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Dlvrit has very poor customer support and can't be trusted. I signed up for their trial to test their service and discovered that features such as the Tumblr posts don't even post clickable links. All it does at most is post an image. I sent in a ticket concerning this matter to their "customer service" department and they didn't even bother to reply and it's been more than 5 days on a high-priority ticket. And I know that they got it because it's been sitting right there abandoned in their ticketing system. Needless to say, after experiencing their poor customer service, I canceled my trial before they could grab my $99 and I'll never trust any company like this that's for sure. In fact, I think they were just waiting in the wings hoping that I would be foolish enough to stick around on their 7-day trial so their sorry A service could collect my money! Untrustworthy fools! That's what they are. So when you hear the word Dlvrit, then I'd advise you to run the other way - fast! - because they DON'T deliver!



I just wanted to warn others about Antigate/Anti-captcha service. I simply gave them some honest feedback about their website and they responded cursing me out saying "F-off" and everything. This is very unprofessional and no way for any good company to reply to any type of feedback. It reeks unprofessionalism and I wouldn't do business with any company like this, and wouldn't recommend anyone else to do so either.

Tip for consumers:
Not recommended.


I wouldn't trust this company as far as I can throw them. They contacted me every minute when trying to get me to buy, throwing all kind of high pressure sales tactics at me. Then as soon I bought they disappeared like rats in a hole.

No reponse to support tickets, no response on skype (despite seeing them available). Messaging system blocked and non-functional when I tried to contact them on their site. Just non-responsive and flat out ignored me as a customer. A sensible customer who paid them, was respectful and just wanted some support.

And on top of that they continued to spam my email practically on a daily basis to get me to buy other packages! Didn't even respond when I replied about those email either - even when I messaged them to stop spamming me, the spam just keeps on coming!

I wouldn't have imagined all of this type of negative and weird behavior in a million years. What's wrong with these people to treat a customer like this?!

Heck, I even filed a dispute through PayPal and they even failed to communicate through that system, so this just proved to me that they are shyters and you really can't trust anyone online these days. Too easy for scammy/shady companies to hide behind emails and just ignore you if they choose to.

Anyhow, they lost a good customer and $200 and now a further tarnished reputation when all they had to do is respond and show some decent customer service.

Yes, they lost that money because even PayPal saw their dishonestly and ultimately decided a refund in my favor (been going through this and waiting a couple weeks but at least I got my money back).

These are some STUPID morons! Stay away! Don't say I didn't warn you.

Tip for consumers:
Run, don't walk, the other way!

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