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This is actually one of the better alternatives to youtube. Occasionally I check out dailymotion.


I'm a Amazon Preferred Customer (or was at least) and I've never had issues with them. Walmart is panicking and they should. Amazon is so much better to the point they should serious consider opening up micro stores at least of their own.


Yet another company that has a marketing scheme tricking you into thinking they are the cheapest.

You pay $1 less than the higher up brand name cards but the reality is that they charge you a monthly hidden fee even if you don't activate it. I had 10 cards for Christmas which I bought in September. When I gifted them in December, turns out that Paypower had already drained all the funds off of the cards.

I wasted $250 on 10 cards. Use an alternate pre paid card because the monthly fee actually makes the worst prepaid card. Shame on Safeway do even do business with this company.


Flex Ab Belt it's called.

Pros, they'll refund you, eventualy.

Cons, it doesn't do much, no major movement and it feels like you're being electrocuted. I actually did try to use this but the stinging feeling was unbearable. I didn't expect a full workout with this but I wanted movement while being able to relax. Yes it has some small movement but you won't be able to relax when using this belt.

Now looking for an alternative non shocking belt.


This is a really good store. When I lived back in Washington and first went into this place, it was kinda overwelming. My apartment was a mess and they really have everything you need. It's sad when you grow up and you feel all excited buying containers. I'm getting too old.


Yes the deals are basically the only reason to go to Best Buy these days. Sometimes in the back they offer super discounts on returned products. Besides that, everything else is slightly overpriced. Best Buy is struggling, we all know this and the company I grew up with is likely heading to extinction in the future unless they innovate.

The most entertaining thing about Best Buy is that Geek Squad. You go there and tell them the problem and they make you feel dumb. It's really only good for people who really don't have a clue about computers at all.


This company in my opinion is "shady".

For one, they setup this marketing campaign offering 5% cashback. They get you to signup and then a month later, they dropped it down to 1%. My guess is they did it to get people to signup and some of them would stick around. Clever marketing. Sure. It also pissed off some customers like myself.

Sadly though I stuck with them for a little while until I had to file an unauthorized dispute. The chargeback department is clearly very small. You file a form, fax it, and they should dispute it. Not that easy. They never follow up and when you call to get help, they say they'll call you back. They don't. After repeated attempts to get this corrected, time ran out and they said we don't have rights anymore.

Cancelled my card and won't be using perkstreet again. No advantages to using them.


Well I went with these guys back in Late 2010/Early 2011 if I remember right and purchased a City of Heroes account. They had issues with it and I ended up just getting a refund. I purchased from them again in Star Wars the Old Republic and they provided everything you needed without having to go back to them for more information to get access to the game. I wasn't very happy about the first order but the game ended up getting shut down anyway later so I guess they saved me from making a wasted purchase.


When I walk into staples these days, it's like the store is closed. Nobody is there. The store provides a good service, expensive compared to alternate options which is why they stores are likely deserted these days.


Safeway has always been good.

On youtube, these kids were tossing milk up on purpose in safeway stores. They thought it was funny, now they got charged. Safeway though what I read handled it right, didn't make a scene and were very professional.


Years of playing this game and then it's all gone. Tons of loyal fans who helped this game grow and because of investor issues they just decided to shut it all down. Arguably one of the most depressing days of my life and I feel all the days wasted on this game who could have easily setup servers and kept this game going had they really tried in my opinion.


Comcast provides a good product but the service level as everyone else has said is terrible. They get so much hate from customers I bet when their cable goes out so it doesn't surprise me that they offer this type of support. That's fine though, that's not my problem with Comcast. The problem I had with Comcast is that they actually that they lower your credit score when you use them. I never had this issue with 2 previous cable providers. They put a check on your report and I was shocked that it actually lowers your score.


This is a high end italian restaurant chain and it's really about the best you can get for american type italian food. Never had any complaints.


This is a pretty good service. They are a bit pricey compared to the cheaper alternatives but they deliver to you once you pay online and the cost of delivery is free is you reach a specific amount. Heard recently on youtube channel sxephil they are expanding across multiple cities. Amazon overall just does it right.

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