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About Me

i better update my profile!! I’m a retired RN, BSN who was born in Wisconsin, who moved to northern CA near Sacramento at age 35, and lived there FOR 31 YEARS THAT WENT BY IN A BLINK OF AN EYE. Last November, 2018, my.husband and I moved back to our home state of WI, just to experience the worst winter that most people could remember! Talk about culture and weather shock! We moved from a city of 350,000 to one of 5,000, with HORRIBLE internet service. But we are with our families again!

How I Can Help

During the last 10 years of my Nursing career, I worked in Quality and Risk Management, particularly in Infection Prevention. I am very knowledgable about statistics, and how they can easily fool people. I also can spot some instances where reviews are fake and being written by either owners or employees of the company. When I make a mistake and order from a horrible or fraudulent company, I fight back. I let other customers know why I wouldn't recommend that they buy from that company.


Shopping (unfortunately), reading, coloring, fishing, and writing reviews!!

100 Reviews by Roseann

I became very interested in essential oils (EO) and aromatherapy early last year. I found a great site for buying Unscented base lotions and started buying many of that company's EOs also. But early THIS year, I discovered Edens Garden's 100% therapeutic oils and blends, and HOW I WISH I HAD PURCHASED ALL MY OILS THERE AT THE START! Out of the many different brands of EOs I bought, Edens Garden is THE VERY BEST!! There is a distinct difference with their oils- the scent is stronger and cleaner and to me, the effects of the EOs are much more evident. Yet their prices are less expensive than the majority of the other companies. My orders arrive quickly, and along with each order, you get a booklet, "150 Ways to Use EOs". Edens Garden has about 150 oils, in addition to carrier oils. The site has information on each oil they sell, and they have 2-3 different volumes you can choose from. I'm serious-PLEASE TRY Edens Garden's oils. Compare their oils to ones you already have, and you WILL smell and feel the difference.
I was incredibly shocked to read so many bad reviews written about Blick Art!! I have ordered numerous times and have received my orders quickly and perfectly. I make my own cards and eventually, I want to scrapbook. The blank cards sold are incredible-beautifully heavy paper of many kinds, from watercolor paper to hemp, bamboo, multimedia. Strathmore card paper is one of my all-time favorites. They sell EVERYTHING I need-a huge variety of pens, pencils, markers, adhesives, craft products. The site is easy to handle. If you are someone like me, who makes cards (but I don't paint), order from dickblick.com. I have always been more than satisfied!
Annette M. – DickBlick Rep
Thank you so much for your review, Roseann! We appreciate the confidence you have placed in us and we look forward to providing you with the best possible service and products in the future!
I've been an RN, BSN for 40 years, although I've been disabled for several years. (I still keep my license active and keep up with nursing and medicine.) I have a very complicated endocrine disease and am going through many tests under the guidance of a wonderful Endocrinologist-this service states it is not in the business of providing diagnoses. My disease is not yet established, so I look up the meaning of my lab results online. THIS SITE IS THE MOST HELPFUL EVER!! You can ask questions about your lab tests, and a certified clinical lab specialist will answer them-FOR FREE. My answer was 2 1/2 pages long, detailed but easy to understand (you may want to mention you don't know much about medicine, if you don't). It gave me more in-depth information on which test results could indicate which gland(s) were/was affected (without giving me a diagnosis, which is beyond this site's legal
function, and PAm gave me information on why some of my. Labs may not be valid because of medications I took or foods I ate, while preparing for the test. Anyone with an Endocrine disorder knows how totally complicating it is, but she gave me ALOT of good ideas and suggestions, all under the care of my physician. TRY THIS SITE-I'm sure it will be BEYOND YOUR EXPECTATIONS!
I am only reviewing the App Store/iTunes Game, "Jewel Crush, Match 3". I wish there were separate categories on Sitejabber for these huge sites with multiple functions, like the App Store. I've played and enjoyed Jewel Crush for some months now. At one point, I was able to become a VIP member for $2.99 a week. This has numerous benefits. However, now I'm done with the highest level of this game, and I'm trying to stop VIP membership. The site says you can stop it by entering your cancellation in the site. THERE IS NO SITE ON WHICH I CAN CANCEL!!! When i look up options or ask questions, IT IS IN CHINESE!!
I don't read, speak or understand CHINESE!! So it looks as if, unless someone contacts me because i submitted a complaint, for the rest of my life AND BEYOND, I will be charged $2.99 a week for a game i stopped playing because I got as far as I can.
I believe this is a breach of contract and fraud. And it should be easier to contact these game sites without having to first learn HOW TO WRITE CHINESE!!!
I'm in my early 60's, and I believe that most of the clothing items are made for younger women. On the other hand, I get impatient browsing through racks of tightly stacked clothes. However, for things like hair care, spa and bath items, facial care, soaps, towels, and other linens, I have found some excellent deals on expensive, brand name items. At the store nearby, one thing I ALWAYS do is to make sure that the seals on the packages have NOT been broken, the lipsticks and makeups have NOT been used, and that nothing has been opened. You have to be careful about things like that. I LOVE TJ MAXX for toiletries and home products. I always spend way too much. Just be careful about the things I've mentioned, and I know you will love TJ MAXX, too.
Thank you!
if you've read some of my prior reviews, I'm in my early 60's; so what I might like would be dreadful for younger women. I know, because I was young once. JCP is my Go-To store for my clothes. Their prices are very reasonable, and JCP has a wide selection of clothes for different age groups and sizes. I'm on a fixed income now, so getting inexpensive clothes, at a moderate price is essential for me now. I don't buy shoes there, because I can't find the kind of shoes at the quality level I like-shoes should last a long time, so I'll buy elsewhere. JCP has a decent return policy, too. I buy dresses, jeans, T-shirts, casual and dressy shirts/tops, underwear, and sleepwear there. What more can I say-I've gone overboard already! Thank you!
First, I need to explain that I never used Angie's List before, but I needed to find a Pulmonary doctor and an Endocrinologist. First I had to sign up and pay for Angie's List. Then, to my disgust, I found that I had to pay MORE to look up doctors. I wasn't able to preview the Doctor's lists until I had already paid. The straw that broke the camel's back was the fact that there were only 2 doctors in each category (I did this in Fall of 2015). NONE of these doctors had ANY REVIEWS listed, so I and no idea if these were good doctors, knowledgable in their specialties. They just might have paid Angie to get on her list, for all I knew!! I thought Angie's List only provided info on doctors, plumbers, electricians, etc who were reviewed and found to be good.
The plus side is that immediately after seeing that Angie's List was worthless to me, I contacted them and told them to cancel my membership (within 1/2 hour of joining), and they did!!!! I also was refunded my money. Alleluia!
On an annoying side, I kept on getting numerous emails and offers to subscribe for months after I cancelled! I had to constantly unsubscribe.
Angie's List may be OK if you are looking for plumbers, contractors, etc (or maybe AL is NOT good). But if your health is at stake, don't hope that Angie's List will be able to help you!
I'm sorry that I used two words. I am kind of addicted to these rings in candles-type companies, even though I've not been happy with the scents and only received 3/10 decent rings. HOWEVER, I saw a company called Bella Candles that had low prices ($9.99 vs at least $24.99). THANK GOODNESS, I read the reviews (and I also know a person who had the misfortune of buying from this company). PLEASE ALWAYS READ THE REVIEWS!!! The people who bought from this company had problems ranging from never getting their candles, to getting broken glass candles, to having this company enroll them in auto-shipping by taking out $49.99 every 1-2 months from their credit cards!! The BBB gives Bella an F on it's site. I'm actually surprised that Bella doesn't get rid of all the awful reviews-they probably can't. I WAS going to buy from Bella, but I've learned from bad mistakes in the past to read the reviews, to check Sitejabber and other websites, and to check the BBB ratings.
I got an unsolicited email from this company, My Online Empires, created by someone who calls himself Jason Rogers. I'm sick in bed, so I had time to listen to a never-ending video voice stating these "facts" over and over again: IF you are one of the 106 people he chooses to add to his Empire, you will: 1. Hardly do any work except to introduce people you don't know and don't nave to contact to the company, 2. Never have to close deals with these unknown people, because his hard-working staff will do all the work, and 3. Get commissions of $1000, $3000, or $5000 at a time, which could ensure you become a millionaire within the first year. This supposedly is supposed to happen because of a new, undisclosed product or service. We aren't given the slightest clue about this product or service! The cost to join is $49. You get a personal multiple-millionaire mentor to help you through this process. If you read the fine print, it's a little alarming, as it states pretty much that the company can change it's rules at any time, without notifying all the new millionaires. The most frightening part, since I listened to this video and looked up terms and conditions, is that the site may have bugs or viruses, which the Empire may not be held liable for. This Jason Rogers is doing this to make more money for himself (OK, that's truthful), but also because he wants us all to enjoy the good life without having to do anything. The highly-trained, hard-working staff does ALL the work, except WE have to target people we don't know, but who want or need this unnamed product or service.
Has anyone ever heard of this company? Please let me know. I have most likely lost my chance to become one of the 106 partners because I closed the page (boo hoo). BUT I ASK ANYONE WHO GETS AN EMAIL FROM MY ONLINE EMPIRES TO PLEASE READ THE FINE PRINT AT THE END before signing on.
i am disabled and on Medicare because of disability, even though I'm "only 63". I have to purchase supplementals for doctors and hospitals. I have a Medicare Advisor who recommended Aetna for Plan F. All Plan F's apparently have to cover the same things if it supplements Medicare, so monthly supplement cost is the main consideration. Aetna was, last year, and IS this year the most cost-efficient for someone like me. In 2015, I had shoulder surgery and a 5-day hospital admission, products for sleep apnea, a bunch of specialist appointments, and more. All costs were covered by Medicare and Aetna. No supplementals are cheap!!! But Aetna is considered "good insurance" by my doctors.
although I've been disabled and unable to work, I was an RN-BSN (I still am, if you count keeping my license current as being an RN). WebMD's biggest strength in my daily life is that their medication, complementary supplements, herbs, and vitamins are so detailed. That database includes 1. Uses, 2. Potential benefits, based on research, 3. Side Effects, and 4. Interactions, among other things. They are very unbiased.
WebMD sponsors or develops a wonderful site for healthcare workers or laypeople, called Medscape. I can't describe how much you could learn from Medscape, especially if you are a doctor or healthcare worker. It is so comprehensive and peer-reviewed because of the chances for members of Medscape to comment on the articles. As I said, I LOVE WebMD!!!
This website USED TO BE CALLED supplement geek.com; but because of a trademark dispute, Joe Cannon's site is now SUPPLEMENTCLARITY.COM. I humbly disagree with Bernard about supplement-geek.com's review. Of course everyone knows you cannot do human testing of new products without going through a rigorous protocol. I was a research coordinator with a major university a while back, using cancer protocols, so I'm familiar with research. HOWEVER, the products supplement-geek reviews are supplements (things people are already buying and using) with ingredients people already have in our bodies or things we have all been eating or taking all of our lives!! Supplement-geek.com reviews "claims"that these supplement companies make about their products. It's different than cancer drugs or other new drugs or combinations. All Supplement-geek is pointing out in some cases is that no human studies have been done to correlate the claims with some scientific proof! He uses PubMed.gov, ClinicalTrials.gov, NIH, and other reputable sites for his information. He never says anyone should or should NOT buy anything. It is just information for consumers to use. As for ads, which website DOESN'T have ads??? No one is COMMANDING anyone to press the ad buttons. These are the reasons I humbly disagree with you. I HAVE NEVER MET NOR AM I RELATED TO Supplement-geek.com.
Joe C. – Supplement Clarity Rep
Roseann, thank you SO much for saying all that. I appreciate it more than you know. I am also happy you took notice of the emphasis I place on the clinical studies, pubmed, NIH and ClinicalTrials.gov. It takes a lot of work to sift though it all. I am glad you noticed :)
i love the BBW foaming hand soaps, but I'm somewhat disabled, so it's hard for me to go to the store in the mall and haul out 15 lbs of products! The online site has a far better selection, and there is often a coupon online (or they include one in your box when you purchase online). Along with the foaming hand soaps, there are often good sales for the Wallflower scents and the lotions. The products come usually within a week. I DO recommend this site.
I was looking up a anti-aging product I've never heard of (which Allure Magazine promoted), and I got to theperformanceleader.com site. At first, I thought they were legitimate-they proclaim themselves as specialists in evaluating products and ingredients and whether research studies were performed on these products/ingredients. I found the same problems the first reviewer found back in 2009! There are no credentials of these "evaluators", the "reviews" are few and too good to be true. Then if you click on a product, you get an offer for free samples, and unless you send the samples back to this company, you get monthly or every other month continuing products sent to you and much money taken out of your charge card. I got tricked once by one of these types of sites-but that was a while back and won't happen again. Beware!
I wrote a previous good review (4 stars) about Dermstore earlier this year. I now give them only 3 stars, because I always enjoyed their Surprise Boxes of either hair care, makeup, skin care. Now those boxes are gone. I haven't purchased since I saw that. Otherwise, I've not had a problem that they hadn't fixed to my satisfaction.

Tip for consumers: Check Google or Yahoo for coupons for Dermstore for possible great discounts!

I had Netflix for several years on my iPad before I switched to another movie site. Netflix had NO relatively recent movies at all. Neither does this other site. It was OK, but not impressive. It was just "OK".
I'm a Prime member, and I order almost everything from Amazon, so the money I save on shipping outweighs the cost of prime. However, I've become VERY DISGUSTED WITH PRIME VIDEO LATELY!! Out of the last 5 videos I've watched, 3 that I didn't finish watching became unavailable to me the VERY NEXT DAY!! If Amazon Prime Video sent out a notice saying I had to watch the whole video in one day, they didn't tell me. So all 3 movies I watched about 2/3 of the way through, fully believing I could watch the ending the next day. Oh no! 2 of the videos were NO LONGER INCLUDED ON PRIME THE VERY NEXT DAY!! The 3rd video was UNAVAILABLE! Hey, Amazon, that's not RIGHT TO DO! These were all either really old movies from the '90's or kind of jerky movies that the Sci-Fy channel used to show. That's another thing about Prime Videos-no current or recently current movies. That doesn't bother me, but when they are starting to shut off my access to the ends of movies, THAT ISNT RIGHT!

As for Amazon as a whole, I use it to buy almost everything. I recommend that you always look to make sure each purchase is "Fulfilled by Amazon" before you buy it. I made a couple purchases that weren't all that great, and Amazon made sure I got a refund. Quickly, too. There are many sponsored items now, and most sellers are ethical and decent. But once in a while, you get a bad product, and if it's fulfilled by Amazon, Amazon stands behind it. (Except maybe now, for Prime Videos).

Tip for consumers: This second review of Amazon will replace my original 5-Star review. Amazon is my favorite online shopping site for everything from deodorant to ironing board covers and definitely for books, book, and books!! I've never and a problem with Amazon. I still haven't had a problem with Amazon. However, I recently received a shipment of about 6 items, all from sellers who had their products fulfilled by Amazon, so my 2nd review URGES ALL OF YOU TO MAKE SURE that when you buy from other sellers, make

I've ordered towels and sheets often, even a TENS unit and have been very pleased with the quality and the short delivery time. Caveat: Be SURE to read the reviews before purchasing!!! The reviews are invaluable.
I have only purchased items from Drugstore.com 2-3 times, but they came brand new and within the delivery time promised.
In August 2014, I wrote asking for info on Zulily products because I was afraid they would be flimsy, cheap (the costs were cheap), and wouldn't fit. Unfortunately, I found Sitejabber AFTER I had already ordered. My instincts were right on! The items were flimsy, cheap, and didn't fit. Awful!! I ordered a couple pairs of shoes-they were the most crappy, ill-fitting pieces of cardboard-like things I have ever seen. They went into the garbage. Nothing fit. Never, never, never to the millionth degree consider wasting your money on this site!!!!

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