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5 Reviews by Rene


After being on many trading websites, some complete rip offs (that promosed the moon: Warrior Trading), and some were decent... but they were costly (but at least you pay monthly and can cancel your membership any time you want and lose only the remainder of the month's payment! I had come across tastytrade a few times at trade shows in the past few years but they trade options so I walked on by. Until recently! I began watching their live web site each day and I discovered that trading options is just a fraction of the cost of buying the stock... so you can start trading with much less money and build your wealth slowly if done the right way. Tasty Trade is a credible and fun options website, where all are dedicated to teaching everyone interested in learning options. They have become my number one website to view all day while I trade (and learn options just listening). Thank you all at Tasty Trade!


I signed up for warrior trading after getting several marketing emails every day in how to live my dream and become independent. I didnt trade for a while since I was very sick for almost a year. Buyer beware! They will take your money, you will try your best to mimick Ross's trades (who tells you to trade like him and "live your dream"). Warrior trading gives you a set amount you should lose each day. So you stop trading after the loss, and you get hopeful for making money the next day. However, the same thing happens... you lose more money! You always think tomorow will be your big day but that day never comes and soon your money dwindles and so does the "dream" Ross constantly positively tells you in his many daily marketing emails!. Warrior trading then tells you to take more classes (soend mkre money than you already dished out... and lost!). Because you lready lost so much money, you think, OK... and because they offer no refunds. Or prorated either! So, you think you must be doong something wrong... and you do! Being an experienced trader, i began to see a pattern... and it was sickening! I saw there was no way anyone could make money trading, especially a new traded, Trying to follow Ross's quick (seconds) scalp trades. Why? Warrior trading is manipulating the price of inexpensive stocks! Necause these stocks are low floats (less stocks available to trade on market), Ross pumps money into the stock THEN he tells the people in his trading room he bought the stock for a scalp. Everyone buys the stock and seconds later Ross says "stopped out". The stock now briefly plummets when Ross sells his stock (large voljme). Most of the time Ross claims he made money but those of us in the room are left trying to sell the stockmas it plummets quicjky down and we incir huge losses! About an hour after the market opens Ross says he's done for the day! I doscovered Warrior trading has no phone number available(sonce they gove np refunds even if you are on the site a week). They do have a place where you can easily cancel your membership. BTW, their "no refund" policy isnt easily visible whennyou sign up. I reported them to the better business bureau and the trwde association. This is a well organized scam where Warrior trading has you slowly lose your money so you don't really kniw what is happening and you can come back the next day. And lose more. Then they can tell you that you were on their site for x amount pf time. Disgusting!

Tip for consumers:
I believe in integrity and i believe in alerting others to anything I am certain is completely negative, such as Warrior Trading. I appreciate hearing about all other business that others write. I base my buying choices off of them. Thank you.


I signed up for warrior trading after getting several marketing emails every day telling me to "live my dream" and become independent. I didnt trade for a while since I was very sick for almost a year. I thought to myself I would join and begin trading again. I joined to learn Ross's (owner) style of trading. I learned that Warrior trading has a unique way of makig money... for themselves! They teach you how to drag out your losses! They give you a set amount you should lose$ each day. So you are supposed to stop trading after that loss is achieved. They tell you it is a learning experience and so you get hopeful for the next day. However, the same thing happens... you lose more money... and you feel worse, etc. Your big day never comes! Since you already lost a large sum of money, your ego is now completely reduced and you feel worse than before you started. Warrior Trading tskes advantage of your deflated ego. How? They tell you to take more training courses (spend more money). I was one if the lucky ones. I am an experienced traded.
Disgusted, I asked for a refund shortly. I discoverered Warrior Trading They has no phone number. I texted Ross, and i got a text back "no refunds", not even pro-rated! Being an experienced trader I figured out, rather quickly, that there was no way anyone can ever make money! Why? Ross scalp trades. What is that? Well, its sophisticated trading for experienced traders. Thats one horror. But there is even a worse reason... Ross trades low priced companies with low floats (not alot of shares). It is easy for Ross to buy alot of shares of a low float company and cause the company's stock to auickly rise. Ross then informs the trading room he os buying the stock and everyone in the trading room jumps in too. Then seconds later (after we all bought the stock), Ross says "imwas stopped out". We are all left scrambling to try and sell the stock quickly because it is quickly plummetting!. Ross than, about an hour after market opens, says he is finished for the day! Ross never shows his trading screens despite all the screens that is seen in his room. I suspect it is to impress all the trading newbies. I think many times Ross didnt actual make a trade! I believe Warrior Trading is making most of their money on signing people up to take classes and they do not care about anyone once they were paid. Their "NO REFUNDS" statement is hidden, not easily visible, no pro-rating, and a disgusting trial of a few days? I reported Warrior Trading to the better business bureau and the trade association. There are better trading sites that are so much more helpful, less money... and most importantly, you can cancel anytime you want and not have to pay any additional months!

Tip for consumers:
I believe in integrity and i believe in alerting others to anything I am certain is completely negative, such as Warrior Trading. I appreciate hearing about all other business that others write. I base my buying choices off of them. Thank you.


I believe trust pilot is in cahoots with the companies it posts reviews about. You will notice that Trust pilot only has positive reviews on Warrior Trading. I know this is not the case! I posted a bad reviewnseveral times about warrior trading. They were only viewable from my own computer! I thought everyone could see it until a friend told me my review was nit in his screen! I believe that the majority of people who trusted warrior trading lost tons of $$$ and were so embarrassed and ashamed. They were beginner traders and they left Warrior trading thinking they failed... when the truth is, no one can make money trading at warrior trading like Ross! Also, Most warrior trading reviewers on trust pilot are education reviewers that rave about how wonderful warrior trading education is. Maybe they can teach the basics (which you can get free in the internet) but ross says to trade like him and get rich quick! NOT POSSIBLE! I dont even believe he is even trading! I wrote a review about Warrior Trading and the horrible costly experience they put me through (i was lucky to quickly see how Ross of Warrior Trading was scamming inexperienced/beginner traders telling them they could trade like he does and quickly become independent and live your dream! These people are completely unaware they are slowly being manipulated them out of their money. It is a cruel slow monetary death, and emotional death of the soul! Trust Pilot Is scamming people protecting Warrrior Trading Scams! Disgusting!


The frequent daily interviews Bloomberg has on President Trump are severely being comprimised by Bloomberg personnel by asking questions that clearly have negative connotations toward President Trump. I believe Bloomberg's questions are meant to guide the interviewee into talking negatively about President Trump, and will also cause the american people listening to feel nagative toward President Trump.

Bloomberg seems to soften their words when speaking about other countries (that hurt us), for example: today I heard on Bloomberg in another interview, that China "backed away" from the recent trade deal. I believe the truth is that President Trump and President Xi actually agreed on a trade deal but President Xi reneged on the deal. I would have preferred hearing Bloomberg say President Xi was out integrity and that most likely that any other deal President Trump may make with China cannot be trusted at this time. Instead, Bloomberg continues to trash President Trump despite all his efforts and going forward regardless.

Every single interview I heard on Bloomberg seemed to be one sided... and that is to trash, ridicule President Trump. How is the world supposed to respect America when Bloomberg, a major reporter of the world, markets, etc. is clearly dissing and rediculing our President! I believe continuing to trash President Trump will only weaken America, thus disarming us, and leaving us completely vulnerable to envaders (I fear this day will soon come). Please start standing behind President Trump now before its too late! Our freedom, and our lives, depends on him! Thank you

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