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My wife bought her Toyota Rav 4 from Capistrano Valley Toyota 4 yrs ago and they had a program which stated they would provide her oil changes for THE LIFE OF THE VEHICLE. A month ago the dealership was sold to a corp. that says they are under no obligation to honor this agreement. We have receipts (photos of) that actually say, "Complementary oil change for life of vehicle" (attached). At approximately $50 per oil change for the next 5 to 7 years if you calculate 3 x a year (as said in the contract) that comes to 21 oil changes x $50 = $1050 and even more if we keep the car forever. I have sent this complaint to the CA. Better Business Bureau, the Ca. Atty General, The Rippoff Report, Yelp and got no response from the Company as of 7/25/2020


One of ATT "In home experts", came to my residence to check on the work of a technical workman who corrected my landline problem. Then I asked how much it would be if I brought my 2 cell phones over from Consumer Cellular.
He then explained his role as a "In-home Expert" with ATT. He said they can give "Deals" to people that are not available in the ATT stores. Further more if I would trade in my, and my wife's iPhone 7ATT could give me and my wife. A new iPhone 11and he had 2 in his vehicle.
He also stated that ATT could also port over my land line phone number onto my cell phone because it happens to be a DUAL SIM phone, therefore I could cancel my land line all together and still receive calls from that old land line number. That sounded good so I took him up on his offer to bring over my, and wife's both cell phone numbers and my old land line phone number to ATT.
WHAT HE DID NOT TELL ME -Meaning, we were LIED TO!
1.He did not tell me: That in order to get this trade-in deal I had to add another line to my account. When he learned about my land line phone number he said they could port that number over to the new Iphone 11 and I could answer and make calls to and from that number as well as my old cell phone number. That would solve the problem of adding another line without TELLING ME that was mandatory to get the deal. But, since my wife had no need of another phone number on HER phone, he had to make up this story about needing to use a *bogus number to get back in the system to port her phone over from the pervious provider. He obviously knew if he told us the truth we would have never done the deal. This was an out and out lie to prevent us from knowing the truth, which would cause us to cancel the transaction then and there.
2. He did not tell me: That this plan that I signed up for, had the the Advantage Protection plan attached for both phones, costing a $40 each per mo. Was MANDITORY!
3. He did not tell me: That each phone was charged $23.34 PER PHONE (as if we were buying the phones from AT&T and it was like a monthly payment as if we were purchasing the phones) for the first 30 days or until our old phones get turned in, and even in that capacity, THOSE PHONES had to be EVALUATED as to their WORTH, which would be put against the price of our new iPhone 11's, meaning we would still possibly have to pay more money on a monthly payment to own the phones after 2 years.
4. He did not tell me: If we wanted to return the phones and cancel before the 14 day "Buyer's remorse" law in California (which he did not mention at all), that there would be a $50 "Restocking fee" PER PHONE!
5. He did not tell meThat I had to pay the TAX on the two iPhone 11's costing basically $700 each. Which was at least $108.00 Plus other activation charges. He just said that was the down payment to get started, I thought it would go against the monthly usage of the phones.
*In Home Expert installing BOGUS NUMBER on my account
Michael Skaggs the In Home Expert employee number ATTUID# MS525Q "SAID", he could not make the software function to port over my wife's phone, *******969 because he said it "Wouldn't take", and he couldn't get back into the porting software with the same phone number sohe used a bogus number to get back in so he could port her existing number over. That number was still on my wife's NEW Iphone 11, that we COULD NOT REMOVE, and that number was still on the phone when we turned it in at the local ATT store in. Later I learned from a friend who had the same exact experience with AT&Twith turning in his old phone for an iPhone 11, that in order to get the trade-in deal you have to ADD ANOTHER LINE to your account on that particular phone! Now that explains why he made up this story about needing to put a bogus number on her NEW phone (which was a dual SIM phone) to satisfy the parameter of having to add another line to our account, without telling us the truth.
WHICH MEANS: I WAS LIED TO! The "In home expert (un-named here) just added that other line to my Wife's new phone INENTIONALLY and made up this story about needing to use a different number to get into the sytem! If he told me the truth, I would have NEVER condoned going through with this transaction! And, I just had a conversation with a friend that said the same exact thing happened to him when he traded his old phone in to ATT, that ATT attached another phone number to his account without telling him directly.
In looking at my bill on line I find that that bogus number which I NEVER gave my permission to add to my accountwas listed on my wife's phone as her additional phone number, and would be costing us $45.74 a month if I haden't cancelled both cell phones with ATT on 02/04/2020 and TURNED IN both phones to the ATT store in Mission Viejo Ca.
When I called the cell phone number the salesman gave me, I left 3 messages on his voice mail, and two texts describing this and other issues. To this date he has NEVER called me back. I also got his supervisor of this also. SHE never has called me back as of 2/26/2020. What a scam they're running here!
When I called tech support I asked "What would my new email be, since I was canceling my Cox. Net account. Tech support told me "Oh that's no problem you can keep your old email addresses. I asked how that could be possible if I didn't HAVE a Cox. Net ACCOUNT?! They said, "Don't worry you can do it, we're not sure how it works but you can keep your email addresses.
I just got an email from Cox saying all my email addresses associated with Cox would be deleted in 60 days. This statement that you can keep your existing email address permanently was, and still is an out and out lie, and all of the tech support people are telling potential customers this same lie.
I have that "", email attached to many places that do financial processing and it's critical to have that in force, therefore I have to cancel the internet portion of ATT and reinstate Cox to prevent a lot of potential problems.
When I signed up w/ATT cell service, I had to fill out an exhaustive form, and I checked NO on Paperless Billing, NO on Autopay, and the NO on the Advantage Protection plan. I called tech support, and billing, and they told me that those choices we logged in as recorded.
THENATT sent me an email that said thank you for signing up for the Autopay, the paperless statements, and the Advantage Protection Plan. Then I called again and some tech support person said they would remove me from those things. They kept sending me emails saying, "Thanks for signing up for paperless billing etc.
I called ATT tech support again and they said, "No you DON'T' have paperless billing but ATT just sent you that email because it 's the same one they send every one". REALLY!? In accessing The Ripoff Report I find that there are about 129 complaints against ATT Wireless and many of them are for the SAME scam as this!

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