Tinnitus 911 was that they sent an "Information Sheet" on how to decrease tinnitus, which rightly they said was not a problem with the ears but of the brain. The info sheet looked just like a research study, with resources listed. However, if you looked up the resources, they were just descriptions of other products made by Phytage.
Hopefully, the money back guarantee works. I haven't tried it. But how are these 2 companies connected, where they use the exact same sales pitch? What is actually in the supplements? How many other "inventors" and companies part of this racket?
Thank you for reading.



I'm a senior citizen who is interested in improving my health. So I get an unsolicited email from Alliance for Advanced Health, which is something formed by a Dr. Gerhauser, an MD who also apparently focuses on supplements. The HOOK to catch a fish like me is that he offers a book, "Uncensored Health: 25 "Forbidden Cures"" for a low price or for only S&H IF you sign up for his newsletter. For a senior citizen like me, the cost for a year was only $37, so I signed up.e
I thought the newsletters would be full of helpful advice on keeping healthy. INSTEAD THEY
ARE PURE ADS FOR GERHAUSER'S SUPPLEMENTS!! You are forced to watch (or skip ahead) or read (or scroll to the bottom) of LONG, REPETITIVE, BORING VIDEOS OR TRANSCRIPTS, full of dubious claims for selling his supplements, which are sold through Solaire Neutraceuticals or NOW, Gold Leaf Nutritionals. ALL NEWSLETTERS ARE JUST EMAIL
ORDERS EVERY MONTH OR SO!!! I read info very carefully because I HATE AND DESPISE AUTO-SHIP, especially if it not made clear and up-front!!
And these products are horribly expensive. Most of the times, one bottle is $49.95 to $69.95, and he sells "bargains" of 2's and 3's for horrendous prices.
Nothing I've tried of his has even worked 1% as much as the fake reviews(they look fake to me) he posts show.
Besides, when you try to complete your order, you have to go through about 4-5 other products and be sure to press "NO" or you will be stuck with a huge credit card bill.
Finally, it is very hard to get in touch with this company in order to cancel an auto ship you never wanted in the first place. I called time and time again and finally, after an hour, got a live person today. Make sure you ask the Rep for confirmation of your cancellation. Earlier I tried using their customer support email, and I never heard a thing back.

I TRULY FEEL THAT PEOPLE LIKE GERHAUSER SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED FOR SCAMS AND DEVIOUS BUSINESS PRACTICES. There are several "doctors" who offer a free incentive for you to join their "club", and all you get is inundated with their ads for miracle products that prove to do nothing.




I wanted to leave a good review of an Urgent Care Center I had gone to, where I received wonderful care. Before I wrote the review, I looked at all the reviews of Yelp itself and was amazed to see that so many businesses and company owners were saying that Yelp is deleting their business' good reviews, letting obviously fake reviews stay, and altogether getting worse and worse as time passes!!
Then I had trouble even finding how to write a review myself!
I thought, "why should I even post a review on Yelp when so many people are giving bad reviews? So I'm forgetting about putting a review on Yelp.
I doubt this review of mine will be added to Yelp because I am going to recommend to reviewers that they may instead want to write reviews on instead. Sitejabber is an ethical company. I know because I wrote a number of reviews on Sitejabber, and eventually the founder of Sitejabber contacted me and other reviewers about how he could make Sitejabber better. He talked to us personally by phone, and then he actually implemented the changes we suggested! Really remarkable!
I don't know what happened with Help, but why post to a site when your good reviews may be deleted? Try Sitejabber instead.




I'm a Prime member, and I order almost everything from Amazon, so the money I save on shipping outweighs the cost of prime. However, I've become VERY DISGUSTED WITH PRIME VIDEO LATELY!! Out of the last 5 videos I've watched, 3 that I didn't finish watching became unavailable to me the VERY NEXT DAY!! If Amazon Prime Video sent out a notice saying I had to watch the whole video in one day, they didn't tell me. So all 3 movies I watched about 2/3 of the way through, fully believing I could watch the ending the next day. Oh no! 2 of the videos were NO LONGER INCLUDED ON PRIME THE VERY NEXT DAY!! The 3rd video was UNAVAILABLE! Hey, Amazon, that's not RIGHT TO DO! These were all either really old movies from the '90's or kind of jerky movies that the Sci-Fy channel used to show. That's another thing about Prime Videos-no current or recently current movies. That doesn't bother me, but when they are starting to shut off my access to the ends of movies, THAT ISNT RIGHT!

As for Amazon as a whole, I use it to buy almost everything. I recommend that you always look to make sure each purchase is "Fulfilled by Amazon" before you buy it. I made a couple purchases that weren't all that great, and Amazon made sure I got a refund. Quickly, too. There are many sponsored items now, and most sellers are ethical and decent. But once in a while, you get a bad product, and if it's fulfilled by Amazon, Amazon stands behind it. (Except maybe now, for Prime Videos).

Tip for consumers: This second review of Amazon will replace my original 5-Star review. Amazon is my favorite online shopping site for everything from deodorant to ironing board covers and definitely for books, book, and books!! I've never and a problem with Amazon. I still haven't had a problem with Amazon. However, I recently received a shipment of about 6 items, all from sellers who had their products fulfilled by Amazon, so my 2nd review URGES ALL OF YOU TO MAKE SURE that when you buy from other sellers, make



• Updated review

This is an addendum to what I wrote earlier about the Phising experience I recently had. I NEVER EVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH PHISING ON APPLE, NOR DID I EVER GET BILLED FOR ADDING COINS TO GAMES I HAVE UNTIL APPLE MADE ME CHANGE MY PASSWORD! I don't know why this is, but since I changed my Apple PW a couple weeks ago, I had 6-7 Phising episodes for Pandora. We had to get a new credit card!! Recently, I've been charged for purchases of coins from Toon Blast. I made a couple purchases, but others I did NOT MAKE!!! I am going to delete ALL GAMES from Apple, and I changed my PW. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON!! I sent an email to the HELP department, so I will update you about what happens.

• Previous review

I am not critiquing APPLE, but I am WARNING EVERYONE to be sure to examine ALL your emails or text messages for fraudulent receipts from Apple for items you haven't purchased!! Today I noticed a string of 7 Apple receipts for Pandora, at a (monthly) cost of $102.85. Every order number was different.
All emails came from "Apple" no-reply-email. I replied back to this address but none went through.
I contacted Apple to give them all of these Order ID's so they could investigate.
And, as those of you who have been hacked or phished on before, another credit card has to be replaced!!!
Hacking and Phishing is OUT OF CONTROL, so what I am encouraging is that you look at your Credit Card charges on a frequent basis, and that you call Apple to let them know when fraud has occurred.

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