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Im a male 50 i do short haul delivery route supplying most major office supply vendors and retailers from portland to eugene oregon so i do know a thing or two about logistics and on time delivery and what it takes to make consumers happy.

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I am a jack of al trades but a expert in very little. I like to repair rather than replace just for the experience. Your never too old to learn a new skill and i enjoy passing along my skills to the next generation who have become less hands on and more electronic


I restore and resell classic chevys and im a long time rc custom builder and racer of many years

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Recently i needed to get new glasses, in the past i went to americas best but decided to give the new players in town a shot myself after sending my wife there to get her glasses and she came home telling me about the new procedure she experienced there. First problem there was i dont have the best hearing anymore so while doing the questionaire the intake person started to ask the usual questions but with her back to me while asking them... i mentioned the issue but she proceeded in continuing in that manor so i had to have her repeat everything over and over till i could hear it... the exam was ok with the new no doctor present but instead he was on a video screen with control over the device we were using. That was alright it seemed to work ok. So next i was told to go find frames not once did they mention that only frames under a certain price were part of the 2 for 59. Deal so that became a huge waste of time having to go back and pick other frames that were in the pricing criteria which there wasnt very many of to choose from... so i picked some out went and sat down at thier little desk where i spent the next 45 minutes waiting for them to come finish up in the meantime they are helping the folks who were coming in and its like they just forgot me... while waiting im noticing these pads they write on have just outrageous prices and im thinking ok must be someone getting some spendy frames by those prices... well after reminding them hey im still here waiting i finally got someone to come over where she proceeded to start writing down numbers far far away from 59 dollars and when she finished up and handed it to me the cost was almost 400 dollars... i was in price shock and asked where there 59 dollar pricing had went. Thats when i was told some mumbo jumbo about my prescription was a lot of the reason for the price hike because of my lenses where this and that and it made the cost more? I said well its no different than it was at americas best and they never in all the years had it costed me more than thier basic price. This seemed to frustrate the person not being able to explain why they charged more when americas best did not... i was told to hang tight she would see what she could do and ten minutes later i was presented with the best she could do deal for me 100 bucks and nothing thats normally done at A. B was gonna be included in this deal, no coatings or scratch resistence type stuff included. 100 bucks, thats almost double the quoted price we all see in thier advertising. The real joke was they asked me to give them a 5 star review because they went so far outta thier way to lower my cost. Say what now. Well when all is said and done i was just handed the 2 pairs no checking or adjusting them just here they are have a good day and worse yet my glasses came not with the 2 different frames i chose but both pairs each in the same exact frame and probably the cheapest version of the ones i had picked youll ever see... within the first hour of wearing them i barely bumped them and they instantly bent and stayed that way until i was able to make them right again. I will never ever send anyone else or myself ever return to this place. It was the worst experience ever in getting my new glasses and what they do there is as much a bait and switch as i think youd ever see... so if you go to americas best keep going there, at least they stick to the advertised prices and have caring customer service people who get it right or theyll make it right. I am of the opinion that stantons customer service people must be at least partially commisioned on what they sell after experiencing the way things are done at the store i went to... i only hope no one else gets taken for thier hard earned money by these folks getting you to come in expecting one thing but getting railroaded into something far more expensive than they intended. Stanton optical shame on you for bait and switch type selling and your uncaring service reps

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Well my drone #2. Finally got here today... its another one of those 500 dollar msrp drones... maybe its in rubles or pesos cause it cant be dollars... this drone is no bigger than a can of copenhagen and actually shorter than a bic lighter... tophatter who are you. Can you really keep on doing this to consumers? I would like to say that about a hour after i wrote the first review i suddenly received a total refund for drone #1 so maybe they can read at least and must have a watch for bad reviews software setup constantly looking for keyword... i just hope not too many people get taken for thier hard earned money by phony m s r p.the way tophatter plays it. M s r p isnt. Way to determine a real value here. Maybe. Suggest. Real. Prices thats what it means to me Maybe Stop Robbing People.

The msrp is what. I dont think so. Not even close
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I have started to play on a site called really a nice idea 90 sec auctions where u can win now. Great idea but leaves you no time to research a item so i figured goibg by the listed msrp( manufacturers suggested retail price) it should be a judgement to go by even though i know they are exaggerated a bit right? But telling folks a item has a msrp of. $ 500. But the actual msrp is about.
99 dollars and the item actually sells in your area for 19.99. Well thats just. Wrong and deceitful practices.and tophatter will only do something about it if a lot of the items get returned by customers. But at customer cost back to china... Dont want to guess what that may cost, and the sad thing is ive got some of the fastest deliveries out of china EVER. And some of the deals were actually you didnt care as much about msrp maybe because you had a idea what its worth was. My items are quadcopters drones and i know a bit about them not much. But i know when the msrp is 500 i shouldnt be bidding.on one whos true msrp is less than 100 anywhere in the world and getting something with a retail value of 19.99 after spending 35 dollars on it... and here is another deception they use the term UNBRANDED... the seller knows exactly what brand it is, thats how i know i got ripped the brand name is right there on the product... But if we know that info we may not bid on stuff. I actually told family before it arrived this better not be one of these brands cause i got ripped off inbthat case... well its exactly the brand i mentioned. Am i pshycic ahh no. This site plays on the fact u dont have time to check out the real facts. Sure they have some delayed starting items but a few minutes isnt enough time to find out about a unbranded item. My whole gripe here is the overinflated msrp they allow sellers to list... if you saw a 1 carat diamond princess cut for 10,000 dollar msrp youd at least expect something worth say 1000 dollars is that fair assumption not a industrial grade diamond thats princess cut worth 100 bucks if that makes any sense to anyone... its a unknown car with 50,000 msrp and you bid 5000 youd expect more than a yugo wouldnt you. Because no one would stay in business making that false claim would they? no more will you take my hard earned money by giving us a false sense of a items worth. Stand up with me america and say no more false exxagerrated msrp. Will be bought from you. No more false anything unbranded items ect. Time to bring back the truth in advertising here in the usa


I was injured on the job because my employer chooses to ignore set osha rules about my job. This is where we must go if were hurt on the job. No other choices here... honestly the staff is usually pretty sharp and caring but dbl book every appointment so waiting for a hour plus in exam room isnt unusual even though theyre motto on all thier posters is 45 min visits... I wish. Then theres the doctors. Your lucky to get 10 minutes with them once they come in. Just no time to get a proper evaluation. My case for example is i was pulling/ pushing 2400lb pallet of paper when i felt a tearing take place above my belly button ( oh yes osha says limit for a human with a non powered pallet jack is 1500lbs maximum) i came in with a protrusion above my belly button that makes me look pregnant. But according to doctor##:## there isnt a hernia. And he goes on to explain human anatomy to me... ok so were supposed to get another visit 5 days later. Got typical over a hour exam room wait when he walks in says hibhow ya doing? The same. Ok have a good day and have the office people make you a appointment for a ultra sound. Not even 2 minutes spent with me, he didnt even check it out again or ask to... Ive dealt with this same doctor before when a car made a u turn in front of my truck injuring my shoulder. Well i got same amount of service and caring or aftercare that time but i wasnt really hurt then but 2 years later i have a finger thatis numb at all times plus my thumb also has loss of feeling now,, i cant play the drums anymore without retraining myself and my guitar playing just is over and done with because i cant feel the strings under them or how hard. I am pressing a string. I havent seen anything i call care or concern for my well being and just because they are a workers comp provider should not make my health care a joke. Thats why we all pay workers comp everyday we work... to ensure our care should we be hurt not whats best for my employer but whats best for me but not at concentra it seems. A little update i went and ssaw the surgeon i used 18 years ago. For a different matter and his words were the doctor said what? Its only obvious to anyone you have a huge hernia and hope it doesnt become a problem if it happens to start strangling a major organ. Just his opinion of course... he doesnt get paid by my work or my workers comp co. Thank you concentra for health care that doesnt actually care a bit about my life and well being


I was injured working and there is a question about how serious it really is and these guys are supposed to schedule my appointments to determine the severity of my injury simply by a ultrasound. Well that was supposed to happen over 2 weeks ago. On a friday. Well i waited all week for that call that never came because the follow up was made for tuesday with comp doctor. Nothing., nothing monday so i called and was told hold the line and we will make appt with you. Ring ring ring well sorry sir no answer let me schedule on your behalf... well never heard back. So i called first light tuesday and got the same response, lets make that appolntment now ring ring ring ok no answer let us make it we will call you back... i called just before my follow up and heard this sorry sir but they arent open anymore., they are temp closed. Say what you dont know if your providers have closed up shop. Quickly i call and cancel follow up visit no sense if they dont have info they need for diagnosis right? So all week long no call no nothing at all... For some reason they called friday around 5 pm but were closed upon my call back. Today monday i called them again hey what is happening? Well sir we found a provider but didnt make a appt let us call you back and thats where they left me. I have a large protrusion about 4 inches long above my belly button making me appear pregnant almost. And there could be issues with my organs being whats pushing out.and a possibility of having stuff become strangulated and maybe even bursting. And whats worse is what started it all is a comp doctor who says what hernia. Say what? I was pushing a pallet of 2400 lbs with a manual jack uphill when i felt this thing pop and appear ( oshas human limit on a manual pallet jack 1500lbs). This is most likely why that limits set. But my gripe here is what if this pain ( no meds btw) is my intestine being strangled to death why are these guys dragging thier feet and not doing thier job. Something i pay for daily outta my paycheck that one that says workers comp. Deduction... Isnt this what its for. To get me healthy after i get hurt from osha rule dodging employers. Well not these guys evidently.
Care one who do you care about only you #1. Cause it isnt me your helping


This saturday night i ordered a front spoiler for my s10 after finding out they had it here for a unbelievable price
Thier website was easy and fast transaction complete in record time
Well now get this. That spoiler was delivered at my door MONDAY AFTERNOON. Yea i said monday 3 pm
Thats faster than a letter would come
If thats a example of how they do biz then i just found a new auto parts supplier What a company thank you summit racing


What a joke this really turned out to be
No one ever wins here by my experience
First one was a game where i scored and wasnt awarded the listed prize
Next came the email i opened that informed me i was the daily prize winner wich right after i opened the email and read it suddenly dissapeared
Next was another 10.000 dollar winner message that once again poof it was gone
When i asked about this i was informed that it was a computer glitch that caused me to get the winning email. Really?
Have you ever known anyone to win anything from this place. I have not how do they get away with awarding you a prize and then retracting it?
What a overall waste of time and money this has been for me and im telling you find something else to do dont waste your time or energy here. Its a joke and its all about rhem seling ad space to businesses there is no winners here that i can tell you about


What a joke this turned out to be first off the website kept saying oops we had a error so i tried it again well oops another error. So one more try and it worked. Great except when i got there i had three orders waiting for me not the one. Well guess what rhey had charged my paypal account for all three
Next it was the offer they advertised of. Buy four at the cost of three by rebate. Well i was informed by the manager that what the hell else did i want i had gotten a dicount ordering online acting like the rebate was coming out of his pocket.
No as a matter of fact it was to come from monroe. And i left the store without getting the form i needed o recieve my rebate
Thats kinda like getting ripped off i have to say were talking about 20 bucks and thats what got me there to buy the product how do they get away with this and is this company policy i wonder and is this how all of thier stores treat consumers? I do a lot of vehicle repairs and have never felt so insulted by a manager of a parts store. Bottom line is dont fall for rebates or patronize thier stores


I recently scheduled a appointment at the happy valley location my appointment was for 12:30 and i got to the mall at 12:25 but took 5 minutes to find parking. Unfortunately i had a problem as i went to get out of my truck. The window came off track and it had to be fixed. Well record time i fixed it and in i went. I approached the desk and told them i had appointment. At 12:30 first thing she says is sorry your more than ten minutes late i explained to her my situation but she just could care less. Telling me nothing she could do about it. Ok so i accepted that but as i pulled my phone out to check my schedule my clock was changing from 12:39-1240 wich meant i wasnt actually over the ten minute limit i guess they have there. I was actually only about 8 minutes late because i had spent a minute talking to her about this situation. The place wasnt busy and when ive bern there before i always end up waiting on them to get seen. So they dont have to be on time but if you are god help you. That just isnt any kind of way to treat a customer, i wasnt actually over the ten minute mark but got refused anyway, that was just completely heartless and uncaring on rhier part besides the fact i wasnt really beyond that ten minute window so to americas best i say never again will i call you or reccomend you to anyone else. Ive bern coming there for years buying thier cheap mostly crappy products because its all i could afford... well my advice save your money and go someplace a little better. Its worth the extra cost and i think most places wouldnt play the game of 30 seconds makes all the difference between getting service or getting turned away


Fedex seems to have a strange route when it delivers to us in portland oregon. If i order a item off ebay from say back east it starts out great. But when you track it the package gets to portland say on friday it will sit in whse till monday and it gets sent to Kent Washington (. 100 plus miles away north) and then it gets handed off to USPS. Who then reships it to portland to be resorted and shipped to the local carrier and finally gets delivered to you three days after it was already here in town First problem is if it doesnt make it fed ex says its not thier problem now its now a problem for usps to deal with
Second problem is the tracking number is no longer valid to track because usps puts thier number on it so now if its lost no one will take tesponsibility for the loss
Fedex told me they cant help and usps tells me the same thing
Besides the fact that it adds at least three days to it if it actually does make it to your house
Also now rhe chances of it getting lost are now doubled
So why not just ship it thru USPS in the first place. It will save you all the extra days and they will be responsible if it does get lost or damaged. Right?
I will never use fedex ever again after my last experience i had with them
When i pay them to do a job i expect them to follow thru not pass or farm it out to another sub contractor am i wrong to feel that way
From now on it will be usps handling my deliveries or ups they never pass it off either


Love my local dollar tree stores there are things they sell for a dollar u could sell on craigslist for five dollars and start a side business. They have all those things u need for cleaning painting and maintaining. Everything, home auto, office too. I spend a lot of money here cause you can afford too. And my house is always stocked because of dollar tree. Give it a try and you will be a lifelong customer. There is always something new to see. Where else can u get a can of red pie cherries for a dollar? Those are like 4 bucks a can at local stores What a deal there so go go and save save save


Been going to songsterr for many years and getting free guitar tablature so i thought when i seen the mobile app great i dont mind spending money to get what i can get for free on my laptop i understand it cost you money to make but when i went thru the list on mobile and see only 500 songs available for the app i paid for vs the free one with millions of songs and the features i get for free a way better than what i paid for that just doesnt make good economical sense to most anyone... if i have to pay it should be better than what everyone else gets for free in my opinion so dont waste your money on mobile app cause u arent gonna be happy if you do


Enterprise car rental real let down my first experience was great but now when i needed it most you left me stranded due to a website that doesnt state all policies or catch mistakes made why can o rent one in my nieghborhood with debit card. But at the airport its against policy? And how can you charge 19.99 a day there but a mile up the road its 53.99 for the same car? The consumer is really gettin screwed there! So out of towners get a better deal than the locals who pay the road tax so out of towners can drive on nice roads cheaper than us locals. And different policies and big price leaps for different. Locations only blocks away? And the customer service people at PDX and your 1800 number some of the least caring people ive ever talked to. Yoy left me standong in the middle of life with my pants behind me and i will tell the world just how much of a disaster you made for me on fathers day weekend of all times never again will intrust you with my needs you dont take care of no one just leave them with sorry thats it


Trivago what a way to find what need to stay warm and safe in a new town. There is something affordable for every budget
Went to eugene to see nitro circus and they found me a very nice choice of any type of lodging including a few hostels. And in seconds. Give em a look u will be happy


Recently purchased a rc drift car from hobbyking called the devil. {Aka mission drift}. I put on remaining needed items and went for a test, not 2 minutes into trial run boom there goes a axle {aka the dogbone} now this is where the fun starts, i sent a inquirey about getting warranty replacement. Parts. Wich led to nothing more than me having to explain in detail and take more than 20 pictures with about ten email exchanges where i would send them pics and explain what part i needed and they would just rephrase the same question and request more pictures and say they didnt see problem i had. This is a seven dollar part that they never have in stock because they were made poorly and every car breaks same part basically they just played stupid long enough to make me give up. But really i just fgured thier game after reading some other buyers with same experience. All the same part and results. Sometimes the cheap is far more expensive. All i can say is buyer look at ratings of anything you may want to buy there before you buy. It. At least at hobbyking usa. Buyer Be Ware


Ok i dont usually clothes shop often but this was the first time i ever experienced a price difference in clothing like shirts
I was looking at 3 identical shirts and each one had a different price on them., so i looked at some other items curious about this and there it was again 5 of the identical items each a different price,. Now black was lowest and blue was next followed by green and red but a huge difference was purple. Curious i asked the management and was told it was a popularity pricing strategy... say what. I checked several other retailers and no one else was doing that so why there? So if you want low prices go with the ugliest color you can stand at local targets here


Sears is needing your money to stay part of the usa brick n mortor world
I was looking for jack stands and good ole craftsman had them quality and bottom priced 11.99 a pair compared to others we all know at 23.99 & up everywere else
Used the pickup at front door option
Worked out just great. So keep sears alive give em a shot again keep em alive


Dollar hobbyz my favorite place to go for what i need at drastic discounts u wont believe i actually got the latest 2.4 ghz transmitter by hpi for. Ready. 98 cents normally a $ 100 item everywhere else. You have to spend a lityle time looking but its worth all the time it takes to find the deals
Go Dollar Hobbyz u rule my wsllet


Ordered two tires online they told me one had arrived then the second one... called ahead they said here and set aside waiting came in that eve and they said they returned one causr it was there over 24 hrs and second one didnt actually make it there. Say what total screw ups online and really didnt care about it... but the good guys at wood village did rescue me and made good deal on other higher priced pair ha really bait and switch still exists


Ordered over 300 dollars of radio control hobby grade cars and trucks
They somehow attached extra orders onto my second order i placed. But thatsnot the worst part
Instead of rc stuff showing up i received little dolls worth about 10 cents or so
And the orders were with two different companies. After 4 weeks of waiting of the 5 rc inordered i got none only dolls worst part is wish is aware of this and still allows the sellers to advertise them still and sell ty o consumers... i am not the only person this is happened to they were aware of this several months ago yet the ad and sellers are still there. Thats fraud isnt it. I am pissed off now

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