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We do photography, drone, flloorplans. In business for 12 yrs.

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We aim to submit honest reviews, therefore minimal profile info is present here, for fear of retribution from some of the corporate platforms that take cuts from freelancers pay.

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Droners.io is a service much like other neoliberal capitalist ventures like Uber, thumbtack, Bark and care.com. They set up a website and bring freelancers and individual business owners together with clients (the consumer, you or a business who needs services).
The business model is that they set up a website and it brings people together with others who provide those needs. Then they take a cut from both parties.
This review is about my experience as a business owner on droners, we provide drone photography and videography services.

Droners is for drone pilots who own drones and need freelance independent contractor work doing photography videography thermal imaging or survey work.
It's good in that they ONLY take a cut from you if you get paid or if you get hired. (not so with bark and thumbtack where you pay just to be contacted even if they never hire you!)
It is also good because they VET the pilots so they do check the license. But anyone can do that by just asking for it;)

Here is what is bothersome - this is for the photographers out there. The pay is WAY and I mean under 50% of industry standard. The real estate pay offering is something like $80 for what they call 'ground stills, interior exterior". Many drone jobs require one drone flight with stills or video (same pay) AND ground stills, interior exterior, sometimes just exterior and for that most only pay $100.
For ex one job for aerial stills and ground stills will only pay $100. A job with 5 buildings, interior exterior ground still and drone flight with stills pays $180. This would normally be about $350. Granted these rates are set by those hiring, for which droners is just a facilitator, but just know, there is not much listed on here and what is, is paid VERY low compared to industry standards in any area. This undercuts other photographers. The pay also doe snot vary by region.
On top of this droners takes a 10% pay cut - so if you do a $100 job for someone you only get paid $90. It is basically for college kids starting out. This review is only about the low end of the the drone business, so if you own a high end drone this may differ. But for photography and video - the pay is measerly - I only take jobs when I have absolutely nothing else going on and even then I feel ripped off. ONe can tell that it is for beginners because the client instructions even remind you to charge your batteries! How hilarious is that.

Tip for consumers:
If you need drone work or photography just look on google business. Call individual photographers and drone pilots up, this is how you can support them and not a corporation who takes a cut. Ask to see their license.
Call them and talk to them - are they business like and professional? Hire them. As for a written estimate. Pay after they do the work and you are happy. like going downtown to shop instead of walmart, this will help independent business owners. Droners takes a CUT.

Products used:
this site connects freelance or business owners with clients


I have been using it for 8 months. I spent over $300 on leads and only got one job worth about $400.
They charge you to see contact info of leads for freelance jobs. In my case photography. EVEN IF YOU DO NOT GET HIRED. The bad thing is that the system often allows anyone to put out a message that they need something, with very few details, leading to inaccurate matches. 90% of the time noone writes back and honestly sometimes I think the leads are fake, for one lead it can cost $19. I get more jobs from my FREE google business listing. I think they should work harder to get people to put down specific job details. Or only charge if one gets hired. I have had to initiate many refunds also because the people are in a different state than their jobs etc... this model won't survive long.

TIPs for consumers using Thumbtack
Maybe use Thumbtack to find people and then look them up on google business, read reviews and contact them independently. Realize that the companies and contractors are often paying up to $18-30 just to e-mail you! Most of the people on thumbtack are also listed on yelp or google business. Pay them outside of thumbtack because thumtack skims off the pay as well as asking contractors to pay for your e-mail contact info, even if they are not hired!

Tip for consumers:
Don't use it unless you are totally desperate and rich.
Spend money on facebook ads instead for local leads.

Products used:
This is a referral site and I am a business advertising on it. We pay to see client leads.
Very much B 2 B

The product is digital so no shipping, shipping does not apply, it is set ny each company,

Thumbtack-Support -. – Thumbtack Rep

Thanks for sharing this feedback, it's helpful as we're always looking to improve the pro experience. We definitely understand it can be frustrating when project details don't match the project type, or if there aren't enough details to determine if the job is a good fit for your business. As for refunds, we do refund if the lead is outside of your location or job type preferences, and when customers aren't responsive. Check out this article to learn more about and submit refund requests: https://help.thumbtack.com/pros/topic-cost-and-payments-lh-pro/subtopic-refunds-lh. We're sorry to hear that you haven't had a great experience, and once more appreciate your feedback. If there's anything we can do to change your mind or make things better, please reach out to us directly so that we can provide more personalized support.

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