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Well have been here 5 months and its nothing but hell. The gutters leak, the outside window trim is cracking and just had to remodel the upstairs bathroom because a pipe was leaking. Camella would fix it but they would replace the same crappy pipe and tile. The bathroom was bad and with the dirt here its hard to keep clean. So a week after that was done since I was using the downstairs bathroom that one started to leak too! Come on! So we will re due that also. I tried to contact the engineers but they dont respond to me anymore. Oh also the transformer blew on my street last month and camella took 4 days to fix it. They let 25 families with children in the dark for all that time never once coming to check.

The bond they charge here. Im not sure if I talked about it but I wonder how this scam is even legal, and whose house is this really. When you need to do work even changing your bathroom tile you need to give them 3000 peso, Then they take forever to give it back and they take 10% Now these fees vary the neighbor has paid 35,000 peso for various things and is still waiting for them to return but I heard some things were not done properly so he might not get the money back!. These bonds last for a certain number of days then when you want to fix something again and you will you have to give them money again and again and again. WOW what a scam.

Stay away from Camella Palawan they have another development here in Sicsican Im in Puerto Princessa. So I am only commenting on these.

If you want to buy and sell maybe its ok but I would not live in another one of their homes. Buy a lot and build your own home and not have to deal with all their rules.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Camella homes Palawan complete garbage!
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If your interested in buying property in the Philippines stay away from Camella homes. The quality is complete $#*!, they use the cheapest of the cheap material, thete us little to know oversight on the contractor who always skim. They do the worst work then you have to go in and fix or replace their crappy work. When you do they will hit you with a bond... a cute word to say stealing from you, you see you give them 5000 peso then they return 4500 wtf? Yes they do crap work, you go spend more money to fix it and pay them on top of that. The monthly fees are a joke, thete are stray dogs everywhere, the roads are $#*!, one broken down playground for the many kids here, this is beautiful living? This is a new development and it looks 10 years old. If you want to buy property stuck with a house and lot. But stay far away from Camella they are the worst of the worst, walls are uneven, $#*!ty paint job, bathroom tile is cracked, doors fall off, roofs leak, oh yea you only get a 1 year warranty on your roof image that, most have to sue, I'm looking into that myself they keep playing music that is part of their marketing and refuse to shut it off. I complained many times but nothing, i have yet to meet a resident that is Happy with their place unless they ha e cash to come in and completely redo it. Any questions about Camella or Palawan feel free to contact me. Thanks



Well they changed their rules yet again and the 400 I had on my cash balance is gone and when I wrote them and complained they blocked my account WTF! How can they do that. Stay away from these $#*!s!,
I joined fortad pays and ever since I have been with them there is nothing but problems. I have money in there that is almost impossible to get out. They keep changing the withdraw rules from 100 a day to 10 a day now but you can't even take that, there is always a limit which is always reached or there are technical issues I have not taken a dime off this pig, I can't! Now they take 400 I had on my cash balance and moved it now its gone and they refer me to read the website WTF bull$#*! is that? Customer service sucks they are useless. Stay away from this site!


Hello, this is another site by the scammers Troy Fobbs and Ray Scott. Don't join this site of you like your money. They will use the money they make from this site to pay for their other failed site Triple threat. These guys lie and they steal don't let it happen to you.



Please stay away from Triple threat and its sister company Shares that Care they are run by Troy Fobbs and Ray Scott. These two are scammers and liars. They stopped paying out on their rev share site and they keep asking for more and more fees but they do not pay anyone out. If you see these two names don't join them they will only take your money and lie to you.



I am writing about Fabian Calvos Resourceful Real estate Academy. The program is far less then he claims it to be. I was in the Deals club which is suppose to have great deals on off market property. Its more like N0-Deals club. You can find better deals just checking Zillow. The content is weak and very repetitive. He has a few chapters but most talks about the same stuff.

I was very unhappy with the program and spoke to Fabian on skype. He told me if I was unhappy he would refund my money and also not take the 300.00 monthly fee for Feb. Well Feb came and he took the monthly fee and has never returned any of my emails. I am not the only one. There are others in the program that have asked for refunds but they too have not gotten any response.

Stay far away from Fabain Calvo, Richard Matthews and Julian Lejade. They are all partners and have no conscience. They are liars, cheats and con men.

Ask me any questions you have. Please post if you have a similar story with this crook.

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