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About Me

Chicago's North Shore. Psychologist - love my work, Gym-rat, beach-rat, smile...tennis, dominant chord in my nature...just factual, really good food and fine film.

How I Can Help

Passion? Common-sense & honesty. I have gift of savvy intuition.


Tennis, gym, music, and film...and on...

138 Reviews by Ron


KNOW WHAT YOU DRINK: Find Water Polluters Near You

"Across the nation, the system that Congress created to protect the nation's waters under the Clean Water Act of 1972 today often fails to prevent pollution.

The New York Times has compiled data on more than 200,000 facilities that have permits to discharge pollutants and collected responses from states regarding compliance.

Information about facilities contained in this database comes from two sources: the Environmental Protection Agency and the California State Water Resources Control Board. The database does not contain information submitted by the states".


Absolutely GREAT place to build a FLASH-based web site... FREE. Drag 'N Drop technology makes getting up to speed a snap. You're even provided with a "Wix" URL as your domain (FREE), and you can certainly buy your own and migrate it over.

Company Promo-Data:
"A small but growing start-up, we love it when you use Wix to make your own fabulous websites and other Flash creations. And it's thanks to the support and feedback from users like you that Wix continues to evolve! Check out our blog to keep track of our latest news & features. Or get back to playing on Wix.com".


Epocrates, Inc. develops clinical information and decision support tools that enable healthcare professionals to find answers more quickly and confidently at the point of care.

More than 900,000 healthcare professionals, including one in three U.S. physicians, use Epocrates' innovative mobile and web-based products to help them reduce medical errors, improve patient care and increase productivity.

This site is essentially for medical practitioners. As such, it offers an expansive library of medical information. The FREE, online version provides, Drug monographs, health plan formularies, Drug interaction checker, calculators, and
Content updates, medical news. Not bad at no-cost. The Drug-Interaction library, in and of itself, can be tremendously useful.

If one chooses, there are packages offered (the least expensive) beginning at $99. Annually. These offer an outstanding "Pill-Indentifier" and much more to make it a must for many doctors to use. The company's trusted clinical content is developed by physicians and pharmacists and is continuously updated to keep users informed and up to date.

NOTE: Epocrates offers a very cool & handy MOBILE version for your smart phone (I know Motorola DROID is compatible, I have it - and I would assume the Android series as well, but check!) The Android version is very comprehensive, more information than you'd imagine. By all means do check Epocrates out.

Stay Well...


TinEye is a "reverse image" search engine. Simply, this means you can upload an image to TinyEye.com, and it will find "all instances" of that image, in various sizes, resolutions, etc.

You can submit an image to TinEye to find out where it came from, how it is being used, if modified versions of the image exist, or to find higher resolution versions.

TinEye is the first image search engine on the web to use image identification technology rather than keywords, metadata or watermarks. It is free to use for non-commercial searching.

TinEye regularly crawls the web for new images, and we also accept contributions of complete online image collections. To date, TinEye has indexed 1,432,495,997 images from the web to help you find what you're looking for. It has an easy-to-use UI, and comes in remarkably handy when you need a better/different version of that pic you found!


Have you heard about Milo yet? According to the their website they dub their service as: "Your local shopping companion".

What does this mean exactly? Milo is an online service that will search the inventory of major retailers in YOUR local area, advising you of availability of product you're looking for - and BEST PRICE!. In other words, it's a multi-search engine for shopping.

I was then shocked to see them say that 95% of sales happen at real stores in the real world. That is brick and mortar shops as opposed to somewhere on the Internet. Are you surprised as well? Bizarre, right?

If you have shopped for something in the real world recently, you'll know that the stores with the cheapest prices are also usually sold out of what you want. And when do you find that out? When you get to the store, of course.

I hate taking pointless trips! And I hate being unhappy even more! What about you?

Enter Milo, which will help you answer these three questions:

1. What's available at local stores?
2. Which product is the best for me?
3. Where is it cheapest and available in stock?

This could be an invaluable shopping tool to save you money on product, and "running-around" time to find what you're looking for!

Happy hunting...


GASP! I might have found a search engine I like better than Google, is this possible?

You can open results in the same partioned window, and so much more. I've not switched as yet, but I'd give Bevyfind a run around the block.

"Welcome to BevyFind! BevyFind was developed by Next Technologies Inc. and is the first consumer web product to feature Next Technologies' proprietary Bevyweb Technology.

Next Technologies Inc. was founded in 2007 to develop and provide technology consumers with advanced hardware and software solutions. Bevyweb was developed over a period of two years, and is the base technology for several web applications and sites currently being developed by Next Technologies.

Using Bevyweb, BevyFind makes web search faster than ever by allowing the user to open multiple search results in the original browser window without having to leave the search page. All the user has to do is click a button next to the search result, causing an embedded BevyWindow with the desired website to open up on the page. This allows you to immediately see whether that search result is what you're looking for. No more having to open a bunch of tabs or windows! The BevyWindow can also be maximized and minimized, allowing the user to check each search result out in either full screen or half screen - either horizontally or vertically - and if desired, use the BevyWindow as a browser window.

In addition, Bevyfind offers innovative features like the ability to view different kinds of search results (web, images, etc) simultaneously and to rearrange these results on your screen to get the layout you want! You can also email search results and search the various categories separately or at the same time."


Cardpool offers the simplest way to save money by buying and selling gift cards.
What is Cardpool?

Cardpool is a service that lets you buy gift cards for up to 30% off or sell unwanted gift cards for cash. All orders and transactions include FREE SHIPPING and are covered by our extensive Purchase Guarantee Program.
How does this work?

Cardpool connects the millions of gift card holders around the world to create a marketplace where customers can buy, sell, or trade their gift cards safely and securely. By gathering all the buyers and sellers in one place, Cardpool helps everyone get exactly what they want, whether its a discounted gift card or simply cash.
Who am I buying from or selling to?

You are always buying directly from us and selling directly to us. Because our customers may live many thousands of miles away from each other, Cardpool actually buys the gift cards directly from customers, verifies the authenticity and balance of each gift card, and holds on to them until a buyer is found. Even though we may never find a buyer for a given gift card, we pay sellers within 24 hours of receiving their gift card.

Why should I use Cardpool?

Cardpool offers the simplest, safest, and fastest way of buying or selling gift cards and we exclusively carry hassle-free gift cards that have NO FEES and NO EXPIRATION. We securely process every gift card transaction with the highest level of encryption commercially available, validate the value of every gift card by hand, and offer an unprecedented and industry leading Purchase Guarantee Program to give our customers the ultimate peace of mind.

We are so confident you'll enjoy our services that if you are unsatisfied for any reason, even if it's because the gift card's merchant leaves your home area, stops accepting gift cards, or goes bankrupt, we will be happy to refund your purchase.

Learn more about our Purchase Guarantee Program



Despite the ton of spam everybody gets in their mailbox, it is sometimes vital to post your email address online in blogs or forums. An excellent way to prevent spammers from getting your email address is to turn email address into IMAGE so the bots cannot detect it, and you don't get ripped off.

Img4Me is an internet tool that can help you with that.

Img4Me lets you convert any text into an image. Simply type in the text, select the background and text color you want and click on generate. You can also customize the font and font size you desire in the generated image. Once the image is generated, you are provided a direct URL for the image as well as HTML and BB code to embed it on websites or blogs. You can generate the image as a png, gif or jpg format.

At the top is a URL to a hosted version of my E-mail address.


Wallbase is the most comprehensive archive of wallapers for your desktop.

THe inteface is attarctive and fairly simple. Plug-in keywords (designate resolution and other parameters if you chose) and hit search. If your looking for widecreen 1900 x 1200, that's all you'll be shown. Laptops can indicate size and results will selected for that type of screen.

Search is very sensitive to search terms, so keywords must be chosen wisely to obtain best selection.

Have fun with this.


Very interesting and potential valuable tool.

A free online service searches for originality (or lack of it) using a few phrases taken from different parts of a document. The phrases needn't be contained within search operators (like quotation marks as the plagiarism checker does it on its own through its code). Content checking is optional with either Google or Yahoo.

There's bound to be a time when this tool becomes invaluable at the office, or when there is a question of doubt!


"Information on how to delete your account from all of the major social networking, blogging, shopping, etc. sites and services across the web.

Feeling a little regret? We can show you how to get it back, too! (If possible)."


Need some legal assistance? Now you can answers to legal questions at CivilAnswers.com. It's a free service where users can ask all kind of legal questions to a large network of professional experts and attorneys. No-registration required, though you still need to give-in your email address.

Looks like a fantastic tool to keep handy. Could this drastically reduce number of trips downtown to visit your attorney?


This is a great tool for high school and college students. It walks one through the essential steps on how to 'ace' a research paper. It's very friendly, does not talk-down to anyone, and helps coalesce the concept of creating such a document - makes it less threatening.

Ipl2 is the result of a merger of the Internet Public Library (IPL) and the Librarians' Internet Index (LII).

Do your high school OR college student a favor, and pass this web site along!

Happy research.


I'm very sensitive to 'words'. People often get a "gut-hunch" of who we are based on what we say, and how. Business correspondence is an obvious application, but I feel it spills over to how we affect friends, colleagues, and even lovers.

With that in mind, I found "After The Deadline", a great, free, site that can help you correct your grammatical errors, but syntactical issues, and more.

Here's what the site says in "about":
"We use artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology to find your writing errors and offer smart suggestions". Even when I think I've created the flawless document, a cut&paste into "After The Deadline", reveals more 'over-talk' than I realised.

A highly recommended tool for finishing/sharpening important writing!


Interesting Federal Governmental site offering information and tips on a variety of every-day life issues - online safeguards as well. The proper URL, for online and computer related issues is: http://www.pueblo.gsa.gov/specpubs.htm.

Hope there's a bit of help here.


The web site I've provided is simply a link to PC Magazine article on how terribly passwords are selected. The most common password revealed, from a hacked web site, was "123456", literally. The exact URL for the article is:
"http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2358273,00.asp" (without the quotations).

I have a suggestion for creating a very secure 'universal password', easily remembered, and assuredly a safer password that what most use - perhaps yourself.

The best passwords have no pattern, are alpha-numeric, and the longer (12-15 characters) the better. However the prospect of deciding on such a phrase, easily recalled - but so difficult to crack, can be daunting.

Try this: Take a piece of information (perhaps an old address that you won't forget) I'll make one up as example: "1584westanywherestreetsandiegocalifornia". Read that carefully and you'll see it's an address. First, that's a nice "long" series of characters. Secondarily it's alpha-numeric, the safest type of password. Here's a trick to make that address harder to crack.

By selecting (or un-selecting - the OPPOSITE of your default keyboard setup - play with this to be sure!) the "Num-Lock" key (one tap), the above address becomes: "1584westanywherestreetsand5eg6ca35f6rn5a". Note the changes in the latter part of that address. That information has been sufficiently "garbled" to be a much more secure password, certainly than what most people use.

Take some time with a text doc., or a Word document, and play with different unforgettable strings of information. Once you've decided on a long string, but a memorable string, play with the Num Lock key and see how it changes the data.

After a bit of fine tuning, you should have an near worry-free password, very hard to crack, created simply by hitting "num-Lock" before typing it.

If you're curious what the Num Lock key does, how it works on different keyboards and computers, you can Google that and get answers. Right now, it's sufficient to jump into a safer universal password you can stop worrying about.


Find all online public information about you (and other people)
And get your "PeopleRank": or Your "visibility" score on the web.

You'll love this search tool. Look yourself up, might be surprised.


POINT YOUR BROWSER HERE: http://www.ic3.gov/contact/default.aspx
Complaint Referral Form
Internet Crime Complaint Center_(*This is the information you'll find on the ACTUAL report form. This organization is an alliance between the FBI, Better Business Bureau, and The FTC. Very "heavy" group.

Ron*)_Thank you for filing a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).
Your complaint has been submitted. Once processed by the IC3, you will be sent an email containing your complaint id and password to be used for future contacts with the IC3. This process can take several hours.

The IC3's mission is to serve as a vehicle to receive, develop, and refer criminal complaints regarding the rapidly expanding arena of cyber crime. The IC3 aims to give the victims of cyber crime a convenient and easy-to-use reporting mechanism. If you have comments or problems related to the IC3 website, please contact us.
Complaint Status

The IC3 receives thousands of complaints each month and does not have the resources to respond to inquiries regarding the status of complaints. It is the IC3's intention to review all complaints and refer them to law enforcement and regulatory agencies having jurisdiction. Ultimately, investigation and prosecution are at the discretion of the receiving agencies.

It is important that you maintain any evidence you may have relating to your complaint. Evidence may include canceled checks, credit card receipts, phone bills, mailing envelopes, mail receipts, a printed copy of a website, copies of emails, or similar items. Please keep the items in a safe location, in case you are requested to provide them for investigative purposes.


Smarmy web site business robbing the poor. Stay Clear!

Wendy of Lewiston, ID December 16,2009

"I checked into this bank card empire and learned about this "home business". I told the gentleman I had just lost my job and had very little money, but he assured me that for $199 and $19.99/mth, I would have a website and training to sell merchant services.

They waited about a week for more funds to appear in my account before I became a member. I got a packet from them with two CD's that didn't explain exactly what I was selling or for how much. It also said that my website address was on the top of the form which it was not. I was told by the man who I signed-up with that I could do this business by simply talking to local business owners that I knew and then I could advertise as I started making money.

Over the next couple months, I received 7 or 8 more phone calls from different people. I always asked them for my website address, but was told I would be called back with that information (which never happened). With each call, I was asked how much was in my bank account and if I had any credit cards or people to loan me money. The final phone call a man just told me straight out that I couldn't do this business without $10,000 to give them for an email blaster program.

I was told to "call back when I have money". I was treated rudely and abusively on the phonein three different calls.

They took funds out of my account every month and I received nothing.



Here's a Legal site you clearly want to avoid. There are several responsible legal web sites that provide what's promised at really reasonable rates (zoom.com being one). What follows is a report from someone who used this site and found them thieves:

Doug of Worcester, MA December 8,2009

"I was looking to incorporate a company, and thought it would be helpful to have a little legal help in doing that, but that it would require much. So I found Standard Legal. They claimed to have a 'software that would allow me to file in any state.'

Well, what they provided for $34.95 was the 2-page PDF document that you can find on the state website for free, or you can submit your filing electronically directly with the state (and the filing costs less). Plus Standard Legal provided a bunch of other documents so I couldn't actually figure out the document I needed. The PDF I did download could not be filled out electronically.

I called trying to explain my concerns and dissatisfaction, but the woman cut me off every time. There was not software to help fill anything out. So she just made me out as stupid and unreasonable. She also claimed that they were prepared (implying by their own lawyers.) She called it 'legal form software'. Just because it's electronic does not make is software. Totally bogus".

Buyer Beware!

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