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4 Reviews by Randy

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Rental Protection Agencyimage coming soon

Rental Protection Agency


I paid this company $64.95 total thinking that they were a official government agency. I was seeking help to resolve a issue with my landlord Toscana Cove Apartments about Bed Bugs. I paid $14.95 of it to get a copy of the report, and never did. Also you can request 5 things that you wish from the landlord to resolve the issue. So I did, A few days later on the 30th on Nov. I was able to log on to my complaint at RPA, and found out they only listed 1 of my request for a resolution. So I tried to contact them via internet call nothing. Sent message nothing. But I was able to update to add 4 more request. I also asked that a copy of the page that shows the progress of my complaint via email several times, and nothing. You cannot contact them. They do not answer calls or emails. I found out that the site really does nothing, landlords know that RPA has no power at all and simply laugh at them, when and if a complaint ever reaches them. Tenants are lead to believe that the site is a government agency, or have some connection to it. That they have the power to make landlords comply with request. When in fact they have no powers at all. In fact less powers than the tenant themselves. It is a complete hoax (Scam). Do not waist your money on this site you will not get any results at all, And if or when that complaint ever reaches the landlord it would just be thrown in the trash, and it is more likely the landlord will come after you first. Just file a lawsuit, Small claims is your best bet. Rental Protection Agency® is a scam.
Filed a complate with the BBB and Paypal. Have not heard any response to either complaint as of 12/7/2017 for Refund

OK I finally got a message from the BBB that Rental Protection Agency® has responded to the complaint, This their response copied and pasted:


I'm in receipt of a complaint notice filed by Randy D Welch.

Randy has made false claims that the RPA is somehow a complete hoax and scam. These claims are false and have no merit. We find this tone and verbiage to be slanderous and libel in nature. The RPA takes these false statements seriously and will defend against them. The RPA has been in business for over 11 years and has helped thousands of tenants resolve landlord tenant disputes. In no way do we claim to be a government agency. All government agencies will use a .gov extension in their URL. While the RPA works with many government agencies to resolve and educate tenants and landlords we are not a government agency and we don't make any claims of that nature.

Much like the BBB, the RPA is set up to help tenants by providing them an official place to file complaints. We cannot force landlords to comply and respond to our complaint notices, but in most cases, landlords do respond. When a landlord fails to respond the case is eventually closed and counted against the landlord. All complaint records become public information and are quickly indexed by all major search engines. A negative complaint record can make it difficult for a landlord to fill vacancies with quality tenants. The entire process is clearly explained on the complaint page where the tenant filed their complaint against their landlord and agreed to the terms.

RPA complaint records are often used in a court of law as evidence against landlords. Official complaints filed with the RPA provide a clear paper trail and provide tenants with documentation that can help them with a court case should they need to take their landlord to court. The RPA's goal is to resolve each and every complaint, but unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. To claim the RPA is somehow scamming people is false and completely untrue.

We have nothing more to add to this BBB complaint as we have forwarded this to our legal department. Our legal department is investigating these statements and if it is found that Randy Welch is making such nonsense false claims against our organization; we will have no choice but to defend against such libel in a court of law.

We take libel seriously and we will use all resources available to our organization to protect against them. We furthermore in good faith are providing this as written notice to the BBB that this complaint against our organization is libel against our organization with no substance. Should this complaint be allowed to go against our organization we will hold the BBB liable for damages as there is no merit to these slanderous statements.

Please remove this complaint as it is unjustified and without merit.

Rental Protection Agency
Legal Department

Not sure if I should laugh or cry. I am so scared. These guys should be smart and just issue a refund, because my next step is to file a complaint with Utah's Attorney General and Utah's Consumer Affairs. They could of solved this issue either two ways first by following through, or at this point just a refund. Maybe I should contact 20/20 this is just up their ally

Ck this Photo out below it is RPA Business Location a HOUSE with a cutting a lawn, if that does not tell you there is something wrong it should, at:
Rental Protection Agency
2181 E Bengal Blvd,
Salt Lake City, UT 84121
(801) 484-7368

Essential Pest Controlimage coming soon

Essential Pest Control


They treated a serious bed bug infestation at my apartment complete, and all they did is make it worse. now the bed bugs have infested other apartments including mine. And it is so bad that I have to spend around $500 just to prepare to be sprayed and hours and hours of work, and I had another exterminator tell me that the whole building needs to be tented, that spraying alone will do little, that they are in the walls, other apartments, and in all your things. That the spray will not reach them. And in a few weeks if not sooner, They will infest your apartment again and again. Essential Pest Control blames the apartment for doing it on the cheap, and the apartment (Toscana Cove) blames the exterminator for not doing a good job, but where am I. The one that suffers. It is going to cost me thousands in damages, medical, and other to get all this done. I will have to have to pay another company to do it right, with heat and spray. Around $2,000 and move to another community. So I would say in all $10,000 to $30,000 money I do not have. I am better off just throwing everything away and starting over. And it is all because of Essential Pest Control, Toscana Cove Apt. and the next door neighbor that brought them to my building. BTW the management was aware of the bed bug infestation and waited months do do a thing about it. so i do not just blame Essential Pest Control, for all this. But if it was done right I would not be in this situation and as well as many others in my building. Do it right or do not do it at all. Well they were here and left my apartment a mess. Wow. Well just over a week has passed 12/7/2017 and something is still biting me. All the blue pics are of new bits. taken 12/7/2017

QLinkWirelessimage coming soon



Do not deal with Q Link Wireless this company is a joke. I had my new phone for 16 days. Went to install a sd card and the phone screen went white would not work, Removed sd card still did not worked time after time I tried. Called Q Link all I got was a computer. They said aid I had to buy a new phone for $25 so I paid and ordered one. Later the same day the phone started working. Tried to cancel my order for a new phone the same day ordered. Sent 3 emails to do so, 2 that night one this morning. Tried calling 3 times and all I got was a computer. The 3rd phone call I had to use a friends because they turned my phone off, since my new phone was shipped. So they turn off your phone and you need to wait for the new one. I asked to cancel it. I finally got someone who was rude. I told her I tried calling and emailed them several times about my phone not working and that I was unable to get a real person on line. That I had to order a new phone and last night magically it started working. That I wanted to cancel my order. And she said I cannot because I cannot cancel a order once placed. Bull! I told her I disputed the payment with my card holder. And she went off and said if they received a charge back I will never be able to use my card with them again. I said I asked you to cancel it last night and she said they were closed last night, that they shipped this morning. Well do you not think you should of cked first, that I emailed you to cancel the order. And No she said we shipped it this morning a 4:30 AM So you were closed when we shipped it. { Note it is still sitting in their shipping department at this time } I said then just charge me again, since the other charge was only PENDING....This is a temporary authorization to make sure your payment method will cover the payment. Your payment method will be charged when Q LINK WIRELESS LLC,DANIA BEACH,FL, completes your order.....So I was not even charged let. Paypal just had the payment funds on hold until Q LINK Charged me. So this Rude $3@3 should of known this. But no should had to tell me I cannot cancel my order and that I would not be able to use my ATM Card with them again because off the charge back. First they were not paid yet so there would be no charge back. They sent me a defective phone so they can sell me a another new one. That is bull $hit. No warranty. They should have a way to cancel orders, and a real person in customer care at all times, Worthless company stay away from them. When you need help there is none. It took me about 45 minutes this last phone call just to get a live person on the phone and it was tech support, Not customer relations. Please do not use these people. Oh yes when they tried to call me me using my old phone number, not the new phone number I received from them. but my old number that they turned off, Dip $#*!s. Why would you call my old number.

Zumiezimage coming soon



Ordered 3 Reflex Multi Skate Tools on 4/9/2016. Received notice on 4/10/2016 That one of my items been shipped. On 4/11/2016 I receive this email
"Thank you for your order with! In the process of fulfilling your order, we have discovered we are out of stock on one or more of the items. The item(s) below have been canceled from your order:

2.00 x Reflex Utili-Tool Skateboard Tool

If there were additional items on your order you should receive them very soon. "
On 4/15/2016 I contact Zumiez customer support via a phone call about not receiving my refund of $32.41 for the 2 items as well as why my other has not been shipped. Response was to reissue of refund and send item out in next day shipping. That the reason for cancel of other 2 items was they were out of stock of grey that all they had was pink. I told NO PINK.
On 4/22/2016 I had to contact Zumiez customer support again. That I still did not receive my $32.41 refund and the Reflex Ital-Tool Skateboard Tool
that was sent was not grey as ordered but PINK. I told them I will keep the PINK one but I was unhappy, also I have not received refund. They said that it has not been cleared by paypal. So I went to my paypal account and there was a refund from Zumiez for only $16.20 not the full amount. I had to open a dispute with paypal. That I did not receive a refund for 2 of the 3 items ordered. That I only received 1 item, refunded for a second, but have not received any refund for the third item. I explained this clearly to customer support. That Zumiez did not refund me the correct amount. That they still owe me $16.21. But paypal screwed it up again. And said.

"Our investigation into your claim is complete. As stated in our User
Agreement, the claims process only applies to the shipment of goods. It
does not apply to complaints about the attributes or quality of goods
received. Therefore, we are unable to reverse this transaction or issue a
I have no idea what they are talking about. "the shipment of goods. It
does not apply to complaints about the attributes or quality of goods
received. Therefore, we are unable to reverse this transaction or issue a
They never shipped the item, I want a refund. Well I never received a refund as of yet for the Item I did not RECEIVE from ZUMIEZ for $16.21 and do not expect it. Do not buy anything on line from ZUMIEZ and Dealing with both Paypal and Zumiez is a joke. Zumiez just ripped me off for $16.21 and paypal let them do it because they have no clue what they are doing.
Just so you know I contacted Zumiez once again on 4/22 about the remaining $16.21 Refund via phone and they said they refund it again, and sent this email to me "Good morning, sir!
I apologize again for everything that you've had to go through in regards to this order. That isn't how we intend to do business and that certainly isn't how we treat our customers. I am, however, happy to report that we applied the other half of your discount successfully. You will see that reflect on your statement in 3-5 business days. Again, I am so sorry for any frustration that this process may have caused you. I hope that I was able to help but please let me know if there is anything else that you need. I'll do my best to assist!
Very apologetically,
Willow Hayes"
Well it has been 8 days and still no refund.

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