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About Me

i better update my profile!! I’m a retired RN, BSN who was born in Wisconsin, who moved to northern CA near Sacramento at age 35, and lived there FOR 31 YEARS THAT WENT BY IN A BLINK OF AN EYE. Last November, 2018, my.husband and I moved back to our home state of WI, just to experience the worst winter that most people could remember! Talk about culture and weather shock! We moved from a city of 350,000 to one of 5,000, with HORRIBLE internet service. But we are with our families again!

How I Can Help

During the last 10 years of my Nursing career, I worked in Quality and Risk Management, particularly in Infection Prevention. I am very knowledgable about statistics, and how they can easily fool people. I also can spot some instances where reviews are fake and being written by either owners or employees of the company. When I make a mistake and order from a horrible or fraudulent company, I fight back. I let other customers know why I wouldn't recommend that they buy from that company.


Shopping (unfortunately), reading, coloring, fishing, and writing reviews!!

100 Reviews by Roseann

I became very interested in Ayruvedic practices after I read a book, "Prime". I have numerous serious health problems and decided to get some help, using some of the Ayruvedic therapies. To me, BanyanBotanicals is the best source of products. I have purchased supplements like Triphala, a product from 3 flowers, that is incredible for one's digestive and colon problems. I've also purchased organic powders like Triphala, cinnamon, AShwandagha (which I may have spelled incorrectly since its 3 am), and put them in my protein shakes with great results. I've purchased their lymphatic brushes and gloves, their mouth pulling oils, and many other products. The site has much information on Ayruvedic therapies. All of my orders have arrived in a timely manner, and I've never had even one complaint. I won't buy Ayruvedic products anywhere else, because I have confidence in the quality of Banyan Botanicals.
I would like to inform people that this website name no longer is Joe Cannon's website. When Joe Cannon started supplement-geek.com, he didn't get domain status for the website. In 2017, someone who sells supplements, which Joe does NOT do, took over the website address. Instead of going through costly litigation, Joe Cannon changed his site name (where he does unbiased, scientific research on supplements and products) to SupplementClarity.com. Joe Cannon now has no connection with supplement geek.com. SO IF YOU WANT TO READ JOE CANNON AND HIS SCIENTIFIC REVIEWS, PLEASE GO TO SUPPLEMENTCLARITY.COM.
Unlike some of the reviews, I've always been satisfied with e-Bags shipments. I first came upon e-Bags from an ad somewhere. I ordered a large purse because I was flying to WI and needed something that could carry my iPad (regular sized), my novel, and all my other numerous things. This first purse was leather, very supple and lovely. However, the inside material shredded and came apart within a year and a half, so even though the outside still looks perfect, the inside is done for. It's down to the leather! The second purse I bought within the past 6 months also has the inside shredding. It was a different brand from the first purse-leather, but much harder, less supple leather. I still, just tonight, ordered a third purse for everyday use. It's not leather and I hope the inside will stay intact. All of this previous review tells the bad side of eBags.
The good side is that there are huge numbers of purses, wallets, carry-on bags, luggage, etc. on this site. Most of the purses are made for security as you travel, with reinforcement so that thieves can't cut the purse's strap away from you. There is also protection for you money and credit cards, as I believe there is some device that can scan your credit cards while they are in your purse!
You also get good coupons and discounts. You get money points for everything you buy. Many of the original prices are very economic, but with the money points from my previous purchases, I saved $10 on my purchase tonight.
So the only complaint I have, and it's a significant one, is that the material used in the inside compartments of the purses IS NOT LONG LASTING AT ALL!!! It shreds and comes apart. I have purses from 20-30 years ago, not from eBags, and the interior looks almost as good as new. EBags needs to make sure they change this bad problem.
Thank you.
ConsumerLab.com does have a yearly subscription fee. I can't remember how much, but believe me, if you buy supplements, vitamins, protein, weight loss, and other natural/alternative/health products,ConsumerLab will save you money! We all know the claims made by companies, sounding almost miraculous, and often "too good to be true". Consumer Lab offers an unbiased, research-oriented study of different groups of supplements. A very recent report from Consumer Lab was on Apple Cider Vinegar. CL listed all the benefits of apple cider vinegar. Uses and indications for each set of products they review are given. They then showed a graph of different Apple Cider Vinegars they tested in their "Quality Certification Program", as quality testing is a main part of CL's information to consumers. On their graphs are products that are "Approved" or "Not Approved" after quality testing was done. CL explains why some products are not approved, and they supply the parameters of approved products. In addition (and the reason this site saves you money), CL lists the costs of the different companies and shows the "Best Buy". Consumer Lab is totally unbiased, and all their information is based on the research they have done. They look at such things as contaminants, such as lead levels, quality of products, cost, efficacy (such as does this product absorb into our systems). As a consumer of supplements, et. al., CL is a valuable resource.
Contest girl.com is said to be one of the world's largest directories of online sweepstakes and contests, and I believe that is true. This is A NO-NONSENSE SITE- not like Publisher's Clearinghouse or others that constantly send you emails and letters and cause you to want to run for the hills! LINDA, the contest girl, lists all sweeps and YOU can pick the ones you want to enter. Her site tells you if you need to sign up for emails or newsletters in order to enter. She has the following sweeps and contests: Daily entry (plus you can add these to "your sweeps list"), single entry, weekly, monthly entries, odd-entries, and more. You won't believe the number of sweeps and contests you can enter!! She is one busy woman!! LINDA documents restrictions, end dates, any special circumstances. Most sweeps and contests are for the USA, Canada, or both. On another website, Linda gives a winners list and other special information. That will be another review. If you like to enter sweepstakes or contests, you MUST GO TO contest girl.com.
I have only shopped at Sephora inside my local Penney's store. I DEEPLY THANK Sitejabber members for telling me to never shop Sephora online. I always rely on reviews, and I do a lot of online shopping, but I will steer clear of online Sephora. The customer service at the store is great, although sometimes a little pushy, recommending a whole lot more of products you didn't think you needed than when you first came in. However, they have many "testers" you can use so that you can see how the products look on you. This is especially helpful for lipsticks. (They have some really great store brand lipsticks.) Nothing is worse than buying a lipstick that's taped shut or from an online picture, and having it look absolutely HORRIBLE on you! I know, believe me, I KNOW! So, if you stick firm to your shopping list, and if you test the products on yourself first, you should be pretty happy. Nothing is cheap, but they do give samples, and the staff is knowledgable.
I saw an advertisement for a "Cognitive Alertness Complex" with a "FREE TRIAL" from IQGENEX.COM. All I had to pay for a one month trial was $4.95 S&H. A list of the full ingredients was not included. Since I have had severe sleep apnea, I felt as if my IQ had decreased, so this sounded good to try. However, since I have high blood pressure, had I known the ingredients, I never would've tried it. The first indication that I wouldn't like this company was that I COULD NOT finish my free trial without also getting a free trial of a Chamomile Relaxer, too. In the small print, it said that monthly charges of over $95 would be put on your credit card unless you cancelled by calling this number: *******542 within 18 days of ordering. The reason I gave 2 stars instead of 1 was that I did call that number within 6 days of ordering, and a pleasant lady named Anastasia helped me cancel and gave me a confirmation number. KEEP THAT CONFIRMATION NUMBER JUST IN CASE!! She DID try to offer me more deals, including a lower price, but for medical reasons and money reasons, I said NO. So, if you want to try this "free trial", please read the small print.
The ingredients are: folic acid and large amounts of VIt B12, and a 700 microgram proprietary blend of L-glutamine, taurine,caffeine, DMAE, Gingko Biloba, acetyl-L-carnitine, and Bacopa.
Thank you for reading this.
Has anyone out there ever managed to write a review of an app they got from Apple's App Store AND HAD IT SHOW UP?? I am trying to write a review of a game from Apple's App Store, and after an hour of looking up how to contact Apple, finally Siri showed me some possible sites when I asked her (it) this question-"How can I write a review on a game from Apple's App Store"? The only site that mentioned reviews was "developer.apple.com". I was dismayed when I saw that the site had categories such as-"why your review didn't show up" and " why it takes so long for your review to show up". Anyway, whenever I would press "reviews", the site would say "We'll be back soon". It told me for details and updates, see systems status page. WHAT??? I'm a 65-year old woman who only wants to write a review on a stupid game that I got from the Apple App Store!! What are they so worried about??? If anyone has ever written a review on an App and actually had it on the Apple site, please let me know! My husband and I have Apple iPads and we were thinking about getting an Apple computer. Now I'm not so sure, since I cannot even write a review about a GAME!!!
I'm a retired RN who worked in Oncology and Infection Control, among many other areas, and to keep somewhat current in the areas of my interest, Medscape is the site to read. You do need to register with Medscape, but the service is free. The news in healthcare today is overwhelming. Medscape enables you to choose your areas of interest and sends you articles and information in those specific areas. You can get news about new protocols, current best practices, articles, and viewpoints. Most articles have a comment section, and sometimes you can learn even more from what other readers share. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, healthcare administrators and other healthcare personnel are among the readers and responders. Medscape is a rich resource, full of the latest in medical and general healthcare. As a nurse, I also get Medscape Nurses, which obviously has information specific to nursing. Medscape also has a feature where short quizzes are given in an enormous range of topics, like kidney disease, acne, knee problems and on to almost infinity. These are not only fun to test your knowledge, but great information is available regarding the correct answers. If you want to keep up with healthcare, whether you are working in that field or not, please try Medscape!
Although I worked for a major HMO in California for 20 years, as soon as I could, I changed my medical care to Sutter. I have been very happy with my doctors and the care I receive for my major health problems. One thing I love about Sutter is their "myhealthcareonline" computer system which allows me to make or cancel appointments, look up my lab and Xray results, and email my doctors. I have found that trying to contact doctors who are now Sutter-affiliated is an exercise in futility!! I never could get in touch with them, or if I faxed something, it would go into my chart, with no answer until I saw the doctor again-which might be months later! My Sutter doctors and their staff answer me very quickly. As an RN, I am very interested in viewing my own results. Many doctor's staff, if they call at all to tell you the results of your lab or radiology tests, simply say, "They are normal" or not. That isn't good enough for me; I want to see them for myself. I should also put this review under "Myhealthonline". If you are a Sutter member, PLEASE make sure you sign up for "myhealthonline" in order to get the full benefits of this great program.
I AM REVIEWING AMAZON'S PRIME PANTRY, a relatively new feature for Prime members, charges a flat shipping rate of $5.99 for their boxes. I ordered a small item, analgesic oral gel, which was listed as an Amazon Prime Pantry item. Amazon "told" me to add other items to fill the $5.99 box. I didn't pay much attention to that, never having used Amazon Prime Pantry before. When I went to check out, this gel would've cost me its price plus the $5.99 shipping fee, even though I'm a Prime member. Fortunately, I was able to delete the gel and avoid the additional $5.99 fee. I'm confused about Amazon Prime Pantry. What is part of this program and what isn't? I recently ordered many food products, but they weren't part of the Prime Pantry. They got shipped "free" because I'm a Prime member. Yet, this oral analgesic gel was a Prime Pantry item, even though other of the same gels aren't. I'm just advising people that if something is part of the Amazon Prime Pantry, you will pay an additional $5.99 shipping fee. So you better fill your pantry box to make the additional fee worth it. Otherwise, find another product that will get shipped "free" as part of your Prime membership.
• Updated review
This is an addendum to what I wrote earlier about the Phising experience I recently had. I NEVER EVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH PHISING ON APPLE, NOR DID I EVER GET BILLED FOR ADDING COINS TO GAMES I HAVE UNTIL APPLE MADE ME CHANGE MY PASSWORD! I don't know why this is, but since I changed my Apple PW a couple weeks ago, I had 6-7 Phising episodes for Pandora. We had to get a new credit card!! Recently, I've been charged for purchases of coins from Toon Blast. I made a couple purchases, but others I did NOT MAKE!!! I am going to delete ALL GAMES from Apple, and I changed my PW. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON!! I sent an email to the HELP department, so I will update you about what happens.
• Previous review
I am not critiquing APPLE, but I am WARNING EVERYONE to be sure to examine ALL your emails or text messages for fraudulent receipts from Apple for items you haven't purchased!! Today I noticed a string of 7 Apple receipts for Pandora, at a (monthly) cost of $102.85. Every order number was different.
All emails came from "Apple" no-reply-email. I replied back to this address but none went through.
I contacted Apple to give them all of these Order ID's so they could investigate.
And, as those of you who have been hacked or phished on before, another credit card has to be replaced!!!
Hacking and Phishing is OUT OF CONTROL, so what I am encouraging is that you look at your Credit Card charges on a frequent basis, and that you call Apple to let them know when fraud has occurred.
Swanson Vitamin is an excellent company with great products at a low price. I would give the company 4 stars.
However, I would give Swanson Vitamin a 1 Star for not telling Californian customers up front that they can't ship a huge amount of products to California. You only find out that half of what you order can't be shipped when you are checking out, having wasted much time.
The problem isn't Swanson, it is California's stupid Proposition 65-the toxic materials and clean water prop. Apparently, Swanson either operates in CA or has a huge distribution site there.
I live in California. I worked as an RN, BSN, and Prop 65 is posted on Clinic and Hospital doors, warning that inside people may be exposed to toxic chemicals. Ridiculous!
Because of this shipping problem, I no longer buy from Swanson. I'd spend a long time ordering things, only to find out at the check-out that I can't get 1/3 to 1/2 of what I ordered.
So, I think Swanson is a good company; however they need to stop wasting our time by specifying items that can't be shipped to CA because of idiotic Prop 65. Thank you.
i also got an unsolicited email fro Bella Serata, only in MY email, it said Megyn Kelly from Fox New's Kelly Files is the person who made this cream!! My husband watches Fox News, so look how much these companies already know about us. In my experience, the same thing happens that happened to Judy-you get stuck with purchases you don't want or you get put on autoship, for a high price, whether you want the product or not. I checked Goggle in order to find out more about Bella Serata. All I got were sites I'm sure were made by this company. Just try to write a negative review or try to reply to someone's review-you can't! So then I checked on Sitejabber, and I saw this one review from Judy that confirmed what I had suspected-- that this product is a scam and it will take money out of your credit card that you did NOT AUTHORIZE one way or another. A scam like this uses different celebrities or different people to say they used this product with another one, and it offers you two separate trials and then you find out your credit card is charged for a large sum in a month for autoship, whether you asked for autoship or not. Another method is this one, where some famous person invents it. In Judy's case, it was Angelina Jolie; in my case, it was Megyn Kelly. What the ad says is all FAKE, and all they care about is to get YOUR MONEY.
My husband and I often use Bed, Bath, and Beyond for our household, linen, towels, bedroom needs, and beyond because for the small size of our nearby store, it has most of the products we need. The other great thing about BB&B is that they provide wonderful coupons both in the paper or magazines and especially online. From our experience, even though the coupons have expiration dates, even expired coupons are good to use. Amd we are able to use more than one coupon for a purchase of several items. This definitely is our go-to store for household goods of so many different types, you WILL BE pleasantly surprised.
Unfortunately, I have gained ALOT of weight this last 15 months and had to shop to buy bigger jeans and tops. I went to a couple well-known retail department stores, only to find that the jeans were arranged by Brand, and thus were scattered ALL OVER THE STORES!! I'm disabled, so this was tough on me, and I never found one pair that fit. I then got a coupon to Kohls, a store close to my home that also has a website. I easily purchased 4 pairs of jeans and 4 tops for an unbelievably low price! Plus I got Kohl's dollars to use for this month. And now that I know the sizes that fit me from my store purchases, I can look online to buy the same brand clothes that may not be available anymore at the store. KOHL'S WAS SUCH A BARGAIN FOR CLOTHES I LIKED, in addition to all the coupons and benefits. The reason I gave it a 4 instead of a 5 is that some things I needed were not available. For example, as hard as I looked, I could not find tights. The purses were mainly not leather, and the shoe selection wasn't great. But for jeans and tops, Kohl's was wonderful!!
I don't know whether to review FB or Google, but my husband looked me up on Google, and to my disgust, I found numerous sites where people could pay to find out any public information on me. That didn't disturb me as much as seeing MY FACEBOOK PAGE on GOOGLE!!! How is this possible?? This not only VIOLATES MY PRIVACY, BUT IT ALSO INVALIDATES THE PRIVACY OF MY FB FRIENDS!!!! I did NOT choose to open my FB account to the world; I made friends with my relatives and a few friends! This is so abhorrent to me and so disgusts me that I would appreciate any one who knows of any legal actions I can take to protect my privacy and that of my contacts. I already have friends who are lawyers and paralegals, and if this is a David against Goliath type action, I don't care. I will do what I can to act against either/or both FB and Google for putting personal information on google.
By the way, neither my husband nor other contacts I have had their FB accessible on Google. As soon as I get all the info I need, I will totally quit FB, in as far as that is possible.
I often use Vitacost to buy supplements and vitamins that would cost me MUCH MUCH MORE if I purchased them at my local health food store. In particular, I buy Garden of Life products-the Men and Women's Over-50 Multivitamin/Mineral supplements AND Garden of Life's RawFit, which is a non-whey based protein powder with supplements. At the health food store and at other online companies, Raw Fit retails for around $52, not including tax (if applicable). I recently purchased TWO Raw Fit containers for a total of $56! Free shipping! When I visit family in Wisconsin, I've had Vitacost shipped there; when I'm at home (duh!) obviously they ship to my home. I always get my order quickly. They also carry a variety of foods, flours, and other health care products. I've never been disappointed. I highly recommend Vitacost. I've never had to call Customer Service, so I can't review them.
I ordered Piping Rock Sweet Almond Oil from Amazon-this part is important. It didn't say "fulfilled by Amazon" (as far as I remember-which is also important to my review). When I received the almond oil, the box was saturated with oil because the cap was half opened. I've ordered Piping Rock essential oils before, so I knew they are a reputable company. I contacted Piping Rock about this problem. To my gratitude and surprise, they responded quickly. Soon, I received not only one bottle of their Sweet Almond oil, BUT TWO!! I always take pictures of anything I'm sent that's damaged, but they took me at my word (I'm an honest person). I feel Piping Rock went way over and beyond, and I will certainly purchase from them again! I also have to say this about Amazon-if you are buying something that comes from a company you haven't ever heard of-make sure that the product is "fulfilled by Amazon". There are MANY sellers on Amazon, and if an item is damaged, but it is fulfilled by Amazon, you'll get help. If it isn't fulfilled by Amazon, you can only hope you have an honest seller. The almond oil I bought was not fulfilled by Amazon, but Piping Rock is a well-known company, and they certainly helped me!
My husband got what he thought was an email from a friend of ours, but when he opened it, it went to a TMZ site, advertising CLA Safflower Oil from a company whose actual name wasn't given. The initial site was: 779-diet.mirthfuldrmotion.com/us/biuu/CLA-safflower. A very strange site name that when opened took me to companies that sell CLA-Safflower Oil. CLA IS a real supplement, and it is sold by Vitacost and other reputable vitamin companies. Anyway, the site showed Gwen Stefani talking to Ellen Degeneres about how much weight Blake Shelton lost while on CLA. It said Kim Kardashian lost 20 lbs in 20 days using CLA-but it didn't say they used what this company sells. You are offered a discounted bottle, but in the small print, you will soon find out that you get monthly shipments and money taken from your credit card!! WHAT CONCERNS ME IS THAT OUR FRIEND DID NOT SEND THIS EMAIL!!! WE ASKED HIM, ALTHOUGH HE WOULD NEVER HAVE SENT THIS KIND OF EMAIL!! AND THE EMAIL WAS SENT TO MY HUSBAND, HIS FORMER JOB EMAIL (he is retired now) and to A COUPLE OTHER FRIENDS. HOW DID THIS COMPANY GET OUR FRIEND's EMAIL ADDRESS AND THOSE OF MY HUSBAND AND OTHERS????! First, don't trust a company who uses someone's email address without their permission. Soon, YOUR email will be used!! SECONDLY, CAN ANYONE TELL ME THE AUTHENTIC EMAIL ADDRESS OF A GOVERNMENT SITE SO THAT I CAN REPORT THIS- a site you may have used that you know isn't another scam address. Many thanks!

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