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Yelp is about as reliable as wikipedia. Reviews are not to be trust worthy nor honest. I've done business with some companies based on reviews and found them to be completely different from the review.



Enjoy Pokemon Go. Game is entertaining and have provided several hours of fun. Game became glitchy in 2016 and I gave up playing for a year. Not sure how heavy grinding while playing by the rules ended up in a soft ban. Due to how the game was acting. Then six months later it started working normally again.

Not my fault I work right underneath a pokesotp/gym. Not my fault there's good spawn's because it's right next to a Starbucks. Not my fault there are good spawns because I work under a triangle of pokestops. Not my fault I went out of my way to walk an hour a day in the morning to play. Not my fault I went out of my way to walk an hour in the evening to play. How playing by the rules initiated a soft ban I don't know. I thought the whole purpose was to go out and explore? Not my fault I choose to play 3-5 hours a day by the rules.

While I do enjoy pokemon go event days I'm a little annoyed how they have destroyed the calm atmosphere of a park. All of a sudden there are hordes and hordes of people at the park for every square inch thus defeating the purpose of using the park or enjoying it for a walk.

Thank you for the fun but (I'm not sure how to finish the sentence positively.)



Been enjoying a little treat of Seattle. We toured their facility around 2014 and highly enjoyed it. They do book up about six months in advance. Their chocolate is a bit pricey but worth it for fair trade. You can generally look for local grocery stores to put their products on sale for half the price. I'm not a big fan of dark chocolate and I've noticed they have very few milk chocolate choices. Good chocolate though. Great customer service and I noticed all the employees seem very happy there.


Good ministry that focuses on the first church teachings. It's a shame attack Youtube did to her by shaming her account by wrongfully deleting it. All the data she made was done by here but Youtube scammed her by saying it wasn't hers. She can be found on Vimmio now.

I would recommend her teachings but I view it more as entertainment.



Doing the Rhine River Europe cruise trip later this year (2019). So far so good. Every penny worth it. Every thing is reasonably priced. Food, service, accommodations, entertainment taken care of for you. All you need to do is show up for the trip.

We've recently booked every thing. Unfortunately it's popular and you need to book, schedule and plan at least 1.25 years in advance and have about $10,000 for a comfortable trip. This includes all with maybe a little extra spending money. Be sure to double check all party members get onto the same flight(s). This happened to one couple my parents knew that took the trip last year. I would highly suggest after one story to do direct flights with as few change overs as possible with a minimum of 3 hours in between due to lay overs. One couple tried a cheap savings plan that had them jump between several different air ports with unreasonable lay over times such as 24 hours or 10 hours at multiple different lay overs. Instead of having a 24 hour travel day it turned into a 72 hour travel day. Do double check this as this was a prior couples experience. Otherwise they highly enjoyed the trip.

I hope to enjoy our trip later this year. If trip goes bad I'll edit this review when we get back otherwise all went well and would highly reccomend.




I tried a fitbit because they were part of a fad. I owned one in 2015/16. I enjoyed it for the first six months. I enjoyed seeing how many steps I got a day then I tried to break it the next day. The only thing i didn't like about it was that you required a phone or their wired wifi usb port to make it sync data. Every time it synced it lost steps. One day's steps went from 17,000 ending about 8,000 due to data loss. They kept stating that they'd fix it but here it was a year later (2016) and the glitch is still stealing steps. I gave up on it after that. I also cashier and found that instead of getting 10,000 steps a day it registered 30,000+ steps a day of arm swiping.

A few other things that irritated me:

I have sensitive skin to many different things. My wrists quickly developed a rash due to the cheap plastic ban. After six months of an irritating rash that took several more to recover from I ended up deciding just to leave it on my key chain.

The watch band is so cheap I kept loosing my fitbit left and right. Customer service is hell and lacks professionalism. Though I did get a replacement after I broke down in tears saying I spent two days looking for it. Only to find it dropped in the grocery bag some where thus ending up on my pantry shelves for a while.

Battery life isn't guaranteed. My fitbit battery only lasted about a year before it went dead.

I also found fitbit isn't 100% accurate. I did a walking loop that was at least an hour long and 5 miles. Some how it registered a quarter less if it was accurate.

I'm beginning to think these were a money making gimmic to pocket $200 from each person who wanted one only to realize their a piece of cr*ap.

No I would not recommend a fitbit.

Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau


The better business bureau is basically a scam. To get companies to have rated score about their business that may or may not be true. Despite the fact I've tried to write several posts regarding happenings and transactions not every one gets posted. Even if they are slightly positive. Even when I have tried to file a complaint with them some times you're still better off hiring a lawyer for the really big issues. This place doesn't to do justice. You might as well just contact the company's customer service line if you have a complaint to a customer.




Long story short:

I ordered a three piece bedroom set dresser, bed frame and night stand from

First piece that arrived in a timely manner. The delivery people delivered it to the room of choice, set it up and took away the cardboard and cleaned up their mess. Quite happy.

Decided to order the bed frame and night stand.

Night stand just shipped with no notification of it shipping. Just arrived one night on the door step. I work second/third shift and came home about 2 am just sitting on the door step exposed to the elements for all too see. I have minor back issues and can't lift much more than 40 lbs with care or it flares up. I had to teeter it inside and leave it in the entry way until my brother to return from his out of town work to move it up stairs. So it sat in the entry way for three days. I took it out of the cardboard and now had huge cardboard pieces that needed tossing out. Three weeks later I found it had leg stands sitting tapped in the bottom door top needing assembly. If the directions didn't get shredded in the hordes of extra packing as I tried to take it apart I might have set it up right away. P.s. I was also pissed because we were scheduled to leave for vacation for two weeks the week it arrived. Luckily it arrived three days before we left or it would have sat at the door for five days. The delivery company was supposed to call us and set up delivery but never did. It just shipped and sat at our door step for several hours.

Bed frame was the worst. They called during vacation and set up a delivery date. Date came. I waited for them for half the day. Arrived late afternoon. They delivered it at the door way and ran. They told me that it was not in their contract to deliver it to the room of choice. Total lie that's not what the contract said. They made me sign without reading, well forced signed me without reading. They dinged the walls a few times and left dents as they reluctantly moved it up the stair well. Then just left it. Their shoes also left a dirt mess on the carpet. I asked them to assemble it but they refused and left disgruntled and angry. My mom came over in the late afternoon to help me assemble it.

We do not do big projects well. Despite the fact it looked nice Jc Penny did not honor their part of the contract in assembling it in desired room and take away extra material. No we had to do it all and ended up with tons of huge cardboard. Due to all the dirt they tracked in I had to vacuum twice where they went and patch up a couple dents the furniture piece left.

NO I would not recommend JcPenny furniture delivery service. It was horrid. Products were nice but delivery service sucked! And I'm a gold card member too. This is the $#*!ty service I got? Never ordering again.

The second and third order the drivers did not:

Inform purchaser of purchase and set up delivery date in timely manner
Did not arrive within a reasonable time frame nor the suggested time frame
Did not deliver item to room of choice
Did not assemble item in room of choice
Did not take away extra packaging
Did not wipe down item for a clean finish
Did not take their shoes off or put covers on before delivering
Did not have good customer service just wanted to sign and leave stating they "delivered it"

Instead they

Delivered items to door and ran
Did not notify consumer of package shipping
Did not ship within a timely manner nor during designated time frame
Caused a couple of dents in the stair well frame
Grumbled and moaned about delivering it to room of choice as if they were going out of their way to give me extra treatment
Made me sign paper without letting me read it nor would allow me to read it
Did not let me get their supervisor on the phone to state how upset I was with the delivery
Just delivered an ran

I use to enjoy JcPenny but starting around 2010 it started going down hill. This experience happened in 2018 and I was not impressed. Not impressed at all and will not be ordering any more items from

My mother forced me to open a credit card with you guys and after this year it will be closed and canceled.

I tried posting this on but due to the alias name they "quoted" that they could not find the order and decided not to post it. Even provided receipt copies. Thanks guys. :(



Would highly recommend. Prices are decent and ethical. Will generally happily honor expired sales earlier in the year to keep business. Been purchasing appliances from them for years and enjoy the quality of their products. They'll happily swap out the old ones and take them with them at generally no cost. They treat all their customers the same. Whether you're purchasing a small $30 purchase for vacuum bags or a high end purchase. All are welcome. Never had a bad customer service experience. Even the delivery drivers are polite and professional. Recommended.

Chrome Web Browser

Chrome Web Browser


I use to be a long term user of Mozilla because it was the best one on the market for several years. Now that it can't keep up with technology I'm finding my self switching browsers. With Mozilla I was switching between Mozilla and I.e. frequently. It got old. I gave Chrome a try and after adjusting to the user interface I love it. Chrome is more secure and I'm finding the add on's add on more security. Recommended.



Great place to purchase paper quilling supplies in bulk. Most craft stores don't carry them because it's about as popular as uncommon crafts. Prices are great, customer service is good, ship and arrive quickly. Would highly recommend. Quality is great.


We have been long term family account holders. We enjoy their local services without all the bells, whistles and hidden fees. Never had a bad experience with them. Good friendly knowledgeable employees.

I'm surprised there's no reviews here. I guess they're all on Google Maps. I noticed most of the negative reviews are from individuals scamming the system and it didn't end up like they hoped it would. Then they got stuck with a fee in the end. I'm not surprised they discontinued all services for non account holders. It takes a lot of time and man power to process things like these.




I thought Etsy was great until I tried to create a seller account.

You're at the mercy of the seller for the products you order. Some are ethical and some are not. Most of my purchases have been pretty ethical. This is just like ebay but without the bidding. You're at the sheer mercy of the seller.

I tried to create my own Etsy account only to find I was stopped at the bank account information. No you can't just give them your debit card number. You have to give your entire bank account number router and all. I had a bad experience with this once else where and will never do it again. I've created a third bank account to form this business. Unless you have hordes of merchandise and give out dozens of it for free to boost your sales your sales struggle. The higher rating your business is the more apt you are going to show up in the first page of searches. I gave up on this dream in three months.

U.S. Bank

U.S. Bank


This is a two part review one from a temp employee and another from a long term customer.

Temp employee review

I tried a temp job only to be thrown into a desk with zero training. The so called trainer they stuck me next to did not speak English well if at all. Did not train me did not coach me. I asked for someone else and got tossed around like a rag doll. They quoted how slow I was but I had zero training and was fired for lack of training. I tried to apply for a few bank teller jobs with qualifying experience only to find out I wasn't even worthy of the position. Bank work is sweat shop slave labor with high turn over. They can fire you at a whim or if one individual does not like you. This experience was in 2008. They basically fired me for my disability with lack of training. Why I didn't sue I don't know.

Customer review

As a long term customer I am satisfied with the customer service for basic banking requirements. Any thing else is hit or miss. I find most of the negative reviews are from people taking advantage of the system only to have the rules and regulations back fire on them poorly. Then they get stuck with something they didn't want nor need. I honestly would only recommend them for basic cash check banking. We tried a visa for a few years only to find out the second one was too much to maintain. Barely used but it was lowering our credit score for an unused card. I tried reapplying for it years later only to find out I wasn't eligible because my account balance was below the dollar amount required for the purchase.



Been using this website for years. It's great to check the traffic flow for freeways before heading out on a long trip. It's competing with Google Maps though. Google Maps isn't all that accurate but close.




I tried volunteer match to get out into the world but it was not the most pleasant experience. I applied for several local experiences. I would go into the business for an interview only to find out they were never forwarded the interview. Then I was treated like a tresspasser.

I tried a few volunteer positions. They said this was what they were looking for only to be crammed into another position all together. Most of the business watched me like a hawk (i.e. trespasser) to make sure I was doing what I said I was doing. This got old after a while.

One organization didn't work well because you had to go on site go past three heavy locked doors of security, ask the on duty attendant to use their key to open a dusty dilapidated cabinet so you could write your volunteer hours in. This I never new I had to do so I ended up getting fired from this position. I knew I got close to the recommended hours but when they audited the book they changed hands and no one thought twice to think my hours were off.

All I know is Volunteer Match taught me never to volunteer again. You're not supporting God's kingdom and you're supporting the wrong right. Stop wasting your time here.



Would recommend for any Kroger employee. Used them a few times because grocery workers tend to get used and abused. It sets the store right when they abuse workers. Same with customers.

I don't mean to belittle the program as it has some good but I've been mostly exposed to the bad. People tend to abuse this program like sheer theft. Just because the customer is always right doesn't mean the customer needs to be a total a.s.s. hole to the employee then get their a.s.s kissed by management the next day over a scenario and lie the customer started. Management needs to draw a line and decide if the customer is more important or the employee who's been with the company 10+ years who would willingly give more of their life to the company or end it with an argument with an injustice punishment. I.e. retaliation with no rights.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox


I use to be all over Mozilla when it first came out then a 10+ year loyal fan of the program. As technology advances I'm finding most web pages are not compatible with Mozilla. I'm finding my self quit frequently swapping between I.E. and Mozilla. Chrome is quickly winning the battle. With Chrome I never have to switch web browsers and everything is compatible with it. I'm also finding it more secure than Mozilla.




I use to enjoy Youtube but recently that has all changed. There's so much fake information and scamming accounts that I just don't know what is real or not. I give up on youtube. It's an unethical website full of sin.

Youtube deletes accounts on a whim even if you did nothing wrong. Even if you own all your information. It's literally three strikes and you're out.

People have their accounts banned for no reason then youtube gives some crap answer about how they violated copyright on their own material. When they created the material them selves. Other places illegal say they have ownership of the media when in reality they do not. Some things get watched like a hawk and deleted quickly while others do not. Have you not noticed how much soft porn has crept onto youtube in the past several years and is worse than peaking through the window of a strip club? People are quite harassive in the comments and there is no regulation on watching comments.

There are several fake companies scamming people out of money and I got tired of watching hours of fake information only to realize it's not real.


I use to enjoy my classes at Bellevue College but that was about 10 years ago. I went back to expand my education only to find it's an expensive day care center.

Teachers vary from professional, to well done to could care less to no help at all. It all depends upon their passion for the job.

I only had one class I had an issue with Race in the United States 101. The teacher set up all this information regarding racial history in the United States but the teacher her self was racist to a high degree. She failed students on a whim if something offended her. And believe me more than half the students replies ended up getting them offended. The first question of the course she'd ask you is how did you get introduced into racism? We'd all answer and my answer was black to white racism in retail. Grocery is still 1940 run male oriented and if your a white Caucasian female you'll get racially discriminated against left and right. I gave her a few experiences regarding this. Well it pissed her off and she ended up intentionally failing me for the rest of the quarter. I had a few over seas coworkers taking the same course and their view point of Americans pissed her off to the point where she intentionally failed them too. No I would not recommend taking this course. Never before had i been offended and run out the door within the first hour of the class to complain and withdrawal from the course in tears.

I tried a few other courses Most of the courses were either easy or the teacher taught away from course material.

If you're familiarized with the old math forget about even taking the new math classes. Their all computerized and intentionally designed to make you fail. No paper no pencils. If you take the math tests you'll score really low because you didn't do the math "steps" according to the new math.

Please save your money and just go to an even more expensive day care center that's a 4 year university.

Things have really changed since I took college 10 years ago. I have to say I also feel like the odd ball person out when I'm on campus because I'm the only 40 year old in a group of high school graduates. When you're stuck in a freshmen class you're treated like a freshman and if you get stuck in a group project chances are you'll score low because they just didn't care.

I would really recommend a four year university over this school. It may be affordable but at a cost.

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