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Are you a THULE fan and want to put one of their racks on your car?
Need the parts to put a Thule basket on your Jeep Wrangler and need to know what options you have to do it? Want to carry a kayak on your Honda Fit? Feel like your 1980's Volkswagen needs additional load capacity? Well Thule.com is the place to start. Pick your language, pick your country... You'll end up directed to the site for your locale and the fun begins. Search by vehicle or product in the Thule line and you're on your way. See new products or parts and pieces for older ones. Thule makes well thought out load carrying systems, you make the decision as to which is right for you. Buy from the site or find a local dealer, choice is yours. Thule.com is your best resource for Thule products. Easy to navigate, plan on saving or printing spec sheets and/or instructions available on the site for later reference or comparison.
Great site, great products, Love it!


Need some cowboy, pirate, or even stormtrooper boots? This is where you need to get them.
From the fantasy realm to plainer tastes, extreme custom high end to basic costume footwear, CABoots (Champion Attitude Boots) has them all. You want custom, how about a dozen choices and measurements to make what will no doubt be a treasured pair years from now. Caboots made the boots for Pirates of the Caribbean 2,3, and no doubt 4. They supply large orders for the Disney theme parks. There are plenty of famous names wearing CABoots. And I haven't even mentioned exotic materials, if someone was ever to make a pair of boots out of Unicorn, these would be the people to do it. (I mean that in a good way, if you're going to take some super expensive pelt, skin, or hide and cut it up, craft something miraculous from it and find perfection, you're going to want CABoots doing it)...
Joey and Priscilla Sanchez (the owners) are no doubt wonderful people, if you call the number listed at www.caboots.com for customer service, one or the other answers, it's their cellphone. I worry that they're too close to every detail and might be overloaded at times. Whether they are or aren't of course is for them to decide, all I know is if one judges from the boots they send you, they're doing EVERYTHING right.
The site itself is wonderfully easy to navigate and represents CABoots very well. Beautiful photography leaves no doubt that the craftsmen at CABoots are just that. I own two pairs of boots from CABoots and would never hesitate to buy any of their product line. Only one caveat, buy your CABoots here, NOT from a vendor selling you boots that then sends your order to CABoots. Want the best, come to the best, get the best. Love 'em.

Priscilla V. – CABOOTS Rep

Thank you! It is always a joy to hear from happy customers! We have thousands upon thousands of happy clients and often is the case that is those that experience dissatisfaction that post and the happy clients go on well happy- we know how hard it is to take the time to post- thank you!


Have a security system under your care and need supplies? Have a look at idcardcardgroup.com and see if they have what you need. I don't know about you but I'm dealing with a 125khz proximity system and mainly find suppliers in Europe or the far east. Well Idcardgroup.com is based in California and if you don't want to deal with the variables of overseas shipping and delivery (not to mention oversea customer support) this is the site for you. A recent addition to my web based arsenal, I have every feeling I'll be buying more from this company soon. I started online and then called in for more detail from customer service. The representative I spoke with was very knowledgeable and gave me several key points to check before ordering to be sure I was ordering the actual product I was looking for. This almost is a rarity today as it feels like a website will sell you anything just to make the sale, while this business is interested in the long term customer/supplier relationship.
I like that from people so it's natural that I love it as a company philosophy.

The site itself is a tight format with almost too much information displayed in the space used. Not inspiring in appearance, it does however make finding what you're looking for fairly easy. Know what you need and you'll find it, don't know, customer service will help. "Meh" appearance but "Love it" customer service drops it nicely into "Cool".


As a powered paraglider pilot of several years experience, it seems right for me to now have a chance to review Paratour.com... Paratour is a company owned and operated by world famous PPG champion Eric Dufour and his amazing wife (and astounding pilot in her own right) Elisabeth Guerin. I had the pleasure of meeting both 8 years ago when I began flight instruction under Eric's skilled tutelage...
To be clear, the aircraft we're talking about here is the mixture of a paraglider (elliptical parachute with excellent glide ratios) and a motor (engine, propeller, cage assembly wrapped together as a backpack). It is the lightest of ultralights, usually tipping the scales somewhere near 100lbs total. It is one of the most affordable and personal forms of flight.
One word - Awesome.
The place to see more about powered paragliding - paratour.com...
The place to get expert training on this awesome form of flight - paratour.com
The place to buy gear you need - paratour.com... well maybe.
That's another nice thing about Paratour (aside from the fact that they're French-Canadian, and have a great way of saying things), they might promote a product (and believe you me they're got some of the best) but Eric & Elisabeth know that if something's not right for you it's not something they should sell you. They'll point you towards what you need. They truly are two of the best faces of this sport.
Good people to do business with, they stand behind their service and products.


Reading up recently on my winged friends, I ran across parrotparrot.com...
Now of course one would expect parrot care should be parrot.com, but no... That's the parrot drone site. So instead we find Parrotparrot.com. It's a site in operation since 1997 and is dedicated to the education of potential parrot owners. Some points covered are common sense, some aren't and are good to see. A weakness of the site, small parrots very well represented, large parrots, not so much. As far as informing the surfer on things to think about when considering a companion bird the site does a good job, but in some instances it seems a bit harsh. This shows clearly in the parrotparrot.com stance against owners hand feeding their birds and leaning towards fully weaning before bringing a chick home. Well it's their opinion and they're entitled to it, I can respect that. Besides, the average person is going to look at several sources of information.
Added to the larger picture, parrotparrot.com does a great job and is certainly worth the time.


Busse knives are the end all be all when it comes to a quality knife that will last you forever... The use a steel, INFI for their blades and it's wicked tough. It's something like the steel they make jackhammer bits out of. You know jackhammers, the machines construction workers tear up streets with? Well trust me, Busse knives are tough, sharp, and expensive. There's a secondary market for them created by buyers who put them in the safe for a few years and let 'em go when they've doubled in value or so... Well buying from the manufacturer, you avoid this secondary mark-up but you run into another issue. Busse only makes one or two styles at a time, they'll slowly evolve the design for a few runs, and eventually retire the design & variations.

Now their site isn't anything too spectacular, to be honest it's rather simple.
Learn about their steels or options, look at the knives they're currently making.
Think about what you might want to have made and give 'em a call. Simple as that.
Of course if you don't want to call, you have other options... Fax 'em, email 'em, heck even send a real letter. But don't plan on buying one thru this site.

Now really I don't see this as a problem, if I'm going to put the money Busse wants for a new blade down on it, I want to speak with someone there anyway. I've called with questions and been handled professionally every time. Just a matter of time before they make one I've gotta have. When they do, I have no doubt about what I'll be getting into. The site is informative and the Busse Steel Heart I already own (and really do use, no safe queen here) assures me it'll be a serious piece of work.
Good site for the best blades = Cool.


In the usual surfing, I've just recently had a glance at crkt.com... Now I own several Columbia River Knife and Tool knives, and recently added one of their multitools, a guppie. Really good quality products, the website is in a similar vein. Not only showing all the CRKT line, www.crkt.com will let you pick and choose for purchase. Easy to navigate, sorted by use, and videos embedded. Great site to match great knives and tools. Learn it, buy it, love it.


Need a part for a Glock? Have a look at topglock.com... From factory replacement parts to caliber conversion kits, topglock has it all... Well everything except Glock model 18 mags right not, but still, everything else is pretty awesome. I've been dealing with topglock.com for several years now and every purchase has come with no issues and been professionally handled. The site itself is easy to navigate and although there may be occasional overlap of categories, you're sure to find what you're looking for. If you have a Glock, or are thinking about one, have a look. This site covers them very well indeed.


So I had a dryer acting up and googled the symptoms. Well, repairclinic.com popped up and I went to have a look. Talk about a nice troubleshooting site, this is it! The site handily took the mystery out of the issues I was experiencing and after a trip the the appliance parts store I was ready to operate. A little time and $12 in parts, viola! Fixed dryer. Thanks google for sending me here, I love repairclinic.com.
Never fear broken appliances again, Freedom!


Fire Mountain Gems looks to be a site I need to do business with. Looking for skull beads for a few projects I want to recreate with upgrades, my wife directed me to firemountaingems.com. The variety of supplies for the home jewelry maker or craftsperson is pretty impressive. Can't say how well they deal with orders, but I like what I see so far. I'm going to go the step further and order some of these cool beads. Have a look, perhaps you'll see what I did.


Where can you look for all the items available in the Home Depot inventory?
HomeDepot.com, that's where. Add to the ability to check inventory, check what store in your area HAS the item you're looking for... See some items available only through the website... Here's something you're going to NOT see in other places. NEED the MSDS (Material Data Safety Sheet) for an item you're buying at Home Depot for OHSA right to know requirements? HomeDepot.com has them for almost every item they sell (well, if it has and MSDS that is...). The site is easy to navigate and useful in chasing items I might not be sure they have, saves a lot of driving store to store... Like the yellow pages used to say, "Let your fingers do the walking"...


I've been purchasing from Jas-Townsend.com for about a year now and couldn't be happier. I have purchased hats, patterns, buckles, and various accessories for both reenactment and entertainment use. The products are of excellent quality and always shipped fast and secure. The site itself is very easy to navigate and there are even videos on various pages that show items in use of suggest fitment of various clothing goods offered. Quality of those videos, by the way, is so good you'll find yourself soon subscribing to them on youtube (They even have a movie in the works (their own movie) and have supplied goods for several period films)... Purchase from James Townsend and Son (proper name of the company) and you'll be dealing with some wonderful people. You'll learn something in the process, seriously have a look now, you'll be glad you did.


So in the realm of Industry, one ocassionally needs to replace or repair something.
One has a broken machine, fixture, appliance... where does one go for parts, tools needed... supplies? www.grainger.com, that's where. Easy to navigate, organized browsing (alphabetically by part or application), and secure checkout, Grainger.com has everything you'd expect from a professional and efficient site. Shipping is fast thanks to locations in several states and packing lists acurately reflect the items you have purchased. When you need it, need it right, and need it soon, use grainger.com. It's a site you can count on, I know, I do.


Well this wouldn't be my usual site, but surfing brought me to it.coolmompicks.com is a blog of some of the coolest items you're ever going to see as a parent of a young child. Wait, make that upscale, cool parent of a small child. A variety of moms are regular contributors to the blog, making of course the staff chock full of cool moms. Well if the content of the site is any indication, they certainly are. Good ideas and finds presented as a classic daily blog. Simple and straightforward. Have a glance, I think you'll agree. I was drawn (pun intended) to the iPad case that makes it look like an etch-a-sketch posted 01/16/2011...


There are a handful of sites I find myself checking often. Cabelas.com is one of them. The selection of hunting related items is always sure to please and from time to time I run across must haves. The site itself is easy to navigate and online ordering hassle-free. Order delivery timely and accurate. Customer Service - quick and knowledgeable. All and all, near top of the list when it comes to quality gear and a reputation of service surpassed by none. Some of the high end items to be found on Cabelas.com would be difficult to procure elsewhere, but they make it easy. Excellent range of items for sale for the black powder enthusiast as well.
In my book, that's a plus. Quality products, beautifully presented.


Recently having decided to share my positive experiences with a website that I have also reviewed here, I found tradekey.com and looked up said company. I decided to write a review and submitted it. Within a few minutes I received an email requesting invoices, contact information, phone numbers, and details of my experience with the company I was attempting to review. Now I can accept that tradekey.com wanted to verify that I actually did business with the company I was reviewing, but come on... asking me for invoices and copies of email between myself and that website? I'm sorry, but it rang too many alarm bells with me. There is, you know, a thing called identity theft (or in this case was I being set up, or setting up the site I was reviewing by providing invoices?) and I found myself replying to the email requesting info that I felt it was overly invasive in it's informational needs. Add this to the fact that I couldn't even see reviews tradekey claimed to have on file and very quickly it was beginning to look like a scam of an "assurance" site for anyone involved. Thanks to this having happened though, I kept looking for review sites and eventually ended up here at sitejabber. I'm glad I did. Tradekey.com, questionable at best. No wonder most of the dates on the site are a few years back. Meh, is right.


Ended up looking into oodle.com last year when the wife and I rekindled a years past love of birds. Being on the lookout for scams, we found plenty of them, particularly in pets. Ads where a seller claims to have recently moved away from your area, they have a very desirable pet and are offering it at a super reasonable price, they'll ship it to you. There in lies the scam, they're going to get payment from you and send nothing, probably by wire. Eventually our interest in oodles.com became an entertainment value, I would never expect to actually get something from someone there unless they really are in your area and can meet with you face to face to complete the sale. Better to just browse craigslist and see what comes up as it does.


Over the years, I have used paypal as a convenient way to pay for items online and it is very good in that regard. If however you think that paypal buyer "protections" mean anything, shame on you. On a mere handful of occasions I have had problems with an online retailer, the worst involved a website and a pair of boots (a review on that later) that literally took so long to get, that paypal felt the transaction occurred too long ago for there to be problem. The transaction expired. What the heck? If I know where the money's going, good deal, it the transaction is uncharted territory... Caveat Emptor.


For years now I have been using the pelican.com website for a resource when looking up specs on their super tough Pelican cases. It is informative and well designed for everyone from the casual browser to the special needs contractor. Easy to navigate, never mind the fact that they're selling some of the most amazing cases known to man. Although cases themselves can be procured from sources closer to the average buyer, the site is very useful for handling customer service and putting a face on Pelican Products. If you're looking for armor for your favorite expensive piece of gear, think about a pelican case... And look at that case on Pelican.com


Back in 2009, I decided to purchase some hats for professional and costume use. Specifically I was searching for a Top Hat. After searching the world over, I discovered three things: 1. Beaver felt top hats are very expensive 2. Dressage top hats are very expensive 3. I like the look of leather top hats (and they aren't as expensive as #1 & #2) and they'll last exceptionally well (virtually forever) compared to cheap costume (novelty) hats...
I ended up contacting Cobb & Co Hats and Accessories after seeing them on eBay and will forever be glad I did. After purchasing my first hat from Cobb & Co, I was impressed with the quality of both the design and execution of the hat. Within a month or so I ordered two more hats (to save on shipping from Austrialia) and again was amazed with the finished hats...
Just recently (January of 2011) I ordered four more hats from Cobb & Co. Hats and Accessories (my largest order to date) and cannot wait for the hats to arrive. Dealing with Anna (John Whittaker the hatmaker's wife) was an absolute pleasure and one gets the feeling that each purchase from this site recieves extrordinary care and attention.
If you deside to buy from Cobb & Co Hats & Accessories, you'll be glad you did.

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