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Have wasted 2 days back-and-forthing with this company. At http://www.alohaanimal.com/Services/Dentistry.asp the website very clearly indicates that they have (a) invested in dental radiography equipment and (b) can do dental x-rays for pets.

They cannot. I spoke with them on the phone. They do not have the specific dental x-ray machine necessary for fine-detail pet dental x-rays.


Have been with this bank for about 6 years, since moving to Hawaii. Trying to do anything through their website is cumbersome. Sometimes my account number needs the zeros in front of it, sometimes it doesn't. Causes huge headaches with direct deposits. They can't even get the grammar correct on their 'funds availability' notices plastered all over their branches. (Hint: it's not "In some exception cases...", it is "In some exceptional cases...).


I have been driving for Uber for 3 weeks and haven't been paid a cent! They keep telling me 'we have resolved your problem' when they bloody well have not. The keep telling me my bank info is incorrect. I have checked it 12 bloody times. It is perfect. I have sent them screenshots of my bank into and screenshots of it entered into the Uber system. 100% match. Still, the can't pay me. They tell me to go to the local Uber office, which I do. They verify that my banking info is 100% correct. So, they suggest I go to my bank. I do that. The bank verifies that the info I have given Uber is 100% correct and everyone is scratching their heads because they can't understand why Uber can't pay me the hundreds of dollars they owe me. And, all I get from Uber is copied and pasted form responses. $#*! you, Uber.


Seriously, DHL are a JOKE. The tracking number says it's been delivered. Well, guess what? I work from home and it has most definitely not been delivered. Just like the last time. And, just like the last time, I'm probably going to have to drive out to your office near the airport and manually pick up the package because your delivery person was too lazy to actually deliver it. It's not an exaggeration to say that I hate DHL. They are pathetically incompetent.


I stumbled across this site. Long story short: I run an original hard-rock band and want to get (a) signed and (b) our music used in media to generate some income. Hey, don't judge me. I'm flat-arse broke, deep in debt, and some income would be nice.

I thought Music X-ray would be different, but I was disappointed. After signing up, their niche algorithmic music-analyzing software told me it had 'found a match' for one of my songs. Turns out it was a music reviewing magazine. Wow. I could have found that match without any fancy software. To submit a song for consideration for review by the magazine it was going to cost me $21.

Well, I'm flat broke (did I mention that?) and twenty one bucks I don't have.

What if I wanted to submit my song(s) for consideration in other opportunities? Each 'opportunity' generates a flat-fee for Music X-ray and the 'chance' of something for me.

Call me sceptical and jaded, but this seems to be nothing other than the same old 'submit for a fee and you might be considered' scam that has been parting money from broke musicians looking for a break for years.

Also, as an ex audio engineer, take a bit of advice about your promo video Music X-ray: Use some baffles to soak up the reverb; close mic, use a pop shield and run the whole lot through a de-esser. The spoken voice on your video - besides sounding completely scripted, bored and uninspiring - sounds like it was recorded in some spare room or garage somewhere. It sounds amateur, at best.

Mike M. – MusicXRay Rep

I am so sorry you had a bad experience with us. We really strive to provide more value than we get paid for and I hate it when we fall short. This video can give you some insights into how the site works. I hope it's helpful: https://youtu.be/v6eCkUBfOgE


Long story short: I have used and tried various wysiwyg web-building programs over the last 8 years, from Quick N Easy Web-builder, to Weebly, Squarespace, Jimdo, etc etc etc... they were all utterly frustrating and cumbersome. Reluctantly, I turned to Wix. I say 'reluctantly' because of the number of bad reviews here.

I started actually reading the bad reviews, instead of just looking at the rating, and realized that a lot of folks didn't understand the basics of having a website and their frustration, besides billing issues, was based on their - how can I put it politely -... ignorance.

[So, to correct that, here's a brief thing newbies need to know:
(1) You buy your 'www...' address from a company like Go Daddy or whomever. It will cost you about 15 bucks a year to keep it. Companies that sell 'www...' addresses are called 'domain name providers'
(2) You buy your bit of space on the internet to show that site through a company, like Wix or Go Daddy or iPower or whoever. They're called 'hosting companies'
(3) You buy your program to actually make your website

Those are the 3 main costs involved and they cannot be circumnavigated. Think of it like a car. You cannot get away from having to have (a) a chassis (b) an engine and (c) wheels. OK, bad analogy, but you get my point.]

Wix's editor (the bit of online software for making your website look useful and pretty) is amaaaaaaaaaazingly good. Especially compared to the competition. You will not spend hours frustrated, scratching your head and pulling your hair out trying to figure out how to put in a picture, re-size some text or add a 3rd party html widget. It is an absolute breeze. It is the most user-friendly interface I have ever, ever, ever come across.

Now, for those concerned with seo (search-engine-optimization) opportunities, buy a copy of 'SEO for Dummies' off Amazon for $4 and read through it and DO everything in it. Don't pay for SEO, whether it's being offered by Wix or Google or the pimply kid who lives next door.

Yes, SEO is about exciting as staring at a brick wall for a day and a half, but it's gotta be done and it isn't rocket science.

This review got a bit longer than I had intended. My bad. Anyway, I hope my 2 cents worth helps someone out there. Thanks for reading.


At the time of writing, I'm shopping around the drag-and-drop website builder programs online. I really wanted to like Wedoo.me because their templates, features and pricing looked very competitive. However, the quality and type of technical support is the most important factor to me. I saw their 'We are online. Chat now' box in the lower right of the screen and clicked on it so I could ask a few tech questions. Here is a copy and paste of the chat (all I did was remove my email from the transcript for the sake of privacy):

"We are here! - Online
Name: Richard
My place in the queue?
Estimated wait time?
Anybody there?
Folks, seeing that the quality of tech support is the most important factor to me in shopping for a drag-and-drop builder, this 'chat' isn't giving me a great first impression...

OptionsPowered by tawk.to"

I don't know if the person meant to be at the other end had gone off to the bathroom or something, but I got zero replies to any of my questions. I waited for 12 minutes.

Sorry, Wedoo.me, but it's 1 star. Am moving on to consider Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and GoDaddy...


At first I thought everything was running smoothly as it did, indeed, appear to be. Then, after 1 year, my hard drive crashed and I had to use JustCloud's service to 'restore' my system. Big headache!
(1) Their system had completely failed to backup over 50% of my work. Even though it had said that it had done so each and every time backup was run (daily).
(2) Their system used a completely different folder structure from my pc so I couldn't find anything anyway.

I emailed them back and forth about this constantly, but their only response was a cut-and-paste "JustCloud retains your pc's structure exactly, making restoring to a new hard drive a pleasure" or some such b. S... ugh. JustCloud are one of the companies you wish you could strangle through the internet.

They are liars. Period. Avoid like the plague!

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