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6 Reviews by Raylee

I play a lot of these types of games and this one is absolutely the worst I've come across when it comes to spending real world money. In fact, it only took 3 days to work out their algorithm and realise how badly they rip people off. You cannot advance in this game if you don't spend money because if you don't meet the requirements you can't enter the competitions, and they make sure they give you requirements that mean having to buy items with real world money. Huge catch 22 to take advantage of their players. The costs to create just one design so that it meets the requirements and can be entered into competition, far outweigh any benefits or prizes that you may win. And I say may because it's up to other players to vote for you, so you might spend everything you have on one design and not win a damn thing! When a game does nothing but cost you money and leave you feeling frustrated every time you play it, it's time to boycott that game by refusing to play it and deleting the app!! Or better yet, read these reviews and deny the company by refusing to download the game in the first place. Greed only loses you players, ya morons!!!
How is this company still operating? They are a courier company, they have one job, and they can't even get that right!!! I bought an item, it was shipped from overseas and took 2 days. It then sat at the Toll Botany depot for 2 weeks, I kid you not, 2 WHOLE WEEKS. They then took 3 days to get back to me about it, without so much as an explanation or apology, and asked me to pick it up from 2 hours away. Are you kidding me?!? They hold it for 2 weeks, and then they can't even be bothered to deliver it to my local service station, where parcels are delivered for pickup for the residents in the remote rural area I live in. I then spent the next month with them calling me and asking me to pick it up. No you idiots, I've already told you 4 times to return it to the sender because you failed to deliver it to me. Next thing I know they're telling the seller that they HAVE delivered it to me, so now, not only have they failed to deliver it to me originally, but they are lying to the company I bought the product from and telling them they delivered it!!! So where is my parcel? I told them why I wasn't accepting the parcel and I told them I'd be informing the seller about their incompetence, and then they turn around and lie to the seller about delivering the item? OMG, the utter audacity!!! There is only once conclusion one can come to - somebody working for Toll stole the mobile phone out of my parcel, and they're now trying to convince the seller they delivered it to me, despite the fact I've informed the seller of all my contact with them and my refusal to accept the parcel. It would be laughable if it wasn't so grossly disgusting, despicable, and deplorable!!! And when I'm done doing this review, and all the other reviews, as many as I can, I'm going to send them a copy of them, because they deserve to know what a POS company they are and what POS employees they have!!!
UPDATE: Almost a month after my parcel was marked as delivered and I have traced it - TO THEIR BRISBANE DEPOT. They won't return it to the sender because it's a mobile phone and has a battery?!?!?! Not even going to try and work that one out!!! I have emailed them asking to justify why not one single person, in almost an entire month, has bothered to TELL me, or the seller, or anybody else for that matter, that that is where my parcel is!!! I am waiting for their reply. In the meantime, I feel like smashing my head against a brick wall for a few hours because I cannot comprehend how this is still dragging on. Recently, they apparently had a cyber attack against them - so not surprising that somebody out there doesn't believe you should be permitted to keep operating as a business due to the profound level of incompetency this company shows, and has attempted to make that happen. I applaud you - I hope they never find out who you are!
The first place I booked was a disaster. It was for a school reunion and I lived 4 hours away so needed to stay the night. Turned out the host had sold the property but I didn't find out till 2 days before. It all got sorted in the end and I decided to give them another go, which I'm glad I did. Spent a glorious week in Cairns with my son and granddaughter in a gorgeous tree top house with pool and spa. Stayed at another house in Yeppoon on the way home, both 3 bedrooms, and both bookings were quick and easy. The prices are much cheaper than a hotel, resort, or caravan park, for a place with privacy and a lot more space. If you're going to the local attractions and it's busy and noisy, you get to go home to peace and quiet in a fully self contained house or unit. Prices in comparison per night - 2/3 bedroom cabin in a caravan park, starts at about $110 on average with kitchen, but very small space. Hotel, starts at about $150 for 2 tiny rooms with interconnecting door, and just a kettle and bathroom. Resorts, start at about $200, which was what I paid for the place at Cairns, which was totally worth it. And there are also cheaper, really nice places on this site, starting from as low as $70/night, with out the service fee (8%), for a 3 bedroom unit or house and going up from there, most with heaps of extras, like internet, DVD's, cable tv, games/toys for the kids, books, basic cooking ingredients such as sauces etc, a dishwasher, yay, and other individual cool things unique to each place. So far we've stayed in 4 places this year, and they've all been really nice, clean, unique, and fun to stay in. I've done hotel, caravan park, and resort, and this has by far been the better deal all round! We'll only be staying anywhere with air bnb from now on!!

Tip for consumers: There is the 8% service fee and usually a small cleaning fee. Just keep that in mind when you look for a place and maybe look for one a bit cheaper to take that into account. Also, fully read the description and everything on each listing, as it's all stuff you need to know, and read as many reviews as you can on each listing.

This site kinda sucks. Been trying to sell my very well maintained '06 Ford Falcon since Nov last year when I paid for a years registration - it's now August, 9 months later, and I've only had 2 genuine calls, and they never showed up to look at it as arranged. The other 4 or 5 were texts and emails, which is the only way scammers operate. When you text them to phone you, you never hear back from them. I even went along with one guy, Ryan Smith, and he went so far as to say he was in Darwin and would have it shipped sight unseen if I immediately paid shipping, which he'd paid for in the paypal payment, which looked legit. Of course I went straight to my paypal account and sure enough, no payment had been made. Very disappointing!!
Over my lifetime I've had an account with just about every bank in NSW - Westpac, Commonwealth, ANZ, St George, etc., and tolerated each one for years. I finally opened an account with ING when they first started out as Orange. This was a savings account attached to my regular bank account, and when they brought out the everyday account I opened an account with them and closed my regular account, and linking my savings account with my new ING everyday account.

I cannot recommend ING more highly, for the quality of their accounts, and their outstanding customer service. ING is banking online, with an app also available for your mobile phone, and the site is very easy to navigate. You're issued with a Visa debit card to use at ATM's and EFTPOS etc, and you pay the ATM fee but are reimbursed that fee almost immediately by ING, so you never pay for ATM fees, ever! There are no bank fees and the savings account linked to your everyday account pays interest, plus a bonus interest at the same rate.

I once had my account wiped out of $700 in 5 minutes flat, by someone in America who somehow got hold of my details. The bank texted me about unusual activity straight away and after checking my account I phoned them on their 24 hour phone line. I had to cancel my card but they organised a new account I could access quickly and transfer from my savings account so I had some cash, and they told me it might be up to a month to get my money back. However, it was all back into my account in less than a week, and the inconvenience was so little that if it happened again, I would have every confidence that ING would take care of it. I've since had to dispute some transactions, and ING have come through for me every time.

And the icing on the cake is that every now and then, they offer some fantastic bonuses. I recently was given a $70 Myers gift card because I took out contents insurance with them. One that comes up often is the $100 bonus for you and anyone who opens an account with ING over a certain period, and the conditions are easy. They just have to open an everyday account and a linked savings account, then deposit a minimum amount into the everyday account for one month (I think it's $1,000), like your pay cheque, and make 4 transactions with your card in that month.Then at the end of that month you will both have your accounts credited with $100. How easy is that?

I've had bad experiences with most banks. One time when my son was young, he would save all his coins then deposit them into a kids account he had. One time he didn't make any transactions in 12 months so they took an inactivity fee of $35, which was half of what he had in there. I stormed into our branch, demanded the account be closed and my son be given the balance, and called them "nothing but legitimate thieves, stealing from a child". So having been with ING for over two decades, I can honestly say that I have not had one single problem with them, I'm very, very happy with their products and service, and I actually make money with this account, instead of losing it to fees and penalties, which is what has happened with every other bank I've dealt with. If you want a good bank then maybe go somewhere else. If you want a fantastic bank, then ING is it!!!

Tip for consumers: This site is completely safe to use. My details were not stolen from the ING site - it was traced to somebody in the USA working at an online computer company and he was caught. Transfers from your linked savings account to your everyday account are instantaneous, and vice versa, so even if you're out you can do a transfer with your mobile phone app.

Quite possibly the WORST email system I've ever had to deal with. About to go and change after doing this review, despite the hassle I'll have to go through. It won't allow you to move all emails from one sender at the same time without having to go through and manually tick every box. It starts to sweep and block then pops up a message saying it's unable to do it EVERY SINGLE TIME I ATTEMPT TO DO THIS. Can't even send a short email to a friend with just one photo attached without getting a message telling me it's too big - how pathetic is that! Settings are difficult to find and very lacking in choice. Some mail arrives in my inbox and some in my junk folder, FROM THE SAME SENDER. So sick and tired of this email system which always leaves me frustrated, annoyed, and angry!!!

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