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I ordered something that arrived in pieces. When I asked for a refund they told me that I had requested it too late. Products are of an extremely low quality, and not at all as they look in the pictures.

Angelique C. – Tophatter Rep

Hi Robin,

Thank you for your review. We want you to be pleased with all of your purchases on Tophatter and I'm sorry that hasn't been the case.

Tophatter is a Marketplace that connects buyers with sellers (https://tophatter.com/terms), and we rely on sellers to provide accurate information about every item; however, if you discover a listing has been misrepresented in any way, we offer excellent Buyer Protection (https :// tophatter. Com/topics/Buying/subtopics/Buyer%20Issues/questions/Is%20there%20Buyer%20Protection%3F) As part of our quality assurance process, our system detects and applies strong penalties to sellers with higher than average return rate, and individual items exceeding the rate will no longer be scheduled on our platform.

If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, you can request to return an item for up to 30 days from the date of delivery. A full refund of the original price paid will be processed upon return of the item in its original condition. To request a return, visit My Orders, click the item, then click Return Item.

For any problematic items, please contact our dedicated support team here http://tinyurl.com/j8eo7hu for help getting the issue resolved.

Shoppers also have the option to rate their delivered items. Rating items is important because 1.) other buyers will be able to review the average rating on products before they bid, and 2.) items rated consistently low will automatically stop being scheduled on the platform. For these reasons we encourage you to rate the products you have purchased, although doing so is not required.

Kind Regards,


Ordered two items. Received neither. Got a refund for one, but not for the other. Impossible to deal with this company. I've spent hours on their online chat trying to get my money refunded. Finally gave up. Positive reviews are highly suspect.

DHgate C. – DHgate Rep

Hi Robin,

We are sorry for the experience you had with your order. We checked this order and it was already closed. To set proper expectations, this issue is no longer within the scopes of our After-sale Service.
In order for your order to be refunded, you can contact your seller and if they agree on a refund, please ask them to leave a message for you saying "I agree in giving you a refund of $****." Once done, you can then send us a screenshot of the agreement you had so we can facilitate your refund. This is another way to have a refund without a dispute.

1) Click My DHgate on the upper part of the DHgate homepage.
2) Click My Orders" on the left side of the page.
3) Search for your order number.
4) Click on Message Seller on top of the order details.

Moving forward, if you do not receive an item on time, we would encourage you to contact us right away so that we can be able to assist you further in getting a refund or reshipment of the item.

For any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through the following link: http://www.dhgate.com/contact/contactUs.do?from=nav_menu&ntalker=1 or send an email to customer-support@dhgate.com.

Customer Service Center


My family and I have been vacationing exclusively through this site. It was great for the past decade or so. No more. How greedy to charge renters a fee after all of these years. Well, they lost a renter who has been renting three times a year with them.


I truly don't understand how this site gets any good reviews. My experience was horrific. First they didn't ship my order until a week after receiving payment. Then it took over a month to get the shipment. I ordered three dresses sized 3X for my friend's daughter. She actually wears a 2X, but after reading the reviews, I realized I should order a size up, as the clothing ran small. Well, the dresses didn't come close to fitting her. I figured I would use the dresses myself, since I wear between a large and extra large. I couldn't get these dresses on at all! We ended up giving the dresses to her younger sister, who wears a medium, and they fit, but snugly. I felt so taken.


This site, like all the other "freebies" sites, just wants you personal information before you can get your "freebie." If you fall for this, you will be bombarded with emails and telephone calls. Stay away!


You are promised all sorts of freebies, but all links have you answering a series of questions about your health. No freebies to be found after MANY attempts. They just seem to want your personal information, then force you to sign up for health sites before allowing you to proceed.


When this site first started up, I was able to find unbelievable bargains, and ordered quite often. Then they became extremely overpriced, I suppose to make up for their free and/or low cost shipping. I now very rarely visit this site, knowing I can do better elsewhere.


I don't understand all of these negative reviews. And who buys anything these days without reading the "fine print"? Sometimes when I read the fine print I decide against a deal that at first looked promising. I also thing their customer relations is awesome. Never had a problem when the groupon sponsor was uncooperative. Groupon quickly refunds my money. Fast. I usually buy a few of these per month.

They do have less bargains than they had in the past. And some aren't really bargains. But a sharp eye will do just fine. I love this site, and will use it until I experience a problem that cannot be solved. I've been a customer for several years, and so far, so good.


What I really like about this site is that unlike their stores, their site carries large sized items. Not many, but they are there. Sometimes I visit the site and find nothing; other times I fill my shopping cart in no time.

Their prices aren't too bad, except for their jeans. I manage to leave a happy camper when I shop on this site.


I got lured into this site by having to give them my email before being able to look at what they had. Every low priced item was either out of stock, or had sizes no one wears. I tried to find something in my size, but the only items in my size were expensive ones. I believe that one of the phony sale items actually exist.


BEWARE! I foolishly attempted to order a Denali jacket from them. They sent me an email stating that the jacket could not be delivered to my address, but they never credited back my card. I tried on several occassions to contact them by email, but my emails were ignored.


I have been ordering from this site for the past few months, and have been very satisfied. The product comes within days of ordering, and is always packed well. Their prices are the best I have found overall. There prices are pretty close to those of doggiefood.com, but I found too many items that I needed to be out of stock on doggiefood.

Chewy also has an incredible selection. They have every item I've ever searched for. I will only feed my dogs products that are made in the USA, and Chewy has a massive selection to choose from.


I get most of my supplements from this site. The site is easy to navigate, and the assortment of products is vast. Shipping is very quick. I wait for their buy one get two "free" sale. Most of what I need is included in that great sale.


I don't get all the negative experiences people have had. I use this site for lodging and have always found it helpful, and a good starting point.


I have been using this site for years. It's the easiest way to find what I am looking for at a decent price. I have purchased MANY books over the years, and have been satisfied with each and every purchase. Additionally, I have been able to get out-of-print books on several occasions, at low prices. Whenever I need a book, or want a specific genre, abebooks.com is the only place I would ever consider visiting. This is one of my all-time favorite sites.


I try to use restaurant.com gift certificates wherever I travel, as well as locally. My only problem with them is that lately, many restaurants have been dropping out. And the ones who have stayed have lowered their coupon values significantly.

I've never been told that my certificate wasn't good. There is no expiiration dates, and they are easily exchanged if the restaurant stops participating, or if you decide not to go there. Customer service has always been pleasant and cooperative.

I really don't understand why there are so many disgruntled former users.


I don't go anywhere without checking this site. I have gone places without checking, and have paid the ugly price. I also ignored bad reviews, and paid the price there too! Most reviews are accurate. I have had reviews rejected for reasons unknown, but then would resubmit them later, and they'd get published.

I consider going to this site an integral part of my vacation planning.


I always check this site before buying anything online. They tend to have coupons for all of the major stores, plus some of the smaller sites. However, I have found a lot of the offers not to be available. Or to not be as good as buxr advertised.


I love this site. It takes a long time to accumulate points if you just click and read emails, but it's worth it, as I have to go into my email account anyway. I don't take the surveys, as they are too time consuming. But I do a lot of shopping through them at stores where I normally shop. I have gotten MANY cards from them over the few years I've been with them, and they arrive quickly. Highly recommended.


I've been clicking on this site for a year now, and I am still quite a way from the first thirty bucks. The surveys are horrible, as they tell you it's a five minute survey, then fifteen minutes in you find out you don't qualify. I just delete the surveys now.

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