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This is a GENERAL critique of ALL the FedEx Corporation stores, but since I have been recently been frequenting the Seventh Street store near Pennsylvania Avenue in DC and the Silver Springs Maryland store I'll relate my experiences with those two:

The FedEx Corporation services have become INCREASINGLY DEFICIENT and DEFECTIVE:
They have ERADICATED the harddrive technology allowing usage of CD-ROMs. Now you can only use flashdrives for viewing any stored information. When I inquired the reason, the staff stated "progress" and that the CD's were "obsolescent technology". WHAT ABOUT CUSTOMER CHOICE?

They have ERADICATED the time suspension option on their computer system for holding your place online ten minutes when you need to add money to your card so you don't LOSE your place and have to start ALL OVER to find it! NOW you DO! You have to LOG OUT when you need to add money, thus getting RIPPED OFF for the EXTRA TIME you now PAY FedEx per minute finding it again! Even though the computer usage fee is only $. 40 a minute, that is still ALMOST TWICE what it used to be when costing only a quarter!

They have ERADICATED the INSERT card method of payment processing and replaced it with the SWIPE method at the computers and photocopiers... which NOT ONLY ALLOWS them to RIP YOU OFF by NOT showing how much you have spent at the photocopier and is remaining on the card so you have to now rely on the counter clerks' computers to tell you, BUT it causes OTHER "GLITCHES". When I left the Seventh Street store the last time I was there to go to the Silver Springs store for what I HOPED would be better service, I had a balance remaining of FIVE DOLLARS on the card. By the time I got to the Silver Springs store and put the card in the machine it showed ZERO! HOW did FIVE DOLLARS simply VANISH?! UNless they "ZIPPED" IT OFF electronically somehow! Not only that, but when I put ONE DOLLAR on the card and made ONE color photocopy print for $. 65, the copier then told me I did NOT "have enough money on the card for continued use"! Apparently it CAN'T COMPUTE, because $1.00-. 65 leaves a balance of $. 35---- ENOUGH for TWO black/white photocopies at $. 15 each!

I have been informed they are ERADICATING the convenient card dispenser and payloader kiosks! The store in Bethesda Maryland already DOES NOT have one. You have to NOT ONLY RELY on the counter clerks to tell you what your balance remaining on the card is BUT you have to PAY THEM now to "load" it for you! THAT will soon be the ONLY way, so you BETTER START collecting ALL the receipts... IF THAT will do any good!

The store on Seventh Street in DC used to have at least ONE employee knowledgeable about the computer system. The last time I was there EVEN HE "played dumb" and pretended that he didn't know how to do a screenshot saver, which is what necessitated my having to go all the way out to the Silver Springs store. He told me that to copy and print out a frame of a YouTube video I had to use the regular "Control P" printing method, which would print the entire screen "page" including all the superfluous imagery and data I didn't want. At least at the Silver Springs store I found out how to do the "snip and sketch" screenshot with the crossmark scanner that printed ONLY the paused video frame I wanted. BUT it COST ME in OTHER ways! When I got on the computer, I didn't know they had eliminated the time suspension option so I LOST ANOTHER FIVE DOLLARS trying to figure it out. Of course putting ANOTHER FIVE DOLLARS on the card and taking about three minutes to find my place again online (without SUPPOSEDLY being charged for the "initialization process") I LOST $1.20 at $. 40 a minute. BUT since ONE color printout is only $2.12, I SHOULD HAVE HAD enough to cover it. THEIR counter computer kept showing that I DIDN'T, even though the INITIAL balance REMAINING on the card was $3.80 and any further addition of FIVE DOLLARS would have showed even MORE paid-time, as INDEED not only my receipts DID but the log of the customer computer l was using! THIS just goes to show HOW they CAN MANIPULATE the money/time usage ratio on the customer computers FROM the clerks' computers at the counter!

It's at the point now I would recommend using STAPLES IF there's one closer. Even the counter clerk at the Silver Springs store ADMITEED there are "GLITCHES" with the system, but she told me they "have to go BY WHAT THE (COUNTER) COMPUTER TELLS THEM". Then WHERE do the RECEIPTS come FROM?! The computers are NOT ONLY CONTRADICTING EACH OTHER but their own PRINTOUTS as well! And there is NO email customer service address to send your complaints to for PERSONAL response. It's all "virtual" now.

Tip for consumers:
Use the STAPLES' computers instead.


I don't know what's going on with GOOGLE, unless it's either been infiltrated by the NSA or has always been a CIA "proprietary" company, but in addition to having problems in the past accessing my emails and finding some were DELETED WITHOUT MY DOING SO so that I had to get an additional alternate with, I have noticed GOOGLE services are generally getting worse. Their satellite maps images now GET BLURRIER the closer you scan them to ground level; which they didn't used to do! IF satellite imaging technology is supposedly improving, then WHY is GOOGLE's getting WORSE?! And I also noticed that it recently changed its Utube format so that the videos are SMALLER, they CANNOT be expanded to full screen, and the EDITING function of the comments posting has been DELETED! NOT good poople! I'm glad I DON'T PAY for the "services" and I WON'T so I won't be buying a home computer system!
Yesterday I found out even MORE BAD news! They have DELETED the GOOGLE Forums section! Just like Yahoo did! I liked the Forums format which was MUCH BETTER than the replacement version GOOGLEGROUPS. With GForums you could see many different post topics at the same time. With GG you have NO idea how many and what kind of groups there are; you have to be looking for a certain kind by typing it in. And UNlike GForums where ANYBODY could post to anybody else, you have to be "ADMITTED" into the group to post! UNLESS you create your own, which you have NO guarantee anybody is seeing because they DON'T post the different existing groups like they did the topics in the old Forum format! The Internet infocommunications network SUCKS and is being SLOWLY SHUT DOWN POOPLE as they "social distance" everybody in the Neural World Order! And it's gonna get WORSE!

Tip for consumers:
Use GOOGLE BUT DON'T pay for it!!


I would NOT recommend posting your consumer reviews and critiques on ALL of my posts that I submitted since 2018 regarding major businesses such as the US postal "service" and WellsFargo bank and hospitals in DC are STILL 'ON HOLD". They obviously DON'T want to publish the TRUTH!

Tip for consumers:
Don't bother with it.


I have mentioned this before on this website about online review site in general and NOW I am going to focus on the Washington DC "Better Business Bureau"! It is DISCRIMINATELY CENSORING posts about certain businesses that I have submitted complainant reviews of DESPITE STATING in my online account that they HAVE been posted! But wherever they are in the BBB's website cyberspace, they are NOT with the OTHER posted reviews of ALL OTHER posters! I finally checked the reviews today about ALL the businesses in DC that I have posted about and the March 3,2020 ONE-STAR review about George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates neurology clinic; and the June 1,2018, April 22,2018, and the April 10,2018 reviews about the Target store are NOT POSTED!

For the SECOND time I have emailed BBB questioning them for the reasons of this discrepancy and am STILL AWAITING an answer. BUT I will NOT wait to post BAD reviews about BBB anymore!


I found that it is VERY difficult to write a business review on YELP because it is not an online consumer review site that is conducive to consumer complaints. First of all, there is apparently a maximum word length for each message, which the site DOESN'T infomr you of but merely STOPS your texting WITHOUT warning so that you have to continue it in SEPERATE sections! THEN, you CANNOT post the other sections about the SAME business the SAME day so you have to wait until the NEXT day to do each one IF you have a VERY long message with alot of detail as these online consumer review website CLAIM they like you to have! AS IF this is not BAD enough, you CANNOT post the sections as "continuations" BUT as "updates" of your previous review so that the sections are NOT posted in sequential order but with the LATEST FIRST and the EARLIER ones LAST. So readers have to scroll down to the beginning AFTER reading the LAST part FIRST and finding out it is the END of the message and NOT the beginning! And on top of it all, there is NO contact venue for addressing these problems to YELP in its website.


I would NOT advise ordering from the Atomic Beam Flashlight Company. First of all, they engage in "shady" business practices. I mailed my money order and request for their rechargeable battery to the listed address by certified mail. When I checked the USPS tracking record of the delivery, instead of stating that it was delivered to the appropriate address it stated it had BEEN "PICKED UP AT THE FACILITY" by a Company person! When I called to find out WHY that was the case, the "customer service" responder ADMITTED THAT was NOT Company protocol but could offer NO reason why it had been done!

Nevertheless, I got the battery and recharger but it's a FARCE! There is NO WAY the brightest light it shines is "13,000 LUX" because it is NOT even near blinding from a distance; as it WOULD BE at THAT capacity. Furthermore, I don't know what "LUX" means as a measurement because all other high-beam lithium flashlight manufactuters use the term "LUMENS"--- which is a quantity of candles. Atomic Beam is the ONLY ONE that uses the term "LUX" and it is even LESS brighter than the Fenix lithium flashlight of 976 Lumens that I used to have! IF you're going to mail order a high-beam flashlight, I would recommend Fenix.


This is NOT an "online" business but it is a business with online connection.

Logan Circle Laundry is a laundromat in Washington DC. In early February I went there to do a HEAVY load of laundry. I went to the first washer available, #1. I paid $4.50 for a "HOT" water wash. I felt the water as soon as it started coming out of the tank and it was "WARM"! I told he attendant about it. She told me that IF I stopped the cycle and didn't complete the wash, I could request a refund. I did so, and moved to another washer; which DID dispense HOT water. I submitted the refund request slip with my email address contact and was told the owner/manager would contact me. HE NEVER DID. I emailed him several times about it and wen back to the store several times and spoke to the attendant. She told me she "knew nothing about it" other than the owner had interviewed her and reviewed the camera recording of that day, which PLAINLY would have showed me taking the load out and water spilling all over the floor! Finally this week, I got a response from the operator after threatening to report his business to the Better Business Bureau; which I have one. He claimed in his email message that I did NOT "deserve" a refund of $3.50 (MISquoting his own price scale as being the price for a "WARM" water wash instead of a "HOT" one as I had selected and PAID for) because he tested the machine and it was "functioning". He did NOT say HOW he "tested" the machine because my claim was NOT that it was "NOT functioning" but that the "HOT" water was NOT functioning. At least at the time I attempted to use it. THIS is a TYPICAL problem with these laundromats; they offer the "HOT" water selection BUT they usually DON'T provide it (at least NOT to all the machines) because it is too costly; THAT"S WHY you don't get a "HOT" water rinse to go with the wash as you would with home laundry machines. BUT, the particular problem with THIS particular laundrymat, is that the owner/manager is NOT on site most of the time and so CAN'T be shown what is happening other than what he sees on video recording; which of course DOESN'T tell the whole story. And his "substitute system" of refund slip claims, unique as far as I have experienced to this store, is NOT reliable because there is NO receipt of submittal to PROVE that you requested one and so he can simply DENY that you ever did! The ONLY thing you can do, IF you have online access to a computer that VERY DAY day you use the laundromat, is state in an email to him that you submitted a refund request for poor machine service on that date and print it out as proof.


I don't know what's wrong with this Company but it seems it likes playing online "games". EVERY TIME I have entered my password AFTER resetting a new one to access my billing information at the website DENIES me access with the claim of it being an INvalid password! It then plays with me by asking me to confirm the answers to DIFFERENT security questions than those I responded to when I set up the password! Therefore there is NO way for me to get in to check my billing account info and WITHOUT the username and password I can't contact them through the website log-in either to straighten out the problem. I have even CALLED their customer service center several times to get the problem stopped and got the "promise" EACH time that it "wouldn't happen again"! And EACH time it STILL DOES!

THIS is WHY customers PREFER PAPER billing records sent by mail!


I reside in an apartment building in Washington DC that is three-quarters of a century old. For the past ten years it was owned and managed by a "slumlord" company that let it go to $#*!!

Recently, the premises was assigned into Receivership by Court order to effect the necessary renovations and repairs that have to be done on it--- as cited by NUMEROUS DC housing agency and Consumer Regulatory Affairs Agency violations inspections reports. It has so far been THREE full months since it was given that responsibility and LITTLE if anything has been done, and what LITTLE that has been done in my apartment unit (which was one of those cited in the Court order as being the cause for the Receivership assignation!) has been done WRONG!

Due to vandalism caused by the previous company compromising my residential security by either "losing" or GIVING OUT the duplicate set of keys to my unit that management is supposed to KEEP in its office, my apartment ended up being TRASHED through a SERIOUS plumbing clog problem. That was back in February.
Catalyst Property Solutions Management took over in June. The plumber had had to make a HUGE hole in the main room corner wall of my studio size apartment in order to remove pipe and find the cause of the clog. To get to the plumbing, he had to remove brick and cement masonry OVERLAYING the piping! Therefore, he left a pile of bricks on my floor of those that could be salvaged.

The first month of Catalyst "management", the two-man "maintenance" team claimed they would contract out with a professional mason to rebrick the hole. They DIDN'T do it! The second month, I was told they were going to do it themselves. They DIDN'T do it! The third month I started getting various excuses, such as "waiting on supplies" etc etc. Finally, in this past month they decided something would get done, since the property is being purchased by a developer company and Catalyst wants to remain as the management company AFTER the Receivership status ends!

Therefore, the "maintenance" team came up again and looked at the big hole in the wall, and decided it would be best NOT to brick it up again and cover the plumbing, IN CASE there was ever another problem and the wall had to be opened again. I acceded to this as sensible, and it was decided that the larger section of hole would be covered with sheetboard and replastered while the vertical gap extending across the corner to the ajoining wall--- the WEAKEST part of any wall---- would be remasonized with the remaining bricks. I was fine with that.

The next day, the one "maintenance" guy comes alone with a metal mesh screen and cutters. He starts covering OVER the vertical section with it! I yell at him to STOP and ask him what he's doing--- since it OBVIOUSLY WASN'T what we had just agreed on the previous day! He goes into an "act" insisting that it was----- and calls his partner on the phone. The partner insists that it WAS the way we had agreed it would be done! Now ANYBODY even without architectural-engineering knowledge can see that merely putting a metal screen over a hole in a wall is NOT going to give it sound structural integrity! It can be EASILY kicked or bumped in.

I HAD TO POINT THIS OUT TO THE TWO "maintenance" men!

So the one already in my apartment gets disgusted and claims he just want to get the job done. He had ADMITTED it COULD an SHOULD have been done TWO MONTHS AGO already! BEFORE they called another guy who came to the apartment and shaved out the edges o the hole with an electronic grinder, NOT bothering to cover the workspace corner and thereby spewing dust debris ALL THROUGH my unit... onto my bedding and other furniture! BEFORE the one who got "disgusted" decided that SAME day the other guy cut out the edges of the hole, to vaccuum the dust up from the floor with a suction hose and bucket vaccuum and PRETENDED he didn't notice it had NO covering on the opposite hole from the hose end... therefore spewing even MORE and FINER dust FURTHER through my apartment! Meanwhile, all this ineptitude is holding up the rest of the repairs and renovation of my unit... such as the MISSING flooring that needs to be replaced after FLOODING saturation from the clogged kitchen sink... the other gouges and holes in the walls... the peeling and cracked plaster on the ceiling...

Anyway, the one guy goes ahead with cementing the remaining bricks in the vertical gap of the wall at the corner... first laying them horizontally up to the level of the plumbing so that ONLY TWO remain that need to be placed VERTICALLY at the top of the gap! He agrees that to fill the space as much as possible between the rest of the wall... which he ORIGINALLY mistook for solid stone and so didn't want to bother straightening the edges of THAT hole!... he would insert them in with the wide side facing out. He states that he will FINISH the job, INCLUSIVE of REpainting the two walls, by the next day at the latest. I TRUST him, leaving him to his work and going out for the day. As it turned out, I didn't get to return until the following night and when I came back I not only found that the job was NOT finished, but that it WASN'T even done as WE AGREED! HE had cemented the two bricks with the NARROW sides facing out... thereby leaving an empty space at the CORNER next to the sheetboard. THAT was also the pace he was SUPPOSED to have placed the metal net next to the plumbing to cement the bricks against on the larger hole side! Instead, he had placed it at the BACK of the hole BEHIND, NOT beside, the stack of bricks! I got so mad I took a hammer and knocked the two top bricks out, busting one to pieces! I then wrote a VERY extensive AND angry email message to the owner-president of the Company, Paula Forshee, detailing ALL that had been happening up to that point. On Monday night I return and find that WITHOUT authorization, HE had gotten IN to my unit and covered up the hole entirely (EXCEPT for paint) and in a VERY CRUDE, ROUGH manner----leaving wrinckles and depressions that will also show through the paint overlay! In fact, it looked so SHODDY that I suspected he had NOT replaced he bricks! Sure enough, to test my guess out, I bumped my foot against the wall in that section and it STOVE THROUGH COMPLETELY to roughly the size and shape of my shoe!

THERE WAS NOTHING BACKING THE PLASTER JOB! ALL HE HAD DONE was SOMEHOW dump CLUMPS OF THE CEMENT AND PLASTER into the edges of the HOLE! The CLUMPS fell right out! IF ANYBODY has a story of GREATER "maintenance" INEPTITUDE I would like to hear it, because HIS "performance" was NOT ONLY ABSURD but ASSININE!

As for the rest of the place, he installed an air-conditioner unit that had NO drainhole for condensation leakage, therefore causing water buildup in the casing and causing a grating sound when turned on. He then drilled a hole in the bottom of the unit to let the water leak out, which THEN created a vibrating whining sound when turned on!
He replaced my TWO former locks that matched the missing duplicate keys, with ONLY ONE and put on a LOCKLESS handle that does NOT push the bolt completely into the bolthole so that the door is LOOSE and shakes and vibrates whenever a nearby door is slammed closed! ANY appropriate tool can be used by a lockpick to now access the gap created to push back the bolt and UNlock the door!
He has installed NO locks on those MISSING from the front and rear entrances of the formerly security-coded access building, so bums and degenerates are wandering through ALL hours of the night to sleep in the halls or stairwells or laundry room and do drugs! He himself has ADMITTED to finding them there and kicking them out and DESPITE the Company hiring a DAYTIME-ONLY ARMED security guard to patrol the premises, it STRANGELY DELAYS installing the ONLY effective means to keep the criminals out!

Of the FOUR VACANT units in the building, he has only renovated TWO in THREE months... and NO priority has been given to those of the OCCUPIED ones! However, the little flower bed out in front of the building has been "improved" and the stairwell steps, laundry room floor, and rear entrance area have been repainted. But NOT the gang graffiti on the rear of the stairwell doors, to which he has removed the stoppers so they now SLAM shut throughout ALL hours!

I think it's now time to take THIS Company to Court and let the Court know it's NOT doing its job fulfilling its obligations BOTH to the Court AND the TENANTS! I don't know what the rest of the Catalyst company properties throughout the country are "maintained" like but it is DEFINITELY NOT the management "solution" to THIS "property"!


I have been a WellsFargo banking customer here in Washington DC for the past few years since switching from BankofAmerica.

Unfortunately, in that time I have had CONSISTENT problems that were AS BAD as any I had experienced with the other bank. I am sharing my experiences not so much to compare with those of others and offer solutions for which there aren't any, but to WARN you of what CAN happen to you if it hasn't already. Despite what I have to say about WellsFargo I won't be switching again because there are NO other major, conveniently located banks throughout DC other than the previous one, and I am NOT going back to THAT. What happens at one can happen at ANY and ALL of them! I am reporting this basically for the purpose of discouraging ANYTHING further from happening after having taken what little "preventive" measures I can.

The first problem was when I signed on to open an account and deposit my money in a sudden, UNexpectedly necessary switch from BankofAmerica. It was near the end of the day and the bank manager displayed DEPLORABLE "customer service" by insisting that I be taken outside to the ATM by the agent, INSTEAD of keeping the bank open for me to actually make the deposit after having opened the account! We stood there in front of the entire street as people passed as we fed THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS into the ATM! NOT ONLY could it NOT all be fed in that day because of ATM deposit amount limits, but there I was exposed to the risk of ARMED ROBBERY by anybody passing by with a gun who wanted to do a "quickie"!

The next problem was when I found out some time later that the agent did NOT inform me that there was a checking or savings account plan that was FEE-FREE; therefore I spent a year paying UNnecessary service fees! Interestingly, by the time I found out about this from another agent, the one I had dealt with opening the account was (allegedly) "TRANSFERRED OUT".

The next, and MORE suspiciously serious incident, was that I discovered in my monthly statements that someone had apparently obtained access to a duplicate of my WellsFargo ATM card AND MY PIN NUMBER(!) to make UNauthorized debit transactions! There were several through the course of several months (DESPITE a change of PIN by me after each discovery!) at locations I had not attended, amounting to usually FORTY dollars each! When I complained to the banking agent about this I was "informed" they did not understand HOW this could be happening, OTHER THAN suspicious activity at the CORPORATE level! Therefore I did not even bother complaining to corporate management and eventually simply CANCELLED use of the debit card. I have NOT and NEVER will again use an ATM card for electronic banking transactions and I STRONGLY suggest ALL of you do the SAME! Your PIN is NOT secure NO matter what THEY claim, and IF someone at the corporate level, either randomly or by deliberate "targeting" for whatever reason, decides to abuse it by providing a duplicate card with the same PIN to other persons, they CAN DO so without your knowledge or permission! It is ILLEGAL but TECHNOLOGICALLY FEASIBLE! Do NOT bank electronically as much as possible, and when you do so, devise other precautions. It's a hassle but it's NECESSARY for your financial well-being and protection. Again, in an "interesting" COINCIDENCE, the agent who had issued my ATM card and had also supervised the changing of the PINs, was also "TRANSFERRED OUT" by the time I decided to cancel the card!

The MOST flagrant incident of CRIMINAL activity by WellsFargo that I experienced, occurred a year ago this month. I am a Social Security Disability Compensation recipient and had still been receiving my monthly checks in the mail at my residential address. That month, the check was STOLEN before I got it and cashed by FORGERY at a DC WellsFargo bank! The culprit assininely did not only NOT sign my name in my style of signature, but also wrote HIS OWN or another's Social Security Number beneath it! I don't know why because I DON'T even write my SSN on the checks I endorse! OBVIOUSLY, security protocols with the ID card were "overlooked" by the teller involved, and DESPITE the fact that I am well-known by name by the staff of the branch on Seventh street NW for the past few years! There was NO excuse for this to have happened, and I was actually told by the branch manager at the time, Rachel Davis, that she KNEW what had happened but of course wasn't allowed to talk about it pending an investigation... which to my knowledge through all my inquiries, WellsFargo NEVER conducted! She DID however inform me that the proceeds were subsequently deposited in a commercial WellsFargo account! HOW she knew what had happened, UNLESS it happened at HER branch, I don't understand... but AGAIN... within months of the incident SHE too was "TRANSFERRED OUT"! The Social Security Administration investigator told me he was subpoenaing the transaction records and video surveillance tape of the incident from the bank, but he NEVER got them and Corporate REFUSES to comment to me about it! Naturally.

Therefore, in addition to now proceeding with the FBI about this, I took further steps to inhibit this ever happening again: I had an "ALERT" notice placed on my account requiring supervisor approval for EVERY transaction; I requested "password only" access to my account; and I finally switched to direct-deposit of my SS checks. I might add that even these measures are NOT fool-proof! Last week I went to withdraw some money at a different branch than I usually bank at. Because my transactions now require supervisor approval according to the "ALERT" notice, I asked the teller named "Rosalie" if she was a supervisor. She nodded acknowledgement and conducted the transaction. When I happened to go back the next day for another withdrawal, still being in the same area, I noticed she wasn't there and went to a different teller. Since this person wasn't a supervisor, I asked if she noticed the "ALERT" status on my account. She surprised me with the response that there was NO "ALERT" on it! I had to get it reinstated by the branch manager, who claimed she couldn't explain HOW it got erased BUT, that "Rosalie" was NOT a supervisor! There's WAY TOO MUCH "black ops" banking games being played today!

There are NO solutions to these banking "problems" EXCEPT ONE...
ABOLISHING the commercial corporate banking system and entirely FEDERALIZING it, NOT DEregulating it, so that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT will have SOLE CONTROL AND DIRECT ACCOUNTABILITY to the people for what happens!


I reside in the Columbia Heights NW section of Washington DC and signed on to NEXTDOOR.COM in June or July. Since then I have been frequently posting about CRIME AND SAFETY issues of suspicious activity on my street and around my apartment building as well as OUTRIGHT CRIMINAL activity that I have witnessed! IRONICALLY, though SOME of the CRIMES involved the VICTIMS reporting the incidents to the police, MY POSTINGS aroused INTENSE animosity from certain "neighbor hoods" that objected to it as being "EXAGGERATED", "DELUSIONAL", "PARANOID", and even "BIGOTED"! After several such responses I have apparently been BLOCKED/BANNED WITHOUT any notice from signing into the site with EITHER of my email addresses with which I registered!

I would NOT recommend a "community" website that caters to the PERPS in the hoods! ALL the site is is a local version of FACEBOOK enticing you to reveal more about yourself to those around you whom you don't even know than you normally would. As I advise about FACEBOOK and all those other social interaction websites, STAY AWAY AND STAY OFF!

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