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Oct 2,2012.
The procedure for creating your own TV listings "grid" is a little tedious, but once it's done, you can sign in from anywhere and you're immediately presented with your TV grid.

It was good for many years. Then a few months ago, they started running a little video advertisement in the bottom of the grid. Bad enough, since I don't want my computers' clock pulses being spent on video ads.

Then, yesterday, a full 1/4 window ad started popping up. So far, you can close the video window, but it comes back in a minute, anyway. Long-hated, -dreaded, and -despised POP-UP VIDEO ADS. My desired content is my TV grid, and they're covering almost half of it with VIDEO ADS.

Years ago, for some reason, I turned away from TV Guide and chose to use TitanTV instead. I'll be revisiting that decision immediately. I'll have to find some clean and benevolent service quickly, because I just closed the browser tab with my TitanTV grid.

I am especially disturbed that ad-free Opera browser on Android is unable to block their video ad, and Windows 7 laptop with Firefox and the "uBlock Origin" ad-blocking add-on are both unable to block TitanTV's video ad. If a puny little TV-grid web service is able to beat ad-blockers, then I have to assume those sanity-saving ad-blockers are going to become completely useless everywhere on the internet pretty soon.


Update Oct 7 2021

I think I've used my ad-blocker software to permanently eliminate the video field.

The video field grew, to cover 1/4 to 1/3 of the TV grid.

I already had the Firefox add-on "uBlock Origin" installed on my computer. UBlock includes a lot of buttons and options that I don't know how to use.

But I figured out how to use it to eliminate the video annoyances on TitanTV: Display your TV grid. Click on the uBlock icon. In the little graphical menu that opens, click the "eyedropper" icon. Now, your mouse becomes "an eliminator."

Move the mouse-cursor over the darned video that covers 1/3 the display. If positioned correctly, the video field -- and only the video field -- will be highlighted. Click the mouse to eliminate the highlighted video field. Click and kill.

I may have had to cycle through those steps 2 or 3 times for the offending field to completely go away. I remember that the first time, the entire content of the field disappeared, leaving the field white and empty. Unless a single click eliminated everything; I should have taken notes.

If that doesn't eliminate the video permanently, I'll come back here for another update. Either way, I'll come back to confirm it works permanently.

There's another row in the TV-grid that contains another video ad. Do the same eyedropper thing to get rid of that row, also, hopefully permanently. For that advertising row within the TV grid, I had to do the eyedropper routine about 4 times before the whole offending row was completely eliminated. After one or two times, the content was removed, leaving a big white empty row. Another one or two clicks eliminated the big empty row.

Now, my TV grid is clean again.

In the process, I found It's not quite as flexible as TitanTV, but may possibly be sufficient if you want an internet TV grid for your lineup. Today, tvtv did not deliver any annoying ads to me.

Tip for consumers:
If you're selecting a couple of dozen channels from, for instance, DirecTV's 1000 channels, it's as if you're going to edit your own copy of their list of 1000 channels. You'll need a broadband connection. The grid you create will be available for viewing on your smartphone as well as your desktop/laptop, but you will probably not be able to edit your grid on the phone; you'll need a real computer for that.


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