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I'm 76, been around. I invent, and have over 150 in a drawer, if anyone is interested in dealing with those...? I'm a published author with 3 yrs editing experience on the OSU Journal. I homesteaded in Oregon and raised a family there. I'm retired now but still make jewelry, fix things endlessly, Love my wife and 9 cats, keep a garden jungle in the Big Easy.

How I Can Help

In auto body for 32 years, repair, painting, and mechanics. A Homesteader now living in the Big Easy; Artist in many media with several awards: Fine Art - watercolor & acrylics, with work hanging in the Salem, OR Governor's office, sold many hundreds of paintings; Sculptor - fired clay, took the Sweepstakes at the Ventura County Fair, 1975, and sold my works in my own store for 6 years; Jewelry: hand crafted, I have literally thousands of pieces out in the world; published author and editor


Reading & writing; Animals; Fixing things; Inventing; Subatomic physics/the nitty-gritties of things

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BMI™ Certified IQ Test 2018

BMI™ Certified IQ Test 2018


Their Ad Lies!

This place is truly Bogus. Free Free Free! Three times their ad says Get your IQ test for free, but the Results cost 20 Bucks!
See the Screen Shot #1.

They hide this fact until the very bottom, in fine print, after their multiplicity of buttons that say Take Your Test Now!

Their name: BMI Certified IQ Test:
Is a lie.
There is nothing "Certified" about them. They are certainly not certified, and their test is not certified, it is Verified, and by Them!
See Screen Shot #2 from Quora.

As if that's not enough to anger you, that same ad says it takes 3 minutes. Inside it's actually 20 minutes.
Screen Shot #1 again.

Their ad squeezes in "Best" and "online" test, but Mensa and others of their ilk say there's nothing best about online as it skews the results and tests nothing but your online capabilities.

Their whole name is right out of Hollywood: "Brain Metrics Initiative"
"Brain" of course sets you up. That's the hook. It makes you automatically tie it with IQ, (and that's what you want to find out) as well as make you think they just might be somebody along those lines. It's a clever play on words, but it only works when it's associated with the others, and "Initiative" ? What does that tie to? It certainly can't be that you or they are self-starters because that's meaningless. That leaves them trying to fool you into thinking they are tied somehow to the government.. as in "government initiative".. except it's a private company! Hmm... Nice try, but....
So that leaves us with..? What the H has "Metrics" got to do with brain. People don't think in metrics. Studies on the brain have nothing to do with metrics. IQ tests have nothing to do with metrics. So that leaves the play on that word meaning it's a type of measurement.
Close, but no banana. What, your test scores measured in metrics? They use the metric scale to weigh the results? Cute: "Climb up here and we'll weigh your IQ."

I fell for their lies and got pissed. Of course I sent them a nasty email, (for which I got a robo return.. what I deserved I suppose..) but at the same time I sent to the e-mag where I saw this ad, and was very pleased with their response. This was Nature, the Futures column, and the guy that sent back almost immediately was going, "OMG," and sent word of this to one of the higher ups; who just as quickly sent back, "Tell this man we're pulling the ad," ( ticket # 153609 ) and they Did! I checked today, just before writing this, and it's gone. Score one for the Good Guys!

This review is to score Two! Click my profile and read my review on "Trust Pilot" and you'll see why. TP is a review site where BMI brags they have an eight out of ten.. a 4 star rating.. at a site that Sells criminal thinking companies the ability to "Manage" their reviews.

I guess that's sufficient for this review: a word to the wise.




I LIKE THEM! is truly a well set up site. Credit where credit is due; They have tried to think of everything, and have done well at it. There is a very old ploy -- "We are the underdog, so we try harder!" The ancient Greeks knew this, and at least it's a more honest type of advertising propaganda, because it works both ways. Even tho they aren't using this, it applies, and We might as well take advantage of this fact while it lasts.

Wish is relatively new, and bucking the biggies like Alibaba - also Chinese - so take into consideration that Every product they sell is Chinese. ...Yes, I know, Everything is Chinese these days, but inured to this or not doesn't alter the fact that this is the cheap stuff. Keep that in mind. On the other hand, here we have a company where we can buy the Same product(s) for a Dollar, that have been imported (by someone else) to an American store (WallyWorld, et al) and marked up 2000%. No joke, no exaggeration.

This leads to the fact that these are individual sellers; so Every item has its own shipping cost attached. Multiple buys from one company are Not taken into account. So watch every item for it's Total price, not the price first and shipping later. Never fear tho, Everything they sell is pennies on the dollar compared to other online stores and especially American prices, so shipping included it's still far better, and they have literally thousands of items.

Their Search works (wonder upon wonder) but don't be too specific! Fair Warning. And be prepared to do a ton of scrolling. The reason is so many sellers. For any item there will be a long list. Pick and choose of course, but make a list of your own (or possibly use their wish list?) so you can find your way back to your items of interest while you are still shopping/comparing. I mean this for the list you are now scrolling thru, as to where to look: item, price, seller, adjoining ads, how far up the list, etc. Because what you Don't Do! is click on one as if to buy it, then do not. Don't use search for his either. Make Your Own List!

Why? Because they are Tricky!
I'm not sure if this is over competition or what, but if you do line up a buy (which has to be done One At A Time) and then not complete it, That Item Disappears! You can no longer find it on the list you were just scrolling thru, in search, or anywhere. You will find others just like it, but from different sellers, and not That one. Worse..from then on every one you do find will be Higher Priced! This is not a mistake. I tried this over and over to be sure. I suppose this is their thinking: That they now know you Want that item, and that given, you will pay a higher price for one, when you can no longer find the one you backed out why offer it again. The only way out of this I have found is to get completely out of Wish..kill recent apps including the redundant ones in they no longer have any info for this search, Then, Walla! your item is there again. And mind you, this same thing goes for the promos. So Make Your Own List!

Which leads me to PROMOS:
They run from 10% to 50% and you won't know how much until you click one. Some will appear randomly on your accounts page, the Best ones, which Do say what they're worth, and there is even a promos button there. All the more reason not to need their app, or let them send to your phone & email. They are at your fingertips Anyway.
The rest pop up randomly while you're shopping.. Especially just after you've visited your cart! which means you used up That chance to use one (remember there's no going back or they punish you). But,
FAIR WARNING: Promo discounts are Only Good Twice!
This means (by my experience, and remember you must buy items one at a time) on Two Items Only, not the entire list, and you won't find this out until you try to use your promo a third time and get their "Oops!" flag. Except now you Do know! . Make your own list! Use your promos only on the high dollar items! Then you won't be tricked into using them up.

Personally I'm shopping Wish without the app. I don't like to have apps such as these when simply going to the site via Search, [or as I do -- keep the various buttons to them (Shop, Account, C.S., etc.) in gmail ] is just as good. Why? For that single convenience of a button on your home page, you are connected to them 24-7; which costs you Data Minutes, uses storage and are Paying for them to send you endless ads and promos, To Your Phone, With Alerts! that can easily be confined to your email instead. Two clicks instead of one to save all that.

Without their app then my experience with Wish has been about 90% positive. Even the one refund was ½ good, as I learned that their cozen blurb, "We Have Your Back!" is true. They sent me my refund for a wrong item shipped, on my word with only pix of the wrapper and product, the next day! You can't say That for many companies. On top of that, I not only get to keep the wrong product, but their inner-communications Actually Work. I used their robo form, Wish Assistant, and the next day when Customer Service got back to me, they already knew Everything, and the refund was Done! I've never dealt with any site where this was so.

I LIKE THEM! Five Stars for

Get Out of Debt Guy

Get Out of Debt Guy

• Updated review

UPDATE # 3 - Aug. 17th.

After I read this goodg guys latest reply I realized how Comical this whole thing is. It's gotten so over-blown with extraneous garbage I thought maybe I should just delete all but the original review, but instead decided to leave it for your entertainment. ( ͡^ ͜ʖ ^)

I applaud Mr Goodg for his apparent desire to continue (on & on) spin-doctoring the real truth..camouflage for his desire to continue swindling people..but it's a doomed effort. The truth is here for people to see, and all this spin-doctoring only makes the falsehoods more apparent.

In his latest effort (below) the goodg claims, "I have no control over the ads that appear (on His site)," and then proceeds to blame Google! Is that a joke? Because there the thing IS! One of the most prominent features on his first page.. the Bank ad for his admitted #1 sponsor, with the big 5 Star TrustPiolet logo on it. It's so prominent in fact the entire page design is arranged to deceive people into thinking that it's His five star rating; while here he is trying to tell us He didn't accept that ad, He didn't put it there, Google did! Then makes a liar out of himself by saying he has no knowledge of it, and can't find it! He even asks for directions to obvious ploy..when I have already, very plainly, given that in my review so you readers can see this for yourselves....Because TrustPiolet is a sorry excuse for a review site that SELLS their customers the ability to alter their apparent review status. See my review here for the rest of the bad news on them.

So we get all these bogus disclaimers and transparent lies; then for his "proof" he offers Apples & Oranges! First a url to google's newest Ads feature, with a title that ends in, "Placement-and-Monetization-Choices." There, that means Choices Google's customers make, i.e. His, the goodg's choices. Then he follows this with a (one More) disclaimer that YOU should use caution, when he's talking about His Own Site! Well I would certainly take That advice.

This is followed by one of the biggest laughs in this whole thing. Referring back to the Bank ad (above), he states, This does "NOT" constitute an endorsement, of the bank..his admitted #1 Sponsor. Is that Back Peddling or what! The guy's squirming like an eel here. Now, because of this review, he begins to disclaim even his association with this bank (With their ad the most prominent thing on his front page), which anyone can understand now that they've been exposed.

Not to lose sight of the original intention of this review, I remind readers that this is a bank this site, "get out of debt dot com," sends people to (to buy consolidation loans) with his "Free Consultations" for the kick-back money. Notice that even tho he claims to have no association with this bank whatsoever, a patient lie, he never once denies he sends them customers, or that he makes money for doing so. (and where do You think he makes his money?) Instead his entire first all of it..boils down to apples and oranges comparisons, and a disclaimer..both designed to be obfuscation.

Comically (as well) his next statement is that he, "followed the advice from Sitejabber" (misspelling it in the process), when in truth he did the exact opposite. They warn (here) "Responding to bad reviews may open a can of worms better left alone," ( ʖ̯ ) But, obvious glutton for punishment that he is, he hard charges ahead anyway, and with nothing more than repeats (over and over!) of how he wants people, "to be presented with a different point of view," which is of course his own.

Well there you have it!

All in all then this leaves the original review as the only meaningful piece in this, but do enjoy the comedy as well.

“UPDATE - This Site Has Been Lowered To Zero Stars!”
• Previous review

UPDATE - This Site Has Been Lowered to Zero Stars!

June 20th.
Oh man...This guy should Never have challenged me!
He's the "Goodg"...the GetOutOfDebtGuy, but I'm the "ARE!G"...the Always Read Everything! Guy, and boy did I dig up some DIRT on this goodg guy and his site.

I gave him the benefit of the doubt with 3 stars, figuring he wasn't much different than the other mass of sites like this that infest the internet..but I was wrong. This Guy Is A Menace To Society!
Sitejabber warns against challenging a bad review, but apparently this goodg doesn't read well enough to understand that. So let's take what he claims in his Reply (see it below) in order:

His first challenge is that my review, "seems to be in error," that his site, "does not have anything on it about TrustPiolet or managing any sort of rating. I wonder if the reviewer got us (there's no "us," only him, unless you want to include his partner "Consolidated Credit") confused with a different site."

Confused? Nice wording for a cozen, (credit where credit is due) but the goodg is the one who is confused. Look for yourselves. Go to the site. Or search:

There's more than one way to find this..Right there on his front page... there's his #1 "Sponsor".. "Consolidated Credit" (a Bank, but there's "no loans made from this site") with a big ad, the entire corner of which says, "TrustPiolet" and has 5 large golden Stars under it.
Now read my review, here, on this criminal outfit and you'll see why I wrote this into my review. Need any more proof? Search: complaints & review for the one from TrustPiolet, and There it is. But don't tell the goodg, he doesn't know anything about it.

And did I say his Answers, Counseling, and Advice are canned? You bet I did. I asked a few questions onsite, looked at some of his "advice"... Click a few buttons and here's what you'll find:
"Budget Your Money"
ADs! "Sponsored" ads, All of them..12 in a row, each and every one nothing but sets (dozens) of search links to his sponsors.
"Making Money" button...same exact thing, except These Go To Scam Sites!
"Work From Home. Start Now-Earn An Extra 3K Per Week" Ya, Right. Click my profile and take a look at a few of my reviews on sites that tout making Fast Money.

He mentions his too cool association with "" .
Oh really? Go there. Read this article:
" Beware Steve Rhode (the goodg) And June 13, 2010...This company is a fraud Internet.
Here it is, check it out: .

Then while you're there, just below that is:
The & Steve Rhode FAQ
"Steve Rhode and had a previous Scam....

But to stay in order I've got to go to the loans:
"The site does not make loans...and I give away books...sells no consultations or counseling."

So let's look into this. He does not deny the affiliated Bank sells consolidation loans..his #1 "Sponsor" ..only that he does not. And what does my review say..that I doubt this site gives loans themselves.... but almost comically the goodg goes on to post a button that rats him off on this; the "terms," the Fine Print he expects no one will actually read, where it states unequivocally that he gets money from his sponsors, his "Sponsored" ad affiliates. And now look at his front page!
"Best Loans," "Consolidate Your Debt," "Get Your Free Consultation Today!" in the ad bar at the bottom.
Well of Course the consultation is free; that's how they talk people into taking out the loan..and where do they get this consultation? Take a guess. There's nothing But loan ads.. "Credit Repair" "Student Loans" "Debt Settlement" plastered all over the page.
This Goodg is a Shill for them, and he wants us to think he doesn't get Paid??
Read on. Scroll down past the phone #... "FHA LOAN" "Tax Appeal" "Money Loans" (another site to..)"Help You".
Go down some more..past the "Ask the Goodg" button (which is 3 old questions, with button/preinstalled answers) and you'll see:
"Top 3 Consolidation Firms" "Top 10 Debt Consolidation" another "Free Consultation" + more. Every segment of any title has another set of these ads - all the same - all selling Loans. This guy is a liar! Loans Do originate from this site, and there's no way he's going to make me believe he's not profiting from it.
But don't take my word for it; after his statement, "The biggest issue is if someone objects to the free advice..." trying to make it sound as if there are No Issues with this site left, after he's dismissed the ones above...but let's just look online to see about That. Search: complaints :

Right under the Goodg's many ads and cozens.. that are there to try and spin doctor the following.. (and please excuse the contraction, "" as writing all that out is tedious):

"Ripoff Report | Steve Rhode - Complaint..."
from: "Ripoff Report > Scottsdale-Arizona-8..."
"Steve Rhode-G O O @ goodguy Sells Private Information To..."

"Ripoff Report | (ditto above)--Washington... goodg Steve Rhode Bait and a Switch, B.S. Fraud Washington DC..."

"G O O - Beware, Review 392611 | Complaints Board
Nov 13, 2015 · Consumer Complaints and reviews about · Beware · Products..."

"Pissed Consumer
Aug 23, 2011...Steve Rhode G O O is a liar journalist. I live near...."

"Scam Alert:
Aug 8, 2016
GOODG Steve Rhode's Using Cookies to Trap You For Life, by Paul J Paquin - CEO at Golden Financial - states: ...3rd party advertising and tracking firms such as on Steve Rhode's website...."

"Public Citizen > documents:
Apr 14, 2017
verified complaint for Declaratory Judgment..."

On and On...I quit on the third page of these. There are at least ten more... So this goodg guy wants to cross swords with me, I'm ready!

Zero Stars For the Goodg and his Ripoff site!

“Please! Use Only in Absolute Need!”
• Previous review

Please! Use Only in Absolute Need!

Review on .

The very first thing I found against them when I went to this site, is they are flaunting a 5 star "TrustPiolet" review, (see my review here on Them) who do a lot of other things bordering on criminal, but they SELL the ability to "Manage" reviews to fake a 5 star rating. They should be put out of business, but that aside, I also found this sites URL dot of ".org" is a ploy designed to make ppl think they have to be reputable..but are actually private and the government is not involved at all.
Two strikes toward Scam, but the real skinny on this is that there are likely many thousands of these places, and they don't Have to scam there's so much money in it.

It works like this:
They basically loan the money to pay off all the debt(s), make the payments (to Them now) lower, which adds to the amount owed (Their interest), and takes longer to pay off (so They get that interest percentage for a longer time). These are called "Consolidation" loans. Self explanatory.

But, In fact, l doubt this site makes any loans themselves. I didn't sign up for any to find out, but its easy enough to see those are most likely farmed out, because this "Get Out of Debt Guy," Steve, doesn't need it. He's too busy selling pre-prepared advice, Consultations, and Counseling, (by his computer) articles, books, et al, and taking his cut of the money from the customers he lines up for... (the onsite ad) "Consolidated Credit." Consolidated? As in, Consolidation loan? Go figure.

My advice of this review's title stands...Use only in absolute and immediate need, because these places cost you a Lot of money..the loan..and this site can only add more to that.

I'm still rating it 3 stars for mediocre, (and not less) simply because this site is not doing anything (at all, really) worse than the other thousands of them. Is Available At Is Available At


This is the email I sent to the producer of this game at ***** who didn't answer, of course.

Mikes World 2: Uninstalled, and down-rated my G-store review rating to two stars because of the pushy, unacceptable behavior of Ringing My Phone with Ads. It's one thing, acceptable, to place ads In Game, and that's expected, but I refuse the ringing of my phone as Rude, Greedy, and Bad Behavior. The game Compulsive went the same route, and were also uninstalled as a result. The same thing goes for all others I may happen on in the future. I also pass along this type of info to my friends and social pages acquaintances. Word of mouth pays, bad behavior slays.

This is a true shame, on you, because it's otherwise a good game, but as I'm sure you will find out before long, also costly, and I hope beyond the revenue your bad attitude brings you. Wise up guys! People all thru human history have rebelled when pushed too far.

Your excustomer,
Robert L.

So, no stars from me, Mikes World 2, and as an turns out this site is now up for sale..and good riddance.

Wholesale Solar

Wholesale Solar


I'm no novice at photo-voltaic systems. As a homesteader I've been there done that. Purchased the parts and built my own system ( Including hot water, which these ppl don't even sell) for $6,000; All the electricity for home And shop that anyone could want. My interest was in seeing how things compare today, so I checked this site out, and I didn't like what I saw.

First they treat you as a notice no matter what you click, and everything repeats endlessly. There is also this push that stays with you all the way for, "Free solar racking when you purchase a system," that is possibly more honest as the oxymoron it is, but the pix of this rack show a cheap solid tipping, no following, no nothing..a pile of bed-frame struts bolted together..and especially no Price on Anything! Even the button "Get in on the Sale," lead to a Long series of questions, the end of which was Not ok here's your price, it was a button to "Request Consultation!"

I must have clicked 35 buttons trying to find a price on anything at all, and what I got for my trouble was an endless, "Look at This" series of promos, the end of every one at the "price" was "Call." I tried the menu, I even clicked the shopping cart...same all the way down the line. (So why even Have a cart??)

I do not buy, or even consider buying, from ppl who hide their pricing! There's no way around it..If they are hiding they're price it's too high. Period.

Sorry Wholesale Solar, but no recommendation from one who knows these ropes. Two stars, and That's It!


I was fooled by their name I guess, and their sub-titles blurbs telling me I can get what I want from their list of "categories," but everything I was interested in had almost nothing behind it, no matter what I clicked. There's a jewelry making category, but I can't figure why. I clicked "wire" and they have three..Three! All steel. That's it! No brass, no copper...they don't even sell precious metals in any form. I clicked tools and they have ONE - a plain ordinary electrician's soldering iron. That's it! And that's $72!..double what those are anywhere. So that they've got jewelry supplies is a joke. In fact they don't sell Anything I was looking for regardless of their come-on blurbs, and they're lucky I don't give them a Two star rating.
Thanks but No thanks online metals.




In fact, I didn't see one thing there that wasn't a lie; Phony time countdown ( to rush you) that resets itself..."Only 4 Left! Buy Now!

They tout themselves (because no one else is about to) as: "To Serve & Protect Natural Health Supplements," but by their own words - hidden Way down - they "may" get paid for publishing reviews and ads.

"May" .. Ya, Right. The reality is that their "reviews" ARE ads. What's more, they are very long, filed with Buzz words, and fool only the naivé. When you look at them in quantity it becomes obvious they cheap repetitious copy designed more to pump their standings at Google than to sell product. Just as bad, the products they push are themselves high dollar bogus junk.

Get this: PreJym - a pre-workout protein, 20 servings per bottle, at their "Buy Now" link is $70.95, PLUS an outrageous $28.84 shipping. The stuff is so ordinary it's not even worth the shipping cost, but their total is a hundred bucks! Five dollars for ONE serving of protein powder.

Better give this one a pass.
One Star for the "Supplement Police"


Consumer Reports magazine gives you the latest skinny on virtually anything you could want to buy. Tho they don't really rate things around money, there are some prices so you can pre-shop what you're looking for, already knowing what's best in all the categories that count.

There are also reports on bad stuff to watch out for...I just found the fire extinguisher we have posted as being in a recall. For all articles there are buttons that send you to more info about every item written up, plus pertinent info there, such as how and where to claim a replacement for my fire extinguisher.

CR is nonprofit, so they ask for donations and to sign up for the paper subscriptions a lot...and there is no search bar...but here's how you deal with that so you can read all this online for free: takes you there. Then click the CR logo at the top left. is the straight there url. Tho this says index there really is no menu to specific articles, but navigating around is easy enough with all those buttons, and if you click "View Current Issue" you can read the same reports as if you had the monthly paper mag.

Love this place And the idea behind it... 5 Stars for Consumer Reports!




Spyware Sold Openly Online!

"Its Like Having Their Phone!"

Are the first words in the ad for this site:
This is just one of many such sites, like this competitor (see my review on it here), that blatantly advertise and sell apps that install (and monitor) spying malware on other people's phones, and are Proud of this fact. Here are this sites next two lines:

* Monitor & Track ANY Android!
* 100% Undetectable!

Here's another one:

Spy on someone's
* Phone, SMS, Calls and More!
* Plugin free
* Track Every Activity Remotely and Secretly
Here's one more:

Ali m
Sells ready made spyware:
Spy/Agent/SpyAnywhere Suite,
and more.
You get the picture..Good Luck on what can be done.
(Except you can check out my review, here, on might need it.)

Zero Stars for!


Wise Geek .com,
A question and answer site.

As this site is reader written, I find the several Q & A articles I looked over typical of that. This is rather a syndrome across the board for this kind of site. (see also my review, here, on "Mother Earth Living," the e-magazine). It's that being human, people want recognition, and in print or other similar media that's more or less permanent, adding their own words, versions, and ideas also imparts a kind of low-key fame. This is almost irresistible online where they are being Asked to contribute what they "know".. so when people see this opportunity presented to them in the here and now, they act on impulse.
This is the very reason there are so many sites (and other media) that use this ploy, and social pages are so popular. In fact, this is so true that many sites, such as Sitejabber, combine these two to take advantage of that doubling of their draw.

Take a quick skim-through of large numbers of reviews, comments, Q&A, etc. anywhere, and you will find that 90% of them are first time only. The result of this is either shallow answers, or worse, a long detailed answer that leads down the right path, but is incomplete; having some good facts, but others that are wrong, details, especially crucial ones left out, and etc.; leaving the readers with unanswered questions, many times more than they had before.

What causes this is the syndrome above leading ppl to Want to get their two-cents worth in, so they write about things they have not actually done, or have barely tried. They know something about it, probably book learning, it seems an easy task back of that, so they write. That's the shallow ones you find, (some possibly by more knowledgeable ppl who are just lazy or careless) but there are layers to this.

The more detailed ones, but still partly wrong, are from ppl who have a real interest, but of a temporary kind. They have tried it themselves, but without full knowledge; ("A little knowledge is a dangerous thing") not having taken the time to study/research enough first, and call self-taught good enough. Back of this they also only do this thing worked, kinda sorta, so they feel accomplished. They can now say, "Been there, done that," there's no reason for further research or trials, and their public output reflects this.
This second type of person is likely the kind that wrote the Wise Geek answer to, "How can I make a quill pen?"

There is a third, maybe a forth layer, the true expert. But first a quick few of the things I read/saw in this answer to back up what I've said, (from the top so this can easily be checked out):

"Quill pens have been around for hundreds of years," backed by, "Two centuries ago...".

Actually it's thousands of years. Immediately after paper was invented, (which was Not the later plant origin, it was skin - vellum) the obvious answer to smearing charcoal was to wet it, (so it soaks in) and ink was invented. The obvious answer to ink was the pen....

Paragraph 4, "...make some additional cuts, (in a quill) one long but very shallow and the other, closer to the tip, shorter and a little deeper."

This is so confusing there is a request for clarification. What was meant was not deeper (probably) but less (or more?) angle. Either way, if this person - anonymous 108449 - had actually tried this, he/she would have found out that two cuts won't work. Nor will "long but very shallow."

Ink stays inside the quill only by surface tension, and is drained out by virtue of the split acting like a straw. Just the smallest open length too much, or a bump in the way, (the two corners made by the 2nd cut) the surface tension is overcome, and out dumps the ink. Even when cut correctly a jar or thump can do that. With the 30 or more quill pens I've made for my art endeavors this was made abundantly clear.
It's also not mentioned that the split must be long enough to reach up into the ink, nor that a tiny hole needs to be made at the top to feed the ink into the split, and keep it from splitting farther in use.

This goes on then to tout metal nibs.. (in a DIY on quill pen making?? ) plus "Make your own ink" by buying "a Chinese ink stick..." that "...can last a lifetime."

This tells me this writer has only heard or read about this, with maybe a half-hearted try, for two reasons. First the description of various inks and how each one will work, (including the ink stick, which will not even vaguely "last a lifetime") is neither actually making your own, nor was it related/compared in any way to the actual manufacture of the true, basic original ink, which actually works best. This also carries over to the next segment.

Once again there's the buying of everything, (including Pens!) but most telling is the description of blots and sprays caused by "rough" paper, touting "smooth with a stiff finish" paper.

This ignores (doesn't know) that technique with a quill pen (always drawing, never pushing) overcomes this. If that simple basic rule had been discovered thru enough doing, That would have been written instead.

Then there are pix: every one of something purchased! and every one is or has metal. Where are the pens this author supposedly made? There are none, and the obvious conclusion is there never were any.

This is only one example of the several answers I perused, pretty much all alike, and what you should expect from reader-written sites. True, I didn't go real far, because after so many there's no reason to expect any truly expert answers anymore.
This is the very reason why the many sites of this type will never hold a candle to the third or forth layer sites..those written and/or corrected by true experts, such as Wiki. There are several, Wiki being the largest ongoing one, and the reason these sites excel is their vetting.
Sites such as this one here are about money..the ads & etc..and do not pay, i.e. have any staff, that is any more expert than they are. This means the reader/writer combo must be self vetting, with the above results. The bottom line then is that these sites do nothing more than supply a platform, let their customers do all the work, and rake in the money. The real problem with this type of thing, for us, is that there are now thousands of them, and growing.

3 stars for quite ordinary, for Wise Geek .com.

Estel Rose

Estel Rose


I've dealt in jewelry for decades and recognize many of this sites prices. It's classic costume jewelry. It comes from China, maybe a couple from India. I will say the stock is all very nice looking, but their photographer must be given huge credit in that.
Many buzz words are thrown in; Crystal, Topaz, Fire Opal & Zircon, but it's all glass. One says "Natural Fire Topaz." There is no such thing. These are externally coated glass, like "Swarinski crystal" to give it the fake rainbow effect, and will scratch off. Their "Silver and Gold" is the same. Notice every price is in the same $20 range, marked down from sixty. That's strictly for marketing, they pay the same dollar for all of them.

They get three stars for average back of the above, but since their items are all quite nice looking, shipping and that seems to be good, and they are not gouging more than normal, I'm going to add one more.




Really, Nothing More Needs To Be Said.

Click "Explore" and be Amazed.

Use "" if you're not a member.


Not to worry, this Scam Site is now Down.

Based in Australia, there are no controls from here, so still Beware..these people very likely still have other sites working.

Mother Earth Living

Mother Earth Living


Does Not Have What It Claims!

Mother Earth Living, and the old Mother Earth News, are the same magazine simply spread thinner. That's fact number one. From this you can see that the producers are a corporation interested in the money. Fact number two is that these magazines articles are Reader Written. Put these together and here's what you have:

A corporate entity interested in making money, expanded for that purpose to twice it's original size, Must have articles to fill their deadlines; since those are coming from the public and quotas Have to be met, quality is invariably sacrificed to quantity.

There are two facets to this as well. The writers of their articles are ordinary people, just like here at Sitejabber, Android Forum, ...pick one You know, and you've experienced sifting thru the stupid comments, junk and BS to finally get a semi-answer to your reason for going there. In fact this is the very reason you're try and filter out all that. To go with this, the corporate producers of these magazines (and sites) are not experts either; so the result is that they take their best shot(s) and fill their pages with what is offered. Period. That's what you get.

I was homesteading when Mother Earth News first came out. I went, "Oh boy! Here's something I can use," and got every issue. For awhile. I soon discovered the articles were written by ppl who were total amateurs. They had Maybe tried this, or done it Once, and then working or not written it up and sold it! There's money to be had, and ppl "living off the land" are ipso facto broke.

Sadly I found this situation is rampant, especially on the internet where anyone can post anything at all, total BS or not. Moreover, the larger any one of these outfits are the more filler they need..and guess what?

Well, just a word to the wise.

Android Developers

Android Developers


A Serious Warning on "Virtual Button" Apps and "Accessibility Services"

This is going to seem three reviews in one. It's not. To be able to write a review a dot com (or other dot) must be used. As you can see from the 4 stars I don't have anything against Android developers.. Except they teach ppl to build apps to use a service (built into all Android phones and computers) that holds a HUGE POTENTIAL FOR CRIMINAL USE. They plainly state the "rules," but since there is virtually nothing besides a slap on the hand back of the little enforcement there is, and none whatsoever outside of the "first world," this leaves misuse wide open.

This is a very dangerous situation, so take heed.

I'm talking about apps that offer "Substitute Buttons."

Their original use is to give handicapped ppl better access to attributes of phones and computers they can't use otherwise. To do this these apps BIND THE ACCESSIBILITY SERVICES to their app. This does Not mean a phone is now "accessible" to the user, it means Every Keystroke you make, Every Button you touch, Every Word you speak, is now running through the app! "Binding" means accessible to Them! via the app.

In an honest situation this is not taken advantage of;

site you visit, every form you fill out, every transaction you make, including your Bank Account(s), your Credit Cards, and all the pin numbers that go with them, are now accessible to the producers of the app.

Many of these apps have bad English versions of, "This app Safe. Not collect terminal information." Of Course a criminal would say that, but your info does not have to be "collected," only sent!

There are a slew of these apps on the internet, and two of special interest I picked out as an example from google store. Google has recently had an "episode" involving serious criminal activity such as that above. They are claiming to be dealing with it by, "Releasing an alternative to using Accessibility Services," but by word around the net this is stop-gap, unable to fulfill the need, and meanwhile (if ever) the only punishment for this is still what it always has been: being banned from google store. Big Deal! These ppl go to Android Developer, learn how to make these apps, take in a couple million stolen dollars in a month or two, and are Banned? I'm sure they laughed all the way to the bank.

There is a common problem, especially with older phones, that causes the Return, Home, and

buttons to slowly fade into inoperable, that is the reason ppl go to these apps. Short of physical damage this is fixable, and I'll tell you at the end what I did to avoid these sketchy apps.

I'm not saying these two apps I've picked out are backed by criminals, but they do show good examples of what is very suspicious, and what you as a potential user should watch for if you're in the market for "virtual" buttons:

Back Button & Navigation Bar for Android are the two.

Tho I'm pretty sure these ppl have put out other apps as well, I'm also pretty sure Back Button No Root is not one of them..just to avoid any mistakes..but I'm not real happy with Their stats either.

Looking over these two apps, I downloaded them, and the discovery of so many suspicious things is what drove me to do the in-depth research you see here. First, tho they try to make them look different, these are the same app. The name on BB is proviyon proguard, and insignia app on NBfA, But, both claim one million downloads, both are at gmail with No further address or info..not even a country of origin, both use the same rocket logo, both are version 1.0.2, and released 6/26/17 and 6/29/27 two days apart. These are the same people faking two different apps. BB says it needs only 1 permission, NBfA says it needs No additional permissions. These Are Both Lies! There are actually 4.

First they suck you in, Then you find out..Oops, there Are more permissions "needed," but one at a time!

The first is only permission to use a tab, which is how they float the new button(s) window on top. That seems ok, But, the next permission is Hidden! You must scroll down to even kno it's there, and they are hoping you will never do that, because this is what you see on the page: The top is a paragraph (notice) saying "Privacy Policy" which, if you read it, is Goggle's, not theirs, because they don't Have a privacy policy, and it's not even a button! It's a Fake! But just below it is that one permission they are asking for (from above)...that seems so innocent...with "Accept" below that, and that's ALL you see. This is where the unwary go ahead and > Accept, just as they planned and designed for...they asked for one permission and there it is...or so it seems. But that's not me. I look, read everything (thus these reviews) and I'm not about to accept something that already had a fake privacy notice. So...I experimented a little, and Walla! It scrolled to More permissions needed.

Even then it didn't seem so bad (but wait till we get to the last one!), being "kill background processes" and I quote: "stop unuseful app services & save RAM memory." Well OK...until you think about it. I went, "Hmm...what apps?" What does the bad English word "unuseful" mean? Then I realized that whatever apps they chose to "kill" would stop working, at least until I reset my phone, at which time the app would only kill it again. What if I want those apps? Is that something you want? Depends on how hard up you are for this app I suppose. But whatever, I went on knowing I can always delete the sucker and start over if I have to.

So I got to the Third permission they were not going to ask for, "Ads from Google Admob." Again I had to go, 'Hmm." Why in blue blazes would That need a permission? Ads were admitted to from the start! Then I realized it's a cozen. Keep in mind these are layered. You can't even see the next till you've gone thru the first ones, and they get worse as you go, but at each layer they hope you stay stupid and go ahead and click Accept before you look any farther..which is always Right there waiting. The cozen is don't need any "further" permissions, but to make it seem they are being nice about it they ask permission for This one. But why not just let it go? Because turning Google Admob loose on you Should need a permission, and maybe I'm wrong about it being unnecessary. Here's why: Google is bad enough, but Admob is a telling word; two parts, ad and mob. The ads we sign up for with free apps, but mob" is a whole 'nuther thing... just as it sounds, the entire Mob, (meaning "unruly crowd") of of advertising companies associated with google..those of the "Cloud," will now get a shot at you..or two, or a dozen, or...if you > Accept. There are not just thousands of them, there are millions. But whatever, that's just ads, so I went on again, but...

Uh Oh! Hold on here. There appeared a forth permission, (next page under) this time in Red! My phone is set to give me warnings of things "wrong" such as bad certificates and that...and now they want to, "Bind Access Services." To paraphrase the pop-up, this means that they, and Only they, via their app, can control All access to..and From..your phone (or computer) from the Outside! Everything is very carefully worded to make you think this app is a stand-alone thing.."app safe. Does not collect terminal data," when exactly the opposite is true. (This does not, however, cut out the phone's manufacturer or Google..can you even imagine google giving up That?).

Now get ready for the last bit: When you > Accept it sends you to Settings, Accessibility...and there's this app! No other apps are there. It wasn't there before, but it is now, and they want You to turn it On (from Off). This means manually..but why? Why doesn't this app just do it? All other apps do. You've already clicked Accept, so why must You take that final step? Because IT'S A CRIMINAL ACT if they do it for you.

Remember this was a flag my phone threw up, warning me that if I > that final button all the above about bank numbers might create your worst nightmare, and You Are On Your Own if it does. You clicked the button. You gave them permission, and


whether or not the people behind them are honest or criminals.

That said, here's how I fixed my phone when my bottom buttons started to falter: Aside from physical damage the problem is invariably lack of space. Lack of space also means that your RAM is also taken up by dealing with all that junk, and this is why the buttons go wonky before they fail entirely. The answer is to make space, and researching this I found out you don't have to off complete apps to do this, you can delete their data instead. I'm not sure why this is not commonly known, except it's against the best interests of google, and what you get with the flag "can't download, not enough space" is, "Here, off this app!" invariably choosing the last one you would pick; basically telling you that's all you can do.

So here's the thing...the cache is unimportant, safe to delete, but seldom has enough mb to matter. The data is collected bits mostly to help Them (google), and a tiny part that's your game scores and that. Deleting it does nothing at all to the resets it to exactly as it was when brand new. Depending on the app then, the only thing(s) you May have to do is re-enter your settings, name and la la, maybe a password or two. Mostly you don't even have to do that.

Now, where Google is concerned, they are the biggest offenders, and where you gain the most. Don't worry, this is Google, rapacious to say the least, and their warnings that you'll be sorry if you mess with them are bs. They are not about to let You, their dim witted customer, go and lose Their data. So what happens when you delete some 150mb or a gig of data from google play service is nothing. All your account data is still there..your gmail, et al, because They have it. The stuff on your phone is just like cookies, guides for them about you. The proof of this is that you'll have to do it again in a fraction of the time it took to get there the first time..every update adds it's own, etc. Why/How? Because they Want it there to use, and will immediately start to replace it. What do you gain then? Well first you get the immediate megabytes. Then as those fade and you kill it again there's less to put back..the stuff before the last update being relatively useless to them. So by the second day you'll have, say, 140mb left out of the 200 you gained, but two days after the second kill you'll still have maybe 175 and gaining, because the return is slowing, and redundancy is left out. They don't give a hoot about redundancy when it's on You.. ;-)

So what I learned here is deleting google's giant pile of data fixed my phone buttons, and

Never even consider using one of the alternate button apps unless you're forced to.


Requested by Albert C.

The first clue to this site, and all their ilk, is where it says, "Easy Money."

Too good to be true always is.

The second and third clues are, "Sign Up," yourself, and "Refer Friends."
That's all your really need to know.

They are collecting personal information to sell!

Their real name is also a giveaway:
"For Money Only advertising media."

This means they sell your personal information, and that of any people you rope in, to companies that send out ads. In other words, if you sign up, they use you to create mailing lists for them.
What you are supposed to get is $5.00 for every new person you can get to sign up - the "Referral." They make it sound like every click of the link they give you counts for five bucks, but in the fine print you get nothing until the "referral" signs up and gives them their personal info. Then you've "earned" it, but you still don't get it until you have accrued $300 worth. THAT'S 60 PEOPLE ! before you get a dime. On top of that they "pay monthly." This means if you don't make your minimum of 60 people you get Zilch.

There's no telling from anything on this site (because there is Nothing on this site) if they allow last months signups to carry over to count for the next month, but I'll bet they don't.
Why? Because if you never get to 60 signups they pay you Nothing! Not a cent. It's well known that all the variations of these scams, such as "Addressing Envelopes" and the rest, take advantage of the fact that not one in a hundred people are capable of producing the minimum requirement. This means 99 out of that 100 are suckers that get nothing, ever, for signing up the twenty or thirty people they know. Are You good enough friends with at least 60 people..that they will give up their personal info for you, for free, so they can be inundated with ads, on the off chance you'll get five bucks? Well don't feel bad, no one is. The average person is actual friends with six to ten people, the rest are acquaintances.
As to using Facebook et al, sounds good, but are advertising for people you barely know to give you something very personal to them for free, which is not free to Them. How many do you think you'll get of those? 60 per month? Dream on! You can't even offer them a lousy five bucks for it.
One last thing....check out the language use at this site: dollar signs After the amounts; "...just...and you will get earning..." They're foreigners! and without a single clue to who they really are or where they come from. I Clicked Home" looking for info on them, and guess what? That IS home. There is nothing else to click. It's pretty obvious why.

No Stars for Start Job online!


I went to this site for the purpose of looking it over as closely as it can be, and what I found is the reason for both the three star rating and the caution. I'm not saying they aren't legit, but several things worry me.

First, right off the bat they push "Money Back Guarantee," 100% Money Back Guarantee," and "No Questions Asked" on the first page. Why? That's not pushy it's suspicious.

This is a place where customers come to get logos and blurbs for their business, (more on that later) and there was nothing else there but a list of supposed "contests," (about 15) with pix of logos, # of "entries," (from 8 to 48) and the requirements the ppl sent in that asked for them. Superimposed over the top were red boxes with money amounts from $50 to $175 that I didn't find out till later were the "prize" and that was it. Well, except for Sign Up, Log In, and Join in every available space there was left.

Then there is no menu there. I didn't like that. It seemed they were hiding something...and I was right. I found one later, but had to go clear to the bottom and click "About Us" to find it.

There was the expected propaganda there, the sales pitch, where you have to interpret to find out what they do is scout around for beginners in the art and design field..high schools, colleges and that..and offer them a chance at the "Prize" money, which the sites customers pay, to enter their logos or blurbs. Going thru it all the amounts seem to run from that first $50 (for blurbs) up to $200 (for logos), but whether that is all the customer pays is not stated..and they have to make their own money Somewhere..nor is it clear on exactly what the customers money buys. There are the numbers on the side labeled "entries" but whether that is numbers of people or logos is not stated. The one thing I did find that points to a happy customer is their statement that says, "unlimited" for changes. They don't say how this is accomplished however.

Back to under the menu, there are only three buttons: Completed Contests, Judging Contests, and Open Contests. This was a little disheartening as the first is exactly the same as the front page in a slightly different format. This is not good. It means they are faking the size of what they have going on with repetition. Worse, the second is the same Again, and even more meaningless, as there are only two months activity there, Feb and Mar of '18.. 7 entries. The third is unfinished contests with one entry for this month. This one did give me the information that the number of contestants entries can (and did) run to as few as 4. Puting that together with previous info, and that this prize is $100, tells me that the money offered has little to do with how many takers they can round up for any given contest. The last bit I learned from this section then was that this site/company is only six months old. I scrolled thru everything, and the oldest contest took place in Dec of '17. That's not a bad thing as such, because they did crank out 59 finished contests and one unfinished in that time, and tho it's not even per month in numbers, ten per month on average seems ok to me where the customers are concerned. There are no signs of any failed contests, which may be good, but those could simply have been left out, and I suppose they must have Some reason they stress that money back guarantee so hard.

That's all well and good, but back now to the very bottom of the front page where I started there are some more things I don't like. First there is a FAQs button with No Facts! only Join, Sign Up, Sign In..a fake page. Then this doubled up with the last button, exact copy of the same stuff already seen at least..what..five times?

For you out there, and especially Renoir C. I recommend a bit of caution if you want to get a logo made up by this site. It's cheap enough to try, but guarantees aside, you're buying a pig in a poke and good luck on that.




I was in Auto Body and Painting for 35+ years, and the
Most Hated company is Allstate!

Allstate insurance is the Sears one, and every store has it's booth where the cheating begins. They hail people like carnival barkers, anything to get them to listen or read the signs; their doublespeak is:

"Bring us your auto insurance policy and we Guarantee to save you money!"

They do this by cutting off the coverage they think you won't notice, and say,

"Look here, We can save you Two Hundred Dollars!" ... per year, in the fine print, if you... "Sign Here!" ...and don't find out they have cut off a quarter of the coverage you have now, and are really the most expensive "Cheap" insurance there is on the market!

Next the poor suckers that have a claim are told, " Drive Into Any Sears Store and get a Free estimate, the only estimate you'll need." You bet they love that! They pay so Cheap no body shop will work for that money, so they employ their trick: (remember there are countless auto body shops across the country):
Any body shop that gets so hard up they breakdown and take an Allstate job is Immediately given another one, and told, "We will keep you loaded with work! You don't even have to write estimates! So their broke, need Some work, even if it is that cheap, and they go along.... But about twenty or thirty Allstate jobs later they have only been paid on this "Net thirty" basis..which they pay for all the shop has done in the first 30 days and not before, all the rest of the jobs they've done stay outstanding for the Next thirty days, etc. The shop owner looks at this payment and knows they can't keep this up or they'll go bankrupt; (which is fine with Allstate, there are plenty more shops to sucker) the shop has not been paid for thirty days, and this measly amount doesn't even catch them up, so he feverishly looks for other work...calls every agent he knows, calls in favors, but finds out that No reputable company is going to give a single job to Any shop that does Allstate work, because they don't want their customers cars butchered! Sooner or later They will end up having to pay. All insurance companies know the only way to stay alive in a shop that works that cheap is to do fast and nasty butcher jobs on the cars..and they are Right! So this body shop is stuck. He can no longer Get any other work, but he's got YOUR car, if you sucker onto buying Allstate insurance.

But Wait! I'm only warming up!

Allstate had to be stopped by the Government..slapped with a criminal anti-monopoly suit..for first running body shops out of business, then buying them at the forced sale. Once they had their Own body shops, their customers with claims no longer had any choice of shops..they Had to go where told.

Remember this is Sears. Remember also the "trick."

My wife went to work for this little shop that made hairbows named Cathy's Accessories. They thought they were just slamming the good luck when they landed a contact with Sears. They cranked out those hairbows like crazy to keep up, hired more people! But didn't get their first money for thirty days...or so they thought. They were little, now right on the edge for money, and Sears tells them they are going to take up their "option" (in the very fine print) not to pay them for 90 days! They had no other business, now, just like the body shops that were "flooded," so they were forced into bankruptcy....And Sears Bought The Company! End of my wife's job..two weeks later she was fired..all of them one at a time, replaced by Mexicans, Green Card Mexicans!
I found out later this is the way they got their garden implements business, guns (Westernfield, that makes Remington copies), knit caps, on and on, Sears cheated company after company out of their businesses.

Now just cheap is Allstate really? They not only pay the least of all companies, but send...not Will, but Do!...send one of their adjusters to Every job taken to any "outside" body shop to cut that estimate. I've seen them send an adjuster out from downtown LA to the San Fernando Valley..70 miles! cut an estimate for Fifty Cents! Not joking. It's matter of policy. An estimate can be Less than their own estimate and they will still demand to cut something off.

These people have No Morals!
My grandmothers good friends read in an add that Allstate was giving a "Non-Smokers" discount. They were non-smokers and applied for it. Oops, WRONG! You see, they were already Allstate customers, and it didn't apply....but they Were canceled, and wound up on "Assigned Risk" insurance for four times the money. Why? Because Allstate found out they were "too old" when they made that application, and these people had been with Allstate for 25 Years! Never an accident. Never a claim of any kind for 25 years, and they're canceled for being too old. How's that for loyalty?

I won't bore you with more of my 50+ stories just like this, only say:

Allstate Insurance is a Rip Off! Coverage for coverage the Good companies, Traveler's, Etna, even Farmers, give you more for your money than Allstate, and you can take your car anywhere You want.
That on top of them being Thieves.

Zero Stars for Allstate!

Malwarebytes.comimage coming soon

• Updated review

Found and Killed A Trojan. This is a nasty little thing: ..
Android/Trojan.Spy.Agent.or ..
that lodged in one of my favorite games I've had for years! Makes me sick, because even tho Malwarebytes has removed others, this one took my game and all to get rid of it. We..the game producer and I..are still working on where it came from, who sent it, but meanwhile I don't dare reinstall the game.
Anyway Ten Stars for Malwarebytes This Time!

• Previous review

Please Note: This review is Not for this site, here with the pic, Malwarebytes.ORG. It is FOR Malwarebytes.COM , which is an entirely different place! Sitejabbers computer doesn't seem to be able to tell the difference.

“Like it says: Bytes Malware right out of your phone!”
• Previous review

Actually it's 4.5 stars if that was available. These ppl make a great app, and I reserved that half a star because for two reasons. 1. Is I have to keep this app off of automatic because it sucks up to much of my small older phone's RAM & battery if I don't. That knocks out "full time protection" for me, but I doubt it would affect a bigger newer phone as much. Mine is a 5 or 6 yo Kyocera (Qualcomm). 2. Is not really their fault, but there is no cleaner part to this app, and tho I asked them for that addition years ago, I guess they're still thinking about it.

What this app does tho is better than two other anti virus protection apps I rid of 13 (yes thirteen!) Trojans for me the others didn't catch.

It failed me once, only, but so has Mcaffee, and that was understandable, as that virus (the FBI virus) was brand new then, and not yet in their database (which updates on auto almost daily. I do it around semi monthly, and never again had a prob.)

For you who might like to know; I got rid of the FBI virus..which locked my phone demanding $200 to "release" it.. by myself, by getting my phone into safe mode and then just uninstalling the app (video player) it rode in on.

Altogether I guess I've had Malwarebytes for four or five years now, no probs, and I like it a lot..Recommend it.

Lindberg Torrance

Lindberg Torrance


Nutrition Express, at is Lindberg's online store. The home site has a really lot of articles and info on everything you can think of to do with nutrition. That's worth checking out. The store doesn't have a million products like some, but I call that a plus, because everything is high quality, and because I Shop for what I buy theirs are the best. I buy vitamins & minerals, whey protein and more, but one item I get from then stands out as a good example...
This label speaks for itself:

Organic Greens & Fruits Plus
Organic Greens Drink Mix

28 Organic Concentrates
Greens · Vegetables · Fruits · Berries USDA Organic Vegetarian / Vegan Antioxidant-Rich** Soy Free Dairy Free 30 Servings

Organic Greens & Fruits Plus is a concentrated and convenient organic drink mix to help you achieve the 5+ recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

You get a broad spectrum of 28 certified organic concentrates, each with unique health benefits. They include:

Greens alfalfa, wheat grass, barley grass, oat grass Green Algae chlorella, spirulina Vegetables green bell pepper, carrot, beet Cruciferous Vegetables kale, spinach, cabbage, broccoli Fruits apple, pomegranate, acerola cherry, tomato Berries acai, goji, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry Sea Vegetables sea kelp, dulse

Each provides an array of alkalizing and detoxifying elements such as chlorophyll, a natural green plant pigment that is known as nature's deodorizer. Plus, you get naturally occurring phytonutrients, carotenoids, antioxidants**, vitamins, minerals and 3 grams of fiber per serving to help support good health.*

Vegetarian Not genetically engineered No artificial colors or flavors No artificial sweeteners No preservatives Pleasant, neutral flavor.

That's a fav of ours we all like and keep on the shelf...try a spoon full of peanut butter dipped in this powder: Yum! The stuff is actually sweet.

The reason I gave them only 4 stars is that their setup works, but is overly complicated in my opinion, and the two stores url addresses being different is another. Their products get a 5 tho. A word of caution on this.. There is another site with a too similar name with a u in the burg instead of the e in this ones berg, and google must be getting more money from the lookalike, since that's where they try to send you no matter that you searched Lindberg and not lindburg.

Give these people a try if you want quality without having to look further for reasonable prices on your nutritional products.

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