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If i can sum it up in three words, that would be - WORST, WORST, WORST. Worst customer service ever. Lackadaisical attitude toward customers. The owner of this resort namely Zac tells me when I'm late reaching the hotel and stuck on the way up the hill to the hotel and informed by a couple of locals that the road which reaches this resort is 7-8 kms. Off the main road and that is very damaged as well is used by Elephants crossing which could be dangerous if the car gets stuck - that the road is fine and we as a family could drive in. Upon pushing to arrange for a cab which is not a sedan and could drive on the damaged road he connects to the manager. That could have been the only worst suggestion but it doesn't end there. The manager of the hotel nor anyone from here never called until I did on the day of check-in to inform I'd be late in checking-in. And this resort is approx 17 kms. Below the actual city, Kodai.

Late check-in was a problem but then comes the so-called manager with an ATTITUDE. Upon asking for drinking water, he points us to the most awful looking 20ltr bottle of water atop a dispenser. That was awful, really awful. Surprise! Looking at it, daym, there's no water in the bottle and little in the dispenser. I ask him about it and he's so cool to respond that there were people earlier at that location who might have consumed it. Wow! And I paid you to listen to this $#*!? No soaps in the room, the toilet looks dark like it's never cleaned. I ask the manager and he cooly again responds the boys may have forgotten. Daym! That's worst? Hold on... next day the soaps are never placed or sent to the room and the hot water runs out because these cottages never have proper power which makes it impossible to run a heater. Forget running it, the heater dispenses water at 1 drop/min. Now how long does that take to fill a bucket of 20 or so lts? Do the math. Awful? We climb up the hill to get in to the breakfast room... hold on... before that I request for hot water which doesn't arrive ever after 30 mins... i call back again and an English lady answers saying ''Coming''... never arrives... i question the same at breakfast which btw was supposedly/allegedly had to be ready by 8:30 AM and got delayed... and they say everyone's busy making breakfast so people cannot deliver the hot water. What am I supposed to do? Eat without bathing? I call for the manager he arrives understands the situation and had the water delivered. Ok. The next night was worst. No power post 12 AM. Due to heavy rains the current has fluctuated, the power was running on backup which died. No remedy again. The room is not disinfected.

I'd never recommend this resort for a family or people who will value customer service, because there's none. Absolutely pathetic customer service I've ever witnessed. I mean it's true... pathetic. The rooms are full of flies all kinds... like... dragon, butter... you name it... keep the door shut and murder as many innocent insects as you can because human cannot keep it disinfected. Human error. I wonder how worst the sheets are or if they're replaced after each use without washing. Could be a possibility with this kind of customer service attitude.

If you still wanna go here AT YOUR OWN RISK, my advice is reach early, check-in with the resort on the location or better use google maps satellite to see if that suits your expectations and hire a cab who f****g knows where he's going.

Adventure has a limit of providing the basic necessities for people who're visitors at the least. This place clearly loses out the meaning of providing an adventurous stay for its visitors. Attached are the pics where you can see the amazing water they provide.(Pun intended)

The good part is manager has been helpful in arranging the cab for sight seeing and back to the airport. And we felt so happy leaving this place. That was the best part. Like running away from an 18th century hill resort... lol..

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